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Back pain (especially the lower back) can be caused by a number of exercises and exercises during the workout, and we'll talk about that in spinning (or cycling) classes today. We don't need to keep it that way.

how to cure lumbar pain

It's a good thing to finish an intense fat-burning workout that will leave you sweating. But there's a big difference between that "good pain" feeling and the real pain. So, if you've ever walked out of a training room and completed a killer workout but have a sore back, here's how to stop the pain as soon as possible, and why.

how to cure lumbar pain

What causes your back pain?

While everyone and every "body" is different, there are many causes of backache during or after a spinning class, and sometimes multiple factors are at play. Back pain on a bicycle can be associated with several different factors, including poor riding posture, poor posture, muscle use during exercise, overuse, or a combination of these factors.

This is partly due to standard cycling posture — sitting in a position with your feet fixed and your body leaning forward. It puts a natural strain on your lower back, especially if you're already injured. Because you're not out on the road and you're not using your core to turn, drive, or coordinate your bike, you may put more pressure on your discs in a spinning class. In addition, if you're giving your best effort in each class, your governing muscles are likely to have exceeded fatigue, which causes other muscles to overcompensate and strain your lower back.

how to cure lumbar pain

To make matters worse, since most people sit every day, your hip flexors are already prone to shortening and tightening (decreased flexibility). Then think about the actual exercise, including the way your knees move up and down. Although we may not be actively using the hip flexors throughout the exercise, they are still shortening and contracting. These tight hip flexors, yeah, you guessed it. They can also cause back pain.

How to treat and prevent pain?

how to cure lumbar pain

You don't have to jump off your bike forever. Preventing pain comes down to good posture — a straight spine is a fundamental aspect. When we work hard on a difficult subject, we have a tendency to sink and collapse. But bend your lower back and you will feel very simple. 'that's why coaches ask you to hold your chest out, hold your chest out, keep your arms straight,' he says. Adjust as needed. One second away from your seat, tilt your hips forward, keeping them in a straight line from your hips to your head.

how to cure lumbar pain

Proper bike Settings can also make it easy to succeed in the training room. Check what? Make sure you don't lift your knees too high and extend your legs 90 percent when pedaling. As for the car itself? The handle should be 5-10 cm higher than the seat, but the final height should be based on comfort and posture. Anything that makes you stand up straight. How far the pedals are from the seat is also important. When you push forward with your pedals, your knees should be just above the balls of your feet.

how to cure lumbar pain

Your trainer already does a lot of stretching after class, such as the stork quad stretch and the hip flexor 4-word stretch, which can help alleviate pain, since flexibility is key to long-term cycling training. So consider adding these stretches to your relaxation routine. Proper cross-training will ensure that you are as strong and agile on your bike as you are on your bike. Check out these cross-training sessions tailor-made for each other.

how to cure lumbar pain

how to cure lumbar pain

Kneel hip flexor stretch

how to cure lumbar pain

how to cure lumbar pain

Kneel on your right knee with your toes down and your left foot flat on the floor in front of you. Bend your knee and align it with your ankle. Put your hand on your left thigh. Press your hips forward until you feel tension in the front of your right leg. Keep your arms straight, elbows close to your head, palms opposite, back slightly bent, chin parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

At the door stretching

how to cure lumbar pain

Stand slightly in front of the door and place your arms on either side of the door or an adjacent wall. Bend your elbows 90 degrees, keeping your upper arms parallel to the floor. Lean forward and hold for 30 seconds.

Fixed lizard stance with quarter stretch

how to cure lumbar pain

how to cure lumbar pain

Start with the lizard pose. Move from the forearm to the hand. Turn your left foot out at a 45-degree Angle and roll it to the outside edge of your foot. Push your left inner thigh with your left hand and open your hips. Take a few breaths. Bend your right knee and grasp the edge of the little toe of your right foot with your left hand. Stretch the quadriceps. (the best yoga posture to open your hips may also help.)

how to cure lumbar pain

Another tip: if you have a yoga ball handy, place your stomach on it and stretch on your back.

