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sciatica pain treatment

Head of the humerusShoulder joint flexion 90° and rotation inside, rotation outside, can feel humeral head rotation, rotation inside can touchThe greater tuberosity and the lesser tuberosity of the humerus and the intertubercular sulcus. (FIG. 2-38)Shoulder peakAt the lateral end of the clavicle. (figure 2-39) the outer end of the scapula and the acromion of the clavicleThe acromioclavicular joints. The lower and posterior margins of the acromion areThe attachment point of the deltoid muscle. (FIG. 2-41)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

The shoulder blade surfaceIt is palpable on the outside of the acromioclavicular joint. (FIG. 2-42)

coracoid: in the medial side of the head of the humerus and below the clavicle, the tip of the coracoid process and the medial margin can be felt. It is the attachment point of biceps brevis tendon, coracoid brachial muscle and pectoralis minor muscle. 43) (FIG. 2 –Biceps grooveInternal rotation of the upper arm, proximal to the middle of the humerus, the groove containing the long head of the biceps and its tendons. 44) (FIG. 2 –

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

2, Tracy

The anterior deltoid and coracoid brachial muscles are the major flexors of the shoulder joint. Pectoralis major is the interstitial fibers, biceps brachii, serratus anterior and trapezius minor flexors. (FIG. 2-45)

Deltoid muscleThe starting point is 1/3 of the outer clavicle, acromion and scapular ridge. The insertion point is the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus. Posterior muscle band (spine) : abductor shoulder joint 90° flexion elbow, accessible at the back of shoulder joint. (figs. 2-46, 2-47) the middle band (acromion) : the middle part of the shoulder abducts between the anterior and posterior bands. (figure 2-48) the anterior band of the deltoid (clavicle) : push the shoulder forward horizontally to touch the band. (FIG. 2-49)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

Beak brachial muscleAnterior flexion abduction of the arm and flexion of the elbow, a taut cord muscle is felt on the medial side of the arm and behind the biceps. (figure 2-50) starting point: coracoid process. Insertion: middle medial humerus. (FIG. 2-51)

Biceps abdominisIn front of the elbow, in front of the arm down to the deltoid, flex and extend the elbow joint to better show the belly of the muscle. (FIG. 2-52)

Biceps abdominisProximal one third in front of the upper arm, near the pectoralis major. 53) (FIG. 2 –

The biceps tendon: after the forearm is rotated, the resistance flexes the elbow joint, which can be touched at the elbow socket. (FIG. 2-54)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

Biceps originThe long head rises from the tubercle on the scapular pelvis and the short head from the coracoid process. The terminal point is the radial tuberosity. (FIG. 2-55)

Before saw muscleRepeat the short inhalation with visible fingerlike projections attached to the ribs between the latissimus dorsi muscle at the back and the pectoralis major muscle at the front. (figure 2-56) starting point: 1st to 8th rib. Dead point: medial margin of scapula and lower Angle. (FIG. 57) 2 –

Trapezius muscleThe upper fibers extend from the occipital protuberance to the outer third of the clavicle. The lower fibers are attached to the medial side of the scapular ridge and run down the medial side of the spinous process of the lower thoracic vertebra. Press down shoulder blade obviously. The middle fibers are palpable from the acromion to the spine of the 7th cervical vertebra and the upper thoracic vertebra, with the scapula clearly receding. The trapezius muscle is flat, with no tension or tenderness due to the rotation of the fibers touching the cord-like structure. (figure 58) 2 –

The posterior fibers of the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and deltoid musclesIt is the major extensor of the shoulder joint. The teres minor and triceps brachii long head qualify as extensors. Shoulder extension pain suggests tendonitis of the constrictor muscle. (figure 2 to 59)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

3, stretched out straight

The latissimus dorsiThe muscle can be felt on the medial side of the upper arm, posterolateral to the thoracic cage. (figure 2-60) starting from the lower 6 thoracic spinous processes and all lumbar spinous processes and iliac crest. Insertion: minor tuberous crest of humerus. (picture 2-62, 2-63)

The great circle muscleOn the inner side of the upper arm, the rib cage is pushed up on the back side, and there is a distinct muscular protuberance. (FIG. 2-61)

sciatica pain treatment

Small circular muscleShoulder abduction, elbow flexion 90° each, forearm pronation, between deltoid and teres major at the lateral margin of the scapula. (FIG. 2-64)

Brachial triceps longhead proximal end tendon: shoulder joint abduction, elbow joint flexion 90°, forearm distal end resistance abduction elbow joint, the back of the shoulder deltoid muscle fiber and the lateral side of the teres minor muscle can touch the tendon. (FIG. 2-65)

The triceps: origin: long head from subglenoid tubercle; The medial head arises from the bony surface below the groove of the radial nerve; The lateral head arises from the bony surface outside and above the groove of the radial nerve. Dead point: olecranon. (picture 2-66, 2-67)

sciatica pain treatment

The middle fibers of deltoid and supraspinatus are abductor muscles of shoulder joint.

The anterior and posterior fibers of the deltoid and serratus anterior assist.

Resistance shoulder abduction pain suggests contraction tendonitis. (picture 2-68, 2-69)

4, and outreach

The middle (acromion) band of the deltoid: the middle part of the shoulder lies between the anterior and posterior tracts.

Supraspinatus muscle: abductor of the arm and palpable in the supraspinatus fossa. (FIG. 2-70)

5, adduction

Pectoralis major: starting point: medial half of the clavicle, sternum, 1st to 6th costal cartilage. Insertion: greater tuberous crest of the humerus. (picture 2-71, 2-72, 2-73, 2-74)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

6, and internal rotation

Subscapularis, latissimus dorsi, teres major, pectoralis majorIt is the major internal rotator muscle of the shoulder joint. (FIG. 2-75)

Shoulder joint internal rotation pain is caused by tendonitis.

subscapularisTo touch this muscle, there must be a space between the scapula and the thoracic cage. The lateral part of the finger is the latissimus dorsi, the medial front is the pectoralis major, and the lower part of the finger is the subscapularis. (figure 2-76) starting point: subscapular fossa. Insertion: nodule of humerus. (FIG. 2-77)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

7, outside

The infraspinatus and the teres minorThe major muscles of the shoulder. The posterior fibers of the deltoid assist in external rotation. (FIG. 2-78)

The infraspinatus:Starting point: subscapular fossa. Insertion: the greater tuberosity of the humerus in the middle, palpable in the subspinous fossa. (FIG. 2-79)

Small circular muscle:Starting point: back of lateral margin of scapula. The insertion point below the greater tuberosity of the humerus is palpable between the deltoid and teres major at the lateral margin of the scapula. (picture 2-80, 2-81)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

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Orthopaedic expert 1 method, improve neck shoulder waist leg joint to ache, 1 agent drug reduces gout, rheumatism! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/leg pain

Director of orthopedics expert ren deguang prompts: summer Yang qi exuberant, life elements if not timely supplement, all kinds of symptoms will become more serious, and in summer to alleviate bone disease faster, less cost. Therefore, it is suggested that patients with bone disease should not miss the better time for treatment.

