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The epidemiological survey conducted by nachemson et al. found that about 70% ~ 80% of the normal population had suffered from back pain in their lifetime. The clinical investigation of LBP patients in China found that the age of onset was 40 ~50 years old, among which 89% were male, 84.7% were in the middle of the low back and paravertebral muscles, and the rest were in the buttocks and legs. Occupations are dominated by heavy manual workers, mental workers and cadres. According to other studies, the cumulative annual incidence rate of adolescents is nearly 30%, which is the second most common disease after upper respiratory tract infection. Although not fatal, low back pain often causes lumbar dysfunction and morphological changes in patients, which not only causes great pain to patients, but also greatly affects the quality of life and labor ability of patients.

how do i relieve back pain

Low back pain can be caused by violence, or it can result from the accumulation of chronic and repeated injuries. There are many causes of low back pain, which can be roughly classified as:

Mechanical (structural) : such as muscle and ligament injury, disc herniation, degenerative changes of vertebral joints, spinal stenosis, spinal deformity, vertebral forward movement, osteoarthritis, fracture, arachnoiditis and nerve root sheath fibrosis, etc.

(2) inflammatory: serum-negative arthropathy (vertebral arthropathy, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).

Infection: including sepsis (dischitis, sacroiliac arthritis, osteomyelitis, psoas major abscess), tuberculosis, fungal infection and viral infection (herpes zoster).

(4) tumor: primary and metastatic tumor.

(5) metabolism: osteoporosis, cartilage calcification, brown yellow disease and deformation osteitis.

6 pain is involved. Although the etiology is different, studies have shown that muscle strength of trunk muscles is closely related to the occurrence of low back pain. Weakened muscle strength of trunk muscles leads to imbalance of lumbar biomechanical structure, leading to disuse atrophy of trunk muscles, further decrease of muscle strength, and progressive aggravation of low back pain.

Back muscle exercise is important, therefore, it is one of maintaining the stability of lumbar spine structure, strengthen the back muscle exercise, to highlight the nucleus pulposus HaiNa, correct the abnormal location of small joints and ligaments, help maintain and improve the stability of the lumbar spine, in order to delay the process of lumbar strain degeneration, can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute or chronic strain of lumbar and back pain. Currently, the best evidence-based medicine guidelines recommend physical activity as a key component in the management of low back pain.

Here are some simple exercises to stretch and work your lower back and core muscles with pilates balls.

(note: if you feel uncomfortable in your lower back during exercise, please consult your doctor or professional fitness trainer.)


Pelvic rotation

how do i relieve back pain

Action description:

Sit on the ball with your feet as wide as your pelvis, feet facing forward, and your pelvis rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. Each 10 times.

Action points:

(1) with breathing, to the extreme.

(2) when you draw a round pelvis, keep your shoulders steady.


Seated twisting

Sit on the ball with your legs parallel. Twist the thoracic vertebra, turn the head backward, and gently push the opposite knee forward. Left and right.

Pelvis parallel, avoid tilt.

(2) the body straight, lumbar straight.

(3) thoracic vertebra rotation, chest open.


Sit with legs bent forward

how do i relieve back pain

Sit on the ball with your legs apart. Lean forward and let your legs slide down to your calves and ankles.

Lower back straight, spine extension.

Tiptoe in front.

Feel the inside and back of the legs.


Sitting sun warrior

how do i relieve back pain

Sit on the ball, right leg opens crotch, bend one's knees step on the ground, left leg side side is unbend, lift on right arm overdo extend, the body turns right, backward, left hand is placed on left leg. Left and right.

(1) stomach, to avoid waist injury.

(2) the thoracic vertebra as a point, toward the top.

(3) back tiptoe forward, hard on the ground.


Catch the ball hand and foot

how do i relieve back pain

Lie on your back, lift the ball over your head with both hands and lower your legs. Roll up at both ends and lower the ball slowly.

Exhale as you descend, inhale as you curl.

His lower back is flat.


