stiff back remedy – Back training without feeling? 4 back training tips to stimulate all back muscles

The first skill, reduce the training speed

When I was working out in the gym, I saw some trainers using gantries to do high position pull-down exercises at a very fast speed. After each movement was pulled down, they followed the pull-back when they recovered. This training effect was very poor, and there were many mistakes in the exercise.

We exercise in the process, must reduce their training speed, grasp the centrifugal and centripetal rhythm. Many of you know that when you slow down, you increase the pain and irritation in your muscles. This is the result of effective exercise. Don't be afraid of this feeling.

The 2nd skill, hold correct training posture

The correct training posture for the back training effect is very big, do not think that as long as you can pull the barbell is right, if you use the wrong posture to pull up, then you will not get the corresponding training effect, and will make yourself injured.

So when you exercise your back, we must master the exact posture of each training movement, understand how each movement training power is, first with a small weight to learn, let their bodies feel the right sense of stimulation, and then gradually increase the exercise weight.

lower back exercises

The third skill, use elastic band to assist the exercise

Elastic band is our good helper in fitness, every muscle part can use it for auxiliary exercises, which can improve the training feeling greatly.

For example, when we are doing pull-ups and our body is tired, we can use the elastic belt for auxiliary exercises, and use the force of the elastic belt to complete the corresponding training, so that we can get a very deep training effect on our back.

lower back exercises

Fourth, increase your training weight gradually

Finally, we need to learn to challenge ourselves with large weights. We need to gradually increase the weight in the back training, and don't always stay at a comfortable weight, so that the muscle will not make greater progress.

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stiff back remedy – The difference between men and women back painting method, illustrator practice human body must learn!

How to determine male and female waistlines

The latissimus dorsi muscles of men and women are always in position, while the shoulders of men are wider. Two lines are first drawn, and their intersection is consistent with the waist circumference of women.

The back muscles of men and women

Men and women have different back muscles, so what's the difference? The pelvis is wider in women than it is in men, demarcated by the curve of the waist. The pelvis is more protruding in women, while the external oblique abdominal muscles affect men. Do you know the difference?

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lower back exercises

How to draw a shoulder-to-hip model

How do you draw a shoulder-to-hip model? Instead of drawing ribs and plates, I wanted to draw more abstractly. The online drawing stage focused too much on the correct proportions and the position of the muscles in the anatomy

lower back exercises

Four, different posture of painting

When drawing different poses, pay attention to the indentation in the middle line.

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stiff back remedy – Will it hurt after you push your back? Will itch? Will be tired? Come and take your seat!

Let me tell you:

Blood stasis: a meridian will be painful.

(2) qi deficiency: a meridian will be very tired.

(3) fire flourishing person: a meridian will be very fidgety.

(4) spleen and stomach is not good person: a meridian will nausea want to vomit.

5. Damp and cold people: a meridian will be itchy, small grains of rice.

All these reactions show that the meridian here or there blocked, health conditioning, in fact, is to let the meridian from impassability to through the process. As the conditioning progresses, the reactions mentioned above will slowly disappear. So when do you know that your meridians have been opened?

1, the flesh on the body does not feel pain

lower back exercises

The easiest way to check whether the meridian is clear is to pinch your own flesh and see if it hurts. In particular, the position of the three jiao on the outside of the arm and the passage of the small intestine, or the meat on the thigh, can be easily and obviously felt.

2. There is obvious phenomenon of excessive blood

Maybe you don't understand the phenomenon of excessive blood. But many people should have such experience: when you are with one hand holding the other wrist, must hold on, when after a minute or so, you will see that is gripping the wrist hand gradually from red to white, and when you suddenly let go, you will feel a stream of heat flow has been rushed to the fingers, palm also will be from white to red, this phenomenon is known as the "blood", that is your channels and collaterals.

lower back exercises

Now, for the palms, it's easy to see if you've had blood, but if it's your lower limbs, if it's your feet, is there blood? That's not so easy to do. Many people have cold hands and feet, which means your blood and qi are so bad that they can't reach the ends of your limbs.

How do you know if your lower extremities are bleeding? Get someone to help you press down your femoral artery, and then, for about a minute, violently release your hand and see if your blood reaches the tips of your feet. At its best, it reaches the tips of your feet and feels like a barrel, front and back. But many people can not cross the knee, but every such people, all need to get through your meridian.