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Domestic orthopedics and traumatology experts and scholars, under the guidance of national master yan zhenghua, the fourth generation disciple of meng he medical school, member of the consultation committee of integrated Chinese and western medicine, member of the minimally invasive bone disease research team of the Chinese medical association. Shandong satellite TV "big doctor this cottage" invited experts, Beijing satellite TV "Yang sheng tang" micro-broadcast invited experts. He has published more than 10 papers related to bone diseases, and has a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements. He was invited to participate in the medical summit of Nobel Prize winners.

Good at in

Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, knee arthritis, sciatica, bone arthritis, bone hyperplasia, tenosynovitis, synovitis, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, the mouse hand, fasciitis, muscle membrane inflammation, Achilles tendinitis and soft tissue injury, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine for relief with minimally invasive dial the waist, neck, shoulder, knee pain has a wealth of experience.

Director ren deguang reveals the characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for bone disease

Director ren deguang reveals the secret of live broadcasting

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

Many people feel that cervical spondylosis uncomfortable but not fatal, paste some plaster or take some painkillers can get through, but do not know the harm of cervical spondylosis is not only in the neck so simple, it will also appear in other parts of the body symptoms, induce more than 70 diseases, and even send the possibility of paralysis!

Cervical spondylosis induces more than 70 diseases

C1: insufficient cerebral blood supply, dizziness, migraine, insomnia, lethargy, forgetfulness, burnout, neck hypertension.

C2: headache, dizziness, insomnia, drowsiness, tinnitus, sore eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis.

C3: dizziness, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, visual impairment, hearing loss, eczema, toothache, inability to open mouth.

C4: dizziness, hiccups, sore throat, nausea, amblyopia, numbness of hands, nasal congestion, toothache.

C5: chest pain, bradycardia, asthma, blood pressure fluctuation, vocal hoarseness, nausea, stiffness of neck and shoulder, fire, periarthritis of shoulder.

C6: cough and asthma, sore throat, fluctuation of blood pressure, swelling of tonsil, stiff neck, shoulder pain, numbness of thumb and thumb, numbness and pain of lateral upper limb.

C7: sore throat, asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, thyroid disease, numbness in the 4th and 5th finger, neck root, shoulder pain, shoulder hardening, cold, numbness in the posterior medial side of upper limbs.

Lumbar spondylosis is a common disease among the elderly. It is very painful for patients, and it will make people's movement difficult and bring a big blow to normal life.

Seven major complications of lumbar spine disease

1, infection,

Postoperative incision infection can be seen and intervertebral space infection may occur.

2. Unstable spine

In some patients, leg pain disappeared and back pain persisted.

3. Nerve injury

Nerve roots can be damaged during surgery, either epidural or epidural.

4. Damage to large blood vessels

The most common type of injury is a large vascular injury to the posterior wall of the abdomen.

5. Adhesion and scar

Adhesion and scarring often occur in the exposed part of the dura after the nerve root and laminectomy at the surgical site, which may cause back pain or radiating pain of the nerve root.

6. Organ injury

Vascular injury may be accompanied by other organ injury, such as bladder, ureter or small intestine.

7. Cerebrospinal fluid fistula or meningeal pseudocyst

Cerebrospinal fluid fistula occurred in 3 ~ 4 days after surgery. Dural membrane pseudocyst appears more in a few months after the operation lumbar leg pain, in the operation scar or lumbosacral department has spherical cystic material and dura adhesion. Compression of cystic masses can cause sciatica.

Knee osteoarthritis

how do i relieve back pain

Knee arthritis is one of the most common degenerative knee diseases, the incidence of which is closely related to age, especially the elderly women are more prone to the disease, high disability rate. More than half of people over the age of 60 have knee arthritis.

4 major complications of knee arthritis

1. Persistent pain

Chronic pain can develop as the joint progresses, or if left untreated.

2. Joint deformity

As arthritis progresses or joint damage increases, patients may also develop joint deformities.

3. Joint dysfunction

In later stages, as the joint is destroyed, it can eventually lead to joint dysfunction and even complete immobility in some patients.

Muscle atrophy

There are some patients because of the occurrence of arthritis, increased pain, unwilling to move the limb, will cause atrophy of the muscles around the joint.

how do i relieve back pain

In recent years, the incidence of hyperuricemia and gout increased year by year due to the improvement of living standard and unbalanced diet structure. The main manifestation is joint pain.

6 major complications of gout

1. Gout nephropathy

The development of gout nephropathy is relatively slow, but not as timely treatment, will lead to renal injury, the ultimate development of renal failure.

Kidney stones

With the continuous increase of uric acid in the urine of patients, the acidity of the urine gradually increases, and the accumulation cannot be excreted in the kidney, causing functional disorders, which are likely to develop into kidney stones.

3. Diabetes

As gout patients are more obese and have no diet rhythm, it is easy to lead to poor insulin sensitivity, which leads to diabetes.

4. Hypertension

In patients with gout, renal function is reduced due to long-term hyperuric acid symptoms, which induces renal hypertension.

5. Femoral head necrosis

Clinical discovery, gout often accompanies a variety of lipoprotein to rise, cause adipose embolism, cause femur head necrotic finally.

Hardening of the arteries

If gout is not treated effectively and promptly, persistent excess uric acid may accumulate and crystallize in the coronary arteries, causing atherosclerosis in severe cases.

If you have cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other orthopedic diseases want to consult, long press the following two-dimensional code, directly to ren deguang director free to ask questions!

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Drag it

how do i relieve back pain

Some patients are afraid of bone disease money, no attention, long drag not cure, the result of minor disease drag into a major disease, illness aggravation, cost more; There are some patients do not know how to solve, afraid of surgery, afraid of surgery, afraid of drug side effects, delay opportunities.

Rehabilitation eager

Bone disease lasts a long time without treatment, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more painful, leading to mobility problems. Many patients began to worry, but not conducive to recovery.

Drug abuse

how do i relieve back pain

Bone disease is acute and painful, and many patients rely on pain relievers. Long-term abuse of painkillers does not play a therapeutic role, but tends to form dependence and cause irreversible consequences.

how do i relieve back pain

"Pulling out the needle" in the ancient "neijing" should be called giant needle, the northern song "qiong yao god book" needle, also exists, the qing dynasty folk bone production application, folk has been used.

Master yan zhenghua and director ren deguangAfter many years of clinical research, the needle pulling instrument has been improved, and the clinical summary has been made, the basic theory has been reorganized, and the needle pulling instrument has been improved to "z" shape.

how do i relieve back pain

The effect of the eight – needle method

1. The needle can penetrate through all layers of soft tissue, and the needle can penetrate through 360 degrees on one level from one point.

2, can play a blunt separation, release the pain of soft tissue adhesion.

3, play a role of leverage, produce mechanical pressure on soft tissues, and relieve pressure on the tendon sheath of the fascia in the painful position.