Single leg lift on ball

how do i relieve back pain

Bend over the ball, touch the ground with both hands and step on the ground with both feet. Lift one leg, alternating left and right legs.

Back spine extension.

(2) abdominal tightening.

(3) shoulder steady, keep the hand directly above.

Suggestion: each action repeat 10~15 times for a group, each time repeat 2-3 groups.

The above training is 1 time/day, 10 times as a phase, each phase interval of 2-3 days.


[1] Yang shuxuan. Some progress in the prevention and treatment of backache. Foreign medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine, 1982, 2:58.

[2] shao xuan, xu jingbin, Ed. Practical neck, waist and back pain. Beijing: people's military medical publishing house, 1992.199-202.

how do i relieve back pain

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what do i take for back pain – Focusing on back pain is about protecting your internal organs (original) | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

Department of pain, dongfang hospital, tongji university

So what is back pain?

Generally speaking, back pain refers to the first3Thoracic vertebra to the first12Pain in the thoracic vertebra and the direct position of the two shoulder blades, mostly presenting pain in the chest, the two sides of the rib cage, the upper abdomen, the back and the thoracic vertebra.

Back pain is related to chest structure

The thoracic vertebra as a thoracic support is a very important structure of the human body. Thoracic vertebra has12Section, thoracic vertebra has backward physiology to bend, bear cervical vertebra on the top, continue lumbar vertebra on the bottom, both sides are same1 2The ribs are connected and hollow to accommodate the spinal cord, which plays an important role in protecting the internal organs, supporting the body, buffering shocks and maintaining the nerve center. The thoracic spinal cord connects the spinal cord of the cervical vertebra and the spinal cord of the lumbar vertebra.The spine of the thoracic vertebra tilts downward at a large Angle, like an imbricate arrangement, restricting each other's activities, thus greatly enhancing the stability of the thoracic vertebra. In order to further strengthen the thoracic vertebra, longitudinal ligaments are braided in the front and rear of the vertebral body, respectively called anterior and posterior longitudinal primary bands, and solid ligaments are braided between the vertebral plate, articular process, transverse process and spinous process, respectively known as the yellow ligament, transverse process ligament, interspinous ligament, supraspinous ligament, etc. After such braid is strengthened, the thoracic vertebra of the human body appears very firm.

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Tips for thoracic nerves

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves come out of the intercone foramen of the thoracic vertebra, as the first1-4Palpitations, chest tightness and arrhythmia may occur when the thoracic vertebra appears dislocation. The first1-3Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can cause asthma and intractable cough. The first6-8 –Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can lead to hepatobiliary disease and gastric or duodenal ulcers.

lower back pain pregnancy

What causes back pain?

Support arm movements of the latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscle is attached to the thoracic vertebra, when a violent blow, sprains, seemed suddenly or poor posture, too hard, such as state, its rotation, stretching forces or when pressure exceeds the elastic limit of the intervertebral tissue, will cause severe contraction of muscle is not coordinated, easy to make the appropriate at this time of the micro small strain range control caused gradually joints, lead to the dislocation or subluxation or periosteum incarcerated, cause back pain. Students who twist their bodies to write, work in forced positions like the dentist's, and sleep in a bad position can also experience thoracic dislocation. After women born baby falls, is the cause of back pain during pregnancy progesterone secretion and relaxin, is preparing for, is to make the pelvic ligaments muscle relaxation is helpful for fetal childbirth, relaxin also affects the spinal ligaments of the female let it is in a state of relaxation, when a woman holding the baby while breastfeeding posture will appear after thoracic dislocation, cause back pain.

lower back pain pregnancy

Back care

The maintenance of the back is the spine as the center of the whole health, the human body's viscera can be found in the back of the corresponding area, the back of the lung and heart, the lower back of the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, back health directly reflects the normal operation of the viscera.Proper maintenance of the back, is equal to the health of the injection of vitality and vitality.

lower back pain pregnancy

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what do i take for back pain – Backache? Pregnancy pruritic rash? Here's how to deal with any common pregnancy discomfort you know about! | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

The most commonMorning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, constipation, abdominal distension, edema, etc

In order to make pregnancy easier and better regulate emotions during pregnancy, expectant mothers should have more in-depth understanding of various adverse reactions during pregnancy.

