Calcium deficiency causes insomnia, dysmenorrhea, osteoporosis, backache and other diseases – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

Eight reasons why women lack calcium

Eat more salt

Eat more sugar

3. Love coffee

4, picky, partial food, diet

5. Not exercising

6, love meat, do not love to eat vegetables

Meat and vegetables have their own nutrition, if only from the calcium content, the amount of calcium in meat is relatively low, because the human body can not absorb the calcium in animal bones, but also because the fat, protein eat too much, increase the calcium content in urine. On the contrary, green vegetables are rich in calcium, and the potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d and other substances in vegetables can promote the absorption of calcium.

7. Too little sun and vitamin d

8. Being sedentary.

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Common manifestations of calcium deficiency include:

Lumbar pain, allergies, cervical pain; Limb weakness, frequent cramps, itchy skin; Heel pain; Loose or falling teeth; Obvious hump, height reduction; Anorexia, constipation; More dreams, insomnia, irritability, irritability, etc.

Women lack of calcium easy to cause which diseases

1, insomnia

Chronic calcium deficiency can lead to decreased ability to control the nervous system, so it is difficult to fall asleep at night, and the nerves are always in a state of hyperactivity, due to insufficient blood calcium concentration. So if your body doesn't get enough calcium, it can also cause insomnia. What's more, people who are prone to heavy dreaming are more likely to have more dreams even when they are asleep. People who are prone to dreaming have a poor quality of sleep, so they may not feel rested after a night's sleep.

2. Various skeletal diseases

Lack of calcium can easily lead to bone disease. Calcium deficiency in children can lead to rickets. Lack of calcium in adults can lead to back pain and bone growth. Lack of calcium in the elderly will lead to osteoporosis, easy to fracture. A lot of old people because lack calcium, 50 above can appear hump, still have a few people because lack calcium, bring about femur head necrotic.

3. Female dysmenorrhea

If a woman is short of calcium, it can be very obvious that she has dysmenorrhea.

4. Epilepsy

Once the disease is very dangerous, patients may temporarily lose consciousness. This kind of epilepsy is more make more severe, the study found that this kind of epilepsy and lack of calcium also have a very big relationship.

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Seabuckthorn calcium supplements vitamin mineral, contain to take through the tongue, enter blood directly from the tongue, not swallow, need not pass through intestines and stomach to excrete loss.

【 ingredients 】 seabuckthorn powder, hydrolyzed collagen, milk mineral salt, bovine colostrum powder

Food additive: xylitol

The proportion of milk mineral salt in seabuckthorn nourishing calcium was as high as 23%-28%, and the content of calcium was 5000mg/100g. The effect of calcium supplementation will not be reversed. The increased bone mineral density will remain even three years after the cessation of milk mineral salt supplementation, while the increased bone mineral density will gradually disappear after the cessation of inorganic calcium supplementation.


Food for children under 3 years old is forbidden.

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Seabuckthorn health calcium unique point

Add seabuckthorn powder:

Supplement natural vitamins and minerals, enhance human immunity, enhance human function, promote better absorption of calcium; Sea-buckthorn powder contains nutrients related to bone health, such as vitamins a, d, k, e, b6 and b12, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and silicon, and protein.

Vitamin c in seabuckthorn powder

It plays a crucial role in the generation and maintenance of bone collagen, which is an important component of bone fibers and bone cells. Vitamin c plays a certain role in the metabolism of muscle pain and articular cartilage.

Every 100 grams of seabuckthorn powder, vitamin c content can reach 825-1100 mg, is the kiwi 2-3 times. It can make immune cells mature and improve the function of antibodies and macrophages. Increases resistance to viruses and bacteria, and neutralizes toxins produced by bacteria.

Sea buckthorn contains vitamin k2

It can act on osteoblasts, promote bone calcification, and inhibit osteoclasts from bone resorption, thus increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin k2 can also significantly inhibit the dissolution of bone matrix and the loss of bone calcium, increase the absorption and operation of calcium, reverse the negative balance of calcium, and achieve the net accumulation of bone calcium.

Add collagen:

Protein is the material basis of life, and 95% of the organic matter in bone is collagen. Collagen is the "scaffold" of bone. When the human body lacks collagen, it is not easy to fix calcium, which leads to the decrease of bone density and osteoporosis. Therefore, "calcium supplementation is more important for collagen supplementation". The absorption and utilization of calcium can reach a higher level.

Add xylitol:

Suitable for children, elderly, diabetes patients;

Add colostrum:

And seabuckthorn mutual promotion, to achieve the perfect combination of calcium and bone and all-round health.

Method and dosage:

Take 2 to 4 tablets 2 times a day, up to 25 tablets.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place.

sciatica – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatica treatment

Sciatic nerve its root comes from lumbar 4, 5 segment and sacral 1, 2, 3 segment of spinal nerve anterior ramus. The five anterior ramus pass through the psoas major to form the sacral plexus and descend down this muscle. Most of the nerves of the sacral plexus merge into the sciatic nerve. It descends along the posterior wall of the pelvic cavity and passes out of the pelvic cavity into the buttocks at the inferior hole of the piriformis. The tibial nerve and the common peroneal nerve pass down from the posterior muscles of the buttocks to the middle and lower part of the thigh. Thus, the general sources of sciatica are first classified as root, plexus, and stem sciatica. At the same time, as a result of the sciatic nerve involved site and direct or not involved, three different sciatica, namely: radioactive, reflex, implicated. It is because of this that the manifestations of sciatica are numerous, diverse and complex, such as in the confusion, not to point out the real cause of the disease, to the treatment brought great difficulties.


Root sciatica (upper sciatica)

Common causes include lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, soft tissue compression and inflammation at the nerve root outlet. The expression is the numbness of root of affected nerve innervate area, ache, acid bilges, fear cold to wait. Lumbar 4, 5 intervertebral disc herniation compression lumbar 5 nerve roots, often performance for the waist, hip back pain, thigh back side and leg anterolateral to foot back inside, thumb pain, hemp, acid, swelling, cold, etc. And lumbar 5 ~ sacral 1 intervertebral disc herniation compression sacral 1 nerve root, often performance for the waist, hip back pain, numbness, thigh back side, leg back lateral, dorsolateral to little toe, heel, sole pain, hemp, acid, swelling, cold.


Plexus sciatica (also known as middle sciatica)

The sacral plexus in the pelvic cavity is compressed or stimulated. Performance is leg ministry of lumbar buttock, much place, much segment, whole lower limb before, hind, lateral reach sufficient dorsum inside, lateral, sufficient heel, sole numb ache, acid bilges, fear cold to wait.


Sciatica (lower sciatica)

The main reason is that the sciatic nerve is compressed or stimulated in the path of the pelvic outlet and below.