Often backache? Probably something is wrong here, need to pay attention! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/backache/sore back

Online big doctor: gao zhanxiang

Traditional Chinese medicine hall of fujian university of traditional Chinese medicine

Associate professor, md

Today's discussion: kidney deficiency lumbago

(click the picture to see online explanation of big doctors)

What is kidney empty?

Chinese medicine says kidney deficiency, it is possible to appear waist and knee soreness or pain.thisIt's a TCM concept.But what we common people say kidney empty is a kind of symptom.Therefore, symptoms are not the same as the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, and the vast majority of what we call back pain is of strain or degeneration.

how do you relieve lower back pain

For example, some patients with lumbar muscle strain who have pain in their lower back that occurs when they are sitting or standing for a long time, these patients with protruding lumbar discs are very uncomfortable when they are standing.Back pain can also be a kidney stone and other problems, kidney disease can also appear back pain.Backache has a lot of kinds, cannot take kidney empty this kind to generalize.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Encounter lumbago tonify kidney

Whether it's tonic

Still eat the health care product with brand of invigorating kidney and strengthening Yang

Without understanding the illness

Blind kidney is really not desirable!

How be kidney empty?

Kidney growth and reproduction, the main bone marrow through the brain, the main water division erbian, the main na qi, its kaiqiao in the ear and two Yin, its China in the hair.

how do you relieve lower back pain

When the following symptoms or signs, can consider is caused by kidney deficiency, such as child stunting, male impotence premature ejaculation, female uterus cold infertility, lumbar debility and pain, urine frequency, long qing, night urination much, long time of diarrhea, the valley, and not even diarrhea, complexion dark matt, tinnitus, deafness and cold limbs cold, depression, etc.

In the clinical process, when the four diagnosis combined with reference, combined with the specific situation, distinguish kidney Yang deficiency syndrome, kidney Yin deficiency syndrome, kidney qi deficiency syndrome, kidney essence deficiency syndrome, so as to treat the syndrome.

What is kidney empty lumbago?

Lumbago is to point to lumbar experience outside evil, or because of strain, or by kidney empty and cause qi and blood to run maladjustment, vessel shortage is urgent, lumbar mansion loses those who be caused by with lumbar a side or two side ache a kind of disease card that is main symptom.

Syndrome differentiation type

One, what is kidney Yang empty?

1. "cold" is the main manifestation characteristic of kidney Yang deficiency

Waist and knee pain or pain, cold limbs, chills, listlessness, edema, tongue, body fat, etc. The female performance is dysmenorrhea, lower abdomen cold, menstrual blood deep without blood clots. Men show reduced sexual function, erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual desire.

People with kidney Yang deficiency should eat warm food

Change kidney Yang deficiency, Chinese medicine seems to apply the method of warming the kidney Yang conditioning, warm nature of food can help the human body to supplement Yang qi.

People with kidney Yang deficiency should not eat raw and cold food

Avoid cold drinks and ice cream. Do not eat bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, loofa gourds, watermelon, loquat, even if you want to eat less, warm to eat, or in the cooking add warm seasoning seasoning.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Two, what is kidney Yin empty?

The symptom of kidney Yin deficiency is "heat". Easy to cause lung heat, pharyngeal dryness, dizziness or tinnitus, hearing loss, fidgeting, hand, foot and palm heart fever, night sweat, dry stool knot, male easy performance for seminal emission. Excessive sex, excessive brain use, too warm and dry diet can also lead to kidney Yin deficiency.

1, Yin deficiency of the kidney is prone to heat

People with deficiency of kidney Yin are prone to fire. Often accompanied by pharyngeal dryness, palm and foot fever, but also easily angry temper.

2, Yin deficiency fire flourishing people to avoid staying up late

23pm – 1am is the body Yin and Yang transition, stay up will damage Yin consumption. The most effective way to avoid Yin deficiency and fire flourishing insomnia is to develop regular living habits.

How to prevent it?

L. Avoid cold, damp and hot invasion to improve the cold and damp living and working environment.

2. The attention waist exerts oneself to do STH. Should be proper, cannot powerlifting, cannot bear heavy long line, if need to make the waist exert oneself to do STH.

