what do i take for back pain – Every time the backache, see it can sit down safely

21 shop xiaobian again goes deep into the "kua group"

Only to find a group of luxurious and atmospheric toilets? What?

When you come home from work with a sore back

Suffer toilet body to be broken skin even however trample upon?

When the shower spray to you that moment, you enter a warm personal space

But you never thought!

Tragedy happens right before bed

The toilet is covered with dirt, yellow, blue, orange, green, and green

When you try to brush away these germs, your back will ache

Why don't you consider owning a talking toilet?

what do i take for back pain

Record the life

Natica toiletOne key to solve your back pain!

what do i take for back pain

Jet siphon technologyGreat impact and suction, even if you have eaten hard food

One key can refresh as before

As with the non-stick pan technique, dirt bounces off the walls

Zhi jie glaze, reduce filth friction feeling, just like the baby skin of delicate and light flick

One key, less water, refresh

Resolve your back pain and leg cramps in the least amount of time

Love the toilet

Fall in love with the toilet after a key pleasure!

Natyanka's new lavatory lavatory jet siphon type toilet seat

Finger tip ash out of the choice!

what do i take for back pain

Quality of 3 · 15 days

Hutch defends brand full court hot style second to kill

Limited edition edition of this natica toilet

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what do i take for back pain

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【 text 】Shop 21 helps you to solve backache and share your life with others

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what do i take for back pain – Strange, how you go to work on the back pain!

In fact, it's not surprising that your back is aching. Because you go to work sitting posture is wrong, sit down all day of course backache!

And I don't!The reason is also very simple, because I no matter be company station, still be home study, the position hasM Joe cushion for leaning on~

Well, that's itLet me buy things first look at the face of the straight – faced dogWillingly planted cushion…

Well, is that all the people looked said ugly, with all said good cushion for leaning on…

Well, the one where everyone in the company hears about the new model and urges buyers to talk shop and get it on the shelves right away, and then orders it in a second.

Yes, that's right!This ugly thing comes outThe new!The new! Pneumatic!

But the level of appearance is still unspeakably ugly, and now I don't care about the appearance,This is in those days the first look almost ugly cry my micho cushion for leaning on, I not only entered, now began to buy the second!

A replacement immediately change, not because half a year down knowOn the effect, only micho cushion to rely on!

This isn't just me blowing my own trumpet. Every time amiccio and everyone else has a baby in the comments section, I recommend it!

what do i take for back pain

As a long sitting code word dog & sell goods dog, I used of cushion for leaning on have no hundreds but certainly have dozens, change change go only "the ugliest" mi3 qiao can correct my true stoop posture.

The new big upgrade has been addedpneumaticRegulating function,Supports fine tuning at all angles and at all ranges to fit the waist more precisely,More comfortable!

what do i take for back pain

I also got the activity price!

The daily price of the midjoe pneumatic model is ¥238(new style)Decompression of cushion for leaning onActivity priceOnly 40 straight downSelections to 198,Only more expensive than the old dozens of function improvements can be more than a little!

Those who want to buy the old style also have the same activity price today.Straight down 30 yuanAs long as the selections of 139~

In a word, it's still the price of 100 yuan for the comfort of lumbar vertebra for a whole year!

New upgrade of pneumatic regulation

Press a press, more than a pair of big hands firmly support the waist!

How did I end up on the "you have to be there" office regimen? Not by the office after 90 little girl at a young age lumbar disc herniation diagnosis to scare…

Really, if it weren't for what I saw, I wouldn't believe that young people are getting worse and worse… (all the diagnostic reports were recorded by me to remind myself of the alarm.)

what do i take for back pain

Usually do not pay attention to sitting posture and sit for a long time, the waist is a "prominent"!

At that time, the little girl temporarily borrowed the ugly waist cushion that I impulsively acquired under my best friend amway, and then my sad story began: after the waist cushion was taken away, I sat on the bare chair, empty and uncomfortable, and then I realized the importance of the waist cushion!

what do i take for back pain

What is it like to have a midriff pad on the seat? Probably when you sit down,Be like to have both hands to holding the waist same, no matter what sitting position, the waist won't fall through, fully prop up a feeling, whole back is loosened, shoulder also aches rarely.