The position of the femoral artery is not easy to find. If you are lying flat, press your finger slightly against the groin area and you should feel a beating sensation in one place, just like you feel a pulse in your hand. That's your femoral artery.

If the feeling of blood passing through the femoral artery is like a barrel and can reach the toes, it means that your meridians and collaterals are very clear. Otherwise, you need to massage through the meridians and collaterals.

3, rub ba liao feet will be heat

Femoral artery, mainly to test your foot three Yin meridian and three Yang meridian situation. If you want to test the condition of du mai and bladder meridians, then you must judge by rubbing ba liao. "Ba liao" is the general term of eight acupoints, namely "zhong xia liao" distributed on left and right two bladder meridians last time, to see the position of ba liao first.

lower back exercises

The huiyang points of bladder meridian are "liao" followed by "liao" and "shang liao", left and right symmetry, a total of eight.

Many people who have never been massaged don't have meridians and collaterals, which is not only shown in femoral artery compression, no feeling of blood, rubbing ba liao doesn't have the feeling of hot feet, most people only have hot buttocks, good knees can be hot, and the best thing is that feet can be hot.

Rub the method of ba liao:Rub "ba liao" with your palm quickly to stimulate the bladder meridians and meridians. It is only a feeling of heat, not blood.

lower back exercises

4. Lie down with a hollow stomach

There are many channels and collaterals of human body concentrated on the abdomen, therefore, it is very important whether the channels and collaterals of this position are communicated. What's a good stomach? First, the hand is not painful; Next is the belly to concave.

lower back exercises

What is a depression? Lying flat on the bed, you can show your ribs, and you can pour water on your belly without running. There is a saying called: "the stomach is as soft as cotton, all diseases do not tie up". Get through the abdominal meridian, mainly rely on the scrapping and massage.

lower back exercises

If you can do all four of the above, then your meridian is clear. At this point, you take in something that your body can absorb well. Otherwise, no matter how good the food you eat, including the medicine and health care products you take, the effect will be greatly reduced. Now the vast majority of chronic patients, channels and collaterals are basically impassable, therefore, all means of treatment, to start from getting through channels and collaterals.

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stiff back remedy – How do fitness novices sense back force? You only need one skill to know what it's like to practice your back

The second implication is that it can be very efficient in using up our back muscle strength, making it easier for back muscle fibers to tear. This will increase back muscle damage and increase back muscle gain.

That's why it's so important to feel your back muscles working. You should pursue your back muscles working every time you practice your back, so that you can bring more benefits to your body.

The novice does not perceive the cause of the back force

The action is not standard

Some people can't feel the back muscles in every movement. Forget the pull-up, barbell rowing, and other complex movements. If you can't feel the back muscles in a single arm dumbbell row or a sitting position, you're just practicing.

lower back cramps

The solution: due to the limited space, we don't demonstrate the standard of each movement. Every time we touch a movement, we should search for the standard posture of this movement. After the posture is standardized, these movements can generally feel the power of the back muscles.

2. Back muscles are too thin

So some people, when they do one-arm dumbbell rowing and sitting rowing, can feel the back muscle power, but when it comes to more complex movements, they cannot feel the back muscle power.

Pull and barbell row these 3 movements, it is the difficulty in practice back movement taller movement, cannot feel the muscle of these 3 movements sends force, it is very normal.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

The second way is to thicken the muscles for a short time. When the muscles thicken, the requirements for the range of movements will decrease. So even if it is a small range of activities, you can also feel the back muscle force.

lower back cramps

A novice can sense back force with just one move

1. Pre-congestion technique, which thickens muscles in a short time

Following the above analysis, if we want our back muscles to produce more force, we can thicken our back muscles for a short period of time, so that the range of motion required is less and the back muscles produce more force.

Then the way to use, is the precongestion technique. When we train muscles, we accelerate the flow of blood to the target muscle, creating a hyperemic state in which the muscle expands and stiffens and thickens.

The technique of precongestion is to make the back muscles become congested in advance, so that the muscle volume becomes larger in advance. At this time, formal training will be performed, so that the back muscles will feel stronger.

lower back cramps

2. How to do the predecongestant technique and what should be paid attention to?

How does predecongestant do?