Root sciatica

Common causes include:

1. Lumbar disc herniation;

2. Compression and injury of nerve roots (spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, etc.);

3. Inflammation;

4. Congenital malformations.

Diagnostic point

1. Paravertebral tenderness, percussion pain and movement pain. At the same time, the posterior branch of the nerve root is involved.

2. Neck flexion test (+). As a result of the action of pulling dura sacula and root sleeve caused by.

When lumbar 4, 5 intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar 5 nerve root compression, pain performance for the buttocks, thigh back, leg anterolateral, foot back medial pain, numbness, and lumbar 5, sacral 1 intervertebral disc herniation, sacral 1 nerve root involvement, mainly in the ipsilateral leg posterolateral and foot back lateral and plantar hemp, pain symptoms. In the cervical spondylosis of the three vicious cycle: cervical disc degeneration and secondary changes in the peripheral tissue between the vicious cycle, also applicable to patients with lumbar protrusion. When there is lumbar disc degeneration, compression of the nerve root at the same time the anterior branch is involved, the posterior branch is also involved, and then the branch innervates the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of the paravertebral, which will cause pain and discomfort of these soft tissues and other symptoms. Speak conversely, the soft tissue of vertebra week, especially after the soft tissue such as muscle, ligament suffers strain, also can stimulate the hind branch of spinal nerve, reflex sex causes sciatica symptom.

The difference between radiation sciatica and reflex sciatica

Radiation sciatica sharp pain route clear route continuous

Reflex sciatica obtuse pain route obtuse route interrupted

In most cases, the degeneration of the intervertebral disc is an internal cause, and the peripheral soft tissue injury caused by wind, cold, dampness and strain is an external cause. The onset of lumbago and leg pain has several conditions:

1) sometimes, internal causes play a leading role, while external causes are not obvious. Some patients have no obvious symptoms of lower limb pain and discomfort.

2) in the other part of cases, external factors played a leading role, with extremely obvious symptoms of waist pain and discomfort, accompanied by lower limb symptoms;

3) there are some patients with obvious external causes, pain and discomfort in the waist for a long time, and internal causes have not changed a lot, so only low back pain and no lower limb symptoms.

Different stages of performance

In clinic, we found that there are a lot of waist suddenly sickness patients are first on the basis of a trauma and waist pain, lower limb symptoms gradually after a few years later, these changes are also a variety of symptoms appear, seemingly random, actually, there are rules, is the same disease, namely lumbocrural pain in different stages of the performance.

The explanation for this phenomenon is as follows:

Acute trauma in young patients

sciatica treatment

Young people, due to acute trauma, acute onset of disc fiber ring rupture, a short period of nuclear pulposus herniation, compression of nerve roots will occur in the following two situations:

A) when is given priority to with pain, numbness of mild, that at this point is given priority to with oppressed nerve root surrounding adipose tissue, adipose tissue in the aseptic inflammation and stimulate the nerve root, led to severe pain, and nerve root of conformity is not serious, release the nerve root by rest, physical therapy, needle knife mouth, mouth and so on, release the inflammatory tissue around nerve root, accompanied by a week of vertebral muscle ligament damage, taps pain obviously, stimulate the release or when it is necessary to add line needle knife with a moderate amount of sacral therapy, can be quickly recovered.

B) when acute onset occurs, numbness, muscle atrophy, or saddle area numbness and incontinence, the curative effect of conservative treatment will decrease, and surgical treatment is the main choice.

Senile lumbar and leg pain

Senile lumbocrural pain, often a waist pain first, after a few years or even decades to develop symptoms of lower extremity, this kind of situation is usually due to vertebral weeks after the soft tissues such as muscle, ligament strain, the pain, the pain causes muscle spasm, pain and the spasm, between the two is a vicious circle, constantly aggravate each other symptoms. Intervertebral disc under normal circumstances under physiological load, and slowly the physiology degeneration, and the additional load caused by tense muscles, long-term role in intervertebral disc fiber ring, the annulus degeneration acceleration, after several years of strain, finally began to damaged, like worn out skin of basketball, the tank from the weak, herniated, oppression to the nerve root, so he had a lower limb symptoms of sciatica (symptoms). Sciatic nerve in patients with symptoms is very complex, various performance and chalking, both symptoms, waist and buttock leg symptoms, both radioactive neuralgia, and reflective, referred neuralgia, simple treatment of a certain cause often cannot obtain completely heal, and to make a treatment for multiple causes one by one.

Plexus sciatica


1. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis.

2. Pelvic trauma, injury or inflammation of the iliopsoas and piriformis, and sacroiliac arthritis

3, tumor

4. Prostatitis

5. Diabetes

6, infection,

Diagnostic points:

1, multi – dry pain, that is, at the same time with multiple nerve stem involvement symptoms

The sciatic nerve radiates pain to the lower extremities

B. thigh n: pain radiating into the front of the thigh

C. superior gluteal n: radiating pain into the sacral region

D. subgluteal n: pain radiating into the buttocks

E. Obturator foramen n: alternating or concomitant radiating pain to the knee

F. Pudendal nerve: pain radiating into the perineum

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve: pain radiating to the back of the thigh

Among them, b and e are the lumbar plexus and all have nerve fibers from the lumbar 4 nerve root.

2. Percussion pain in the lumbosacral region and complaint of "comfort"

3. Knee tendon reflex and heel reflex weaken or disappear at the same time

Pelvic problems

Dry sciatica

1. "circular jump" deep tenderness, accompanied by radiation resulting in pain and numbness of lower limbs and feet. Sixty percent of the patients were accompanied by popliteal and peroneal pain, and no significant tenderness, percussion pain or motion pain in the lower back.

2. Rotation test of lower limbs (+), about 10% piriformis muscle was damaged, and external rotation test (+).

3. Dry localization symptoms, including sensory movement and reflex disturbance in the dominant areas of tibial n and total peroneal n.

4. Foot numbness (over 90%).

sciatica treatment

There are 12 causes of dry sciatica

Piriformis injury – causes sciatica

Gluteus medius injury – gluteal pear syndrome – sciatica

Characteristics: tenderness and abnormal changes in the gluteus medius, accompanied by sciatica symptoms, at this time, through the piriformis mediators, sciatica symptoms will appear, clinical analysis: two-thirds by the gluteus medius injury caused sciatica symptoms, 1/3 by piriformis injury caused sciatica symptoms. The symptom that causes above is more typical radioactivity sciatica, another kind of circumstance: injury of gluteal medium muscle itself, gluteal medium muscle by the branch of sciatic nerve on buttock n is innervated, the injury of gluteal medium muscle affected gluteal upper nerve, from this, reflex sex causes sciatic nerve symptom.