Otherwise say "stand to speak not backache", once the person sits down, upper body weight has lumbar vertebra only to assume, sitting position is wrong, can let lumbar vertebra increase the pressure of 40%, otherwise you think lumbar disc protrusion is how to come?

what do i take for back pain

But must always maintain the correct sitting posture is really too difficult, the work is not on the primary school, the sitting posture is wrong, the teacher's ruler came down, so the most effective method is to add a waist cushion.

what do i take for back pain

At the moment insert another experience: for many years the public number dog, accept elder sister's hunchback sitting posture actually already thorough marrow, after the colleague borrows my waist cushion, I am pleasantly surprised to discover, my sitting posture changes a lot of righter!

Moisten things fine silent, as long as the sitting posture is slightly incorrect, the waist will return to the conditioned reflex to sit upright ~

Thanks to my rant, micho's classic style has become a standard throughout our office. Find a row of chairs and the style is like this:

what do i take for back pain

Emmm, this is a mess… But prove how real it is!

Last Friday, I newly imported upgrade model arrived. After opening and installing it, I will rely on it. Oh huo! What is this god decompression cushion? The support has changed!

The new pneumatic version of the pressure relief cushion adds an pneumatic control device in the back position, which can inflate/deflate the lumbar cushion by pressing the balloon.The adjustment support strength varies from person to person.

what do i take for back pain

If you like the support to be strong and "hard", fill the cushion with more air. As the airflow enters the whole cushion, it will swell up.Whether you lean back or lean forward, support your waist tightly;(by "hard," I don't mean the way it clings to you like a stone, but the way it bounces.)

Do not need too strong sense of support like "soft" some can be a small amount of inflation or not inflation, the baby according to their own feeling on the flexible handle strength. Release air by pressing the valve key above the balloon on the line, one-button operation is very convenient ~

what do i take for back pain

(see, it flatters when you deflate.)

I prefer full of gas state, with the air enter in among you can feel the waist position has a force up slowly, as if the whole waist in both respectively has a big bear, on the basis of the middle and more specifically a hand firmly support spine, whether I back against the rest or lean forward code word and the position of the waist is void, sit for a whole day waist no acid!

what do i take for back pain

A baby buyer went on a business trip over the weekend and tried out my crazy new micho car. Today, a brand new micho package was on his desk before he arrived at the office

I hurried to interview him about his experience, and the young man was obviously a little emotional: he used to drive from hangzhou to Shanghai with memory cotton cushion for two and a half hours in a row, but he still had backache.(really use memory cotton cushion in addition to rely on a little soft and comfortable, on the support is really not enough)This time change micheal to get off like nothing happened, the whole waist back is not sore!

what do i take for back pain

Up to now has not obtained the baby to enjoy happiness of course can still start from the basic version, but since the upgraded version is a sister strongly recommend a step in place the latest version!

It's like the iphone xr comes out and people who are buying a new phone don't make any sense to buy another 7, do they? What's more, miqiao does not have a big price difference like the iphone. The new model and the basic model are just a few dozens of pieces, which is less than 200 yuan.

Ugly looking support board

It is the core meaning of its good effect!

It's just a cushion, although it's all the same? If you think so, think again.

Soft pillow in addition to let your waist a lot of sweat, in the winter has a little warm effect, you can not find the support of the waist.

The lumbar spine gets stuck in a soft material and without support accelerates its deformation.

what do i take for back pain

At the end of the day, this kind of waist pillow has only one psychological comfort for us.(it's really no use)

what do i take for back pain

Amway's midriff pad is shaped like a lung leaf, so it can help our waistForce on both sides, which fits well against the back, is a 360° surround sound wrap support.

Is what I said in front, like two big hands on the waist of the two sides.

what do i take for back pain

The waist pad is made of a plastic synthetic environment-friendly rubber called abs, which has a certain hardness.Good support and pressure resistance.