3. Abstemious sex, moderate work and rest, do not make kidney essence deficit, kidney Yin and Yang deficiency failure.

4. Weak, can take appropriate food and drugs with tonifying the kidney.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Back pain a disease, both external and internal injuries can occur, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, protect kidney essence, pay attention to labor should be appropriate, avoid trauma, feeling external evil, help to prevent the occurrence of back pain.

Try three soups for sore and sore backs

For patients with lumbar acid and lumbago caused by kidney deficiency, besides drug therapy, the nursing in daily life is also very important. In terms of diet, raw and cold products, bitter gourd should be eaten less.

Common filling kidney food are Jiang Yaozhu, chestnuts, yam, black sesame seed, walnut, black beans, black rice and leek, and so on.

In terms of food therapy, there are several soup ingredients to choose from:

how do you relieve lower back pain

Materials: eucommia ulmoides 45g, cistanche deserticola 30g, pig bone or lean meat 300g

Efficacy: warming and tonifying kidney Yang, strengthening tendons and bones. Eucommia ulmoides strengthens liver and kidney, strengthens muscles and bones; C. deserticola warms the kidney and helps Yang, replenishes the essence and blood. For kidney deficiency lumbago, muscle and bone weakness of patients with better therapeutic effect.

Cook pig bone soup with desertliving cistanche

how do you relieve lower back pain

Material: Jiang Yaozhu 30 g, Gordon euryale seed 50 g, pig pig oviduct 400 g, 3 slices ginger.

Efficacy: warm and moisten the knees and strengthen the waist. Jiang Yaozhu have ziyin kidney, Gordon euryale seed can spleen clearing damp, kidney is fine.

Jiang Yaozhu Gordon euryale seed pig pig oviduct soup

how do you relieve lower back pain

Material: 60g chestnut, 30g lotus seed, 1 pair of pork loin, 300g pig bone, 3 slices ginger

Efficacy: tonify kidney and strengthen muscles and bones. Chestnuts tonify the kidney and strengthen the tendons, nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen; Lotus seed nourishing spleen, kidney astringent bowel.

Pork kidney soup with chestnut and lotus seeds

Of course, in addition to food conditioning, but also through moxibustion mingmen, guan yuan, qi sea and other points to achieve warm kidney Yang, pei buqi effect.

Acupuncture point positioning

how do you relieve lower back pain

Gate of life: at loin, posterior midline, in the subspinous depression of the 2nd lumbar spine.

Guan yuan: lower abdomen, anterior midline, 3 inches below the navel.

Sea of air: lower abdomen, anterior midline, 1.5 inches below the navel.

Moxibustion for 15-20 minutes at each point

how do you relieve lower back pain

Expert opinion

Backache is not necessarily need to tonify liver and kidney, more is drive away disease evil, conditioning ability from the root of the disease to have a better effect. In addition, no matter what kind of back pain needs to be under the guidance of the doctor, do not abuse drugs and cause physical burden or even injury.

Doctor of the day

how do you relieve lower back pain

High exhibition cheung

Associate professor, md. Under the tutorage of Lin peizheng, professor of guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine and a famous doctor in lingnan, he is good at treating various miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine: cold, chronic cough, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, chronic diarrhea, constipation, hyperthyroidism, insomnia, rheumatism, aridity and pain, etc. Andrology diseases: male infertility, acute and chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, kidney deficiency and backache; Postoperative conditioning of various types of tumors and radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects of traditional Chinese medicine assisted treatment.

Chinese medicine hall sitting time: Friday morning

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How to alleviate back fatigue effectively? Three moves to say goodbye, back pain! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/sore back/lower back

How to alleviate back fatigue effectively?

Recently there are also a lot of partners to me complain about this problem, often the body will appear back fatigue, that is, long-term maintenance of the same posture, do not take long, back will be very obvious, and even appear to contain chest hunchback phenomenon, this is simply too uncomfortable, affect their own posture also threatened health.

To be honest, I wasn't surprised when I heard about it, because it's so common now, in a world of highly developed electronics, that people get sore from holding still.

how to relieve back pain fast

But let's analyze the causes of this phenomenon. Only by solving the source of the problem can we eliminate the problem better.