We can imagine the nervous system into the home of circuit system, the main damage, the branch will be affected by severe, in turn, a single electrical problems arise, other electrical appliances also can appear a certain degree of influence, but this effect is smaller, as hip muscle injury caused by itself in the sciatica is often not typical, fuzzy. WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Go thinking according to the train of thought of this electrophysiological circuit, so, the symptom of labyrinthian sciatica, hemp can step by step manage give order to come.

Lumbar 3 transverse process syndrome

Clinical significance of lumbar third vertebra transverse process syndrome:

A. in the early stage of this sign, it can cause ipsilateral gluteal muscle spasm, gluteal muscle spasm, piriformis spasm — sciatica

B, intermittent claudication: the reason is caused by gluteal muscle spasm – gluteal muscle and piriformis spasm – gluteal muscle pain spasm

This is an ischemic intermittent claudication of the artery, unlike intermittent claudication in spinal stenosis, as shown in the table below:

Narrow lameness – short distance to begin lameness – feeling of beginning lameness: numbness pain radiating along the route of the sciatic nerve or femoral nerve – relief posture: must be completely squatted for a while while sitting or standing

Superior gluteal artery ischemic claudication – longer distance to begin claudication – sensation of beginning claudication: muscle soreness and weakness with mild numbness – relieved posture: may be relieved by sitting, standing, leaning for a moment, or squatting

Treatment: for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, sacral therapy is better. A high cure rate can be obtained by simultaneously loosening the nerve root and the nerve root.

For patients with lumbar 3 vertebra transverse process syndrome, the effect of acupotomy is excellent. Generally one to two can be cured.

C, transverse process syndrome will cause ipsilateral gluteal muscle atrophy to the later stage.


Damage to three myofascial areas can cause dry sciatica

A. paracral region:

B. posterior iliac region: posterior 1/3 iliac crest region;

C. Outer gluteal region: outer margin of gluteus maximus, slightly posterior to the greater trochanter.

These three areas are stressed, directional, active, and prone to injury affecting the relevant lumbogluteal muscles and then affecting the sciatic nerve stem sciatica.


Posterior femoris descending bursitis – sciatica

These five symptoms were previously known as residual symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. I think, when lumbar protrusion disease, often have above 5 diseases concurrently.


It affects the common peroneal nerve

The medial margin of the biceps femoris tendon affects the common peroneal nerve. Ankle can not lift, feel powerless.


A small backward shift of the fibula head affects the common peroneal nerve


Anterolateral leg discomfort

Anterolateral leg discomfort (heavy, swollen, acid, pain, numbness) symptom persistence, similar to the compartment high compression syndrome.


Popliteal fossa and the back of the leg pain, swelling, discomfort

The popliteal and posterior sliding bands affect the tibial nerve.


Superficial peroneal n fascia outlet clamping

Position: about the middle and lower 1/3 of the lower leg, fascia outlet at the fibula, adhesion, tension and compression n, traction n, typical peripheral n compression syndrome.


The medial terminal branch of the deep peroneal n is jammed

Numbness, discomfort, and pain in the first, second, or third digits of the metatarsophalangeal joint and volar. Position: dorsal side of first and second metatarsophalangeal joint, proximal one vein.


Tendinitis of flexion toe

The 1st and 2nd digits were the most, treated by stricture tenosynovitis.

Sciatica, it starts at the end of the toe. Different parts of the journey, varying degrees and forms of compression or stimulation, can cause different manifestations of sciatica. If do not try to differentiate carefully in clinical practice, only monism will explain, with monism to guide the treatment of this disease, is not feasible, must be appropriate, in view of different conditions to develop different treatment plans, so that can really in the sciatica treatment to reach a new height.

No matter how good a treatment method is, it must be done with confidence, before the knife can be as god. Standard therapy with arc-blade needles works wonders for sciatic pain, but the knife works differently in different hands. If the reason of causing sciatica is not clear and the monism of lumbar protrusion disease is still used to guide the clinical treatment, there will be a lot of frustration.

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, the hand has lingering fragrance.

A lazy posture is good for the back, scientists have claimed – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/neck pain

This article was compiled by the daily mail and reference news

Since childhood, teachers and parents have asked us to "sit up straight", not hunched over or slumped on the sofa.

But new evidence suggests that sitting down with your whole body relaxed may be good for your back. Is it true?

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Sit up straight! Stop slouching! It's a familiar order barked at us since school days — and it remains the golden rule of how to sit.

Sit up straight! Don't slouch! It's a command we've been familiar with since school days, and it's been the standard rule for proper sitting.

It 's been balancing a book on your head, or imagining a piece of string pulling your shoulders forward the between, we' ve tried all the methods to practise good posture.

Whether it's balancing a book on your head or imagining a rope connecting your shoulders to the roof of your house, we've tried all sorts of ways to practice "good" sitting.

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"The best of us" stills source: douban

Health officials have long warned that slumping, whether at a computer or in front of the television, is aSure – the fireRoute to crippling back and neck pain — or worse.

Health officials have long warned that whether you're sitting in front of a computer or a television, slouching in a posture can lead to shoulder and back pain or worse.

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Our dedication to a perfect seated position has fuelled the an – industry, geared to getting us to sit up straight, we spend billions of pounds each year on posture correcting chairs, Apps and even clothing — but emerging evidence suggests thatSlouching may not be so evil after all.

Our obsession with the perfect sitting position has driven the industry, and it has also driven us to sit up straight. We spend billions of pounds a year on chairs, apps and even clothes to correct our posture, but new evidence suggests slouching may not be so bad after all.

In fact, with research indicating thatSlumping may help to keep our spines in shape, experts are starting to advise against sitting up straight.

In fact, studies have shown that slouch helps maintain the shape of the spine, and experts are beginning to advise against sitting so straight.

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A lazy posture relieves joint and muscle pain

It has had been thought that sitting slumped, with the shoulders hunched and back arched, can put excess strain on thevertebraeIn the spine.

It is thought that sitting hunched – with shoulders hunched and the back arched – puts excessive pressure on the spine.

This is because as the upper body leans forward, the weight of the brain and head -, forcing the spine to carry a heavier load.

This is because, as the upper body leans forward, pressure from the brain and head increases, forcing the spine to bear a heavier load.

But a slew of studies now suggests this is unlikely to cause thecascadeOf back troubles previously predicted.

But now there is a body of research suggesting that this pose is unlikely to cause the chain of events previously predicted.

In fact, sitting slumped can keep the spine intact and even ease to be and muscle pain.

In fact, sitting hunched over your back can protect your spine from injury and even relieve joint and muscle pain.

In one 2018 paper, slump – sitting postures were seen to help the to happens the amount of fluid in between spinal discs, reducing stiffness. The posture was also seen to happens spinal height over time.

In a 2018 paper, researchers concluded that hunched posture helps increase lubrication between the discs and relieve stiffness. This position also increases the height of the spine over time.

Physiotherapists at the university hospital of north tees in stockton – on – tees who carried out the study concluded that some slouching can dojo.provide a valuable alternative to upright sitting "in Patients with lower back pain.