You see the holes in it? That is the ventilated air hole that designs specially, long use not suffocate stuffy permeability is first-rate! Wait until summer summer even if you sit 24 hours a day, use miccio cushion won't sweat.

what do i take for back pain

Plus there is a spring behind, as different stress Angle, lumbar pad will adjust the Angle, lung leaf shape of the full range of the package support, will not let the waist when the fall short.

what do i take for back pain

Not only the office can be used, it is strongly recommended to usually drive the baby car is also often equipped with a, with it, you can realize the continuous driving seat for 3 hours + get off the car as usual back not sour pain chang shuang ~

what do i take for back pain

what do i take for back pain

Regardless of the new classic style, the mijo waist cushion jacket can be removed and cleaned directly, which is very convenient.

The height and support strength of pneumatic models can be adjusted with balloons; The classic back also has a gear that can adjust the height. It can be used by men, women, children, tall, short, fat or thin.

what do i take for back pain

The baby that bought classic money to reflect a chair to slant before with me too big word lumbar cushion relies on back to cannot rely on, this kind of circumstance everybody can add a pillow again in lumbar cushion back, won't have this problem ~

what do i take for back pain

Besides office workers, this cushion is needed by the whole family. Say dot, sitting position is not right not only can humpback still meet myopic, this waist mat can help bear child nurseries a good habit, as if is the effect that you sit beside constant reminder.

Pregnant mother also needs special, the belly is bigger, the waist needs support more, this lumbar pad can alleviate many lumbar burden. Ps, if there is love to play games in the home of the husband, also give him on a bar

what do i take for back pain

Anyway, classic our office has a hand or several, after the new many colleagues are going to like me old, classic home use, office change into a better use of pneumatic fight New Year ~ can foresee, I again in a few days, a long row of office chair should all new equipment ha ha ha ha!

Ergonomic lumbar pad

Probably the secret to promotions and raises

Designed by micho, a leading company in the field of ergonomics and office work, this who-who-love lumbar pad, whether to support the lumbar spine or to remind the body to maintain a proper posture, knows the heart of countless overtime dogs.

As we all know, Internet companies are always working overtime, backache is simply the program ape, the public number of dogs, siege lions these "animal" occupational disease.

So miqiao has cooperated with tencent and liepin, many Internet companies. If you work more efficiently, you will get a promotion and raise in the New Year, right?

what do i take for back pain

Receiving sister also accidentally found that new Oriental yu minhong used is my same waist pad ~

what do i take for back pain

Dad ma has also called micho's professional ergonomics skills, which are recognized by the big men

what do i take for back pain

At the legal retirement age, we still have decades of pressure on our waists, so investing 100 yuan here is a real bargain.

How about you? Do you have back pain when you go to work?

The new journey starts from protecting the old waist!

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what do i take for back pain – Focusing on back pain is about protecting your internal organs (original) | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

Department of pain, dongfang hospital, tongji university

So what is back pain?

Generally speaking, back pain refers to the first3Thoracic vertebra to the first12Pain in the thoracic vertebra and the direct position of the two shoulder blades, mostly presenting pain in the chest, the two sides of the rib cage, the upper abdomen, the back and the thoracic vertebra.

Back pain is related to chest structure

The thoracic vertebra as a thoracic support is a very important structure of the human body. Thoracic vertebra has12Section, thoracic vertebra has backward physiology to bend, bear cervical vertebra on the top, continue lumbar vertebra on the bottom, both sides are same1 2The ribs are connected and hollow to accommodate the spinal cord, which plays an important role in protecting the internal organs, supporting the body, buffering shocks and maintaining the nerve center. The thoracic spinal cord connects the spinal cord of the cervical vertebra and the spinal cord of the lumbar vertebra.The spine of the thoracic vertebra tilts downward at a large Angle, like an imbricate arrangement, restricting each other's activities, thus greatly enhancing the stability of the thoracic vertebra. In order to further strengthen the thoracic vertebra, longitudinal ligaments are braided in the front and rear of the vertebral body, respectively called anterior and posterior longitudinal primary bands, and solid ligaments are braided between the vertebral plate, articular process, transverse process and spinous process, respectively known as the yellow ligament, transverse process ligament, interspinous ligament, supraspinous ligament, etc. After such braid is strengthened, the thoracic vertebra of the human body appears very firm.

lower back pain pregnancy

Tips for thoracic nerves

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves come out of the intercone foramen of the thoracic vertebra, as the first1-4Palpitations, chest tightness and arrhythmia may occur when the thoracic vertebra appears dislocation. The first1-3Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can cause asthma and intractable cough. The first6-8 –Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can lead to hepatobiliary disease and gastric or duodenal ulcers.

lower back pain pregnancy

What causes back pain?