1. The back is not taken seriously. Different from arms and other parts in life, the waist and back can be trained actively and in front of people's eyes, while the back is not paid enough attention to, which also causes the situation of "asymmetric muscle development".

2: upper body muscle group is not stable enough, the body can not be stable, what talk about back muscle development?

how to relieve back pain fast

This means sore back, easy fatigue, the general reason is: back muscle is not strong enough, back training is not enough attention, upper body stability is not enough.

So what can we do to help further relieve back fatigue?

One: use foam shaft

how to relieve back pain fast

Foam axis is one of my favorite sports equipment, especially after training, when you relax your muscles, the feeling is indescribable if you find yourself with back fatigue.

Lie on a flat surface with the foam axis under your shoulder blades and lift your hips away from the floor. Don't touch the ground with your shoulders.

Two: locust style yoga

The locust pose is a great way to train your back muscles and create a perfect back curve. Prepare a yoga mat with your body flat on the mat.

how to relieve back pain fast

Keep your hands tight and balanced, lift your legs first off the floor and keep them together.When your legs are in position, notice the muscles in your hips and hold for about five seconds.Inhale, stretch your head, neck, chest, and arms backwards and upwards at the same time, then exhale and return to the first flat stomach action.

how to relieve back pain fast

I have been trying this movement for a long time. The third one is the most difficult. It is easy to raise and lower at the same time.

Ps: lower back soreness is a sign that you're not contracting your hip and leg muscles in time, which is something to watch out for.

3: hip bridge

Hip bridge is an excellent move, so why do you say that?

1. Exercise hip bridge regularly to eliminate most of the back acid swelling and fatigue.

2. Hip bridge can also improve the stability of the upper body and improve the flexibility while exercising the core.

how to relieve back pain fast

Hip bridge also is relatively friendly action, you need to lie on your back only, double feet is flat on the ground, when beginning, coxal stick ground, use coxal force later, raise the body, coxal and ham lift from the ground, maintain this pose 10 seconds or so.

You need to keep your knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line and feel the force of your hips.

how to relieve back pain fast

A supplement to the above

1. If you're a regular exerciser, try to avoid putting more stress on your back when you're tired.

2. Do some gentle aerobic training, such as swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.

how to relieve back pain fast

3. If back pain is worsening or you have previous back pain, it is not recommended to start training hastily. Consult a physical therapist.

Continuous health knowledge sharing, hope to help you, welcome attention!

Stunned! Baby fever with massage, simple and practical can also ease your back pain, do not learn to regret! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/sore back

Although a cold and fever can enhance the resistance of the baby, but Hong Kong really, who is not willing to make friends with the disease ah! So today, I'd like to share with you the 4 massage techniques I learned from teacher wang yeye, founder of wang's traditional Chinese medicine five-color therapy in tainan. It works for babies and adults.

eliminate back pain

4 recruit massage, home must, a learning will

That…… Start now!

eliminate back pain

Massage: relieves a cold and fever

Illness: cold and fever.

Massage technique: push the baby's "qingtian river" with the thumb, from the horizontal lines of the wrist to the horizontal lines of the elbow from the bottom up, the force is gentle, not repeated.

eliminate back pain

Baby massage 200 ~ 300 times,

400 to 500 times for adults,

It can clear away heat and reduce fever.

eliminate back pain

Illness cause: virus caused cold fever, not sweating.

Massage technique: push the baby's "take the water from the sky" with the thumb, and push the horizontal lines from the elbow down to the wrist evenly, with gentle and gentle force, without repeating.

eliminate back pain

Can make the body sweat, play a role in reducing fever.

eliminate back pain

This manipulation,

Successfully captured the hearts of every mother in the company.

Really too! Real!!!! Use!

Even adults have colds and fevers.