Physiotherapists at northtees university hospital in stockton, UK, who carried out the study, concluded that for patients with low back pain, sometimes slouching "is a good alternative to sitting straight".

In addition, Australian studies have found thatThe when interspersed with periods of sitting upright, slouching can relax strained Muscles in the core and legs.

In addition, Australian studies have shown that alternating a slouchy sitting position with a straight one relaxes tense muscles in the core trunk and legs.

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Source: douban

London – -basedosteopathGavin Smith explains:"While sitting straight activates muscles in the abdomen and pelvis and back, slump – sitting relaxes them."

"Sitting up straight activates the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back, while slouching relaxes the muscles," explains Gavin Smith, a London orthopaedic surgeon.

"Because these muscles are chronically over – active in people with lower back pain, some periodic relaxation of them is helpful."

"Because these muscles are chronically overactive in patients with low back pain, regular relaxation can be helpful."

"Alternating between comfortable and relaxed upright and slumped postures is probably the best way to sit at your desk."

'switching between a comfortable, relaxed upright position and a slouchy sitting position is probably the best way to sit at a desk.'

Trying too hard to sit as we are told to 5 – feet flat on the floor, the back straight and shoulders back with an s – shape curve to the spine – can backfire, More bugs are found in the middle back and breathing problems over time.

At work we are told to sit up straight, with our feet flat on the ground, our backs straight, our shoulders back and our spine curved in an s-shape. But sitting too hard in a straight posture can backfire, leading to tension in the middle of the back and breathing problems over time.

Solve back pain? Stand and sit

"According to some experts, providing you a get up and walk around every now and then, slumping is harmless.

Some experts say slouching is harmless as long as you get up and move around from time to time.

Gavin Smith explains:"Sitting or standing in any position for prolonged periods is unwise."And let's say that" slumping in itself is no worse for us than sitting up straight, provided we don't do it all the time."

Gavin Smith explains: 'it is unwise to sit or stand in any position for long periods of time. As long as we're not slouching all the time, the posture itself is no worse than sitting up straight."

In studies published in the journal spine, Australian researchers found a combination of slumping and sitting upright was far superior to sitting in one position for maintaining a stable spine and strong muscles.

In some studies published in the journal spine, Australian researchers found that a combination of slouching and sitting up straight is much better than holding one position when it comes to keeping the spine stable and muscular.

Another study, published in the journal ergonomics supports the benefits of switching positions throughout the day.

Another study, published in the journal ergonomics, supports the benefits of switching your posture throughout the day.

Please answer 1988 stills source: douban

The researchers found that those only using "standing desks" had significantly more legs and back pain. The adjustable desks that allow some sitting and some standing are better, But Smith says they are not aCure -all.

The researchers found that leg and back pain was significantly worse in those who used only standing desks. Adjustable desks work better when you can sit or stand. But it's not a panacea, Smith says.

"If you are relaxed at a standing desk for an hour, then that is fine," he says. "but you should try not be in any one position for longer than an hour or so."

'if you stand at a standing desk for an hour, relaxed, that's fine,' he says. But try not to stay in any position for more than an hour."

Prolonged sitting eventually causes theglutealmuscles in thebuttocksTo become lazy and the hamstrings in the backs of the thighs to shorten and tighten.

Sitting for long periods of time will eventually result in lazy gluteal muscles in the buttocks and shorter and tighter hamstrings in the back of the thighs.

It – the risk of the back and shoulder pain as well as strains the when you get up to move immediately after sitting.

Sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of back and shoulder pain and increases the muscle tension you feel when you get up and move immediately after sitting.

This is according to most physiotherapists now warn against long periods of continuous sitting – but not slumping.

So instead of warning people not to slouch, most physiotherapists now warn people not to sit for too long.

What matters more than correct sitting posture is that you simply fidget, move around and change position regularly.

More important than the right posture is that you move around, move around, and change your posture.

Detoxify, the key is back! Do this to rid the body of moisture and cold for a year – InfraredHeatingTherapy | neck pain/leg pain/back problems

The health of the back often directly reflects the normal functioning of the viscera.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, is a solid protective barrier of the human body, whether it is in the growth and development of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderly, pay attention to the back and the correct maintenance of the back, is equal to health injection of vitality and vitality.

To conserve the back is to nourish our internal organsIt is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

2. Bladder meridian is the largest detoxification channel

There are bladder meridians on both sides of the spine, and the organs of the human body have acupoints on the back bladder meridians. These acupoints are channels to run qi and blood and to contact the organs, so stimulating these acupoints can stimulate the Yang qi of the organs.

back surgery

In fact, conditioning is also an excellent way to detoxify, and the reason why is because of the bladder meridian on the back,In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3, the back of a du vein, for the Yang vein of the sea

The back has a du vein, which is the sea of Yang veins, and also the channel for the accumulation and operation of Yang qi!

If the vessel stasis, the spring Yang qi is not good, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and other dozens of diseases.

back surgery

It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, the regulation of internal organs plays an important role, can reconcile Yin and Yang, prolong life.

Therefore, curing back is to nourish our viscera and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Do back not only can get rid of the body's cold and wet, toxins, but also can alleviate the neck shoulder waist leg pain symptoms, will make the heavy body feel relaxed abnormal, ease the body fatigue, improve sleep quality, the irascible over sheng has a great relief.

So in ordinary life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, do a few actions at home to raise the good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll back

back surgery

Put a blanket on the floor, the floor is not too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, hands on the knee, the center of gravity between the tailbone and the sitting bone, that is, under our hips, put the left foot and right foot up, thigh must be close to the abdomen, keep this movement back and forth swing.

This back rolling, rolling every morning, rolling repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel hot back, this shows that qi and blood drexel, rolling back to heat when Yang qi naturally hair. This is a compulsory spring course, we must adhere to it.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder meridian

back surgery

The wei zhong point of genu fossae is an important big point on bladder classics! Chinese medicine has a formula called "waist back wei zhongqiu", all the waist, back problems, can be solved through this point. Often press knead or flap weizhong point can stimulate the operation of bladder via qi and blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, genu fossa often is to beat outward, and can have mixed and disorderly green vein, this is the signal of gas blood impassability of lumbar back, need often pats hind genu fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hub

back surgery

Find a doorpost and put your hands on either side of it. Stand with one foot in front and one foot behind, lunging with your hind legs as straight as possible. Stretch your arms until they feel tight. Stand in this position for three minutes, then switch legs and lunge for three minutes.

This stretching action is very good for getting through the back channels and collaterals!

Action four: get through big vertebra point

back surgery

Rub both hands neck vertebra point to fever.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder classics, patency here can let Yang qi be born to send, still can prevent the series symptom that causes with cervical vertebra stasis!