So xiao ya ma invited me last week

Wang yunfeng, director of obstetrics department of Beijing miyun district hospital

Let me tell you something:

Common discomfort during pregnancy and treatment

The second part is the question and answer content in class.


Class content

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I am now 31 weeks pregnant but still have severe stomach acid, morning sickness at any time, esophageal pain, especially resistance to eating, there is nothing I want to eat now is for the nutrition of the child, the size of the child is normal during each labor inspection. But eat a meal to be able to be very afflictive, have method to alleviate?


By the look of the child's height and weight is in line with the corresponding gestational age, then there is estimated that a pregnant woman progestational hormone changes during pregnancy is more noticeable, sustained time is longer, or advice mom eat much food less, another is to eat what they like and don't eat as a very painful one thing, at the same time food should be diversified, also had better not to eat Fried. Can eat a little baked steamed bread dry, biscuits this red carbohydrate, it can absorb stomach acid.

Pregnant women with severe morning sickness can eat a little b6, some people will relieve it, but also can't rely on drugs to relieve morning sickness, eat some fruits and vegetables, avoid burning stomach.


There will be some diarrhea during pregnancy. Is it not normal to defecate three times a day? And because of sleeping position during pregnancy, shoulder and neck pain, can you do daily stretching to relieve it?

Bones and ligaments during pregnancy are slack, which may cause back pain and shoulder and neck pain. You can do some shoulder and neck exercises, as well as some stretching. Some pregnant women will do yoga during pregnancy, which is also of certain help.

Photo source vision China

I am now 34 weeks recently the belly is a little bit itchy, scratch have red print, the next day good, but can relapse, what circumstance is this?

This can that be the fracture of the abdominal skin elastic fiber that appears in third trimester namely, have gravid grain, this kind of circumstance is to maintain the cleanness of the skin dry, wear pure cotton underwear, still have as far as possible do not want to scratch, scratch was met very urticant very ache.

This is also associated with long-term sitting and standing, sitting for a long time does not change the posture will be so, pregnant women are advised to get up and exercise, you can reduce this activity symptoms; At the same time, proper calcium supplements, sun exposure will help.

lower back pain pregnancy

Before 30 weeks left middle finger, ring finger finger hemp, now 36 weeks index finger also began hemp, I want to ask to eat what to fill?

Teacher I now 32 weeks, walk much is belly hair tight calculate normal?

It's normal, so how do you tell the difference between real contractions and fake contractions? First of all, this tightness, you stand in place to rest for 5 minutes to relieve, that problem is not big; If there is no relief after a short rest, or a pain in the stomach, then you need to go to the hospital.

I am 32 weeks now, but just grew 5 jins, can you have effect to the baby so?

lower back pain pregnancy

Can I swim for eleven weeks?

Is fetal heart occasionally 110-120 normal?

The normal fetal heart is between 110 and 160, so the fetal heart rate above 110 is normal.

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lower back pain pregnancy

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The whole course consists of 10 sectionsPregnancy, delivery, postpartum, child careFour series covering pre-pregnancy exams, diet exercises, tips and techniques for dealing with labor pains, breastfeeding issues and neonatal care.

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what do i take for back pain – What is the main cause of back pain | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

1. Cervical spondylosis

What causes back pain?

Cervical spondylosis can cause back pain, where nerves from the upper cervical spine extend to the back and supply the upper back muscles. If you have cervical spondylosis, you're likely to have back pain.

If serious, this pain will even extend to the whole body, and then appear upper limb weakness and numbness of fingers and other symptoms, so if there is a cervical spondylosis we must not ignore.