4. Eliminate soft tissue tension and spasm through blunt separation and lever action.

5. Remove local edema and pressure between fascia, eliminate thickening of fascia and contact pain.

6. The needle can stimulate the circulation of warm and cold, activate blood and qi, and repair the injured soft tissues.

Case 1: Ms. Fang shan li suffered from knee arthritis in Beijing. She refused surgery and sought for traditional Chinese medicine. What is the effect?

Ms. Li, who lives in fangshan, Beijing, slipped and fell in heavy snow 30 years ago, causing damage to her meniscus. In 2015, her knee joints slowly began to deform due to trauma and aging, and her symptoms became more and more obvious.

The pain made it impossible for her to walk or leave the house, and she had to stay at home. Accompanied by my family, I went to several big hospitals in succession. The doctor suggested knee replacement surgery, which was very traumatic and expensive. Ms li faces a dilemma.

Below the proposal of the daughter, miss li finds director ren deguang, begin to accept Chinese traditional medicine to alleviate, below the recuperation of acupuncture therapy and Chinese traditional medicine, miss li feels pain to alleviate slowly, leg is warm.

Case 2: how to relieve the pain of patients with gout in 10 years by acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine?

Mr. Wang is a physical education teacher. He used to drink cold beer after sports. Gout started 10 years ago. Fingers could not bend and were swollen like bread.

Western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine tried 2 months, accepted the needle therapy of director ren deguang till, look at a symptom, feel pulse, look at tongue coating, arrive again examine and treat, Mr. Wang finger reduces gradually swollen, the symptom of articular ache also got ameliorative.

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

If you want to know how director ren USES acupuncture therapy and traditional Chinese medicine decoction to deal with a troublesome bone disease, you can watch the webcast of big medical doctor from 7 PM to 8:30 PM today (June 11, 2019). Experts will give details and answer your questions. Watch the way at the end of the article introduction ~

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1. What are the common factors that induce spinal diseases?

2. Why are bone diseases difficult to relapse?

3. Advantages and disadvantages of conventional treatment for osteoarthritis

3. Wonderful treatment for bone disease — what is a needle?

4. How to deal with orthopedic diseases such as lumbar disc protrusion, shoulder periarthritis and gout?

5. How to prevent bone disease?

Explain case of arthritis of cervical vertebra disease, lumbar process disease, knee?

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how do i relieve back pain

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Headache, backache, shoulder pain… Body 8 pain switch, which pain press which! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/backache/pain relief

When your left neck hurts, press the houxi point of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand. When your right neck hurts, press the houxi point of your left hand with the thumb of your right hand.


Low back pain

Do motion, move thing when careless waist sprain, press press save bamboo acupoint to be able to have the effect that alleviates lumbago quickly.

lower back pain treatment

Zan bamboo acupuncture points in the face, brow depression is the position of zan bamboo points. Use finger tip vertical point to press two brows, at the same time slowly activity waist, point by a lumbago will be significantly relieved.


Have a headache

Between the eyebrows there is a "Yin tang point", massage this position to help relieve headaches, nasal discomfort and other symptoms.

lower back pain treatment

In addition, two hands tiger mouth intersection, one hand index finger pressure on the other hand on the radial styloid process, in the index finger tip to reach the depression for a series of holes.

lower back pain treatment

Use finger point to press a list of acupoints, the intensity should have the feeling of ache and sour distention to be good, each time continuously dot press about 3 minutes, can alleviate headache likewise.


Have a stomachache

Stomachache, stomach distension does not digest, with the drug treatment effect is not too big, might as well by pressing the acupoint way to relieve stomachache, this acupoint is zusanli.

The foot three li in the knee depression place under 3 inches, the distance four finger long position, is the foot three li acupuncture point.

lower back pain treatment

When you have stomachache, relax the leg muscles and press the acupoint with your index finger. While exhaling, massage. Release the pressure once every 6 seconds.


A toothache

"Toothache is not a disease. It kills people!" Toothache always lets a person sit restlessly, might as well try the next close acupoint of the body and he gu acupoint right now.

Hegu is located at the highest point of two-handed tiger mouth; Lower it on your face, in front of your ears, and in the depression just below your cheekbones.

Hand yangming meridian veins into the lower row teeth, foot yangming meridian veins into the upper row teeth, hegu, xiaguan are yangming meridian points, massage can pain.

Methods press on the corresponding parts of face with fingers or knuckles, and press on hegu and xiaguan points on the painful side for about 10 minutes, which can not only relieve toothache, but also treat oral ulcer.

lower back pain treatment


Back pain

When you have back pain, rub your hands around the back of your body.

The waist is what Chinese medicine refers to as "taking the pulse", especially on both sides of the spine, where the kidney is located. Kidney likes warm and cold, regular massage can help alleviate back pain.


Shoulder pain

Many people often rub their parents' shoulders, but few know what a standard shoulder rub is for pain relief.

In fact, knead the shoulder in addition to can shu live shoulder qi and blood, but also can press the "shoulder well point", that is, nipples on the top and shoulder line hand over, shoulder top, help alleviate shoulder pain, top-heavy, eye fatigue, tinnitus, stiff neck and other symptoms.

lower back pain treatment



Wrist horizontal lines up about three fingers wide, that is, the switch for heartache, here also refers to the point of the inner pass.

If break out angina pectoris, besides containing nitroglycerin to take, still can dot press here 5 minutes, can activate blood to open collateral, have the effect of acerbic pain.

lower back pain treatment

It should be reminded that this method is only used for adjuvant therapy and first aid. In case of chest pain, it is important to call the emergency number and seek medical help.

"The pain switch" is only an adjunctive therapy. If the condition is too severe or the pain is unbearable, you should seek the help of a professional medical institution.

A lazy posture is good for the back, scientists have claimed – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/neck pain

This article was compiled by the daily mail and reference news

Since childhood, teachers and parents have asked us to "sit up straight", not hunched over or slumped on the sofa.

But new evidence suggests that sitting down with your whole body relaxed may be good for your back. Is it true?

back surgery

Sit up straight! Stop slouching! It's a familiar order barked at us since school days — and it remains the golden rule of how to sit.

Sit up straight! Don't slouch! It's a command we've been familiar with since school days, and it's been the standard rule for proper sitting.

It 's been balancing a book on your head, or imagining a piece of string pulling your shoulders forward the between, we' ve tried all the methods to practise good posture.

Whether it's balancing a book on your head or imagining a rope connecting your shoulders to the roof of your house, we've tried all sorts of ways to practice "good" sitting.

back surgery

"The best of us" stills source: douban

Health officials have long warned that slumping, whether at a computer or in front of the television, is aSure – the fireRoute to crippling back and neck pain — or worse.

Health officials have long warned that whether you're sitting in front of a computer or a television, slouching in a posture can lead to shoulder and back pain or worse.

back surgery

Our dedication to a perfect seated position has fuelled the an – industry, geared to getting us to sit up straight, we spend billions of pounds each year on posture correcting chairs, Apps and even clothing — but emerging evidence suggests thatSlouching may not be so evil after all.

