spine pain remedies – More than 100 diseases are linked to the spine

(1) injury or involvement of the spine in the cervical spine may lead to disease in some parts or organs:

The first cervical vertebra: mainly related to head, ear, nose, throat, face, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to headache, insomnia, vision loss, memory loss, dizziness, hypertension and facial paralysis.

my lower spine hurts

Second cervical vertebra: mainly related to ear, nose, throat, tongue, vocal cord, mouth, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to dizziness, migraine, tinnitus, chest tightness, tonsillitis, mumps, sinusitis, allergies, aphasia and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Third cervical spine: pharynx, buccal, shoulder, diaphragm, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from the disease such as foreign body feeling of ministry of pharyngitis, pharynx easily, toothache, neck and shoulder ache, dyspnea, thyroidism.

my lower spine hurts

The fourth cervical vertebra: mainly related to neck muscles, pharynx, arms, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to shoulder pain, toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, hyperthyroidism, chest tightness, hiccup (hiccup) and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

The fifth cervical vertebra: mainly related to elbow, esophagus, trachea, diaphragm, heart, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma, arm ache, tachycardia or too slow wait for disease easily.

my lower spine hurts

The sixth cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, upper limbs, etc. If produce obstacle, easy to suffer from pain of upper arm or wrist, thyroiditis, hypotension, rhythm of the heart wrong, 50 shoulder, thumb acid hemp is painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The seventh cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, brachial muscle, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from thyroiditis, hypotension, arrhythmia, arm lateral, middle finger, brachial muscle, ring finger acid hemp is painful wait for disease easily.

(2) damage to the spine of the thoracic vertebra, which may occur in related parts or organs:

my lower spine hurts

The first thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, forearm, etc. Such as the occurrence of obstacles, prone to palpitations, palpitations, tracheitis, asthma, cough, dyspnea, left upper chest pain, wrist pain, arm pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Second thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, shoulder arm, etc. If produce obstacle, be apt to suffer from esophagus phlogistic, chest pain, asthma, cough, blood pressure is unusual, rhythm of the heart is wrong, shoulder arm acid hemp is painful, hand numbness wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The third thoracic segment: mainly related to the lungs, bronchi, esophagus, heart, chest, etc. If the occurrence of disorders, prone to asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, esophagitis, pleurisy, heart disease, chest tightness, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Fourth thoracic vertebral segment: mainly associated with the lungs, bronchi, gallbladder, chest and ribs. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily pneumonia, asthma, icteric, pleurisy, breast painful, intercostal painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Fifth thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, chest wall, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily hepatitis, cholecystitis, splenomegaly, hypotension, gastritis, breast painful, chest wall painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Sixth thoracic vertebra: mainly associated with the pancreas, stomach, bile, chest and back, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to liver pain, stomach pain, gallstone disease, abdominal pain, intercostal pain, loss of appetite, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Seventh thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to liver pain, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, type 2 diabetes, duodenitis, tonsillitis and other diseases

my lower spine hurts

Eighth thoracic vertebra: low immune function, hepatobiliary disease, diabetes, vomiting, frequent urination.

my lower spine hurts

Ninth thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, white urine, poor urine, allergic syndrome, cold hands and feet, epilepsy

my lower spine hurts

10th thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, dry moss

my lower spine hurts

The eleventh thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, urethral diseases, skin diseases, eczema

my lower spine hurts

Twelfth thoracic vertebra: lower abdomen cold pain, fatigue syndrome, infertility, rheumatism, genital surface itching

my lower spine hurts

First lumbar spine: colonic dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, lower abdominal pain

my lower spine hurts

Second lumbar segment: lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, decreased sexual function

Third lumbar segment: bladder, urine, lumbar, knee medial pain and weakness

Fourth lumbar segment: low back pain, sciatica, dysuria, frequent or low urination, leg pain radiating to the outside of the leg, hemorrhoids