2. Rheumatism

The cause of back pain is often caused by rheumatism, because rheumatism is an autoimmune disease, so it will cause pain in any place, it is not fixed, sometimes more hidden.

What causes back pain? We all have reason to suspect rheumatism. If it's cool, the pain is likely to get worse, so in that case, we'll have to go to the hospital.

Above is what reason for back pain is answer to the question, for all of us, if there is a severe back pain for a long time, the most scientific method is to make relevant inspection to the hospital, the most undesirable is his own judgment, and then take medicines, so one thousand what went wrong but very dangerous.

If it is usually caused by excessive fatigue and fatigue, also want to take a reasonable rest, or will inevitably cause periarthritis of shoulder.

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sharp back pain relief – Lower back pain series (12) – low back pain may be the wrong type of erector spinal muscle.

Image above: standing and working to reduce load

lower back pain pregnancy

Image above: standing while working as a rest

Both of these patterns can alleviate lower back pain. An interesting finding from emg examination is that the erector spinal muscles barely discharge when standing. (please refer to the figure below)

lower back pain pregnancy

As long as the muscles in the back begin to discharge when bending forward, they stop when bending to their limits (a phenomenon detailed in the anatomy of spinal function).

Do lumbar wide flexion, to a certain Angle, back muscle or no discharge, known as flexion retardation phenomenon.

When the spine flees 45° or more into dynamic rest, there is little muscle function, and ligament action to bear the load. That is to present the ligaments that support the lumbar spine in place of the erector spinal muscles.

Therefore, if the tired erector spinal muscles can rest, the lower back pain will disappear.

Let's look at a case study

A weightlifter of 70kg, from dynamic rest to lift a 20kg dumbbell, is this main action muscle also the erector spine muscle? The answer is: no. This function mainly relies on the gluteus muscle and the leg back muscle group, the vertical spinal muscle strength is less than 1/5. In other words, to effectively lift heavy objects, the most important function of the hip joint straightening is with the back muscle and the back muscle of the leg.

And once appear, hip flexion contracture, this state is refers to the knee, hip back bending state, this is a bad posture, such posture would lead to relatively weak vertical spinal muscular to output, and the hip joint unbend increase bending posture can also cause before lumbar intervertebral disc joint pressure, prone to lower back pain.

The rectus abdominis when the lumbar spine flexes actively, the oblique abdominis when torsion bends with the part that opposes load, the gluteus when straighten, the muscle group behind the leg, vertical spinal muscle are integral muscle. These muscles can be targeted for functional rehabilitation training according to the six principles of exercise introduced to you in the future.

lower back pain pregnancy

Image above: the muscles that do most of the lifting in the forward flexion are the gluteus, the posterior leg, and the erector spinal muscles.

In short, the extensor muscles of the hip joint are used when hard work is required, the erector spinal muscles are used when light work is required, but the adjustment scheme of balance between fascia and ligament requires the abdominal muscles.

Next lecture: summary of lumbar spine stability

"Trigger point online class" on March 5, will be fully open. Please click"Read the original"

This course will present the small program theory,Video will present a 3d and live-action teaching mode

Let learners really relieve pain for themselves, customers and patients.



To understand

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what do i take for back pain – Put down your legs, find the right sitting position, away from backache! (putonghua) | sharp back pain relief

Warped up legs, more health risks

One, cause knee joint pain

Erlang legs long, knee joint in a long-term twisted state, will lead to joint pain, serious will affect the knee function; For patients with knee pain, it should be avoided as far as possible.

Cause back muscle and spinal injury

Lift up your legs, we can the subjective perception of left and right sides attitude, power imbalance, crossing this pose as high, low, tilt the pelvis, pelvic tilt drives the rotation of the spine, lumbar spine, thoracic vertebral body pressure distribution, spine around the soft tissue on both sides of the passive out of balance, time is long, will be easy to bend, humpback, back muscle fatigue, pain, and even cause scoliosis and spinal vertebral body twist, etc.