For example, we plan to use pull-up, barbell rowing, high pull down and sitting posture rowing these four movements, and for the first few movements, we are not feeling back muscle power.

Wait until the back muscles are thickened with blood, and then begin the formal training. This is when your back will feel stronger.

lower back cramps

Or, you can change the order of the above four movements. For example, if you are able to work your back muscles in a sitting position, but the other three movements are not, then you can do the sitting position first and then the rest of the movements.

lower back cramps

What does precongestion need to pay attention to?

Precongestion and prefatigue are similar techniques, but not exactly the same. Prefatigue is a technique used by veterans to make muscle fibers tear more easily, while precongestion aims to sense muscle force.

Small weight, not too much weight

High frequency, try a little bit more in each group

Short intervals, intergroup rest as short as possible

lower back cramps

For example, if you're going to do a single-arm dumbbell row for precongestion, try to do it at 60% of your maximum strength, and try to do it more than 15 times in each group. Some people do it more than 30 times. Finally, the rest between groups should be controlled to about 30 seconds.

So our back muscles are more likely to be congested, and by the time we start training, it's easier for us to feel the force coming from our back muscles.

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stiff back remedy – What kind of fish is this? It has a grayish back and a white belly, like a snake or eel

I don't really know if it's called an eel, but we call it a white eel, and I guess that name comes from an eel. I have checked the relevant information. It seems that the white eel in the pearl river basin belongs to the anguilla anguilla, a kind of European eel. It's small, unlike its cousin conger eel, which can grow to more than two meters and weigh 60 kilograms. Unlike finless eels, which mature in fresh water and swim to the sea to lay their eggs, eels swim back to the pearl river as larvae.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

A few years ago, I went to the white eel with my friends. At nine o 'clock in the morning, we took fishing rods, gloves, buckets, sausages and nets and set out. Because white eels are carnivores, meat is used as bait. And they wear gloves because when they defend themselves, the eel produces a kind of mucus that is non-toxic, smelly and difficult to remove if it sticks to the hand.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

Threw the hook into the water and began to fish, while the white eel is very much, but the somebody else all is not an idiot, after an hour has not yet been fish bait, half an hour later, good luck finally visit us here, white eel finally appeared, the white eel is half a metre long, it took our hooks, I use the net in it, but I don't know the bouncing force as strong, feel me down with a strong force, after ten seconds of struggle, pa have a listen to, I have been in the bucket.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

Speaking of white eels, a few decades ago, there were many in nanshan dam. You just put the bait on and throw it into the water. Hang up the worm, cast the pole, and wait. After a while, you hope to lift up, the result is often white eel. Old man taught me as a child without a hook white eel, needle and thread (thread) will be 6, article 7 big black earthworm to wear, two thread tied, in a big circle, and then into multiple small circle, to wear a thick line killed knot, forming a group of earthworms, connecting the main line to catch white eel, with a long pole short-term on shore fishing, also can choose 1 to 1.2 meters small short rod, fishermen hold rod into the shallow water creek fishing is also very good.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

The fine teeth of white eel are arranged very neatly, and there is a small gap between each two teeth. The white eel bites the earthworm segment, and the silk thread is stuck into the teeth. The fisherman can handle the fish quickly and put them into the big foot basin or big basket.

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

Later, there were fewer and fewer white eels in the reservoir, and no one went to fish for them. Early years my friend in the reservoir of electricity over two, only caught one of the small, according to him, he only make one, one of them is bigger, he made that is close to 6 jin, but only sold 300 yuan less than, I scolded a time; Not scold him electric fish, backer eat mountain, rely on water draft water! I can not provide financial resources to him, have what qualification to scold him? I just called him stupid, this white eel is the soil white eel, is not artificially raised, can sell at least 100 yuan per catty, and it is easy to sell – we are a tourist county, eat and live more expensive than the city, especially local products – game, bamboo shoots, local chicken, mountain fish (river fish, reservoir wild fish… ), etc.