Support arm movements of the latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscle is attached to the thoracic vertebra, when a violent blow, sprains, seemed suddenly or poor posture, too hard, such as state, its rotation, stretching forces or when pressure exceeds the elastic limit of the intervertebral tissue, will cause severe contraction of muscle is not coordinated, easy to make the appropriate at this time of the micro small strain range control caused gradually joints, lead to the dislocation or subluxation or periosteum incarcerated, cause back pain. Students who twist their bodies to write, work in forced positions like the dentist's, and sleep in a bad position can also experience thoracic dislocation. After women born baby falls, is the cause of back pain during pregnancy progesterone secretion and relaxin, is preparing for, is to make the pelvic ligaments muscle relaxation is helpful for fetal childbirth, relaxin also affects the spinal ligaments of the female let it is in a state of relaxation, when a woman holding the baby while breastfeeding posture will appear after thoracic dislocation, cause back pain.

lower back pain pregnancy

Back care

The maintenance of the back is the spine as the center of the whole health, the human body's viscera can be found in the back of the corresponding area, the back of the lung and heart, the lower back of the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, back health directly reflects the normal operation of the viscera.Proper maintenance of the back, is equal to the health of the injection of vitality and vitality.

lower back pain pregnancy

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what do i take for back pain – Backache? Pregnancy pruritic rash? Here's how to deal with any common pregnancy discomfort you know about! | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

The most commonMorning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, constipation, abdominal distension, edema, etc

In order to make pregnancy easier and better regulate emotions during pregnancy, expectant mothers should have more in-depth understanding of various adverse reactions during pregnancy.

So xiao ya ma invited me last week

Wang yunfeng, director of obstetrics department of Beijing miyun district hospital

Let me tell you something:

Common discomfort during pregnancy and treatment

The second part is the question and answer content in class.


Class content

Click on video below to watch it



I am now 31 weeks pregnant but still have severe stomach acid, morning sickness at any time, esophageal pain, especially resistance to eating, there is nothing I want to eat now is for the nutrition of the child, the size of the child is normal during each labor inspection. But eat a meal to be able to be very afflictive, have method to alleviate?


By the look of the child's height and weight is in line with the corresponding gestational age, then there is estimated that a pregnant woman progestational hormone changes during pregnancy is more noticeable, sustained time is longer, or advice mom eat much food less, another is to eat what they like and don't eat as a very painful one thing, at the same time food should be diversified, also had better not to eat Fried. Can eat a little baked steamed bread dry, biscuits this red carbohydrate, it can absorb stomach acid.

Pregnant women with severe morning sickness can eat a little b6, some people will relieve it, but also can't rely on drugs to relieve morning sickness, eat some fruits and vegetables, avoid burning stomach.


There will be some diarrhea during pregnancy. Is it not normal to defecate three times a day? And because of sleeping position during pregnancy, shoulder and neck pain, can you do daily stretching to relieve it?

Bones and ligaments during pregnancy are slack, which may cause back pain and shoulder and neck pain. You can do some shoulder and neck exercises, as well as some stretching. Some pregnant women will do yoga during pregnancy, which is also of certain help.

Photo source vision China

I am now 34 weeks recently the belly is a little bit itchy, scratch have red print, the next day good, but can relapse, what circumstance is this?

This can that be the fracture of the abdominal skin elastic fiber that appears in third trimester namely, have gravid grain, this kind of circumstance is to maintain the cleanness of the skin dry, wear pure cotton underwear, still have as far as possible do not want to scratch, scratch was met very urticant very ache.

This is also associated with long-term sitting and standing, sitting for a long time does not change the posture will be so, pregnant women are advised to get up and exercise, you can reduce this activity symptoms; At the same time, proper calcium supplements, sun exposure will help.

lower back pain pregnancy

Before 30 weeks left middle finger, ring finger finger hemp, now 36 weeks index finger also began hemp, I want to ask to eat what to fill?

Teacher I now 32 weeks, walk much is belly hair tight calculate normal?

