Spinal surgery, let the boy "long" 19 cm – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar spine/spinal stenosis/hip pain

Pan peng developed lumbago with left hip pain without obvious inducement 8 years ago and was diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis. Pan peng seek medical treatment everywhere, many doctors told him that there is no way to cure, can only rely on drugs to alleviate the progress of the disease. After a period of drug treatment, pan peng's pain eased, but his condition continued to recur.

Because of the side effect of hormone kind medicine, pan peng is fat a lot, adolescent he is afraid to be laughed at by the classmate, did not take the medicine, from then on, the disease develops very quickly, carry also more and more camel. For five years, due to a hunchback, pan peng couldn't sleep on his back, couldn't raise his head, and was only 150cm tall. Go out at ordinary times, often have stranger eye to stare at him with strange kind of vision, the pan peng of 20 years old early is made by hump special self-abased. Graduated from the university, other students are busy looking for a job, pan peng is looking for a doctor, hope to find an expert can let him can hold his head high to be a man.

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Introduce via the friend, pan peng found south medical 3 hospital spinal surgery 2 area director li qingchu.

Li qing asks pan peng to treat ankylosing spondylitis by standard above all, cannot stop medicine without authorization. Under the action of biological agents and other drugs, pan peng's condition was well controlled without side effects such as obesity. After improving the preoperative examination of various indicators, li qingpreliminary performed an operation on pan peng: osteotomy and correction of posterior spinal deformity + pedicle screw internal fixation + fusion of bone graft, and the kyphosis "hill" which was originally close to 90 degrees was finally "leveled". After five years, pan peng was very excited to finally lie flat. Four days after the operation, he began to walk on the ground, looking in the mirror, looking at his straight body, he couldn't help asking the nurse to measure his height.169 centimeters, a full 19 centimeters higher than before surgery. Twelve days after the operation, peng peng was discharged from hospital.

Li qingchu introduces, ankylosing spondylitis incidence rate is higher, with the young person of 20 or 30 years old is main come on crowd, early discovery early treatment is the only way that disease of disease of prevention and cure aggravates.Ankylosing spondylitis still cannot be cured at present, but can delay disease development through normative treatment, if do not follow doctor's advice to stop medicine without authorization, be like the case of pan peng very likely, appear serious humpback deformity, continue to develop even the likelihood is paralytic.

To the youth male of 16-25 years old, if do not have inducement to appear lumbosacral ministry, hip joint is continued or intermittency ache, perhaps appear lumbar stiff and bend over, squat down difficult wait for a circumstance, should vigilance ankylosing sex spondylitis, must arrive in time rheumatic immunity division diagnose. For the patients who show signs of hump, they need to go to the spinal surgery department. The spinal surgeon can intervene in the early stage and adopt brace treatment to correct kyphosis as much as possible.

At the beginning of Li Qing

Chief of spinal surgery division ii

Chief physicianDoctoral supervisor

Proficient in and early implementation of various minimally invasive spinal surgery, such as: Alif under endoscope assisted minimally invasive lumbar spine fusion surgery, posterior quandrant minimally invasive surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spine, posterior disc mirror mirror/intervertebral foramen and lumbar spinal stenosis disease treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, microscope, minimally invasive anterior fusion/non fusion technology for each type of cervical spondylosis, minimally invasive percutaneous puncture, radiofrequency ablation treatment for fiber ring source sex lumbago, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion prosthesis, minimally invasive percutaneous pedicle screw technique in the treatment of thoracolumbar fractures and lumbar fusion surgery, can independently accomplish all kinds of difficult and complicated spine surgery. Now, we have independently completed more than 8,000 minimally invasive spinal surgery, and more than 5,000 difficult and complex spinal surgery including various high cervical spine, scoliosis and spine revision, with the number of diagnosis and treatment and technical difficulty at the leading level in China.

Source: southern metropolis daily

Reporter: wang daobin

Photo source: department interviewed

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3D motor anatomy of back muscles (collectable) – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar spine

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3d motion anatomy of trapezius muscle

Trapezius muscle is the surface muscle located in the upper and middle back and divided into upper, middle and lower parts according to the direction of its muscle fibers.

Starting point: occipital eminence, upper cervical line, cervical ligament, all thoracic spine processes.