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how to get relief from back pain – Incident hai an: thumb thick steel bar, through the back straight into the thigh! Doctors, fire rescue life and death thrilling | stiff back remedy, what to do to reduce back pain

The rescuers took hydraulic cutting pliers and other equipment to the operating room to help the doctors remove the steel bars from the injured patients as soon as possible.

The site

pain at base of back

Steel bar from the man's right shoulder into the body, from the chest out, finally tied to the right thigh position, steel bar more than 1 meter long, about thumb thickness. The situation is very dangerous!

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

Fire fighting personnel in full communication with the doctor, listen to the doctor's advice, ready to cut the steel bar.

❖ successfully cut

pain at base of back

In order to avoid cutting vibration too large, injury to the injured internal organs, fire officers and men use the electric cutting machine in the glass breaker, the steel bar is cut off and divided one by one.

pain at base of back

About 5 minutes later, the steel bar was successfully cut into three sections, winning valuable rescue time for the injured.

pain at base of back

At present, the injured are receiving further treatment in hospital, while the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.


Three years ago, shandong university qilu hospital also once treated a similar patient, steel bar from the man's perineum straight through the top of the head, qilu hospital a nantong nationality expert to participate in the rescue, the operation caused a sensation at home and abroad.

Men fall from the sky, steel straight through the top of the head from the pubic! The operation caused a sensation at home and abroad, an expert from nantong took part in the rescue

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

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stiff back remedy – King of back. Why is it irreplaceable?

Why do other people's backs have such prominent details? Our training methods are basically the same. Oh, yeah, almost. Someone else can do a pull-up. Can you do it now? Even if you can, can you complete the group? Yes, in this episode we're going to talk about pull-ups, which are really important for our backs!

Pull-ups are very popular moves that train a strong and lined upper body. It's something everyone should try to do

Main muscle back

Second, work the biceps

Moderate difficulty

Optional pull-down bar, ring, weight-bearing vest, weight-bearing ankle, squat rack

How to do pull-ups

Hold the horizontal bar with a straight grip, starting from a stationary suspension (arms fully extended, shoulder-width apart).

Pull up by bending your arm, then the monkey bar across your chin.

Pause at the top of the action and descend under muscular control.

Go back to the starting position and repeat.

stiff back remedy

Pull up tips and attention:

Always be slow and controlled.

Make sure your body is tight and straight throughout the exercise.

Minimize rocking or rocking movements and complete standard pull-ups.

Pull-ups can be performed on static horizontal bars or gymnastic rings. Use gym rings for pull-ups, which allow joints to track naturally due to the free rotation of the rings. Many people think rings are a better pull-up device.

Many people think that a good mental cue to do pull-ups is to imagine pulling the horizontal bar to your chest, not your body to the horizontal bar.

Do not start the next movement until you have fully extended your arms. Any other action just deludes you. The full range of movements can be difficult but incredibly powerful.

stiff back remedy

Pull-up guidance

The most popular part of the pull-up is that it is a functional exercise that stimulates multiple muscles in the upper body through a quick, controlled movement. The ability to lift yourself with your arms is a standard form of self-weight training, and sadly, in general, very few people do it.

Pull-ups show superior power-to-weight ratios. No other surface bears the burden of self-weight, only horizontal bars, and coordinated upper body muscles thus pulling up the body.

This is a very rewarding exercise that builds incredible strength, muscle tone, and a body that can climb and pull up easily.

For those who are not interested in physical performance and are more concerned with appearance, regular pull-ups create a sporty body, keeping weight at a lower level, with a small waist and wide shoulders. Increased waist-shoulder ratio, a key factor in body attractiveness.

stiff back remedy

Progressive pull-up exercises

Failure to complete a pull-up is not uncommon. If you're not strong enough, here are four progressive pull-ups to help you build strength

Still hang

Crank arm suspension

The centrifugal pull

Body boating

The first progressive pull-up is to get you used to hanging on the horizontal bar.

Simply grab the horizontal bar and hang your arms wide. This increases grip strength and core tension.

Once you are able to hold the exercise for more than 10 seconds, start the arm suspension and continue with progressive pull-ups.

stiff back remedy

The boom suspension is a static bar suspension that simply puts your chin over the bar, as in the top of a pull-up.