Aggravate varicose veins

When crossing legs, put on the upper leg, the vein in the popliteal fosset behind the knee is compressed, which obstructs the venous blood flow below the knee and increases the venous pressure, which is easy to cause leg swelling. Have varicose veins or edema of the lower extremity friends try not to cross legs, so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

Four, not conducive to genital health

When crossing legs, the two legs overlap, easy to lead to genital temperature rise, in men, testicular sperm production function in high temperature conditions will be weakened, and even cause infertility, especially when wearing tight pants crossing legs; In women, genital infections are more likely to occur at high temperatures, increasing the risk of gynecological inflammation.

Induce or aggravate lower limb thrombosis

When crossing legs, the blood flow of lower limbs is not smooth, which will increase the risk of thrombosis. For smokers, diabetes, heart disease and other people at high risk of thrombosis, it should be avoided as far as possible.

what do i take for back pain

May result in transient elevated blood pressure

Crossing your legs can cause transient elevated blood pressure and even cause uncomfortable symptoms in some people. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your legs flat when measuring blood pressure to maintain a relaxed and natural state.

Of course, crossing legs is not so harmful and unprofitable. In some patients with uneven pelvis, the pelvic inclination can be corrected by crossing legs. For example, the pelvis is high on the left and low on the right. In postpartum women, appropriate cross legs can also increase pelvic stability; In either case, it should be done under the guidance of a professional physician.

what do i take for back pain

Even if it is impossible to correct, it is not recommended to cross your legs for more than 15 minutes at a time, and pay attention to the right and left legs alternate, and get up and move for at least 5 minutes every hour.

How to find the right sitting posture

Buttocks lean back, back straight, shoulders naturally relax, such posture is really very formal, but to work to sit for a long time for friends, in fact is not easy, because back straight need to force, or back directly back to the chair, not straight; So you can try this stretch position.

what do i take for back pain

First of all, a chair with a back, sit down, buttocks as far back as possible, and imagine yourself to have a tail, tail to be, to be up, can not sit under the buttocks; Keep your back away from the back of the chair; Then put his hand clenched in the position of the lower frame, deep inhale, feel with the hand will be back on the chair, and then to hold both sides handle of your chair with your hands, and his upper body from the waist down, again to the back of a chair, under the premise of guarantee bottom fixed, just breathe in adjustment back position, exhale, relax and will be back back back on the chair; This completes the process of lengthening the spine and sitting in a comfortable position in the chair.

what do i take for back pain

Put down your legs, find the right sitting position, away from backache! –—- — digestive disease public welfare science 1660 posts

▌ why can't I afford to squat or to cross my legs?

▌ crossing your legs is not only impolite, but also harmful to your health!

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what do i take for back pain – Practice seven yoga poses a day to relieve back pain | sharp back pain relief

Many people who don't know much about yoga think that the more complex the poses, the more effective they will be. In fact, those who do know yoga will know that the seemingly simple poses pose the least risk of injury and have the best physical therapy and healing effects.

Today I would like to share with you 7 yoga postures, which can effectively help us relieve back pain. Remember to practice at the end of the day.

Baby type

what do i take for back pain

By letting your hips sink and stretching forward, you create space in your abdomen.

Sometimes, if you feel a slight pain or cramping in your legs or feet during baby pose, use yoga AIDS such as blocks or blankets.

Dynamic type cat

what do i take for back pain

what do i take for back pain

Dynamic cat pose can strengthen the mobility of the spine, restore the vitality of the spine, relieve shoulder and back pain.

Supine twist

what do i take for back pain

The supine twist, the body's restorative pose, stretches the spine and shoulders, improves digestive and circulatory functions, strengthens the lower back, relieves lower back pain, relaxes the body and releases stress.

Half a double Angle type

what do i take for back pain

Half-biangulation strengthens and stretches the inside and back legs and the entire spine to harmonize the abdominal organs, enhancing digestion yoga calms the brain and relieves mild back pain.