Our obsession with the perfect sitting position has driven the industry, and it has also driven us to sit up straight. We spend billions of pounds a year on chairs, apps and even clothes to correct our posture, but new evidence suggests slouching may not be so bad after all.

In fact, with research indicating thatSlumping may help to keep our spines in shape, experts are starting to advise against sitting up straight.

In fact, studies have shown that slouch helps maintain the shape of the spine, and experts are beginning to advise against sitting so straight.

back surgery

A lazy posture relieves joint and muscle pain

It has had been thought that sitting slumped, with the shoulders hunched and back arched, can put excess strain on thevertebraeIn the spine.

It is thought that sitting hunched – with shoulders hunched and the back arched – puts excessive pressure on the spine.

This is because as the upper body leans forward, the weight of the brain and head -, forcing the spine to carry a heavier load.

This is because, as the upper body leans forward, pressure from the brain and head increases, forcing the spine to bear a heavier load.

But a slew of studies now suggests this is unlikely to cause thecascadeOf back troubles previously predicted.

But now there is a body of research suggesting that this pose is unlikely to cause the chain of events previously predicted.

In fact, sitting slumped can keep the spine intact and even ease to be and muscle pain.

In fact, sitting hunched over your back can protect your spine from injury and even relieve joint and muscle pain.

In one 2018 paper, slump – sitting postures were seen to help the to happens the amount of fluid in between spinal discs, reducing stiffness. The posture was also seen to happens spinal height over time.

In a 2018 paper, researchers concluded that hunched posture helps increase lubrication between the discs and relieve stiffness. This position also increases the height of the spine over time.

Physiotherapists at the university hospital of north tees in stockton – on – tees who carried out the study concluded that some slouching can dojo.provide a valuable alternative to upright sitting "in Patients with lower back pain.

Physiotherapists at northtees university hospital in stockton, UK, who carried out the study, concluded that for patients with low back pain, sometimes slouching "is a good alternative to sitting straight".

In addition, Australian studies have found thatThe when interspersed with periods of sitting upright, slouching can relax strained Muscles in the core and legs.

In addition, Australian studies have shown that alternating a slouchy sitting position with a straight one relaxes tense muscles in the core trunk and legs.

back surgery

Source: douban

London – -basedosteopathGavin Smith explains:"While sitting straight activates muscles in the abdomen and pelvis and back, slump – sitting relaxes them."

"Sitting up straight activates the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back, while slouching relaxes the muscles," explains Gavin Smith, a London orthopaedic surgeon.

"Because these muscles are chronically over – active in people with lower back pain, some periodic relaxation of them is helpful."

"Because these muscles are chronically overactive in patients with low back pain, regular relaxation can be helpful."

"Alternating between comfortable and relaxed upright and slumped postures is probably the best way to sit at your desk."

'switching between a comfortable, relaxed upright position and a slouchy sitting position is probably the best way to sit at a desk.'

Trying too hard to sit as we are told to 5 – feet flat on the floor, the back straight and shoulders back with an s – shape curve to the spine – can backfire, More bugs are found in the middle back and breathing problems over time.

At work we are told to sit up straight, with our feet flat on the ground, our backs straight, our shoulders back and our spine curved in an s-shape. But sitting too hard in a straight posture can backfire, leading to tension in the middle of the back and breathing problems over time.

Solve back pain? Stand and sit

"According to some experts, providing you a get up and walk around every now and then, slumping is harmless.

Some experts say slouching is harmless as long as you get up and move around from time to time.

Gavin Smith explains:"Sitting or standing in any position for prolonged periods is unwise."And let's say that" slumping in itself is no worse for us than sitting up straight, provided we don't do it all the time."

Gavin Smith explains: 'it is unwise to sit or stand in any position for long periods of time. As long as we're not slouching all the time, the posture itself is no worse than sitting up straight."

In studies published in the journal spine, Australian researchers found a combination of slumping and sitting upright was far superior to sitting in one position for maintaining a stable spine and strong muscles.

In some studies published in the journal spine, Australian researchers found that a combination of slouching and sitting up straight is much better than holding one position when it comes to keeping the spine stable and muscular.

Another study, published in the journal ergonomics supports the benefits of switching positions throughout the day.

Another study, published in the journal ergonomics, supports the benefits of switching your posture throughout the day.

Please answer 1988 stills source: douban

The researchers found that those only using "standing desks" had significantly more legs and back pain. The adjustable desks that allow some sitting and some standing are better, But Smith says they are not aCure -all.

The researchers found that leg and back pain was significantly worse in those who used only standing desks. Adjustable desks work better when you can sit or stand. But it's not a panacea, Smith says.

"If you are relaxed at a standing desk for an hour, then that is fine," he says. "but you should try not be in any one position for longer than an hour or so."

'if you stand at a standing desk for an hour, relaxed, that's fine,' he says. But try not to stay in any position for more than an hour."

Prolonged sitting eventually causes theglutealmuscles in thebuttocksTo become lazy and the hamstrings in the backs of the thighs to shorten and tighten.

Sitting for long periods of time will eventually result in lazy gluteal muscles in the buttocks and shorter and tighter hamstrings in the back of the thighs.

It – the risk of the back and shoulder pain as well as strains the when you get up to move immediately after sitting.

Sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of back and shoulder pain and increases the muscle tension you feel when you get up and move immediately after sitting.

This is according to most physiotherapists now warn against long periods of continuous sitting – but not slumping.

So instead of warning people not to slouch, most physiotherapists now warn people not to sit for too long.

What matters more than correct sitting posture is that you simply fidget, move around and change position regularly.

More important than the right posture is that you move around, move around, and change your posture.

New technique introduced in yantai mountain hospital for treating neck, shoulder, waist and back pain by hanging (photo) – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back shoulder pain/shoulder pain

Shoulder back pain of 50 years old man thinks is cervical vertebra disease, massage hind more serious! It turned out to be lung cancer – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/shoulder pain

how to cure lower back pain

Doctors advised Mr. Gu to further improve the genetic testing, and the results showed that he had egfr gene mutation. Since he had missed the best time for surgical treatment, the hematologic oncology team implemented targeted therapy for him, and at the same time, he received anti-bone metastasis and other treatments.

A week later, Mr. Gu's pain was almost gone. "Just shoulder pain and no cough cough sputum, how can it be lung cancer?" He was puzzled about his illness.

Changsha third hospital, director of the department of hematologic oncology sheng xianmei explained, clinical many lung cancer patients are early shoulder pain, will first treat periarthritis of shoulder. Although lung cancer and common periarthritis of shoulder pain is easy to confuse, but the two can be distinguished, for example: lung cancer caused by the pain mainly in the armpit, pain radiates down to the inside of the upper limbs, with time delay, pain will continue to increase; And periarthritis of shoulder in addition to pain, but also lead to joint stiffness, limited movement, generally do not cause particularly strong pain.

Sheng give beauty said, people usually think that the symptoms of lung cancer is a cough and expectoration, chest condition, etc., are often ignored the neck low back pain of the symptoms, transfer part of the bone is the most common malignant tumor, 70% to 80% of cancer patients will eventually occur bone metastases, about 90% of patients with bone metastases from will be susceptible to pain, when met unexplained or conventional treatment effect is not obvious neck, shoulder, waist, should go to a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment as early as possible.