Once you have been able to maintain the arm suspension position for more than 10 seconds, you can begin to pull up and down.

stiff back remedy

Centrifugal pull-up basically involves only the descending phase (centrifugal part) of the pull-up action. This is the easiest part of the pull-up.

stiff back remedy

One of the last moves before you can do a pull-up is to row your body, which includes a horizontal bar at waist height that puts your feet on the ground during training to reduce your weight.

If you don't have a horizontal bar of the right height, a fitness ring is a good choice.

stiff back remedy

Power pull-ups

In addition to the progressive moves described above, if the pull-up is still not complete, you may find the following assisted pull-ups useful.

Power pull-ups are a method of training by using weight loss to make the movements easier to achieve but still challenging.

As you increase your strength, you can reduce the amount of assistance until you are able to complete the action on your own.

We've listed two ways to power pull-ups

Leg push pull-up

Start with leg-assisted pull-ups – use a bench to support both legs under the pull-up horizontal bar. Use your legs as little as possible during training.

With increased strength, you can do one-leg power pull-ups — the same technique as before, but with one leg supported on the bench and the other dangling.

stiff back remedy

Pull ups with power

Pull-up assist with resistance bands is a cheap and effective technique for improving pull-up strength.

Resistance comes in all sizes and thicknesses and helps support your weight, making movement possible. Simply wrap the resistance band around the horizontal bar or gymnastic circle (pull the resistance band back over the fixed point) and place the wrist in the loop.

As you get stronger, you can use lighter resistance to reduce support. Also, note that you can control the boost provided by the drag strip by changing the length. The shorter the band, the bigger the boost. You can control the length of the drag belt by winding it around the horizontal bar a few more times.

stiff back remedy

More advanced pull-ups

If you have mastered pull-ups and are looking for some advanced techniques, you can try the following methods to maintain progress and train for a stronger strength-to-weight ratio.

Pull up with weight

Increasing your pull-up weight is an obvious way to increase your intensity.

Consider increasing your pull-up weight only after you have completed at least three sets of 10 deadweight moves. Even so, start small and gradually increase the weight as the force increases.

There are several different ways to increase pull-up weight:

Weight-bearing vests provide a simple and varied way to distribute weight evenly throughout your body.

A weight belt allows you to hang various barbells below your waist.

Hold a dumbbell or exercise ball between your feet to add weight, but as weight increases, it can be difficult to control.

stiff back remedy

Pull-up FAQ

Q: when can I start doing pull-ups?

A: regular pull-ups should be able to do the standard three sets of 10 or more.

Q: how do I increase the number of pull-ups?

A: pull-ups – increase the number and frequency. Also, try three slow (3-5 seconds) centrifugal pull-ups to increase the maximum number.

Pull-ups are very difficult for beginners, so you should take it seriously and do the high pull-ups. When you can pull the pull-ups to a weight similar to your own, try the pull-ups slowly. It may be difficult at first, you can use assistive tools and devices, and then slowly get away from them. When you can actually do the pull-up on your own, your back won't be a problem!

The friends who like fitness can follow us, article source WeChat public amuscle, reprint article please indicate the source of WeChat public amuscle.

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stiff back remedy – Dr. Wu guobin: beware of stiff neck. 2 tips to relieve stiff shoulders and neck

Why does it happen?

A stiff neck is when you wake up in the morning with severe pain in your neck. Special pain may occur when you lower your head, raise your head, or turn your neck from side to side or bend it. If the muscles on either side are unbalanced, the pain is exacerbated when the side of the neck is particularly tight. Severe stiff neck, pain can radiate to the head and back, and even cause numbness in the hands.

In ancient times, the stiff neck was called "lost pillow". In modern medicine, it is called acute periarticular inflammation of cervical vertebra or sprain of neck muscle. The latter is lighter, the former is more serious.

There are two common reasons for a stiff neck:

1, as a result of physical weakness, overwork, sleep pillow level discomfort, lying posture, head and neck excessive deflection, cause muscle tension spasm.

Among them, "head and neck excessive deflection" common see drunk person, because the body is limp ground lay down faint sleep, whole evening neck is not moved, cervical vertebra is excessive twist, bring about muscle convulsion, vertebra to stick, cause stiff neck.