Simple spinal torsion

what do i take for back pain

This posture has an excellent effect on the spinal nerve and the entire nervous system. It squeezes all the muscles around the spine and all the internal organs benefit from this position. The liver and spleen are strengthened, the kidneys are massaged, and the internal organs of the abdomen are squeezed. Promotes natural peristalsis of the intestine.

Supine beam Angle pose

what do i take for back pain

Lie on your back beam Angle type, adjust blood pressure, relieve lower back pain, ease of varicose veins and sciatica, improve indigestion and bilge gas, strong kidney, improve the function of urinary continence, lie on your back can adjust the beam Angle type irregular menstrual cycle, reduce dysmenorrhea and leukorrhagia, menstrual flow, relieve pain, promote normal ovarian function, it is good for women to aftercare postures!

Supine needle piercing

what do i take for back pain

Supine needle piercing can help us stretch the outside of our buttocks and eliminate back pain

I hope that by practicing these 7 yoga postures every day, I can alleviate the problem of lower back pain.

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what do i take for back pain – Back pain is the second most common problem in the United States, affecting 84 percent of adults. You need this rehab drill! | lumbar backache, sharp back pain relief

Common causes of low back pain include muscle strain, sprain, annulus tear, herniated disc, small joint disease or bone lesion. However, some pain cannot be explained by physical examination and imaging. Positive imaging findings may be misleading, because patients with severe pain often have no positive imaging findings, while imaging findings arePatients with disc herniation, swelling, osteophyte formation, and facet joint disease are often asymptomatic.

lumbar backache

Low back pain is not always lumbar disc herniation; More than 50% of lumbar disc bulging can be without any clinical symptoms, asymptomatic lumbar disc herniation is not a few.

Accordingly, do not discover lumbar intervertebral disc herniation on ct, nuclear magnetic resonance, wear on "lumbar intervertebral disc herniation disease" cap, must combine symptom, examine body ability to make afore-mentioned diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of back pain

lumbar backache

The main symptom is pain, which varies in severity and duration depending on the cause. The nature and characteristics of pain vary, depending on whether it affects activity and whether there are symptoms of discomfort associated with other parts of the body.

If acute injury causes pain, the patient often does not dare to move; Pain caused by chronic injuries tends to increase after exertion and improve after rest.

What causes back pain?


Acute and chronic injuries

Acute injuries

lumbar backache

Such as spinal fractures, ligament, muscle, joint capsule tears, acute disc herniation.

Chronic injury

Such as ligament inflammation, muscle strain, spinal joint hyperplasia and degeneration, spondylolisthesis, and so on.


Inflammatory lesions

Inflammatory lesions can be divided into bacterial inflammation and non-bacterial inflammation.

Bacterial inflammation

Can be divided into suppurative sex and specific infection such as spinal tuberculosis. Suppurative infection is more common in intervertebral space infection, epidural abscess, vertebral osteomyelitis.

Nonbacterial inflammation

Rheumatoid fibrositis, rheumatoid arthritis, the third lumbar transverse process syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis, can store joint dense osteitis.

lumbar backache


Degenerative changes in the spine

Such as disc degeneration, facet joint degenerative osteoarthritis, secondary spinal stenosis, senile osteoporosis, false slippery hearing and spinal instability.


Abnormal bone development

Scoliosis deformity, hemivertebra, narrowly unconnected slippery dolphin, hunchback, iliwaist or lumbar roll, spina bifida and hook spinous process, horizontal cuboid bone, lower limbs unequal length, flat feet.


Bad posture

lumbar backache

Long period of desk work or bending over, pregnancy, obesity caused by paunch.


The tumor

Bone and soft tissue tumors, bone marrow or nerve tumors, etc.