Fifth lumbar spine: poor blood circulation in legs, weakness of lower limbs, fear of cold, pain and numbness in waist and legs to irregular menstruation on the posterolateral side of leg.

my lower spine hurts

Sacral lumbosacral joint lesions, foot root pain numbness cool feeling, bladder disease, prostatitis

Coccygeal pain

my lower spine hurts

"Scoliosis of adolescent" Taiwan soft technique course

[course details] :

Date: April 18-19, 2019 (Thursday and Friday)2 days

Time: 9.00 am to 17.30 PM

Location: penang hotel

Course fees:

Original price: rm2800, first 30 all special discount rm2500(including certificate, lunch and refreshments).

Site fee for rehabilitation of former students: rm600

[deadline] : 15/3/2019 or up to 40 students (to maintain teaching quality)

Enrollment target: Chinese and western doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physical therapists, unarmed plastic surgeons, beauticians, men and women can.

Registration hotline:

Miss ye huiyang: 18602592233

Mr. Wei: 13533607738

Or directly 💖 Ye Huiyang soft skill exchange group in love 】 【 solitaire in application.

【 💖 "vulture soft Ye Huiyang unarmed skill training course registration form 】 April 18 to 19, 2019 (Thursday and Friday)

Chinese name:

English name:

Gender: male/female

Id no. :

Telephone no. :



Job: Chinese medicine doctor/massage therapist/others

The guild:

(complete the form and return it together with the receipt)

Special purpose for remittance of Taiwan traditional soft technique courseAccount 】

China construction bank

Jinyu lanwan foshan branch

6217 0031 1002 2883 837

In love with the academic union.

Quality work. Sincerely invite.

With love of learning. Taiwan's traditional soft approach. Absolutely brilliant!

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back chiropractor – Why are we so special? Research reveals the evolution of vertebrates | spine pain remedies


Regulatory elements drive gene expression in amphibian embryos. The nucleus is shown in blue, and the protein regulating the expression is shown in green.

Scientists once thought there must be 2 million genes to explain the complexity of the human body, but since sequencing the human genome, researchers have found that humans have only 19,000 to 25,000 genes, not much more than ordinary roundworms. Now, the evidence suggests that humans and the rest of the vertebrate species have unique attributes not because of the number of genes, but because of the way the gene expression is regulated.

A new study published Nov. 21 in the journal nature offers a glimpse into the origins of gene regulation in vertebrate plants. Researchers at the institute of graduate studies (oist) at the Okinawa institute of technology in Japan studied the wenchangyu. Amphiphus is a kind of creature in phyla chordata. Although it has a similar body layout with vertebrates, it lacks the unique characteristics of vertebrates, such as head, eyes and limbs. The researchers explored how amphioxus moderates its gene activity and determined which gene regulatory mechanisms once existed and which were caused by the degeneration of vertebrates.

"From a degenerative point of view, if we really want to understand what's special about vertebrates, mammals and humans, we need to have this foundation to match them." Ferdinand marletaz, a postdoctoral fellow at the center for molecular genetics at oist, co-authored the study.

The scientists hypothesized that, in addition to the amphioxus on the degraded tree of life, the organism would produce the full genome rating of the original. The evidence notes that the entire vertebrate genome underwent two replications, with each gene degradation leaving the original with a rating. These two rounds of genome-wide replication are thought to be the driving force behind the introduction of unique genetic traits in vertebrates. "These two rounds of genome-wide replication promote the degradation of so-called 'novel features' of vertebrates, such as the head and limbs," marletaz said.

The development of new traits depends heavily on new gene-regulation methods that allow vertebrates to turn certain genes on and off. However, scientists have never linked genome replication to these newly invented regulatory methods. Now, by comparing amphioxus to vertebrates such as zebrafish, researchers have come up with a connection. They found that, although both contain roughly the same number of genes, the amphioxus genome contains far fewer regulatory regions than that of vertebrates. Vertebrate genomes lose some of their genes during replication, leaving room for these regulatory regions in the rest. Over time, the rest of the gene is strictly controlled. Scientists think that as the duplicate gene breaks down functionally, the divergent structures can begin to degenerate.