2. Neck and back suffer from wind chill, which causes neck and back muscle qi and blood stagnation and pain.

Such as winter warm quilt, neck outside the cold; Summer air conditioning blowing too much, let the neck cold, may cause pain, stiff neck.

According to clinical statistics, people who often give themselves too much pressure, tend to be nervous, and work posture is not good, prone to stiff neck.

stiff back remedy

How does Chinese medicine treat stiff neck?

Mild stiff neck: a stiff neck with mild pain and tight muscles, usually relieved by a hot compress. Apply a hot compress of 45℃ for 10-20 minutes to relieve the pain.

Severe stiff neck: severe stiff neck, usually treated by Chinese medicine as follows:

stiff back remedy

1, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Commonly used gegen soup, nine flavor qiang live soup or peony licorice soup.

Peony licorice soup is very special, only peony, licorice two herbs, it can relieve skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle all over the body to relax a little bit, a little bit like the muscle relaxant in western medicine, but not too many side effects, the effect is good.

stiff back remedy

2, acupuncture

Acupuncture points such as fengchi point and wangu point have good effects, and points can also be selected from afar, such as hegu, zhongzhu and houxi points of the hand.

Houxi (xi) acupoint: houxi acupoint passes through the du vein in the spine. Ordinary people can press and tap houxi hole by themselves if their neck is sore.

Bunge point: bunge point can also help relax neck muscles. Because it's on the bladder meridian, it can connect to the muscles of the bladder meridian in the back.

One of the more troublesome things about a stiff neck is that the neck is stuck. Clinically, when I treat this condition, I will use a special technique to pull, shake and shake the patient's neck slightly, so that the patient's joints will become normal. In my clinical practice, I found that many of the stiff neck is the skull and cervical joint slipped off, using this method to straighten it, the effect is usually immediate.

stiff back remedy

How to prevent stiff neck? Here are four things to watch out for:

1. Avoid improper application of neck force.

Sit and stand properly.

If you have shoulders that are often high (most people hunch them up when typing), relax them. Drop your elbows and relax your shoulders. Chest small contain, back straight, qi and blood on the line.

Don't put your neck forward. The neck is most relaxed when we close our chin slightly and lower our eye level. The lower jaw recedes slightly, and the back of the neck comes out naturally.

3. Don't sleep in a soft bed.

When the bed is soft, the muscles in the back are permanently tense and the neck is always bent. Muscle tension throughout the night can build up lactic acid, making you especially tired after waking up.

4. Choose the right pillow.

The correct sleeping position: try to keep your spine level on your side and your head slightly higher on your back. Choose your pillow according to your sleeping position. The pillow is too high, easy to hurt the middle cervical vertebra; Pillow is too low, easy injury upper paragraph cervical vertebra.

stiff back remedy

2 exercises to relax neck and shoulders and prevent stiff neck

1. Cervical spine lifting

Practice: shoulder to droop, neck up to pull up. As if you were pulling your neck, up and down. Do it a couple more times.

This will relax your back muscles and relieve pain in your neck.

stiff back remedy

2. Turn your shoulders 10 times

Practice: a hand on the neck and shoulders of the place, the meat forward pull, and then the hand clasp do not move. Turn your shoulders back 10 times, then slowly turn your head left and right 10 times. Switch sides.

This movement is very practical, finished, you will find both sides of the shoulder muscles are particularly soft. The person that often lowers head, neck is easy tight, after neck muscle is raised even, suit to undertake using this kind of method very much slow.

Finally, I would like to remind you that cervical vertebra is not good, it has a great impact on our body, not only easy to stiff neck, but also may increase the risk of eye and head diseases. Usually do some more soothing health action, let neck qi and blood to maintain smooth, can maintain our body.

stiff back remedy

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stiff back remedy – He played calligraphy to a new height, beauty back writing brush words, net friend: professor write what feeling

Let's start with the word "professor." what is a professor? We all should rush to answer, this is a kind of teacher's title ah, also is not ordinary people can have the title casually, they are also higher institutions of higher learning teaching teachers, but also to cultivate the gardener of the flowers of the motherland.

Today we meet a person, he is also a very famous professor of calligraphy, but if you want to judge whether he is a professor or a "called beast", you must not make something out of nothing. We judge him by his calligraphy art.