Hoarseness can be caused to some extent if you have a cold and hoarseness can also be caused by talking too long or loudly. Therefore, when confronted with uncomfortable throat and hoarseness, it is likely to be ignored. But hoarseness can signal cancer

Ms. Li, 52, who lives near qiaokou park in wuhan, hubei province, has a straightforward personality and is used to talking with a loud voice. Three months ago, she felt a bit hoarse when she spoke, and she didn't think it was strange that she usually spoke loudly and had a hoarse throat, so she didn't take it too seriously.

However, in the last two weeks, she felt more and more difficult to speak, throat also uncomfortable, thought it was a cold, they bought throat tablets to take at home, but continued to eat for a week, did not get better. Under her daughter's repeated urging, she came to wuhan fourth hospital otolaryngology examination. Doctors performed laryngoscopy, chest ct and lung biopsy and confirmed that li had lung cancer.

Many people long time of sore throat, hoarse throat, and finally found throat cancer, why lung cancer can also cause these symptoms?

"Hoarseness three months ago is actually a sign of lung cancer." Wuhan fourth hospital ear, nose and throat department attending physician xu ge, lung tumor compression to the management of vocal cord nerve.

Many lung cancer patients will develop hoarseness, the same experience, and nanjing patient xiao liu.

In April 2017, xiao liu was only 24 years old and had just graduated from graduate school and started working. In early 2017, when she was busy looking for jobs, she found her chest was tight and her voice became hoarse. At first, she did not take the symptom seriously. Until half a year later, xiao liu has been dumb to say words, chest tightness, even breathing difficulties……

Eventually, liu was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She never thought that six months ago, hoarseness symptoms, is the signal of lung cancer. Doctors say that's because tumors in the lungs spread to lymph nodes and pressed on the vocal cords, causing hoarseness in many patients with advanced lung cancer.

Wuhan fourth hospital ear, nose and throat department attending physician xu ge reminds, do not be careless when hoarseness, should seek medical advice as soon as possible, laryngoscopy examination, clear the cause of hoarseness. Although cold also can cause hoarseness, but this kind of circumstance treats 3 days symptom to be able to disappear below this kind of circumstance, and the voice hoarseness that lung cancer place behaves won't get better commonly, water still may appear cough. Accordingly, appear the person of hoarse voice, want to see a doctor to the ent of regular hospital above all, undertake an examination through laryngoscope can see what disease after all immediately.

First of all, the common smoking or second-hand smoke, according to statistics, smoking people than non-smokers have a significantly higher risk of lung cancer; The second is some harmful chemicals. For example, workers in chemical plants are often exposed to some chemicals, which may lead to lung cancer. Third, air pollution. The incidence of lung cancer is higher in some areas with more developed industries, especially those with more developed chemical industries, or areas with more serious haze than those without pollution. Fourth, chronic diseases of the lungs, especially tuberculosis of the lungs, or patients with bronchiectasis, because of the stimulation of chronic inflammation for a long time, easy to cause cancer; The fifth is genetic factors, the incidence of lung cancer itself has a certain genetic basis, and even immune deficiency patients are prone to induce lung cancer.

Lung cancer to prevent from the source, the best way to prevent is as little as possible to smoke, or quit smoking, avoid inhalation of second-hand smoke; Avoid exposure to certain chemicals, especially radioactive substances; Dietary therapy, often eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance the body immunity; Do some aerobic exercises regularly to build up your body.

Early lung cancer prone to chest intermittent pain, cough, even cough blood sputum, once this symptom, to go to the hospital as soon as possible to do an examination, generally through chest radiograph or chest ct can do early detection; Not before the onset of symptoms, the best way to find lung cancer early is regular physical examination, usually six months or a year to do a comprehensive physical examination, only through check can improve early lung cancer detection and diagnosis, early lung cancer five-year survival rate can reach more than 90%, and even more early after surgery can achieve recovery state, the effect of surgery related to tumor found sooner or later, found that the earlier treatment begins the better the results.

The main treatment method is surgical treatment, the second is radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the third is traditional Chinese medicine immunotherapy. For early lung cancer patients, should actively intervene treatment, must first puncture under ct localization do pathological analysis, preoperative can clear the tumor is benign or malignant, are difficult to do puncture patients, cut the tumor off do pathological analysis, through the operation after timely treatment, can greatly improve the survival rate of patients within five years.

Some patients are wrong to think that benign tumors don't need to be treated until they get bigger. Generally, patients can live and work like normal people after the resection of benign tumor. However, without any treatment, the growth process of benign tumor is a cancerous process. After the resection of malignant tumor, there is always a risk of recurrence.

Toothache arm shoulder back is painful do not be acute heart attack probably augural how to listen to a doctor to say – healthy bound – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/shoulder pain/and back pain


Toothache arm shoulder back is painful do not be acute heart attack probably augural how to listen to a doctor to say


Hello, everyone, I am the chief physician cheng leilei.

As a cardiologist, I have rich experience in clinical detection and diagnosis of common cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure and other common cardiovascular problems in the elderly.

In my more than 20 years of practice, I have encountered a variety of patients suffering from cardiovascular problems. I am very sorry to find that people often ignore some red flags and miss the best time for treatment, leading to tragedy.

For example,

Sudden chest distress chest pain, in order not to give children trouble, his taxi to the hospital, the results too late to rescue…

Continued toothache continued to take painkillers for relief, worsening cardiovascular problems leading to death…

I feel my blood pressure is well controlled, and my drug withdrawal leads to the aggravation of the disease…

Unauthorized use of some Chinese medicine bubble wine, lead to aconite alkali poisoning, cause acute heart failure……

Take a cold to ignore a matter, hard shoulder, accidentally become viral myocarditis, live in the custody room…

Three stents for two blockages in the heart, questions about the timing of medical decisions, and unfortunate results…

These could have been avoided tragedy, simply because of a lack of health knowledge, or the lack of wise people around to give a reminder. A small decision made in an instant, like a domino, creates a situation that no one wants to see.

The heart organ is important and complex, some critical moments of injury even affect life, self-diagnosis mistakes, medical treatment, time and other details of error, may eventually be sent to the hospital, the doctor has no heart, can only do what the destiny.

According to the China cardiovascular disease report 2017, there are nearly 300 million patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in China, and four out of every 10 people die of cardiovascular diseases. This kind of disease is so high, complex, dangerous, I think, for you are, exploits, listen to such a course, is for the parents to listen to, to some extent, is also listen to himself, and I was really focused public asked every day, often clinically wrong several cardiovascular disease prevention and control knowledge, strive to be the most accurate popular story.

In the next few lectures, I'm going to show you the following questions.

Acute myocardial infarction, do right which 4 steps can increase the treatment rate?

Why coronary heart disease is installed stent, still take medicine?

Without heart disease, won't heart failure?

How to deal with acute heart failure?

Hope to be able to clearly describe the most common symptoms and treatment of you, let you benefit.