Referred pain caused by visceral disease

Pelvic disease of department of gynaecology, prostate disease can cause low back pain, kidney disease such as stone j tumor, nephroptosis, pyelonephritis and peritoneal disease such as abscess, hematoma can cause back pain, heart disease can cause back pain.

lumbar backache


Psychological factors

Such diseases are on the rise as society progresses and the pace accelerates. The pathogenic factors include many psychological factors. These factors include:

The pain is thought to be caused by progressive disease

Think pain is bad

Reduced activity is thought to contribute to recovery

Feeling low or acting withdrawn

The result of passive therapy is better than active therapy

Social, economic, work or legal issues.

3 moves to relieve lower back pain

No.1: over the shoulder

Chest and abdomen, hands folded on the back, the higher the better;

lumbar backache

The left hand is not moving, palm facing outward, the right hand sent down to raise, inhale upward, eyes looking at the right finger;

lumbar backache

Then from the top down to the back, take the left hand up;

lumbar backache

The left hand does not move, the right hand draws back, restores the closing state.

After the completion of a round, left and right hand interchange, for periarthritis of shoulder, back are good.

lumbar backache

No.2: xiao yan fei

Lie prone on a hard bed, arms straight, attached to the sides of the body, head, shoulders, arms back and above.

At the same time, the legs straight upward raise, make the whole body like a flying swallow, hold about 5 seconds after relax fall, rest 3~5 seconds.

Do this 10 to 30 times a day, depending on your situation.

lumbar backache

No.3: arch bridge

Psoas muscle strength is weaker or fat person does small swallow to fly to may be a little laborious, can choose "5 points support" method to exercise lumbar back muscle.

Lie on your back on the bed, bend your knees, support your elbows and back against the bed, lift your abdomen and hips up, support your body weight at 5 points with your head, elbows and feet, for 3 to 5 seconds, then relax your waist muscles and lower your hips for 3 to 5 seconds.

Do this 20 to 40 times, depending on your physical condition.

How to prevent lumbago?

For patients with chronic back pain, the following points should be noted:

Pay attention to good posture.Choose the chair with appropriate height as far as possible, maintain good spinal column normal physiology to curve, avoid to sit for long sofa, small low stool.

2. Don't sit too much,General 30 minutes ~40 minutes should rise activity, loosen tense muscle, do a few stretch stretch, bend, side bend the action such as the ministry.

lumbar backache

3. Sleep on a hard bed,The cushion with appropriate ply on the shop above, the spine when such morpheus also can maintain a good curve, the structure such as letting muscle, ligament gets when morpheus loosen. Too soft bed can make lumbar collapse go in, convex before the waist that cannot maintain good when sleeping, can make the muscle of lumbar back is in elongate, nervous condition, can feel lumbar acerbity backache after sleeping.

4. Avoid lower back cold and damp.

lumbar backache

5. Be prepared to move things,Can warm up appropriately, do not suddenly exert oneself to do STH.

6. Stick to specific exercises for your lower back.

Step 7 exercise moreDon't go out on the bus, go home on the sofa. Through active exercise, can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, especially at the waist back muscle metabolism product eduction. Poor posture for a long time leads to muscle spasms and poor blood circulation, which can easily lead to aseptic inflammation caused by accumulation of metabolites, resulting in pain.

8. Apply black gold paste externally.Black gold plaster has obvious external effect, and its mechanism is that the medicine is applied to acupoints or affected parts of the body to exert the medicineThrough channels and collaterals, line stagnation remove stasis, kaiqiao tonggu, dispelling cold windTo achieve therapeutic objectives.

lumbar backache

Patients with lower back pain who have severe symptoms, or whose symptoms last longer than 2 weeks, should go to the hospital in time to avoid delay.

If you have neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, cervical pain, dizziness, fingers and arms tingling pain, sleep problems

– end –

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what do i take for back pain – Backache leg cramps son, should check a gong | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

Adequate levels of thyroid hormone (th) are essential for bone growth, development, and reconstruction. Osteoporosis caused by thyroid dysfunction (hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism) seriously threatens patients' health and quality of life.