Good technique, learn quickly, plant grass to people around

eliminate back pain

Typing at work, playing mobile phone after work. If your legs aren't bulging, your shoulders aren't sore. Either you're on your way to acid expansion or you're really gong li and hou.

eliminate back pain

Tingting of our customer service department has been suffering from shoulder ache because she has to answer a lot of pollen problems every day. Ms. Wang asked her to sit on a chair, clench her hands and hit the "zusanli" acupoint of her left and right legs. After beating, tingting said the shoulder is not as sore as before, feel good relaxed.

eliminate back pain

This this this

It's like having doraemon

This one sits down and can be massaged,

It can promote blood circulation, smooth meridian and relieve fatigue.

eliminate back pain

Massage: relax your back

Rub a rub

5 minutes for a stiff back


Five minutes left you tired and drained

Disappear, disappear, disappear


Tell me the secret of "rub" ~

eliminate back pain

The area of the massage is just below the palm of the hand. Simply speaking, is in the back collar under a palm position, around rubbing, as shown in the figure below. This massage should be done with the help of family members for 5-10 minutes. After the massage, you will say that it is so comfortable that you can relax your tight and sore back

eliminate back pain

Massage: say goodbye to sleepy head

Are you stiff today

Come, come, come

Pinch it with your left and right hands

The day Mr. Wang gave a lecture, I had a slight stiff neck. The teacher took my hands, while helping me press and knead "stiff neck", while let me gently turn the neck, imperceptible, stiff neck even disappeared.

eliminate back pain

The sisters of stiff neck, you can press and knead by yourself alternately with your right hand and left hand. The "dot 2" in the picture below is the position of the stiff neck. Press it for 5 minutes with moderate pressure to relieve neck discomfort.

eliminate back pain

I have always been a great believer in traditional Chinese medicine, so in my food and nutrition philosophy, I have always advocated the combination of Chinese and western, external nutrition + internal adjustment. I hope this simple and practical massage technique can help you and your family live a healthy life.

Sore back after training? Teach you the best way to stretch your back – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sore back

Hello everyone brother! A lot of brother and small make up reflect practice back later do not know how to stretch, today small make up for you to bring a stretch on the back of the content, the introduction of the stretching method using a very simple tool, so convenient for you brother to practice. Hope to bring help to brother in need!

ways to help back pain

Stretching is great for the latissimus dorsi and triceps. You can't benefit from stretching if you don't do it. Stretching can go a long way toward keeping your body healthy and flexible, so make sure to stretch and stretch properly every day. Hold the dumbbell or kettlebell in your normal grip before starting training.

ways to help back pain

This is the most comfortable shoulder for most brother's. It is normal for the front of the shoulder to feel a squeeze when starting a full back spin. This also feels good when stretching and increasing the range of motion. To feel stretched rather than joint pain, pull your elbows in so that you can stretch the latissimus dorsi and triceps more effectively without affecting the shoulder joint. As shown:

ways to help back pain

Once you move your elbow outward, you create a lot of internal rotation, which is the wrong position. The wrong attitude is as follows:

ways to help back pain

When extending, the internal rotator cuff of the shoulder is the latissimus dorsi.

The position of the pelvis is crucial for this stretch as the latissimus dorsi muscles extend down to the buttocks. Pay attention to the condition of the pelvis and tilt the posterior pelvis so that the latissimus dorsi muscles are fully extended. Because the arm will gradually extend into the distance, as shown in the figure below:

ways to help back pain

As you stretch further, gradually stretch your knees away from you, which puts more load on your shoulders. If you want to stretch and increase your core strength, take a push-up position, making sure your pelvis leans back as you push up. Make sure your chest is raised, lengthening, deepening and lengthening its contours. Don't get into the habit of slouching your back.

ways to help back pain

It also stretches the great deltoids, on the one hand the elbow bends and obviously stretches the triceps especially the short head. At the same time move your shoulders and stretch your arms up your ears, which will stretch the long head of the triceps.

ways to help back pain

The long head joins the shoulder blades. When doing stretching exercises, make sure you hold the weights actively and don't put heavy weights on your back. Keep your arms on your head and strengthen the back of your shoulders and back.

So that's back stretching for this episode. If you like it, feel free to add it"Gorilla fitness"And give us a message, look forward to communicating with you!

Say goodbye to shoulder sore back, save sub-health! 38.8 yuan grab the original price of 500 yuan meiyue hui back SPA package! Back meridian massage + dredge detoxification + neck fix pot + mochi relax… 90 minutes – InfraredHeatingTherapy

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At the age of 75, huang has never been seriously ill before – infrared heating therapy | back pain/sore back

2017-12-02 07:18 | zhejiang news client reporter he lina correspondent yu wei wang jianping

Pictures from the Internet.