Action 5: get through the middle back hub

back surgery

Every day anywhere at any time the hands rub back heat. Here is the mingmen point, shenyu point, is the central hub of the vessel, bladder meridian.

The meridian of the governor and the meridian of the bladder are only channels and have no energy of their own! It needs the promotion of kidney qi to complete the function of Yang qi to generate hair and detoxify.

Therefore, it is the most simple and direct way to stimulate the point of mingmen and shenyu. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the meridians of the back!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that maintaining the back is the same as maintaining life. If you have time to raise the back regularly, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen brain support, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make the body energetic.

(3) improve the nervous and stagnant mental state and refresh the mind.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve skin dryness, dullness, spots and other skin defects caused by liver qi stagnation.

(6) prevent periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Scrapping – scraping the vessel and foot sun bladder meridian

Luofu mountain national medicine therapy is "o" is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine scrapping, massage, massage and techniques, under the guidance of TCM theory, the pain point is o (holes) on the shallow surface, combined with the oil of luofu mountain grass bouquet, luofu mountain black plaster disease within a kind of combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods, the periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, strain of lumbar muscles, such as the treatment of common diseases have a significant effect.

"Ah shi sha" is a technique in the treatment. It is easy to operate and has the effects of detoxifying and detoxifying, removing wind and dampness, relieving meridian and relieving swelling and pain. When the disease is treated, emergency is saved, pain is stopped, no matter in any occasion, can be on the human pain point treatment, significant curative effect, favored by the general public, is the best choice of daily self-care.

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Why luofu mountain baicao oil scrapping

1. Strong penetration and quick start

Luofu mountain baocao oil prescription contains 11 kinds of plant essential oils, such as methyl salicylate, turpentine, clove basil oil, borneol, peppermint oil, etc., which can quickly pass through the skin, carry the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine directly to the lesion, and treat the disease quickly.

2, the scrapping speed is fast

The effect of scrapping is considered as toxin. Due to the strong penetration of 11 plant essential oils of luofu mountain baicao oil and its strong ability of eliminating dampness and toxin, it can greatly shorten the time of scrapping and have a higher efficiency.

3, measles disappear quickly

If you use ordinary scrapping oil, the scrapping effect will disappear within 5-7 days. Luofu mountain baicao oil is used as the scrapping oil, because of its unique detoxification and detoxification effect, it only takes 3-4 days for the scrapping effect to disappear.

4. Prevent infection

The pores are enlarged during scrapping, and scrapping has slight damage to the skin. For example, the use of scrapping oil without anti-inflammatory effect is easy to cause skin infection, while luofu mountain baoxao oil has anti-inflammatory (detoxification) effect, which can prevent infection due to scrapping.

5. Good smell

Luofu mountain baocao oil is made from 68 Chinese herbs and 11 kinds of plant essential oils. It has a faint scent of Chinese herbs and is suitable for all types of people without any aversion.

6. Does not irritate the skin

Luofu mountain baocao oil does not contain alcohol, and is based on tea oil.

7, suitable viscosity, no pain

The commonly used scrapping oil has too high viscosity and no effort during scrapping. Or viscosity is too small, scraping pain is stronger. Luofu mountain baocao oil has the right viscosity, more affinity with the skin, good lubrication, and can reduce the pain caused by scrapping.

8. Never touch clothes

There are few oily substances in luofu mountain baocao oil, which is mainly the original liquid of Chinese herbal medicine. After scrapping, most of the liquid medicine has penetrated into the skin, and there is no residual oil stains on the skin surface and no clothes.

9. Relax

Luofu mountain baicao oil itself has the effect of dispelling wind and detoxifying. Using luofu mountain baicao oil as scrapping oil can increase the effect of scrapping to remove dampness and detoxification.

10. The combination of nourishing and treating has remarkable curative effect

Luofu mountain baocao oil has the effect of reducing swelling and killing pain.combined with TCM scrapping therapy, it can not only play the role of health care, but also have a good therapeutic effect on headache, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, pain of waist and leg and other difficult diseases, and the treatment cycle is obviously shorter.

To sum up, the use of luofushan baoxao oil as scrapping oil can not only make up for some drawbacks existing in the TCM scrapping therapy, but also greatly enhance the health care and treatment effect of scrapping, which is incomparable with other scrapping oil.

back surgery

back surgery

People who are taking statins, back pain and joint pain are they developing the usual statin intolerance? But what? – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/muscle pain/back pain and

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how to cure lower back pain

Mr. Zhang inadvertently measured fasting blood glucose at 8.2mmol/l. Further examination confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes and found plaques in both carotid arteries, suggesting that his blood sugar had actually been elevated for years, but he didn't know it. This condition requires not only taking hypoglycemic drugs to control blood sugar, but also long-term use of statins to prevent and delay the progression of plaque.

But he was worried when he heard that the adverse effects of statins were so severe that they hurt his liver and kidneys and caused muscle pain. But he didn't take it for a long time and he had back pain and knee pain from time to time, and he wanted to know if that was what statin intolerance was all about. Can these conditions be taken for a long time?

First of all, it is certain to say that for the people who have the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially those with diabetes and hypertension, long-term use of statins should be taken to effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Secondly, statins may indeed cause adverse reactions such as liver damage and myolysis. Although the incidence rate is very low, it should be used with caution for a few people who are not tolerant to statins, otherwise serious consequences may be caused. The key is to figure out what is the condition of statins intolerance.

Elevated liver transaminaseThis kind of circumstance happens to be in the first 6 weeks that begins to take statins kind to fall fat medicine more, but liver transaminase is an index that judges liver function state only, it is not the specific index of liver damage, want liver transaminase to do not exceed 3 times of normal value only accordingly, need not worry. In most people, a brief elevation of transaminase is followed by a decrease, and even if it remains above normal, it is not a sign of withdrawal from statins. Because have the person of diabetic, hypertension to often accompany the happening of fatty liver, and still can take at the same time make other many kinds of medicaments, these may bring about the elevation of transaminase, be not statins kind to fall fat drug place to cause.

Muscle painThis is a feeling of the body, mostly from the user's subjective feeling, often encounter is not back pain, joint pain, etc are not taking statins lipid-lowering drug adverse reaction caused by, can identify by detection of creatine kinase, such as creatine kinase does not increase don't have to worry about, even if the muscle ester kinases have increased, but as long as no more than 4 times more than normal, still should be insisted on taking statins lipid-lowering drugs.