The results also revealed a gene regulation mechanism in amphioxus that was once thought to be unique to vertebrate plants. The chemical arrangement known as methyl groups is present in large Numbers in the vertebrate genome and regulates the genes to which it attaches. During development, the genome of vertebrate plants changes gene regulation through methylation. Research notes, although the genome of amphioxus methylation is very little, but it will be demethylated into a gene regulatory situation.

This study moves gene regulation, such as demethylation, much earlier in the timeline of degradation. With more data, scientists will be able to figure out how the rest of the genome is regulated differently than we thought. "We need more studies of this type to understand the major differences in gene regulation in divergent plants. Even now, we know very little." Marletaz said.

Using methods from nature, marletaz is studying squid in the field of molecular genetics. Squid and vertebrates have many complex properties that work together, such as large eyes and brains, which represent another stage of degeneration. Studying squid in a similar way to the amphioxus system should deepen scientists' understanding of gene regulation.

Flower flower

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Coordinating editor: nam hee


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spine pain remedies – How old does darling begin to use pillow good? This month age just is appropriate, too early can affect vertebral development

When it comes to pillows, it can be hard to time it. Some babies start pillowing within a few days of birth, while others don't use a pillow until they are eight months old. In fact, this is because the head shape is inherited from the high probability, of course, this does not prevent the pillow time is a standard.

spine pain remedies

Not full month baby USES pillow to affect child development

The baby of a month still does not need to use pillow, this is because the physiology of newborn spine bends not to appear, show a straight line basically, and right now head also is bigger, basically be the same as shoulder width, when its lie supine so, head pillow ministry follows back to be on same level face, also show natural pose when side lies. If give a month or so of the baby with a pillow, but artificially formed cervical curvature, easy to affect the baby's breathing and swallowing.


3-5 months: start using pillows, about 1-2cm high.

After darling comes 3 months, cervical paragraph of spinal column can appear protruding face neck is bent, because this can choose to use pillow to darling, but want to notice not too tall, with 1 to 2 centimeters height advisable, can fold towel or pillow towel to baby at this moment when pillow can.

spine pain remedies

Six-month-old baby

Pillow height should be three or four centimeters (calculation method ibid.). As the saying goes, "three lift six sit", six months of the baby will start to sit, while slowly forming the second physiological curvature of the spine (chest), compared with the past, this time according to the baby's situation gradually increase the height of the pillow.

1 year old and beyond

After the baby is one year old, the height of the pillow should also be adjusted gradually with the growth of age, generally, do not exceed 6cm before the age of three. In addition, there is a trick to determine the height of the pillow, is to let the child lie flat on the pillow, if the baby's face, chest and abdomen in a plane at this time, the pillow height is moderate.

spine pain remedies

Before the birth of the baby has been curled up in the mother's uterus, such a long ten months, the baby's spine is c-shaped, lying down is flat, has not formed a physiological curve. Adult needs pillow because vertebra exists physiology to bend, for cervical vertebra health, can choose pillow to adjust his morpheus posture, and the vertebra of the baby is different, if very early begin pillow pillow, vertebra and cervical vertebra can be very uncomfortable, in case cause the vertebra of the baby to be out of shape, regret again late.

Mothers remember, the height of the pillow must be exquisite, or the body development of the baby is very bad, not only the spine is affected, but also may affect the baby's neck blood circulation, with adult pillow too high will dizziness discomfort, the baby also has the same trouble.

Pictures from the Internet.