The professor, wang dongling, mentioned that he might be a thunderbolt in the ears, you will put a little smile on your face, and then ha ha. At this time may be full of his "messy book" "ugly book" in your mind, it seems that his impact on a lot of people is very big, at least let our brain automatically search when quickly can think of his excellent works.

If you type his name into a search engine, the first is the ease of titles, followed by his dazzling, even confusing calligraphy. You also don't understand, I also don't understand, perhaps only he can understand it, once we think they these "ugly book" calligrapher is not what upgrade version, in our suspicion for a time, he shocked everyone again.

stiff back remedy

Wang dongling played calligraphy to a new height, using the back of the beauty as rice paper, and then wrote a piece of calligraphy on the top, this calligraphy works called "university", this is really a new refresh of your cognitive view. His way of calligraphy is generally untouchable, if you can understand it, he loses.

stiff back remedy

We can see from the picture, this is a model sitting on the ground, tied up the braid is another flavor, such vulgar calligraphy art, do not know from what scene this professor was inspired, you guess why he has such inspiration?

Such works of art are really a strong visual impact to the viewer, even greater than the impact he once wrote on bamboo or on the ground, because it is so different with reference. To tell you the truth, I don't know how to evaluate the don, I will borrow a question to ask the don, professor wang you write on your back is what feeling?

stiff back remedy

When wang dongling was young, he was still very successful. I don't know whether the original bad guy got old or whether he got old or bad… It really makes me sigh so much.

Although small make up pretty good, according to my understanding of China's four treasures pen, ink, paper and inkstone, this also is in the tradition of thousands of years culture and art, calligraphy also wrote a piece of paper, collision of paper produced by the ink with a little bit of calligraphy ink, techniques, and soft with just a paint is let's appreciate.

Don't know other ugly book calligrapher will have what plan, now the evil is you ugly I more ugly, we together ugly, ugly new height. I sigh deeply, professor wang why are you so good, do your family know?

stiff back remedy

Finally let small make up also thought of a word we often say a very classic sentence "not to get married for the purpose of fall in love is play rascal", then contrast to Wang Dongling professor is "not to inheriting the orthodox culture and art are torn came" Wang Dongling such artistic means is in hang sheep head sell vinegar, sell what flesh of his own heart is clear, I think you also know?

The article is such an article, the meaning is such a meaning, the article still does not have the net friend's comment good-looking, still welcome the net friend comment oh

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stiff back remedy – There is no strong back, the gap is so big!

No back muscles

That's you

sore base of back

So, get to work!

Warm up: wide grip drop down

sore base of back

Main points:

3 groups (10 times per group)

It's a weight that you can only do 10 times before you exhaust yourself

No.2 pull-ups

sore base of back

Main points:

Two sets of exhaustion 10-12 times

If a group of more than 15 times, weight training.

Group intervals for 30 seconds

Wide – spread pull-up grip

Is the most effective

So I put it in the first action of the formal group

Do it when your body is at its most energetic

No.3 parallel rod pull-down

sore base of back

Four groups of 10 times each, group interval 30 seconds

Notice how your back muscles feel as you move

Prevent the arm from borrowing too much

No.4 row in reverse position

sore base of back

Each of the four groups was repeated 12 times, with intervals of 30 seconds

Be careful not to load too much

Otherwise the arm will be the star

Stretch your arms back and forth as far as you can

Give your back muscles a good stretch

No.5 single-arm dumbbell rowing

sore base of back

Three groups of 8 times each, group interval 30 seconds

This will lower your arms

Lift of higher

Give your back muscles a good squeeze

No.6 high rope face pull

sore base of back

Three groups of 15 times each, group interval 30 seconds

You can pull as far back as you can

Don't use too much weight

Feel contraction and compression are most important

Sitting rope row

sore base of back

It's different from the reverse position

This time use the front grip

Squeeze and stretch the back at different angles

Bench rope pull down

sore base of back

Main points:Three groups of 15 times each, group interval 30 seconds

Use an upslope to do this

Maximum use of back muscles

Let your back muscles pump

To keep the triceps from borrowing

Keep your wrists straight and your elbows locked


The essence of this routine is concentration

Chest up, waist down, hips up

This will enhance the safety of your core and spine

(source: global fitness guide)

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