Therefore, it can be seen that whether there is statin intolerance cannot be judged by physical sensation, but there are objective test criteria, and users should not stop using statin lipid-lowering drugs by hearsay. Even if statin intolerance occurs, it should not be stopped easily. Some corresponding measures can be taken, such as:

how to cure lower back pain

Find out the cause of elevated transaminase, especially for other drugs taken at the same time to carry out reasonable planning, as far as possible to stop the drugs that are not necessary to be taken, the treatment effect is not clear or the effective ingredients are not clear.Try to reduce the dose of a statin or switch to another type of statin or take it again after a temporary suspension of two to four weeks. If liver transaminase, creatine kinase still exceeds mark seriously, also should choose besides statins kind to fall the other class outside fat medicine falls fat medicine.Anyway, insist on taking statins lipid-lowering benefit in the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease is confirmed and irreplaceable, need a person can never stopped without authorization, no real statin intolerance occurs, in particular, just worry about statins lipid-lowering drug adverse reaction and refuse to take statins lipid-lowering medicine is extremely unwise, does not cause serious consequences to know hepatic transaminases associated or mild muscle pain, and that can cause death causes damage of cardio-cerebrovascular disease is not comparable.

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Back pain, stiffness, fear of cold, back muscle fasciitis rehabilitation training should pay attention to what? – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/chronic muscle pain/muscle pain

Recently, our liu tianxian is the most popular, first armani greater China and Asia Pacific brand new image spokesperson, then Disney live-action mulan, and China gold spokesperson…… Liu tianxian opened the door, business good to fly, even liu yifei's back also frequently hot search.

Speaking of the importance of the back, on the one hand is aesthetic feeling, delicate jade back, people look light and graceful, even the fairy, such as liu tianxian. On the other hand, the back is the necessary support of human activities, back muscle group is responsible for the important activities of the human body, with it, the human body can maintain a certain form. However, once the back is not well protected, it will also cause a lot of trouble to the body. For example, dorsal myofascitis, which is common in rehabilitation clinics, accounts for 50%~60% of shoulder, neck and back diseases in rehabilitation clinics.

What is dorsal myofascitis

Fascia is the connective tissue structure necessary for the completion of functional activities of human tissues and organs, which plays a supporting, protecting and limiting role for human tissues and organs. Fasciitis, also known as myofascial pain syndrome, is one of the common clinical soft tissue injury diseases with local chronic muscle pain as the main feature and accompanied by one or more trigger points. It is a common and frequently-occurring clinical disease. This in turn to the shoulder back muscle fasciitis is more common.

Dorsal myofascial inflammation is mainly caused by exogenous wind chill, long-term unilateral upper limb strain and trauma, etc.

The main symptoms of dorsal myofascitis:

Back pain, mostly soreness and tingling, muscle stiffness, can touch the cable-like, nodular, have a sense of heaviness, symptoms aggravated by wind chill and fatigue, lumbar and back muscle activity is mostly normal, X-ray examination showed no positive signs.

High risk of back myofascitis

Del elderly

4. Manual labor

Long desk worker

With the widespread use of mobile phones and computers, the incidence of dorsal myofascitis population also has a trend of youth, long-term poor posture and muscle tension is one of the main factors of the high incidence of back myofascitis.

The traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of dorsal myofascitis

1 TCM therapy

Acupuncture and moxibustion, supplemented by other means, is the mainstream of TCM treatment of dorsal myofascitis. Acupuncture and moxibustion is one of the main methods of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of dorsal myofascitis. In clinical application, acupuncture and other therapies are generally used in combination, followed by moxibustion, warm acupuncture, electric acupuncture and acupoint injection. The manipulation of massage can release muscle and fascia, improve local blood circulation and back muscle nutrition. External use of traditional Chinese medicine can be applied by external application, fumigation, medicinal bath and other means to direct the drug power to the sick body, to achieve analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, so more and more attention. In addition, small-needle knife therapy has attracted much attention in recent years. It can not only loosen adhesion and harden, but also relieve muscle spasm. It can also dredge the meridians and accelerate the local circulation of qi and blood, which is considered to be the best method of all treatments.

2 rehabilitation


Modulation if pulse electrotherapy, ultra-short wave therapy, infrared radiation, microwave therapy and other physical factors are one of the important ways for the rehabilitation treatment of dorsal myofascitis. In clinical practice, it is often not ideal to use a single method, but also to apply several methods comprehensively.

Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy can correct muscle imbalance, improve muscle endurance, restore muscle flexibility, and consolidate the effects of other treatments. However, it should be noted that exercise therapy is not applicable to patients with aggravated symptoms. It must be carried out after the local pain is significantly relieved, and it should be started gradually. If necessary, professional rehabilitation therapists should be sought for help.

Recommended action


stiff back remedy

Main points: take a standing position, two feet apart, head and torso slightly backward extension, left hand behind, trunk as far as possible to the left side of the rotation, right upper limb up extension, change direction.


stiff back remedy

Main points: take a standing position, two feet apart, two fingers crossed grip, palm facing outward, up over the head.


stiff back remedy

Main points: find a corner, hands on the wall, forearm close to the wall, upper body forward, hold 10 seconds, repeat 5 times.


stiff back remedy

Main point of action: take stand posture, double leg is apart naturally, five fingers are put together on shoulder, double shoulder abduct, elbow joint lifts as far as possible, be even with shoulder. After that, bring the shoulders in together, elbows and chest together, and hold for 10s. Repeat 5 times.


stiff back remedy

Main idea: take the standing position, legs stand naturally, two shoulders outward. Keep your hands fingers apart, palms facing outward, and try to raise your elbows at shoulder level. Then extend the elbow joint to the maximum, holding for 10s. Repeat 5 times.


stiff back remedy

Main point: take the standing posture, legs stand naturally, fingers crossed, palms forward. Then stretch your elbow hard to the left, hold for 10 seconds, change direction, and repeat 5 times.

Last but not least, keep your back warm and maintain proper posture. One posture should not be maintained for too long


Zhan yuming, Yin zhifei, yu wei. Effect observation of physical factors, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation and manipulation in the treatment of dorsal myofascial inflammation [j]. Chinese clinical study,2013,26(11):1242

Han zhang rui, should he, li Liang Jingtao, poem rain, wang yu. Floating needle treatment system to evaluate the efficacy of back muscle fasciitis [j]. When Jane national physician national medicine, 2018, 29 (4) : 1017

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Alternative lumbago – rectus abdominis muscle fascia pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back muscle pain/muscle pain

Functional anatomy of rectus abdominis

The rectus abdominis is located in the front of the trunk, arising from the pubis and passing up to the xiphoid process of the sternum and the costal cartilages of 5-6-7. The primary functions are forward flexion of the torso, and respiration assistance.

pain treatment

As the rectus abdominis contracts, the body bends forward. The back muscles extend and maintain antagonistic tension to maintain the forward posture and prevent the body from falling further forward (figure b). Conversely, when we do dorsiflexion, the back muscles contract, the rectus abdominis stretches and maintains antagonistic tension, which is used to maintain dorsiflexion and prevent the body from falling backwards (figure a).