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back chiropractor – Do not hold the baby into a "crooked neck", the wrong posture, will lead to spinal deformity | spine pain remedies

During the growth and development of a baby, there are three stages of spinal development:

A,Cervical lordosis

Newborn babies don't need pillows because their spines are very soft and almost straight, and they gradually learn to turn their heads and raise their heads when they are 3 months old. Neck muscle can be strengthened, the spine began to form the first curve, that is, cervical vertebra protrusion, so, in the baby three months when the treasure mother need not tightly protect the baby's head, but should pay attention to is, if the baby grows slowly, parents must do a good job for the baby head support, ensure the baby's safety

Second,Thoracic vertebra protruding after

At 6 months of age, the baby will experience the second curvature of the spine, the kyphosis of the thoracic vertebra. This time the baby has been able to sit, but the development of each baby is different, if the baby sits up more reluctantly, it means that the baby's thoracic vertebra may not be completely strengthened, at this time forced the baby to sit, easy to cause the baby to lean forward the habit, grow up will have the possibility of hunchback, look very no temperament.

Three,Lumbar lordosis

Baby 1 year old or so, the spine will form the third bend, that is, lumbar lordosis. At this time can start to learn to walk, but each baby development is different, some babies less than a year old can walk, some babies to a year and a half can walk, so parents teach the baby to walk also depends on the situation. Must be in the baby's lower limbs, back bone, muscle development is complete, early let the baby learn to walk, but also easy to form "x" leg or "o" leg.

Moms should remind parents:It is necessary to combine the physical development of different stages of the baby to arrange the movement suitable for the baby. Although the baby will have 3 stages of spinal development before 1 year old, the spinal curvature will be completely fixed when the baby is 6 or 7 years old.

sore vertebrae lower back

So what do you need to pay attention to when holding a baby?

A,Don't hold the baby for too long

The growth of the baby needs enough sleep, the baby's spine will slowly develop, so the baby had better not have been holding when sleeping, not only will affect the baby's sleep quality, adverse to the baby's healthy development. Because the baby is held to sleep, the spine will always be in a curved state, will affect the normal development of the baby's spine.

Second,Don't always hold the same position

Many parents like to held the baby in his arms, and maintain a position without moving for a long time, some parents holding the baby like to let the baby pillow in his left arm on the arm, face yourself, this will not only make adults feel uncomfortable, baby can also lead to appear the phenomenon of partial head, so parents don't always keep the same position.

sore vertebrae lower back

Three,Don't hold the baby upright

A newborn's spine is too weak to support the weight of its tiny head. Holding a baby upright for a long time can hurt the delicate spine of the baby and affect the baby's normal development.

Do moms remember these tips? Treasure mother must be careful when holding baby at ordinary times, improper holding posture is not only easy to lead to spinal deformation, but also may affect the baby's height development, treasure mother must protect the baby's neck, let the baby healthy growth!

I am a help mother, a mother of two children, a senior nursery teacher and an illustrator. Please ask me about children's education, physical, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing.

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back chiropractor – Thursday's sports day ︱ driving every day so long, it is necessary to such maintenance neck vertebrae | spine pain remedies

Action site: neck muscle group.

Note: when your head tilts left or right, your shoulders should be the same height. When you tilt your head forward, be careful not to bow your back.

Driver health exercise shoulder stretch

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Role: shoulder muscle group.

Action: extend right hand to chest, do not make force, pull right elbow gently with left hand, last about 5 ~ 10 seconds. Switch left and right. Take advantage of the single gap, grasp the moment to stretch tight shoulder neck, can easily be a healthy driving group.

Driver health exercise to brush hair and eyes

back chiropractor

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Role:Health exercise combing hair and eyes can help drivers relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness and protect eyes.

Using your fingers instead of a comb, comb back from the hairline on your forehead to the occipital area, then comb over and behind your ears. Brush your hair 10 ~ 20 times each time, which can improve the blood supply of the brain, invigorate the brain, and reduce blood pressure.