It's normal, so how do you tell the difference between real contractions and fake contractions? First of all, this tightness, you stand in place to rest for 5 minutes to relieve, that problem is not big; If there is no relief after a short rest, or a pain in the stomach, then you need to go to the hospital.

I am 32 weeks now, but just grew 5 jins, can you have effect to the baby so?

lower back pain pregnancy

Can I swim for eleven weeks?

Is fetal heart occasionally 110-120 normal?

The normal fetal heart is between 110 and 160, so the fetal heart rate above 110 is normal.

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lower back pain pregnancy

lower back pain pregnancy

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The whole course consists of 10 sectionsPregnancy, delivery, postpartum, child careFour series covering pre-pregnancy exams, diet exercises, tips and techniques for dealing with labor pains, breastfeeding issues and neonatal care.

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The gifts are being exchanged

You can check the number of small elegant flowers and gift exchange details

lower back pain pregnancy

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what do i take for back pain – Middle-aged encounter back pain may not be kidney deficiency but lack of calcium! | about back pain, no more back pain

Middle – aged backache may not be kidney deficiency but calcium deficiency

Some chronic diseases develop with each passing year. For example, men between 40 and 50 years old, always backache, people will first associate with kidney deficiency. In fact, the typical performance of kidney deficiency is not necessarily backache, more is some atypical performance. It is the body is short of calcium instead, appear more easily backache, for instance before sitting for a long time for a long time at ordinary times computer, the course accumulates day by day, also may have short of calcium tendency.

lower back pain pregnancy

Small piece health thinks, to working intensity big, sedentary gens basically prevents this kind of back ache. Because long time back bends, do not have normal straighten, long time can feel back ache. For example, factory workers, who may work for a long time with their heads down, will have this feeling. People who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, coding, are also prone to this feeling.

lower back pain pregnancy

We suggest you work for about 30 minutes, then get up and walk around, looking up. Companies like today's office workers have bright lights that allow them to look far away, relieve eye strain and relax their backs.

lower back pain pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, back pain should also consider the body calcium deficiency, timely calcium supplementation. According to xiaoban health, the elderly are prone to calcium deficiency as they grow older, so they should increase their intake of calcium-containing foods, such as milk, seafood, fish and shrimp, which are high in calcium.

lower back pain pregnancy

Don't forget to exercise. Many people do not get enough exercise these days, leading to chronic diseases, she notes. For back soreness, it can lead to other problems if not taken care of. So, find small problems, to pay attention to their own habits, especially encountered back soreness may not kidney deficiency, but lack of calcium.

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what do i take for back pain – The day after I finished, I always felt a little sore | lumbar backache, about back pain

The muscle of the man when sexual life is in intense motion condition, especially the muscle of waist leg hip abdomen and upper limb move intensity some bigger.

With the increase of sexual excitement, the man's intense systemic exercise and the man's genital organs of frequent twitching, thigh and upper limb muscle movements are correspondingly enhanced.

what do i take for back pain

Therefore particularly easy to accelerate consumption, and easy to make men tired and back pain.

When biubiu is near, the muscle of lumbar buttock can appear violent convulsion, easy accumulate excessive metabolite such as lactic acid, this is the reason that stimulates muscle to produce ache.

Back pain appears at the same time, a good mental state, no fatigue, that is not excessive sex.

But if the pain lasts too long and is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, lethargy and general weakness, consider having sex too often or having other medical problems and see your doctor to find out why.

In addition, some waist problems, such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, local neuropathy can also cause back pain.

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losethebackpain – Doctor: it is not necessary to diagnose back pain online | how do i relieve back pain, what do i take for back pain

Image: mri device. Photo by China news service reporter tomita

Do not use the Internet to diagnose the wrong treatment

Improper posture can easily cause back pain, but many people will use the Internet to diagnose themselves and make the wrong treatment. According to huang yingyang, a chiropractic neurologist, four out of every 10 patients came here with mri images during the past year, a doubling from a year ago.

When a diagnosis is made, doctors perform several tests, including examining muscle strength, neural reflexes, and sensations, to find out which areas of nerve cord are stressed, she said.