Therefore, when the body is bent forward for too long, the rectus abdominis will be overused, and the antagonistic back muscles will be fatigued by overuse. At this point, the symptoms of lumbago are severe, making people pay attention to back muscle fatigue and ignore the rectus abdominis tightness; The tightness of the rectus abdominis often makes it harder for the back muscles to be cured.

pain treatment

The cause of myofascial pain in the rectus abdominis

The causes of myofascial pain in rectus abdominis are overuse and strain.

Excessive use of

The office worker sits for a long time the body leans forward or the body bends forward (below picture a), the housewife bends to clean or to wash clothes, the car technician bends to check the chassis, the sit-up does too many times… And so on, are the situation of overuse.


Strain often occurs after bending over too much activity to rise quickly, or sit-ups too quickly or in the wrong posture.

Direct trauma (impingement, beating) and scar tissue from abdominal surgeryThey also produce trigger points inside the rectus abdominis; In addition,Pain and discomfort in the internal organsCan also produce MTRPS in the rectus abdominis (which can be associated with visceral symptoms).

pain treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain in rectus abdominis

Before the diagnosis of myofascial pain in the rectus abdominis, lumbago should be examined for concomitants and tenderness in the dorsal muscles, and should be ruled out for urinary tract stones or infections, spinal instability, and degenerative facet joints. In addition, for anterior ventral pain, we should first exclude diseases related to internal surgery and gynecology, ask whether there are relevant symptoms, and even have evidence such as laboratory examination or ultrasound examination to exclude diseases of internal abdominal organs.

In patients with myofascial pain of the rectus abdominis, taut bands can be touched on the rectus abdominis, and trigger points can be found. During treatment, direct pressure and massage of the MTRPS can eliminate the MTRPS and relax the rectus abdominis. Stubborn MTRPS can be treated with dry acupuncture (acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine) or MTRP injection (injection of physiological saline solution or local anesthetic). After that, keep the rectus abdominis in an extended position and apply a warm, moist compress to relax the rectus abdominis. As mentioned earlier, some stomachaches and menstrual cramps are often combined with myofascial pain of rectus abdominis. By relaxing rectus abdominis, symptoms can be relieved, but not treated. Please note that.

pain treatment

Prevention and management of acute episodes

The best treatment for myofascial pain in the rectus abdominis should be to prevent its occurrence, and the best prevention and treatment is to correct improper posture and reduce bending. In addition, good exercise habits, especially whole-body exercise, such as swimming, can relax the muscles that are usually tight due to posture maintenance.

When acute lumbago attack, cannot lie flat even painful to cannot fall asleep at night when, can lie on the bed with a bit harder even ground, put a pillow below knee, let knee is small bend, let abdominis rectus be in relatively relaxed posture, can alleviate lumbago. Also can lie on the side, two knees to two legs between the pillow, also can ease the waist acid, easy to sleep.

pain treatment

Self-massage and stretching at home

Self-massage of rectus abdominis

Patients can lie flat on a harder bed or even on the floor with a well-supported (hard) pillow under the waist. Apply local pressure to the rectus abdominis, slowly feel the cord fibers in the muscle, and massage the pain points on it. You can also massage with a hard tennis ball. Massage should not be too heavy, and should cooperate with breathing to give resistance when pressing. Do not hold your breath because of pain, it will make the muscles not easy to relax. After the pain has subsided, apply a warm compress to the rectus abdominis for 15 to 20 minutes.

Self extension of the rectus abdominis

Usually the rectus abdominis stretch can use yoga ball (below a), rolling before and after, this is a relatively relaxed way, and can cooperate with self-massage and hot compress, suitable for office workers who often sit for a long time; Or (below b) stretch your rectus abdominis by lying on the floor and lifting your upper body with your hands. When stretching, the waist or abdomen can have acid tight feeling, hold 20 seconds, do 10 times repeatedly, every day can do 3-4 times, stretching after the use of self-massage posture hot compress 15~20 minutes.

pain treatment

Self training in rectus abdominis strength

To prevent the myofascial pain of rectus abdominis the rectus abdominis strengthening exercise, the most common is the sit-up, but the sit-up operation is not easy to injury, therefore, it is not recommended that people with a lot of low back pain try. The following is the pelvic lift movement that I recommend, must cooperate "abdomen type breath", the gist of abdomen type breath is, when inspiratory abdomen is raised, exhale abdomen to restore. This exercise should only be done when the symptoms of lumbar acid are completely absent or when the acid has recovered. 20 cycles per cycle, 3-4 cycles per day.

pain treatment


There are many causes of low back pain, but rectus abdominis myometral pain is just one of them, but it is often overlooked. After ruling out visceral or spinal-related problems, clinicians may wish to pay attention to the problem of myofascial pain in the rectus abdominis, especially when the patient is standing back, which is particularly severe. Of course, back pain can also be a combination of causes, such as menstrual pain combined with rectus abdominis myofascial pain, or back muscle pain combined with rectus abdominis myofascial pain, after the treatment of the main cause, the rectus abdominis myofascial pain should also be treated together, so that the treatment can be perfect.

If the patient has back pain, try the above methods to relieve the symptoms, but if the condition does not improve, or the pain is worse, or other symptoms are combined, other factors should be considered.

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Feel back muscle is tense, how should loosen back muscle? – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/nerve pain/lower back

If we want to deal with a problem, we must have a clear idea, that is, to find out what causes the problem, so that we can have a clear idea of how to deal with the problem, and avoid the recurrence of the problem after the treatment returns to normal.

Back muscle tension

There are many reasons that cause back muscle tension. The most common ones are habit problems. For example, hunchback, rhomboid muscle stretching and tension for a long time, muscle disuse, resulting in muscle pain and tension. (psoas strain in the lower back. I've done this before. You can see my question before.)

How do you handle it?

Prepare a massage ball, or peanut ball, can stand against the wall, put the massage ball on the back of the tense position, use the weight of the body to squeeze the massage ball to do rolling and pressure, with pain but feel comfortable strength, each pain point duration is about 5 minutes, generally unilateral 5~10 minutes.Also can lie flat on the yoga mat, massage ball stuffed in the body, the same pain feel comfortable strength for rolling and point pressure, time is the same, the truth is the same, feel which method to use more comfortable use which.Due to the large area and weak penetration of the foam shaft, it has a good recovery effect on the back fascia, but the treatment of the deep muscle is a little inadequate, so it is recommended to use a massage ball.

Other causes of pain

The tension of back muscle is not only a problem of back muscle itself. Cervical spondylosis can compress the cervical plexus nerve and cause the back scapular nerve pain and tension. The compression of the back scapular nerve in the scalenus muscle can also cause back pain.Otherwise it is only to deal with tense muscle, most comfortable at that time, after a stage will also tend to tension, the effect of treatment is twice the effort, the effect is very poor, this is about to find the cause of the back scapular nerve compression parts, take the appropriate approach to deal with, it is difficult to achieve professional precision, the proposal to see a doctor.