Look out of the window for 1 minute every half an hour. Blink your eyes several times or do eye blink exercises to relax the eye muscles, promote blood circulation and rest your eyes.

back chiropractor

Look up first as far as possible hind Yang, bend the jaw to bosom again, make neck back muscle pulls tight, tilt to right and left both sides 10 ~ 15 times next rely on the back of the chair with lumbar back, embrace after neck of both hands for a moment. Stretch can accelerate blood circulation, relax the muscles of the whole body, correct excessive curvature of the spine forward, maintain body shape. This regimen can prevent and treat pain in the neck and lumbar vertebrae caused by sitting for long periods of time.

back chiropractor

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Kneading the abdomen and levitating the anus are the simplest, completely free of time and place restrictionsChinese medicine keeping in good healthMovement. Right hand clockwise around the navel knead 36 weeks, to prevent constipation, indigestion and other good results. Lift the anus up and then relax, one by one, over and over again. Anal exercises can be preventedhemorrhoidsEt al perianal diseases.

People who drive for a long time should focus on exercising shoulders, neck, lumbar and lower limbs, learn to steal time from their busy schedule, and find a little time to do the above mentioned health sports, so as to avoid and alleviate cervical spondylosis,Periarthritis of shoulderBone hyperplasia and sciatica.

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spine pain remedies – [ai video] backache, cervical pain, knee pain, constipation, hypertension, palpitations, a disease a trick! Too precious

The position of the body's organs on the sole of the foot is the reflex area of these organs on the sole of the foot. The positive reactants of physiological and pathological changes that occur in the reflex region are the specific treatment points for curing diseases, also known as the life code of the foot.

One disease, one trick,Too hard!

1,Hypertension tip

cervical pain

Pressure drop point location:The seam of the thumb joint on the sole of the right foot

Operative method:Turn the stimulus counterclockwise with painful force with the tool or index finger

2,Low blood pressure trick

cervical pain

Location of booster point:The middle of the herringbone on the sole of the foot

Operative method:Use the tool or index finger joint to press forward and above

3,Have a headache trick

cervical pain

Headache location:The inside of the heel slope

4,Vertigo is a trick

cervical pain

Position of vertigo point:On the back of the feet, four or five toes, a muscular indentation about 1cm above the instep

Operative method:Press vertically with the tool or index finger joint

5,Flustered trick

cervical pain

Panic spot:The middle of the herringbone on the sole of the foot

6.Constipation trick

cervical pain

Location of constipation:Upper muscle indentation behind inner malleolus of both feet, medial malleolus bone center up four fingers wide

Operative method:With a tool or forefinger, push up for three minutes and down for two minutes

7,Backache trick

cervical pain

Location of backache:Pain points at the lower margin of the scaphoid and talus of the inner malleolus in both feet

Operative method:Press the pain point with the tool or index finger joint

8.Bone spurs in the knee

cervical pain

Knee pain spots:The curved muscle band below the lateral ankle bone of the feet

Operative method:Use a tool or index finger joint to stimulate pain

9,Tonsillitis is a trick

cervical pain

Tonsillitis pain spots:Place your feet at the base of your thumb

Operative method:Massage the knuckles of the index finger with a painful tool

10.Sciatic nerve pain

cervical pain

Location of sciatic nerve pain:Middle pain point on inner heel of both feet

Operative method:Use a tool to scrape or push painful index finger joints

Stimulating the body's reflex region,

Activates the body's own healing power.

Friendship reminds, above method can have auxiliary effect only, if the illness is serious, still need seasonable seek medical advice!

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spine pain remedies – Protect children's spines and give them a healthy childhood!

The annual June 1 international children's day has arrived, coincides with the weekend, appropriate travel, appropriate company. Yixing hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine wishes all children and children a happy holiday.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity of the spine that includes sequential abnormalities in the coronal, sagittal, and axial positions. A normal spine looks like one from behindA straight lineAnd,Trunk bilateral symmetry. Scoliosis should be suspected if the shoulders are uneven from the front or if the back is uneven from the left to the right. At this point, a standing complete spine X-ray should be taken. If the anteroposterior X-ray shows a lateral curvature of the spine greater than 10 degrees, a diagnosis of scoliosis can be made.