X – ray film can diagnose pain of disc herniation

According to huang, the X-ray data is sufficient for doctors to determine whether patients suffer from disc herniation and to start appropriate treatment. The patient goes through a series of tests and the cause of the pain is unknown before an mri scan can reveal a problem, such as a tumor.

One of the patients, a 29-year-old woman, heard a crack during a weight lifting exercise, but did not feel pain at the time and ignored it. The next morning, I found back pain was difficult to get out of bed, so I diagnosed it on the Internet by myself, and treated the pain by means of tension tendon and hot compress. Then I was admitted to the hospital and received magnetic resonance imaging. Finally, I went to the clinic for treatment.

According to huang, the patient showed no pain after two treatment sessions. However, her self-made hot compress and stretching tendon made the injury more serious. As hot compress can increase the pain and inflammation, it is suggested that the patient should use ice compress to slow down the blood circulation within 72 hours, thereby reducing the pain.

She also reminded people to pay attention to their posture. At work, it is suggested that after holding the same posture for half an hour, it is better to do some stretching to relax the muscles and joints. Water is an important element in maintaining healthy joints, so it is important to drink water to replenish your needs.

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losethebackpain – Hand numbness, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain? Check to see if your spine is healthy | how do i relieve back pain, what do i take for back pain

Long time bend over a desk, bad sitting posture, lower the head to play a mobile phone is common, because these bad habits did not get due attention, a lot of people often appear backache backache neck pain, long before this will also lead to cervical vertebra, spinal cord serious pathological changes, even paralysis! Today small make up take everybody at home oneself diagnose our vertebra is healthy!

shoulder pain

1. First of all, we need to do a physical evaluation, and we can ask a friend or relative to help us have a look. As shown in the picture, the head, neck and spine should be in a line, and all the vertebrae of the spine should be vertically and downward from the back.

shoulder pain

2. Look at ear height. Normal ear height is at the same level. Unequal bilateral ear height may indicate obvious scoliosis of your cervical spine. It may also be caused by different muscle lengths on both sides.

shoulder pain

3. Observe whether the head and neck are tilted or not. If the head is tilted to one side, it may indicate the tightness of your lateral flexor and cervical vertebra.

shoulder pain

4. Test for any rotation of the cervical spine and see if one side of the head is slightly tilted from the front and back. This detail can be difficult to detect.

shoulder pain

5. Observe the vertical arrangement of cervical vertebra and muscle conditions. Are there abnormal arrangements of cervical spine process? Is muscle tension on one side of the cervical spine too high? Our cervical vertebra is not perfect vertical condition, but if your cervical vertebra is arranged too deformation, it may be caused by spinal dislocation, suggest to go to the hospital to check.

shoulder pain

From the back, it should be a straight line, and we can see if there are any bends. Many people develop scoliosis. Some are congenital, some are caused by injuries and bad habits, so treatment plans are different. It is recommended to follow your doctor's advice.

shoulder pain

7. Observe whether the lumbar spine is straight. You can look at it from the back and side, and if there's a curvature it could mean you've had an injury, muscle spasms, scoliosis.

shoulder pain

8. Your pelvis is balanced. Check to see if the sides of the pelvis are equal in height, and if the pelvis is tilted, the lumbar spine will bend at an Angle to compensate, causing pain on one side of the lumbar spine.

shoulder pain

9. Look sideways to see if the curvature of the cervical vertebra is too large. Increased Angle may lead to increased pressure behind the intervertebral disc in some cervical vertebra and compression of the vertebral joints.

shoulder pain

If spinal problems are found, bad habits should be corrected in time. Many early-stage diseases can be improved by reasonable physical fitness and exercise under the guidance of doctors. However, if the symptoms are serious, formal rehabilitation and surgical treatment are the only options.

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what do i take for back pain – Doctors opened a window on the 91-year-old man after he suffered back pain in his chest for more than a month

Through examination, the old man didA penetrating ulcer of the aorta. This is a dangerous disease, because the ulcer has exuded around the aorta, the aorta is always at risk of rupture, once rupture, very high mortality. Director of vascular surgery lu wei said, "it's like a car tire, rolling on the road for a long time, the surface of the tire is getting thinner and thinner, and there are cracks, if not timely repair, continue to drive on the road, at any time may burst the tire.