Effects of thyroid dysfunction on bone metabolism

In the process of bone metabolism, some bone tissues are dissolved and destroyed every day, and new bone tissues are formed. The balance between the two keeps bone stable. If the occurrence of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other abnormal conditions, the body's normal bone metabolism will be affected, and then increase the risk of osteoporosis or fracture.

lower back pain pregnancy

A. hyperthyroidism

When hyperthyroidism produces too much thyroid hormone, the body's metabolism speeds up and bone destruction is greater than new bone

B. hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism causes bone destruction and regeneration to slow down. The balance does not seem to be broken, but the metabolism of bone tissue slows down, and "aging" bone tissue also leads to osteoporosis.


1. The raw material of new bone is calcium, and vitamin d promotes the absorption of calcium. Hyperthyroidism causes insufficient vitamin d synthesis and significantly reduces calcium absorption.

2. Hyperthyroidism and diarrhea will also affect the absorption of calcium, increasing the possibility of osteoporosis.

3. These conditions mainly occur in patients with long-term and recurrent hyperthyroidism.

lower back pain pregnancy

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in patients with abnormal thyroid function

1. Regular follow-up

If osteoporosis is determined to be caused by hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, regular follow-up is necessary to monitor thyroid function and bone density.

Keep exercising

Postmenopausal women should exercise 3 hours per week.

3. Nutrition

Adequate amount of calcium, vitamin d, etc. European and American medical experts suggest calcium intake: adult (800~1000mg/d); Menopausal women (1000~1500mg/d)

4. Medication

Be sure to take the medicine under your doctor's guidance. Drugs that inhibit bone absorption: calcium, active vitamin d, calcitonin, etc. Bone-forming drugs: fluoride, anabolic steroids, etc.

5. Surgical treatment

Only fractures due to osteoporosis require surgical treatment.


Journal of fudan university (medical edition), 2012,39 (4) : 101-103.

2. Wang jinping, wang ruying. Relationship between bone mineral density and body composition in patients with hyperthyroidism {j}. Chinese medicine & clinic, 2010,10 (6) : 673-674.

Zhang zehong, sun ping, hong manjie, et al. Health education on senile osteoporosis {j}. Osteoporosis in China, 2011, August 17 (8) : 753-756.

Article source: I a special line WeChat public number

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sharp back pain relief – Backache during pregnancy? Do you know how to lighten the burden?

First, the baby fetal head drops

The due date of your general budget does not mean that your baby must be born at that time. When the baby is in the right position before birth, the baby's head slides down and the woman feels her waist drop as she does so.

stomach and back pain

Two, belly big

Pregnant women's tummies get bigger and bigger as they get pregnant, and over the course of a few months their walking posture changes. So at this time the mother-to-be's walking posture will increase the weight of the waist, the pressure on the waist, will have the feeling of backache.

stomach and back pain

Three, the baby grows up

The baby in the pregnant woman's belly slowly grows, with the increase of time, the pregnant woman's physical condition will also follow the change. The growth of the baby will occupy the whole uterus of the pregnant woman with the passage of time, and when the baby is at full term, it has developed completely, and all kinds of body organs near the uterus will be squeezed, which will make the pregnant woman back pain, all kinds of uncomfortable but these are normal phenomena.

There are more than a few causes of backache in full-term pregnant women, but it is usually caused by changes in the body, so there is nothing to worry about.

stomach and back pain

But in view of that kind of situation is more serious, still suggest to seek help to the hospital.

Such as moms often walk belly belly will with the passage of time, the belly slowly become more and more big, the body center of gravity forward, so also should pregnant women when standing or walking for a better balance will not fall, likes to rely on the shoulder or head back, this is a lot of pregnant women very frequently do one thing. Although a short period of time will become more comfortable, but in the long run will make cervical spine pressure, which becomes backache.

stomach and back pain

In fact, in order to alleviate the back pain during pregnancy, pregnant women should take a moderate amount of exercise every day, such as going for a walk in the garden or asking their family members to help them massage their waist, pay special attention to the movement to be gentle, and the combination of diet can also have a great effect on the waist.

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