These methods are more useful than massage, you know? – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back muscle pain/muscle pain

People often overload and overwork, leading to back muscle excessive tension, back muscle tissue injury, produce pain, in the case of pain stimulation back muscle group produce contraction, the phenomenon of back stiffness. This situation should be treated in time. It can cause spinal problems in the back.

cure for stiff back

We often judge a person's age by how soft or hard they are, with "soft" back muscles indicating that the person is getting younger and "hard" back muscles indicating that the person is aging. Because the muscles of the younger body are elastic, the range of movements is large, and the whole body looks heroic and energetic. The muscles of the aging body seem to lack continuity of movements, and the limbs are relatively rigid, with narrow range of activities, and various ligaments cannot be extended.

There are two reasons for back stiffness: first, we keep the wrong sitting posture for a long time, to the white-collar workers who often sit in the office, and often computer, keyboard friends, keyboard to improve their elbow, make shoulder muscle tension, long time can not relax, resulting in back muscle pain, a long period of time leading to stiffness. The second is that when we look at mobile phones for a long time, the screen of mobile phones is relatively low, which causes excessive downward tension on the back, causing back pain.

Many of my friends go to massage parlors for treatment and ask professional massage therapists for treatment, but the effect is not obvious. To sum up, for those of us who are about to enter middle age, it is necessary to protect our health from now on.

cure for stiff back

1. Moderate back stiffness

Back pain is not a minor problem and timely treatment is key – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back muscle pain/for back pain

It's a symptom that many of our friends have, and many of us suffer back pain from office work. So how to relieve this pain, no way, or change the job, change the kind of don't have to do this work, such as running business, stand at the counter. However, these hours are long, will cause physical discomfort, can not always be spent in the job. So what do you do? What are some good ways to relieve back pain? In fact, it is very important to exercise regularly. This is also very good for back pain, can relieve a lot of it.

What are the causes of back pain

1. Overweight or obese

Whether it's getting fat or tilting your pelvis forward, experts say the body needs the change to maintain balance, but it also puts pressure on your lower back and increases the risk of back pain. The study found that eating at least three servings of whole-grain foods a day reduced belly fat by 10 percent.

Wear the wrong shoes, such as high heels and flip-flops

According to experts, walking normally involves landing on the heel first, while walking in high heels involves landing on the toe first, which puts a lot of pressure on the knees, hips and back.

Wearing high heels can also change the balance of the body, causing uneven stress in the spine, leading to a arched back and increased joint pressure. This instability worsens pain from the knees to the back, increasing the risk of injury. Wearing flip-flops for too long can also lead to unstable feet, which can lead to problems.

3. Relying too much on your smartphone or tablet

Experts say prolonged hunching over mobile devices such as phones or tablets can lead to overstretching of the muscles in the neck and back, affecting the lower back and increasing the risk of back pain.

4, the office chair is too comfortable, sitting at a desk for a long time

Even expensive, ergonomic and comfortable office chairs can hurt your back, experts say. The study found that sitting for long periods of time not only reduced blood flow to the discs, but also put 30 per cent more pressure on the spine than when standing or walking.

5. Bras don't fit

Experts say women with larger breasts suffer more from gravity, which can lead to lower backs, than smaller women. The right bra minimizes stress, while the wrong one can exacerbate back muscle pain.

6. Too much psychological pressure

Experts say the muscles in the back can also become tense from emotional stress, which can lead to stiffness in the muscles of the whole body, including the back.

Sit for an hour and get up and walk, stretch, or stand up and shake. In addition to communicating with colleagues and going to the bathroom, you can also take more water and wash your hands. Depending on your situation, walking more can help your body balance stress.

2. Put a cushion behind your chair to take the pressure off your lower back and sit in a different position if you feel uncomfortable. Stretch, relax your spine, and breathe.

3. Don't sit down right after lunch, walk around and relax.

4. Get up early or exercise for about 10 minutes before going to bed. Run, jump rope or do some pushups, sit-ups, or simple yoga moves.

5, might as well every interval period of time, the left and right sides shakes double leg 5 minutes, can improve circulation of lower limbs, slow the stiffness of knee leg, waist. Stand to extend the foot, tiptoe upward to inside become warped, make the backside meridian of whole foot feels ache, make the circulation of the foot changes gradually good.

White-collar friends back home, should choose to nest in the sofa with a remote control to watch TV. In fact, such practice is not healthy, because sitting in the company office for a day, if you do not exercise at home at night, physical fitness will gradually decline. You can choose to set the TV remote a little farther away, then get up and manually adjust the TV when you change the channel, which will give you the effect of back movement or even whole-body movement.

7. Use TV commercials to do simple anti-stress activities, such as leg pressing, squatting, washing dishes, pouring water, filing and so on.

8. If you can afford it, you can buy a treadmill and keep it at home. White collar friends who have unfinished work, or have a reading hobby, can run at home while reading. However, it is important to note that the speed of the treadmill must be slowed down, so as to ensure that there is no accident and bring injury to the body.

9, in order not to be found, we can choose to set a number of alarm clocks in the phone, and then write a few minutes to do up exercise, stretch exercise, walking, etc., in a fixed time to carry out the corresponding exercise, adhere to it will form a habit.

10, you can walk backwards on the ground, knees do not bend, while swinging arms evenly breathe, every morning for half an hour.

11, with both hands ye a towel, lift the top of the head, and arms straight, tiptoe, forward 10 minutes, and then backwards 10 minutes.

Back pain what to eat

Whole grain

Whole grains are high in dietary fiber, and if your stomach is healthy, eating whole grains can help. Whole grains are a good source of magnesium, which has been shown in animal studies to provide relief.


Ginger is a spice that we often eat in our daily life. Ginger contains gingerol, gingerolone and other active ingredients, with analgesic effect, is the best pain killer in ancient times. This is also for when to drink brown sugar ginger tea, and not just because ginger can dispel the wind warm palace.

Olive oil

Olive oil, known as "liquid gold," is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and saturated fats, which can relieve pain such as bone fractures after exercise.


Salmon and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are pain killers. However, certain substances found in mackerel can be harmful to people with high levels of uric acid, so relieve back pain, hand pain… Stick to salmon two or three times a week.


Nuts such as almonds and walnuts also contain small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help with pain. Office workers can add a nut salad to their afternoon snack.

Conclusion: in order to effectively alleviate nun, everybody is much more attention to their own schedules, for example, when it comes to work at the time of don't delay work, we can appropriate exercise in the office, stretch, stretch your legs on the still more effective pain relief, but now people working rhythm is faster, which have time to exercise, that also can return to home, after dinner, go to the park with my family running, this is also good. Of course, the daily diet is also more attention, healthy diet will better maintain our body.

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