One last word.

There is a saying in the profession of doctor, doctor has three treasures: language, pill, scalpel, is to cure disease, in addition to pill and scalpel, how the doctor talks to the patient is also very important, say not to say, say what, how to say, is also a kind of treatment, I have deep experience.

Here, I would say, it is the same for every son and daughter.

Old people have their own rigid concept, thrift is a habit, afraid of children add burden is a habit. All parents raise their children to see them go and live the life they like, but what can children do in their parents' old age? When they are sick, they buy some medicine, take them to the hospital, and take care of them in bed.

I think, the best love for parents, not only these, but also to help them in the future; It's not just the pills and the surgery, it's the patience to talk about the health facts, the accompanying words.

I have been devoted to popular science for many years. I often think that the doctors' offices and operating rooms can only help patients, and prevention is more important. What more people need is the common sense of medicine. I did meet a lot of patients came to the clinic and said to me, Dr. Cheng, I read your cardiovascular science book and felt I was right, so hurry to register to see ~

I also hope that more children can attend this course for their parents, so as to give their parents the best love and accompany them to spend the best quality of their old age. Next, let's start our study together for parents.

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Acute heart attack, there must be signs

First, let's talk about it.

Symptoms of myocardial infarction

You're probably familiar with acute myocardial infarction. Often see WeChat circle of friends refresh on the elderly heart attack how to do post. Some of my friends have transferred to me, said their parents on the age more or less all some cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, coronary heart disease and so on, asked me how I should do after all? I can feel the anxiety. Heart attacks are complicated and dangerous, but they are usually preceded by warning signs.

The most typical symptoms are pain in the posterior sternal and anterior cardiac regions. This pain is characterized by compression and constriction and lasts for a long time, up to several hours or more. In addition, there are some atypical symptoms, such as shoulder and back pain, toothache, upper limb acid distension and upper abdominal pain, each lasting 3-10 minutes, at the same time can feel sweating or chest tightness, fatigue, the attack feel fast can not hold the past, relief, just like normal people, no discomfort.

It is because of this transient nature that many people don't take it seriously and do what they should do. As a result, sudden aggravation cannot be alleviated, resulting in myocardial infarction, disability in mild cases, and sudden death in severe cases.

So that ordinary people once appear, continuing after the sternum, the area before the heart pain, or shoulder pain, toothache, upper limb acid bilges feeling, can't find the cause, at ordinary times no gastrointestinal disease is sudden gastroenteritis, vomiting, whether or not these symptoms associated with heart, is the right thing in a timely manner to the hospital to see the heart of specialized subject doctor; Patients with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should go to the hospital for examination once they have mild chest discomfort. It should also be noted that when pain symptoms occur, even if the results of the recent electrocardiogram or color doppler ultrasound show normal, it should not be taken lightly, still need to go to the hospital for further examination and evaluation.

I once had a friend's father who felt chest tightness and chest pain all the time… It eased up for a while, so I didn't take it seriously. One day he was wandering in the supermarket, suddenly felt chest tightness, sweat, really can not hold up, take a taxi home, want to lie down for a while, the result how all uncomfortable, call my friend said: "my chest is not very comfortable, you say what can happen?" My friend was busy with her work and didn't notice, so she said, "dad, just drink some water and lie down. I'll come to see you early after work."

My friend's father lay at home for a long time, feeling chest pain more and more severe, decided to go to the hospital, from his home to the nearest lot of hospital in fact only need 10 minutes, the old man spent all his strength, just moved to the hospital, but just into the registration hall on the head fell, never wake up.

My friend received the notice, the whole person completely meng, completely did not think of, after a very ordinary phone call, and his father forever separated.

I know chest pain and tightness are symptoms of a heart attack. Why didn't I remind my father to lie flat and immediately give 120 shots with nitroglycerin under the tongue? Why didn't you come home in the first place and accompany your father to the doctor? Seeing a doctor within two hours of a heart attack is the golden time. Why didn't I say these words that I know by heart every day?"

These regrets can only be regrets. We doctors have to face a lot of such helpless regrets every day. We sincerely hope that there will be less tragedies like this. If you have elderly parents, especially children with coronary heart disease, be sure to remember the warning signs I mentioned earlier:

Persistent posterior sternal and anterior cardiac pain

Can not find the cause of shoulder and back pain, toothache, upper limb acid swelling

Usually no gastrointestinal diseases but sudden gastroenteritis, vomiting

These problems, the first time to take parents to the hospital for medical treatment, do not delay the opportunity.

And what should we do if a parent has an acute heart attack?

In the next video, I'm going to talk about self-help tips for 4 acute myocardial infarction.

Thank you for listening to this for your parents.

Fudan zhongshan cheng lei lei 2989 The 2019-07-12,

White-collar sitting shoulder pain? Do these moves often to help with relief – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/neck pain/back problems

How does shoulder sour backache do? White-collar sedentary, a long period of desk work, shoulder sour back. Although the pain is not long, but let a person uncomfortable, how to relieve shoulder acid back pain, to try the Chinese medicine relief method.

White-collar workers are more prone to shoulder and back pain

Cause the cause of shoulder and back ache, in addition to part of the bad chair and sitting posture, the computer placed on the high and low also have a great impact. In the process of operating the computer caused by shoulder back soreness, an important reason is the keyboard is too high, press the keyboard to raise arms, make shoulder muscles too tense, resulting in pain.

The second reason for shoulder and back soreness is that the screen is set too low. When you look at the screen, you should look down. In fact, many cases of neck pain or arm paralysis are caused by long-term hanging of the head. Cervical spondylosis caused by neck and back pain, neck activities are limited, often due to nerve root compression stimulation, general will have the feeling of electric shock, for reflex, at the same time accompanied by finger numbness, limb chills and compression nerve innervation area abnormal skin feeling, but no shoulder joint movement obstacles.

3 sets of simple movements to relieve shoulder soreness and back pain

1, often do relief exercises

Dry land rowing: first stand up straight, feet open. And from the hip on the body forward, collapse chest out, look forward, hands forward, palms facing down clenched fist, as if to grasp the rowing OARS. Hands from front to back, back muscles clench, such as pull oar action, and so on. Lean forward and move your hands backwards. Do this about 50 times. Do it every night. This exercise can relieve many neck and back problems, and effectively relieve and eradicate back pain problems of desk workers.

Stretch back hold: take prone position, two upper limbs on the back straight, the head neck and shoulders gradually raised. At the same time, the abdomen will be straight legs gradually raised, so that abdomen implantation bed, limbs into a boat, a total of 10 times. Once in the morning and once in the evening. This exercise can prevent backache, muscle strain, backache, etc.

Thumping on the back: sit upright, upright, eyes closed, relaxed. Make a fist with both hands and hit the back and both sides, from the bottom up, then from the top to the bottom, each 10 times. The technique should not be too heavy, the movement is coordinated, the rhythm is even, the strength is elastic. Once in the morning and once in the evening. This exercise can prevent shoulder pain, spinal bone hyperplasia and ligament aging.