Life is at stake and surgery must be done as soon as possible. However, older patients have long been regarded as surgical "minefields" by surgeons. Traditional thoracic aortic stent isolation is difficult to achieve because of the trauma caused by traditional surgery and the involvement of penetrating ulcer in the aortic arch. Wang li hua, vice President of Quzhou City people's hospital and leader of vascular surgery department, immediately organized the team to discuss that the elderly had many basic diseases, poor general condition and high surgical risk. Even with the extracorporeal circulation and in situ triple window technique, which the team was good at, the elderly could hardly tolerate it. With life on the line, time is life. After careful study, the vascular surgery team decided to adopt interventional prewindowing technology to solve this most complicated problem.

After careful and perfect preoperative preparation, the vascular surgery team, led by wang li hua, performed prewindowing + stent implantation for zhang Lao. This is a kind of windowing procedure, where you have a perforating ulcer of the aorta that is perfectly isolated, but still leaves the supraspinal branch of the artery intact, and you have a stent inserted to keep the blood flowing. The operation took more than 2 hours and was very successful. The old man stayed in the intensive care unit for only one day and was transferred to the general ward. On the fourth day after the operation, he could pick up his writing brush and practice his calligraphy as usual.

Speaking of the operation, wang li hua could not conceal her joy: "although our team has carried out many cases of windowing techniques for the treatment of patients with acute aortic syndrome, it is rare to see such a critically ill 90-year-old patient treated by pre-windowing techniques after investigation nationwide. We have crossed the age limit, highlighting the responsibility and responsibility of doctors. As a doctor, I am truly happy for my patients."

Quzhou daily

Reporter: fang jun

Intern: wu kaimei

Correspondent: cao min li xiaoyang

Editor:He LingWang Leli

The end

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what do i take for back pain – The stature becomes short, back ache back pain, careful osteoporosis seeks to come!

Guangzhou first people's hospital geriatrics director liu feng interviewed reporters.

According to the results of an epidemiological survey on osteoporosis in China released by the national health and fitness commission,Osteoporosis has become an important health problem for people over 50 years old in China, especially for middle-aged and elderly women after menopause.Osteoporosis has become the third most chronic disease in China. Osteoporosis is a serious hazard, and most patients in the late stage will suffer from systemic joint pain, or even fracture caused by accidental collision, leading to high disability and mortality.

In this regard, director liu feng reminded that osteoporosis should have a correct understanding, to eliminate misunderstanding,Early screening and early treatment is the best way to prevent osteoporosis.

The earlier the role of vitamin d, the better the prevention and control effect

Who should be concerned about osteoporosis? Lou huiling, deputy director of geriatrics department of guangzhou first people's hospital,Women in their 40s should be concerned about osteoporosis, and women over 40 should have regular screening and screening for osteoporosis. Men over 50 also need attention.

But that doesn't mean that osteoporosis needs to be prevented in middle and old age. According to liu feng, the calcium we add can deposit in the bones of the human body,The more deposition, the higher the peak bone, the slower and less loss.Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is to grab from the young, to the sun, drink milk, calcium supplements. But is not to say late not line, at this time we will pay more attention to calcium supplement. For people with severe osteoporosis or calcium deficiency, the requirements will be more stringent.

lower back pain pregnancy

So how do we treat osteoporosis? Lou huiling, deputy director of geriatrics department at guangzhou first people's hospital, said calcium supplements and vitamin d should be taken to prevent osteoporosis. Many people think that osteoporosis is about calcium, but don't think much of vitamin d's role in calcium absorption. This is wrong. Vitamin d is the only vitamin that you can't get from food and can only be synthesized in the body through sun exposure. When converted to active vitamin d, it promotes bone formation, strengthens bones, and improves muscle strength.

Therefore prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, it is necessary to appropriate sun. Too much sun protection, beautiful face but hurt the bone.

In addition, in addition to more than the sun, but also appropriate calcium supplements. How should that calcium tablet choose? What are the pros and cons?

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One screen helps you determine if you are at risk for osteoporosis

So how do you tell if you have osteoporosis? Besides going to the hospital to do an examination, is there a simple and feasible way that we can operate ourselves?

B: of course! Do the following one1 minute quiz on osteoporosis risk recommended by the international osteoporosis foundation!

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