Mild scoliosis usually results in no apparent discomfort and no apparent physical deformity. Severe scoliosis can affect infants and adolescentsGrowth and development, deform the body, if seriousAffects cardiopulmonary functionOr even the spinal cord,paralysis. Mild scoliosis can be observed and severe cases require surgery. Scoliosis is a common disease affecting adolescents and childrenEarly detection, early treatment.

spine pain remedies

Pilot cities to promote national disability prevention work, better implementation of the yixing child and adolescent scoliosis deformity prevention and rehabilitation intervention project implementation plan, according to the arrangement of the superior file, by our hospital as a fixed-point units, the screening of the spine scoliosis screening in 2018 suspected positive college student pays a return visit.

The screening involved middle and primary schools in the city74School, the number of return visitors3030People, the growth rate is23.8%. The total number of patients with scoliosis elevation was 720, including 133 patients with 10° or more.

spine pain remedies

To welcome the international children's day

Yixing adolescent scoliosis rehabilitation center (yixing hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine) is now launched

Children and adolescents spinal problems rehabilitation experience activities

Enquiry hotline:Turn 80338333 to 2086, 2082


The activity time

June 1, 2019 solstice August 31

Active objects

Adolescent who tested positive for scoliosis in the city

Active content

One scoliosis rehabilitation experience class (including on-site guidance of spinal exercise and spinal rehabilitation equipment experience)

[spinal rehabilitation equipment: Italian digital monitoring platform, German vibration therapy instrument, Italian balance test and training system, etc.]

Scoliosis exercises is one of the most effective ways to prevent and correct scoliosis problems. Parents and children can also do some spinal exercises at home.

Introduction to rehabilitation center of scoliosis in yixing city

In order to do a good job in the prevention and rehabilitation intervention of scoliosis of children and adolescents in the city, yixing municipal government and the municipal disabled persons' federation supported yixing hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine (Hongta hospital"Yixing scoliosis rehabilitation center" was established, and professor du qing, a nationally renowned scoliosis rehabilitation expert and director of the rehabilitation medicine department of Shanghai xinhua hospital, was appointed as the chief rehabilitation expert.

Idiopathic scoliosis is the most common, accounting for 75% to 75% of the total85%. If patients are not found or treated in time, it will lead to: some patients' scoliosis will gradually aggravate and lead to deformity; Severe spinal motor dysfunction; Abnormal heart and lung function caused by thoracic deformity seriously affects the healthy development of children and adolescents.

The city scoliosis rehabilitation center USES professional X-ray examination equipment and advanced splicing system to complete the whole scoliosisxLinear imaging was used to confirm the diagnosis. And equipped with today's first-class professional rehabilitation equipment: pulse treatment equipment, balance test and training system, upper and lower limbs vibration treatment equipment, digital running table, healthy spine fitness equipment.

All professional and technical staff of the center will strive to provide effective and standard rehabilitation treatment for scoliosis patients in the city.

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spine pain remedies – Training course of spinal manipulation correction technology

High authority

Sherman spine, USA– Dr. Chen zhaohui, neurologist, taught in person. All the techniques have passed the relevant technical certification in the United States and are available in ChinaUniqueness,Medical theory is systematic, more comprehensive and practical.

Combined with palpation of spinal joints and many years of orthopedic clinical experience of professor Chen, a scientific diagnosis system with strong recovery, high clinical practicability, easy to grasp and easy to popularize is concluded.Greatly develop the students' clinical analysis ideas.

Correction accuracy

Based on scientific diagnosis, accurate positioning method and professional American ridge technique are applied to locate– lock – power – complete correction.