2, massage points

Feng chi acupoint: feng chi acupoint is located in the depressions on both sides of the hairline behind the neck, between the two muscles. Knead pressure wind pool point for a minute, can relieve cervical pressure caused by dizziness and other symptoms.

Foot three li point: foot three li point in the leg outside, knee three inches of position. The stiff acid of the waist aches, sit for a long time even bring about gastric upset, can pass massage sufficient 3 li acupoints, get certain adjustment.

Hegu acupoint: with the thumb of one hand, the first joint transverse grain, at the tiger mouth edge of the other hand, and then the thumb flexion press down, the finger pointing position is hegu acupoint. Press hegu acupoint to relieve headaches and eye puffiness that are common in sedentary offices.

3. Exercise while you sleep

Lay on your back with a pillow under your knees to keep your neck and spine at the same level. If lying on your side, keep your knees bent. Use a low-thickness pillow anyway, as a high pillow forces the neck up at an Angle that bends the spine.

4. Support your back

Another way to help maintain good posture is to sit with a small pillow or cushion on the arch under your back. This provides support for the lower back and reduces excessive stress on the muscles. Especially if you're sitting on the couch watching TV or driving long distances, buy yourself a waist pillow and change the Angle of your back frequently.

5. Get active

If you spend a lot of time sitting in the office, get up and move for at least an hour. If you can't get out of the office, try to put things like folders where you have to stand up to get them, or consciously stand to answer the phone and take a walk during your lunch break.

6. Keep warm

Cold and damp invasion of the body, can make muscle tissue and small blood vessel contraction, muscle contraction for a long time, can produce more metabolites, such as lactic acid and painful substances aggregation, make muscle tissue stimulated and spasm, long cause muscle cell fibroid degeneration, muscle contraction dysfunction and cause various symptoms. Therefore, in daily life, pay attention to prevent cold and keep warm, especially to avoid shoulder cold, for the prevention of periarthritis of shoulder is very important.

White-collar activities, more attention in daily life, can avoid shoulder acid back pain oh.

Avoid flat shoes. When walking in flat shoes, the foot will unconsciously bend inward, putting too much pressure on the knees and hips, causing back pain. The proposal can wear the short heel shoe with 3~5 centimeters tall normally.

The way to kill disease-causing bacteria in your mouth is as simple as brushing and flossing regularly. People who drink more than three cups of tea a day have a 20 percent lower risk of stroke than those who drink less than one cup, according to a study from the UCLA school of medicine.

Sophie, 26, recently posted a clip of her fitness video on the social networking site, with the statement: 'this is my last day working out and I will be ready to give birth.' Fitness expert and social media star Sophie guidolin says she's 34 weeks pregnant and can no longer work out.

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Non – rabbit: back pain back joint pain? Maybe your body is knotted! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/shoulder pain

Why is the fascia knotted?

The fascia is like a rubber band. If you pull on it for a long time without letting it relax and recover, the rubber band will gradually lose its elasticity.

Sedentary, poor posture and other living habits, resulting in some parts of the muscle and fascia overuse, lack of rest, over time will be sticky and tight, resulting in tension and pain.

what do i take for back pain

The rubber band will snap if it is pulled too hard.

The same is true of the fascia, which, after intense or overactive exercise, can cause minor trauma, leaving small nodules, known as trigger points, in the process of repair.

Once the fascia is stuck and knotted, it not only hinders our movement, but also causes all kinds of pain (knee pain, shoulder pain, headache, etc.) and, in severe cases, can develop myofascitis.

what do i take for back pain

It doesn't matter who you are, you're likely to have pain spots.

Athletes who fail to relax their muscles and fascia will have more knots than those who work overtime.

How is the knot of fascia resolved?

Stretch? Not at all. The knotted fascia, stretched, just makes the knot tighter.

There's no way to sort out the stickiness between the fascia, allowing the fascia to relax completely and return to its original position, and the muscles that are wrapped up in it are still tense.

what do i take for back pain

Since fascia is a elastic substance of collagen, it has the property of storing the energy applied and releasing it, the greater the force applied, the faster it returns to its original position.

So, to relax the fascia, you use the foam axis, the fascia gun, the fascia ball, and so on, to apply additional tension to the fascia and stimulate the fascia to "get back in place."

what do i take for back pain

(fascia guns are also used in NBA intercourt breaks.)

When the clothes are on, they move. So the correct way to relax after exercise is to relax the fascia before stretching the muscles.

In addition to relaxing the fascia, it is also necessary to exercise the fascia specifically:

1. Adjust posture to improve physical stiffness and pain

2. Improve the overall sports ability

3. Improve the loading capacity of fascia and muscle and avoid sports injury

How should fascia be exercised?

Compared to muscle fibers, the cells of the connective tissue called fascia regenerate more slowly, so you don't need to exercise them as often as you would muscle. One or two times a week for more than 10 minutes is enough.

The recovery and training methods of fascia always focus on four levels, corresponding to the four basic functions of fascia:


Regenerative supply

Relaxing the fascia not only solves the problem of muscle stiffness and fascia adhesion, but also promotes fascia nutrition and tissue regeneration.

You can think of the fascia as a sponge, continuously and gently squeezing it to help it expel metabolic waste and lymph, and then inhale the fresh fluid around it.

Take this classic fascia workout: roll the soles of your feet:

Roll the ball back and forth on the sole of your foot with a comfortable pressure. If it hurts a little bit, it's an excruciating point, and you stay there a little bit longer, and you roll back and forth slowly.

what do i take for back pain

Runners and women who love wearing high heels will love it if they try. Not only does this simple movement improve plantar stability and flexibility, avoid or reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis, but it even relaxes up your back.

what do i take for back pain

(left: roll sole front; right: roll sole back)


Bounce – motion

It restores the elasticity of the fascia and improves its energy storage capacity

In a standing long jump, for example, you swing your arms and legs a few times, essentially using the elastic reaction of the fascia.

In situ bounce

— calf stretch and Achilles tendon

1, imagine yourself as a climbing ninja, gently jump up, as far as possible with the toes and front foot support body landing. The quieter the landing, the better the practice.

what do i take for back pain

2. Try jumping back and forth to your sides, or take turns turning your toes in and out. (for older people, it's best to use a cane or chair to support themselves, reduce stress and avoid injury.)

what do i take for back pain

Arms pushed wall

— movable shoulder and shoulder girdle

Long sitting party must horse action! Relax the fascia of the shoulder and the shoulder joint, avoid periarthritis of the shoulder, improve the round shoulder hump, as long as there is a wall, can practice at any time.

1. Stand in front of the wall about 0.5m ~ 1m, rub your hands and wake up the receptors of your hands.

2, five fingers open, hands on the wall, tighten the abdomen, body forward, the center of gravity on both hands, push the wall. Similar to wall pushups:

what do i take for back pain

3, different is, in the body to push away from the wall, hands also want to leave the wall, the next time the body forward, and then explosively push the wall. Think of the wall as a trampoline. Think of yourself as a ball that bounces on the wall using the elasticity of the fascia.