"Last night, I was thinking, is it my mistake, Mr Huang is still in, want to call his home." "Miss huang usually looks so good. It all happened so suddenly." …

The teacher of everybody mouth "huang", be called huang lekang, he loves to sing, play photograph, award is countless, have TV station to had taken special subject to him, also calculate in hangzhou small have fame. But on the night of November 25, he lost his heartbeat after a sudden burst of back pain. Emergency doctors were unable to save him.

The cold winter is the highest heart attack in a year, similar to the "yellow teacher" tragedy almost every day in hangzhou hospitals staged. Now living conditions are good, we are generally overnourished, but at the same time the pace of life is fast, all lead to the heart of the burden is too heavy, self-protection ability is getting weaker and weaker, so in addition to the elderly, young people also from time to time heart attack accident tragedy. What should we do to prevent winter? In case of occurrence heart attack how should hold golden rescue time again? The team of cardiovascular experts from zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine gave professional and practical advice. Please keep it in mind that it can save lives in critical times.

Always thought he was in good health

Half an hour after a sore back, I said goodbye to this world

Huang lekang, 75, is famous in hangzhou for his singing, especially in his photos.

"In the photography circle, Mr. Huang is a great man. He used to work in a hospital, but not in a clinic. He came into contact with photography out of love. Since the 1990s, he bought all kinds of photographic equipment and took photos with his camera in his spare days. Gradually everyone knew that he loved photography and his skills were good. Mr. Chen, who often plays photography with Mr. Huang, said.

Especially after retirement, miss huang in photography to the point of obsession, his photography clothing every day, carrying a few jins weight around, clap around the local conditions and customs, it is said that his footsteps step in almost the whole of zhejiang, for decades, he photographed countless awards, award-winning farmer who said there was television specially made special for him.

"Mr. Huang always thought that he was in good health and had never been seriously ill in hospital. Seeing people of his age with high blood pressure and other problems, he was often puzzled by taking many kinds of drugs. He was so keen to help his friends and was so energetic in everything he did that he took pictures of his friend's son's wedding reception just two days before he died." "Last night, I was wondering if I had made a mistake," said Ms. Wu, who has known Mr. Huang for decades.

I heard that huang lekang left suddenly at home. At 7 PM on November 25th, he was sitting in the living room watching TV and suddenly said that his back was sore. His wife suggested him to call his good friend who was a doctor to ask about it. But half an hour later, still no improvement, family members hurried to call 120, but he is unconscious at this time, emergency doctors arrived, has no heartbeat, although the ambulance car doctors all the way to implement cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but powerless. Doctors later determined that he had died of a heart attack.

A myocardial infarction patient with two ventricular fibrillation was miraculously rescued

Failure in any one link could kill you

"What a pity! If he had been given first aid if he had a sore back, he might still be able to take pictures." After hearing about huang's tragedy, professor MAO wei, director of zhejiang provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and leader of zhejiang provincial cardiovascular key innovation discipline of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, was very sorry.

The following patient also dangerous condition, but timely rescue, has recovered. On November 13, Mr. Chen, a 53-year-old man from henan province, came to the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, xiasha hospital district cardiovascular department outpatient service, saying that he was working on the construction site and suddenly felt chest pain, chest tightness, and was not relieved at that time. At that time, the sitting doctor realized that the situation was not good, and immediately accompanied Mr. Chen to take the elevator to the downstairs emergency room, the results just received kinder electric monitoring, Mr. Chen appeared cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation, the doctor immediately performed electric shock defibrillation, Mr. Chen to rescue back, but he still felt chest tightness discomfort.

Hospital emergency opening of green channel, just that day professor MAO wei also in the xiasha hospital area, the first time to lead the team to join the rescue. Before the operation, they gave Mr. Chen a coronary angiogram, the results showed very dangerous. "The three main vessels supplying blood to the heart are completely closed. In this patient, the main acute occlusion of the left anterior descending branch is acute occlusion, and the other two are chronic occlusion." "Said professor maowei.

