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Dazhong · poster news September 17, Texas (Correspondent section chang yong) recently, the second department of bone department of lingcheng district people's hospital of dezhou successfully cured a case of traumatic kyphosis of the spine and paralysis of both lower limbs.

On July 26, 2019, lingcheng district people's hospital bone department 2 admitted a "troublesome" patient. The 67-year-old woman has been suffering from alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and severe senile osteoporosis for several years. She developed back pain, inability to get out of bed and standing and walking three weeks ago. Two team bone to ask medical history, physical examination and imaging examination, diagnosis of the lumbar spine pathological compression fracture, senile severe osteoporosis and lumbar spinal stenosis disease, incomplete double lower limbs paralysis, protruding after traumatic spinal deformity, hypertension, alzheimer's disease and other diseases, can only live life lie in bed, not surgery could no longer stand up. In addition, deep vein thrombosis, lung infection, bedsores and other complications can lead to death. Lingcheng people's hospital recommended posterior spinal decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation.

The old man suffered from alzheimer's disease, commonly known as dementia, and was unable to communicate with others. Surgery is a challenge for both the elderly and the doctor. After repeated consultation from family members and consultation from outpatient departments of several hospitals, we finally decided to give up the conservative treatment of surgery and was discharged on July 28, 2019.

Ling cheng district people's hospital, director of the second department of bone Yang zhenlei carefully examine the patient image results show

On August 21, 2019, the elderly man's eldest son appeared again in the office of Yang zhenlei, director of the second department of bone science. Classics inquiry is informed old person can lie in bed only after coming home, a variety of methods such as plaster are of no help, eat reduce body worse and worse with each passing day. The three sons finally decided to operate on the old man. < / p > < p > lingcheng district people's courtyard bone team in the face of such a patient, know that life is a great responsibility. After admission, the old man had a low blood potassium level of 2.69mmol/l, and his general condition was poor. Therefore, he adjusted various physiological indicators actively, conducted preoperative case discussion, invited multi-disciplinary consultation, and made full preoperative preparation. On August 28, 2019, the patient was subjected to posterior spinal lamina decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation under general anesthesia.

After the attending physician duan changyong and the chief nurse sun yuting led the nursing team of meticulous care, lie in bed for more than 2 months of the elderly miraculously stood up. Looking at the old man who has functional exercise in the corridor, the family showed the long-lost smile. Exclamation ground say: "know operation result is so good, did an operation to the old man early! My sincere thanks go to the medical staff of lingcheng district people's hospital."

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The first non-surgical spinal decompression system in guizhou province – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/spinal decompression

Report from our correspondent (reporter du gaofu) yesterday, the reporter learns from hospital of province orthopedics, this hospital orthopedics internal medicine introduces system of decompression of spine of an accu-spi-na that does not operate, as the formal application of this system, mark system of decompression of spine of guizhou the first that does not operate is located in hospital of province orthopedics. This system is an effective supplement to the conservative treatment of cervical and lumbar spine diseases. It has unique advantages and does not involve drug treatment. It is recognized as the best advanced technology for the treatment of cervical, lumbar and back pain in the world.

Patients in the treatment of bed, the doctor through the system characteristic of the vacuum fixed and precise positioning device, to reduce the pressure directly ACTS on the diseased intervertebral disc, at the same time by high-precision sensor to adjust the pressure reduction, realize the pathological changes of intervertebral disc high negative pressure state, so that the pathological changes of intervertebral disc back to possible, while making pathological changes of intervertebral disc around water, oxygen and other nutrients return, thus realize the pathological changes of intervertebral disc and nutrition.

Different from traditional traction, this technique is mainly applicable to patients with disc herniation or bulging, small joint disorder syndrome, sciatica, acute or chronic neck and back pain, and discgenic pain. It is an advanced technique and the preferred technique for conservative treatment.

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Doctors perform cervical spinal cord decompression surgery (photo) – InfraredHeatingTherapy | spinal decompression/spinal decompression surgery

Mr. Wang was interviewed from his hospital bed. Wang peng photo in chengdu November 29 (wang peng) long-term bed playing mobile phone, can lead to high paraplegia? Recently, the second people's hospital of chengdu city received such a rare case.

Mr. Wang, a 40-year-old resident of chengdu, owns a noodle shop in the city. On the morning of November 25, she went to the hospital for treatment due to uncomfortable neck and numbness of lower limbs. "In the afternoon, he suddenly became paraplegic, unable to move from the neck down and unconscious." The hospital orthopedic surgeon he rui told reporters.

Through mri examination, doctors found that Mr. Wang suffered from severe cervical myelopathy, which caused acute compression of the cervical spinal cord, resulting in hemiplegia.

"Upon inquiry, I was informed that due to occupational problems, the patient had to lower her head to cook noodles during the day, and spent a long time in bed with her mobile phone at night, bending her neck for a long time, which led to the tragedy." He Rui said.

In this extreme case, doctors performed cervical spinal decompression surgery, and the patient's high paraplegia symptoms have basically disappeared. Doctors say this is due to timely treatment and surgery.

The reporter saw Mr. Wang in bed in the orthopedic ward of the hospital on the morning of 29th, and he will receive the second operation in the next few days. When it comes to the cause of his illness, he bluntly "did not think".

"I'm tired from work during the day, so I take my phone to relax after I lie in bed at night. I usually play with my phone until 2 or 3 am every night, which has been going on for several months." Mr. Wang said he didn't expect this small habit to lead to paraplegia.

In recent years, more and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis, which is related to unhealthy living habits, said tan hui, a therapist in the rehabilitation medicine department of chengdu no. 2 people's hospital.

"Playing with the head down on the phone or tablet for a long time, working at the desk for a long time, bending the neck for too long, causing fatigue and even damage to the neck muscles, which leads to cervical spondylosis." Tan hui said wang's high paraplegia is an extreme case of cervical spondylosis.

Tan hui warns the public to relax the neck after bending it for a long time. If must lie on the bed to play with the mobile phone, mobile phone, eyes, ears in a straight line, so as to avoid bending the neck, causing cervical spondylosis. (after)

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