In field

Small class trainingThe whole course is conducted one-on-one operation and hand to hand guidance. Detailed explanation, simulation and timely correction of problems are carried out from palpation techniques, assessment positioning, correction of body position and key points of force generation.

The practical and unique teaching mode has cultivated a large number of excellent students all over the country. Many students have set up spinal rehabilitation studio, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain treatment clinic, chiropractic nerve medical treatment center and so on in just a few months after graduation, and quickly become the local chiropractic nerve medical clinical experts and technical promotion.

The organizer

Committee of experts in chiropractic neuromedicine

To undertake unit


Chiropractic – technique of spinal manipulation

Course objective

Master the philosophy of chiropractic and neurologic medicine, master the body posture analysis and spinal joint mobility assessment system, master the cervical/thoracic/lumbar/pelvic correction technology, masterBasic skills of correction techniques, master indications and contraindications of correction techniques, etc.

What to teach

(Teaching standardized technology across the United States)

1. Principles of chiropractic neuromedicine

2. Functional model of spinal joint

3. Mechanism and clinical diagnosis of spine joint strangulation, joint entrapment, joint subluxation and dysfunction syndrome

4. Body posture analysis and functional assessment

5. Assessment of mobility of all spinal joints

6. Clinical evaluation of vertebral and pelvic dislocation (including palpation techniques of spinal joints)

7. X-ray analysis and principles of cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra and pelvis

8. Indications and contraindications of chiropractic therapy

9. Technical principles of chiropractic – neurosurgical correction

(2) the mechanical principle of correction

10. Correction techniques and clinical application of chiropractic – neuromedicine

(2) accuracy of correction method

(4) cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, and pelvic correction technology (teaching national standardized technology)

11. Principles of chiropractic and neurologic therapy and patient management

Training time

April 1, 2019 – April 7, 2019


Venue: renmin east road, changsha cityUnit 2, block b, huacheng plaza, no.111

Recruit students object

Rehabilitation physicians, therapists, acupuncture and massage therapists, acupotomists, orthopedics, pain physicians, health massage therapists, sports rehabilitation teachers, yoga coaches, fitness coaches, related enthusiasts and other peers.


spine pain remedies

ChenThe CDH

Dual doctor of medicine+ Chinese and American doctor qualification + professor of orthopedics and traumatology

The Sherman school of chiropractic neurology, USA– doctor of neurology

Doctor of medicine, Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine+ institute of orthopedics and traumatology professor

Founder of elite education brand of chiropractic and neurologic medicine in China

Standing director of the professional committee of external oncology law of world federation of Chinese medicine societies

Standing director of the soft tissue diagnosis and treatment committee of China folk Chinese medicine research and development association

Professor Chen zhaohui is devoted to clinical, teaching and scientific research of orthopedics and chiropractic medicineMore than 20 years. He has been engaged in clinical work in wangjing hospital of Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, dongfang hospital affiliated to Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, and the third clinical hospital affiliated to Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, with more than 10,000 person-times of clinical diagnosis and treatment3000Taiwan, has accumulated rich clinical experience. He studied spines at the Sherman chiropractic school of neurology in the United States– 4 years, PhD in neurologyThompson,Technology, the United States gunsder technology, the United States upper cervical spine correction technology, the United States maternal and infant spine correction technology, internationalsfmaMovement assessment qualification,The torque release techniqueTechnical and other professional technical certification. Lead and undertake scientific research projects14, published academic papers20Yu, academic works5Participated in compiling medical teaching materials3The ministry of.

Course information

spine pain remedies

Matters needing attention

1) pay your own accommodation and transportation expenses.

2) the original price is 21,800 yuan, but the current price is 8,800 yuan.

3) refresher trainees: RMB 1,000 / person/period.

4) videotaping, photographing and recording are prohibited in the course.

5) provide WeChat group access within the institution after the training, and obtain professional communication platform.