When they finish imaging to determine the operation plan, Mr. Chen is more terrible of ventricular fibrillation happened again, soon unconsciousness, convulsions, present medical personnel, to conduct another shock patients return to normal after the heart rate, rapid operation to solve the problems of the blood vessels "accident", Mr Chen, this just turned the corner, the second day will be able to get out of bed. A week later, he had surgery to open a second blood vessel, further reducing his risk and improving his quality of life.

"For such a dangerous patient, if he had not been in the hospital at the time of onset, if our out-patient doctors had not made accurate judgment and disposal at the first time, if the doctors and nurses had hesitated for a moment in the subsequent rescue, Mr. Chen would have been gone by now."

According to professor maowei, the shorter the total ischemia time, the better the prognosis, which depends on the joint efforts of patients, their families and doctors. On the one hand, once the patient becomes ill, please call 120 for help at the first time, and the emergency doctors can help at the first time after arriving. On the other hand, the comprehensive strength of the specialist team, from professional judgment to response speed to disposal technology, cannot have a weakness.

The cardiovascular department of provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the first second-level internal medicine disciplines established in zhejiang province, which is a key discipline of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine and a key innovative discipline in zhejiang province. It has a team with rich clinical experience, which is responsible for the clinical treatment, scientific research and teaching of all kinds of cardiovascular acute and severe diseases in the province. He has made in-depth research on the basic and clinical aspects of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, the pathogenesis of tachyarrhythmia, the pathogenesis of hypertension and the mechanism of clinical and viral myocarditis. In recent years, hundreds of patients with acute myocardial infarction have successfully completed emergency coronary revascularization. With more than ten years of research results, professor MAO wei led the team to complete the basic and clinical research on the coordinated prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease with traditional Chinese and western medicine, and recently participated in the defense of the first prize of zhejiang science and technology progress, which is expected to bring more benefits to patients with coronary heart disease.

No feeling is no illness

Remember two key tips that can save your life

After listening to two thrilling stories, qianjiang evening news reporter came to help us make a summary.

First of all, we should know that there are many causes of heart attack, weather, fatigue and other factors may induce heart attack, but it is important to remind everyone that patients with coronary heart disease should pay special attention to prevent heart attack in winter.

Second, coronary heart disease is known as coronary atherosclerosis, or atherosclerosis. These plaques are like a volcano.

Third, Mr. Huang and Mr. Chen before the onset, seem to be very good body, but no feeling does not equal to no disease. In professor maowei's opinion, in the routine physical examination conducted today, except for "three high" and other cardiovascular risk factors and electrocardiogram, there are few examinations for the heart, so many people fail to find their own problems. Therefore, professor MAO wei gives you two Suggestions: first, when there is an unknown cause of chest discomfort, must immediately seek medical advice; The second is the "three high", family history, smoking, men over 40 years old, women over 50 years old and other high-risk factors, it is best to find a cardiovascular specialist to do a professional evaluation, to have a comprehensive understanding of their heart health.

Does backache practice "small swallow flies"? The action is wrong, more practice more pain!!! – infrared heating therapy | back pain/chronic back pain/backache/sore back/lumbar spine/ways to relieve back pain/lumbar disc herniation

Office workers certainly have this resonance: they often have a sore back. In fact, as a result of modern unhealthy habits, back pain has become a universal problem.

It is second only to colds in incidence, with more than half of people experiencing chronic pain in their lives.

Generally speaking, there are two major causes of low back pain:

One is mechanical back pain: including structural and functional back pain, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain caused by pain;

Another kind is nonmechanical sex lumbago: include visceral disease to wait (kidney stone, female pelvic inflammatory disease also includes).

Functional back pain is the most common in daily life, accounting for more than 70%. Among these patients, "little swallow fly" is the first magic weapon. Even many doctors would suggest: "oh, back pain, go back to practice little swallow fly!"

But often somebody practices "small swallow flies" can say after period of time: why my friend practices "small bird flies" backache is good after, but how do I practice more painful?

To answer this question, let's first take a look at what is "little swallow fly"?

"Little swallow fly" is a kind of limb movement that people imitate the flying posture of swallow. It mainly exercises the waist and back muscles and relieves the waist, neck and shoulder strain.