4. After familiarizing yourself with the movement, you can change the position of pushing the wall with your hands and tilt to the left and right in turn to stimulate the fascia in more areas.

what do i take for back pain


Stretching — shaping

Improves the mechanical properties of the fascia

Focus on active and functional stretching (active stretching is the combination of stretching and muscle contraction, i.e. the rapid contraction of muscles in the stretching state, such as leopards preparing to hunt after waking up in the morning).

The eagle fly

— stretch the back and front table lines

1. Secure the chair against the wall. Stand at about 1m in front of the chair with your legs at the width of your hips.

2, the ischium to the back, at the same time bending left leg, right arm as far as possible forward extension, right hip as far as possible to move back. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds and stretch on the other side. Repeat several times and feel the stretching and stretching of your entire back.

3. Bend your elbows, straighten your back, and slowly move your weight forward from the soles of your feet, while leaning toward the chair.

what do i take for back pain

4. Arch back, shift back to starting position. Pay attention to tightening the abdomen throughout the process, not too concave waist.

what do i take for back pain

5. Extension: straighten your back, with one foot holding the center of gravity, one foot raised backwards, and bend your knees in different directions.

what do i take for back pain

The eagle wings

— stretch your waist and sides

1, side right hand support on the chair, the body toward the chair tilt, legs together straight, waist do not sink, lower body into a straight line.

2. Raise your left hand over your head and feel the left side tense and stretched. Keep changing the position of your arms and stretching them in different angles and directions.

3. If you feel comfortable, try bending your body and arms together without sinking your waist. After maintaining 20 ~ 30s, slowly support the body, change one side to practice.

what do i take for back pain



Focus your attention on very small movements and notice the sensory stimulation produced by small changes in direction and position. This exercise works well to stimulate your proprioception, the "sixth sense" of movement.

Serpentine movement

1, kneel on the yoga mat, hands and knees on the ground, hands with shoulder width, knees with hip width.

2, do cat stretch first, exhale, arch back bow, inhale, chest sink, head up.

what do i take for back pain

3. Swing your body to and fro, slowly increasing the swing.

4, will two kinds of posture union, inhale, hip left push backward, exhale, hip forward to the right, as if in drawing 8 words.

what do i take for back pain

5. Slow down the whole movement and change the direction and amplitude of the movement. Last for about 2 minutes.

Around these four levels, we have the most basic fascia training methods. The above mentioned training methods can be carried out in the following order:

Try this fascia drill when you go home tonight. Let your body regain its vitality and flexibility.

In the next post, we will continue to share how to improve the problem areas (back, neck, arms… ) more targeted fascia training methods, new friends do not forget to follow ~

Have a headache knead eyebrow backache rub waist? Massage 6 acupoints to relieve pain effectively! Quick collection! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | backache/shoulder pain


Lumbar sprain pain

When you're doing strenuous exercise, when you're moving, or even when you're jerking around while talking to someone, can cause lumbar sprain.

This is especially true for people who work long hours at their desks, do less exercise and engage in manual labor, more prone to flash waist and other conditions.

eliminate back pain

Click Yin tang hole

At this time, you can point by two brows in the depression, with a finger tip vertical point by two brows, while slowly waist activities.

Generally click once will get a significant improvement, can click 2 to 3 times a day.


Severe headache

When we have a severe headache from a cold, we can pinch the hollow in the wrist.

Pinch the styloid process of the radius. In the place where we usually feel the pulse in traditional Chinese medicine, there is a small bone that rises up, which is the radial styloid process.

eliminate back pain

When you have a severe headache, use your fingertips (but don't use your fingernails) to touch the hollow under the radial styloid process.

The intensity should be painful and distension feeling, maintain the point press for about 3 minutes, can effectively relieve the headache.


A stomachache pinches his thigh

When we have a stomachache caused by a cold drink, a cold wind, or an inappropriate food, we can pinch the outside of our thighs.

Pinch the thigh, pinch the point in the knee up four finger wide position, can use a finger or comb back, pen tip to find the most painful point in this position.

eliminate back pain

After finding it, press hard, and the pressure is appropriate to feel sore. Maintain this pressure for about 3 minutes, which can quickly relieve stomachache.


The toothache is in the jaws of the tiger

A toothache can be disconcerting, so you might as well apply pressure on these two areas: one is near the mouth of the tiger.

With one hand thumb bone joint transverse grain, on the other hand thumb, index finger between the web edge, when the thumb tip is this place, the Chinese medicine hegu point is also in this position.

Knead pressure "tiger mouth", the finger pressure should be in the direction of the little finger, rather than pressing up and down vertically on the back of the hand, so as to better exert the therapeutic effect of this acupoint.

But must pay attention, the constitution is poor patient, should not give the stronger stimulation.

eliminate back pain

The other is on the face, in front of the ears, in the depression below the cheekbones.If you feel a toothache, you can press on this area with your fingers or knuckles, which is also where xiaguan acupoint is.

Chinese medicine believes that the hand yangming meridian veins into the lower row of teeth, foot yangming meridian veins into the upper row of teeth, hegu, xiaguan two acupoints are yangming meridian, massage these two places can help stop toothache.

Pregnant women generally do not massage valley, so as not to consume fetal gas.


Shoulder pain and rubbing shoulder "well"

Many children often help the parents who feel shoulder pain rub shoulder, but few people know rubbing shoulder pain and what the standard action is.

In addition to relieving qi and blood in the shoulder, there is another reason for rubbing shoulder well.

This acupoint is located on the shoulder, the midpoint of the line between da vertebra point (the depression under the 7th cervical spine) and the acromion end, that is, the intersection of the nipple and the acromion line.

Massage jianjing acupoint can directly or assist to treat shoulder ache, headache, eye fatigue, tinnitus, hypertension, stiff neck and other symptoms.

A lot of parents are old, often feel backache, "shoulder well" is a good way.

eliminate back pain

The person who is massaged sits up straight, the person who massages stands behind the person who is massaged, both hands tiger mouth is opened, four fingers are together, put on the place of the person who is massaged shoulders well, four fingers and thumb relative force to do a rhythmic pinching action.

If the hollow fist helps the old man beat his back, the effect will be better.

The massage strength of jianjing acupoint should not be too heavy, too long, especially blood pressure is high or the person that has disease of heart head blood vessel cannot long press, heavy press.


"Porch" on heartache wrist

Horizontal stripes on the wrist upward about three fingers wide, there is a lift heartache "key", is in the hole.

Neiguan point is the "collateral" point of pericardial meridian, which is the core point used in the treatment of heart diseases in traditional Chinese medicine.

eliminate back pain

Heart is bad person if break out angina pectoris, besides contain nitroglycerin, still can press inside close point, to its line point, press can activate blood to tongluo, analgesic.

It usually takes 5 minutes. Only for auxiliary treatment and first aid.

eliminate back pain

6 big acupoints effectively relieve pain, where the pain press where!Acupuncture points of Chinese medicine have miraculous effects, it is worth collecting oh!

Share it with your family, especially your parentsYou can use it anytime!

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