Study abroad/qualification certification

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

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spine pain remedies

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spine pain remedies

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spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

· Chen zhaohui hyjy changsha 2019.4.01-07 – http://t.cn/evh59ri

mallliveThe classroomtraining

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back chiropractor – The baby did not exceed this age, parents had better not hold long, otherwise easy to hurt the spine | spine pain remedies

Influence a: go against the development of baby movement ability

If parents often hold their children in their hands, it is not only easy for them to hurt their spine, but also bad for them to do other aerobic exercise, which limits the development of sports ability, so we should let them lie in bed and play by themselves.

Tip: if you're worried that your baby will accidentally fall under the bed on his or her own, use a fence to stop him or her and mom will be more comfortable doing other things.

Influence two: affect brain development

In addition, holding children for long periods of time can have negative effects on their brain development. To know, only the baby's own continuous exercise can provide more oxygen and energy for the brain, so as to better promote intellectual development!

back chiropractor

Tip: in addition to holding babies for less time, mothers can also give them formula rich in dha, which is good for their brain development.

Impact three: affect the quality of children's sleep

What's more, mothers holding their babies in their hands for long periods of time is not good for their sleep quality. Because this will let them develop dependency psychology, as soon as they put on the bed they will immediately wake up, which will not only affect their sleep quality, but also make bao ma feel very tired.

back chiropractor

Above is long hold the child in addition to can hurt outside vertebra, can bring additionally 3 negative effect, do not do so again before darling is not full one year old treasure mom! If you have any questions or don't understand on the parenting path, please leave a comment below and we will give you the answer as soon as possible.

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spine pain remedies – Macquarie university chiropractic, high paying expat!

Bachelor of chiropractic science

Length of schooling: 3 years

Admission requirements:

– Australian high school students: atar: 80;

– Chinese high school students:

Ielts requirements: average score: 6.5, subject no less than 6.0;

Chinese college entrance examination results (according to different provinces);

Or through the Macquarie preparatory course.

Admission time: February

Tuition: $37,079 / year

Master of chiropractic

Length of schooling: 2-3 years

Admission requirements: gpa: 4.0, bachelor's degree in related majors or equivalent, studied anatomy and physiology with gpa of 4.0 (full mark of 7.0) or bachelor's degree in spinal physiotherapy from Macquarie university, no gpa required; Ielts 6.5, not less than 6.0.

Tuition: $39,000 / year

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What exactly does a chiropractic major learn

During my undergraduate study, I mainly studied basic theoretical knowledge including spinal physiotherapy science, anatomy, neuroscience, radiological imaging, physiology, etc. During my master's study, I mainly focused on the practical direction. The courses included clinical chiropractic therapy, diagnosis of neurological diseases, imaging diagnostics and one-year clinical practice.

Core courses: human biology, spinal science therapy, anatomy, limb and back anatomy, systemic physiology, neurophysiology, clinical epidemiology, head, neck and trunk anatomy, etc.

To highlight:

– if I have a bachelor's degree in medical science, nursing, physiology, etc., I can directly study the master's course of spinal therapist, and only need two more years to complete the master's course. In total, I can graduate with a master's degree in five years.

– Macquarie course is very valuable. If you are a student of year11, you can go through the preparatory foundation course and then enter the spinal therapist undergraduate course.

– Macquarie university has established an Australian $10,000 scholarship for outstanding Chinese students to encourage more Chinese students to apply for Macquarie university courses. International students apply for the bachelor's and master's degree in chiropractic therapy at Macquarie university. They can complete all the courses in 5 years.

Career assessment

To undertake courses accredited by the Australian health practitioners regulatory authority (ahpra) – to meet internship hours and English language requirements – to be certified by the chiropractic board of Australia (cba) – to be able to practise chiropractic in Australia.

After the cba certification, the applicant may further apply for the council on chiropractic education Australia's occupational assessment certification.

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