And yoga in the "locust style" movement is very similar, and easy to operate, coupled with the effect of a part of patients is very good, so by back pain, chronic back pain, lumbar disc herniation patients love.

However, the truth is that there is no universal solution to all problems! As mentioned earlier, some people become better with practice, while others become worse with practice, and even change from "superman" to "useless person".

Why does it get worse with practice? The answer is simple:

First, you're practicing wrong!

Second, you're not fit!

Alleged practice wrong, it is to point to a lot of people are in practice "small swallow flies" when, regular meeting action is too fast, range is too big!

Like the one below:

The picture may be exaggerated, but it can reflect the common problems of many backache patients when they practice little swallow fly. It is one-sided to think that this effect will be better, and the original slow "little swallow fly" will be made into "angry birds"!

How to do the right "little swallow fly"?

Shoulder cannot shrug, abdomen wants to tighten, amplitude peaceful small not big, movement peaceful slow not fast, cushion a small pillow below the abdomen is helpful.

The most important is – maintains the pelvis neutral position, the body as far as possible level, the hand and the leg do not want to be too high, cannot fly "the small swallow flies" is the correct "small swallow flies"!

What does "not fit to practice" mean?

Above all we want to know: "small swallow flies" why can this motion treat lumbago?

The trick is to increase the curvature of the lumbar spine and strengthen the multiplex muscles deep in the back (the multiplex is the most important of the many muscles that control the balance of the spinal segments).

Therefore, through the small swallow fly can enhance the spine stability, improves the back pain. One of the key areas is lumbar curvature.

Common hump back, long sit wait for bad habit to be able to cause lumbar curvature diminutive, the backache that this kind of circumstance causes, do "small swallow flies" can loosen lumbar back muscle very well, alleviate aching.

But another type of backache is caused by excessive curvature of the lumbar spine caused by poor posture, such as a forward tilt of the pelvis (" kyphosis ").

Below this kind of circumstance, undertake again "small swallow flies" exercise to be able to make lumbar curvature bigger, the pressure that bears is bigger also, can aggravate the degree of backache instead, cause all sorts of injury such as canal stenosis even.

Is it suitable for you to practice flying?

Here's a simple self-test for lumbar curvature:

Stand by the wall naturally, rely on heel, buttock, back on the wall, can put apart a gap after right now lumbar.

If the gap can fit into a fist or more, it means your posture is tilted forward in the pelvis and your lumbar spine is too curved.

If be like the left in the graph to be able to insert a palm in that way, it is normal posture.

If you are unfortunate and innocent, belong to pelvis to lean forward, so small swallow fly is not suitable for you really.

Because what it does is it increases the curvature of the lumbar spine, and at that point you have enough curvature to continue to force your body to fold, which only results in one result…

So what about people who are not good at practicing flying?

Here are some other great ways to relieve back pain.

1. The cat type

Kneel on the yoga mat, knees are located under the hip joint, inhale preparation, exhale at the same time rely on abdominal strength contraction, back up with the wind, head and buttocks inward, like a cat back, hold 1 ~ 2 seconds, repeat 15-20 times.

2. The inclined plate

Lie on your stomach, forehead on the ground, feet together, hands on either side of your chest, fingers open, fingers pointing straight ahead;

Toes back hook, heel back pedal, thigh muscle tightening; With your hands on the floor and your body up, slowly straighten your arms and move into the plank pose.

3. Dying insects

Lie on the mat, knee bends let ham crus become 90 degrees, double arms opens unbend, lumbar whole process flatten the ground, move slowly opposite side leg and arm, repeat alternate, repeat 15-20 times.

4. Press

Lie supine on yoga mat, double leg curl up, right now the waist can have a shallow bow, both hands cushion is below the waist, exhale at the same time contractive abdomen opposes waist, hold 4 to 6 seconds, repeat 20 times.

Want to warn everybody add person, if you come to practice yoga because of treating some kind of disease, so must have doctor and professional coach to instruct, cannot hearsay, oneself practice at will.

Yoga is not omnipotent, yoga is not medicine! Wish all people can gain a healthier body through yoga!

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