Stop point: upper band fibers — lateral 1/3 of the clavicle and middle lower band fibers of the acromial process — upper lip of the scapularis spine and the tip of the trapezius muscle are located in the subcutaneous part of the neck and back. One side is triangular, and the left and right sides are combined into an oblique square. It arises from occipital eminence, superior superior line, superior ligament, 7 cervical vertebra and all thoracic spine processes. The fibers are divided into upper, middle and lower parts, ending at lateral 1/3 of the clavicle, scapular ridge and acromion, respectively. When near fixation, the upper fibers converge to make the scapula lift, swing up and shrink back. The middle fiber contracts, causes the scapula to shrink back, to rotate up; The lower fibers contract so that the scapula falls and rotates upward.

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

3d kinematic anatomy of turbot muscle

The greater diamond-shaped muscle is a part of the diamond-shaped muscle and the lesser diamond-shaped muscle together constitute the diamond-shaped muscle.

The greater rhomboid arises from the 1-4 spinous processes of the thoracic spine and terminates at the spinal margin of the scapula.

There is a very thin layer of cellular tissue between the large and small rhomboid muscles.

back surgery

back surgery

3d kinematic anatomy of pectoralis spinosus

(pectoralis spinosus) and the nape (spinosus cervi), in which the spinosum is attached upward to the bone surface below the superior occipital line. Multifidi multifidi in the middle layer has short and slightly oblique muscle fibers that span 2-4 vertebrae diagonally, while rotatores in the deep layer have the shortest muscle fibers that span only one vertebrae diagonally. Contractions of the transverse spinous muscles on both sides result in posterior extension of the trunk, while unilateral contractions result in the trunk bending to the ipsilateral side and turning to the contralateral side. The transverse spinous process is supplied by all the posterior branches of the spinal nerve.

back surgery

back surgery

3d kinematic anatomy of the pectoralis longus muscle

Chest muscle longest

From:Sacrum, all lumbar spinous processes

Check in:All thoracic transverse processes, all costal angles and intercostal nodules, upper lumbar transverse processes

Joint effects:Bilateral contraction, posterior extension of the spine, maintain the upright posture of the body; Unilateral contraction, lateral curvature of the spine

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

3d kinematic anatomy of the lumbar iliac muscle

Iliocostalis: the iliocostalis can be divided into three regions: lumbar iliocostalis (starting from sacrum and iliac crest, ending from lumbar spine and 6th — 9th rib), thoracic iliocostalis (starting from 6 ribs below, ending from 6 ribs above), cervical iliocostalis (starting from 3 — 6 ribs, ending from transverse process of c4-6).

back surgery

back surgery

3d kinematic anatomy of multifissured muscles

Multifidus: this group of muscles is composed of many small muscles that extend from the sacrum region to the cervical spine. In most cases, each of the small muscles starts at the transverse process of the vertebra, then crosses two or four vertebrae and connects to the spinous process of one of the upper vertebrae.

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back surgery

Mayo clinic – walk high after spinal surgery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/lumbar spine/lower back

Gyles Randall had been living for years with widespread pain in his legs. When he could no longer stand the discomfort, he sought medical help and was surprised to be referred to a neurosurgeon. But this recommendation makes all the difference in the world.

An agricultural researcher specializing in soil fertility, nutrient management and farming, gyles Randall is used to being outdoors. Now retired, a former faculty member at the university of Minnesota holds a doctorate in soil science, and giles' work has brought him to the farmland of southern Minnesota for decades.

So when gyles started experiencing leg and back pain, it might have been easy to blame his years in the field on the culprit. But that's not the case. In fact, he felt better when he moved. "When I'm sitting at my desk in the office, the pain is more painful than when I'm standing or walking or working in the field," Mr. Giles said.

The pain was caused by the gradual wear and tear on his spine. After two spinal surgeries over the years, gyles was once again free to enjoy his active ways.

Stubborn pain

The problem began more than a decade ago, when gyles began experiencing pain in his waist, hips, legs, calves and ankles. He endured the discomfort until he could no longer ignore it. Randall evaluated his condition and was surprised to be referred to the neurosurgeon who recommended spinal fusion surgery.

A few days after retiring, Randall had an operation to fuse two vertebrae in the middle of the spine's lower back. The waist is located below the spine and helps support the weight of the trunk.

Gyles' operation was a success – it's been a while. "I had no pain for five years," he said. "Then in 2016, I started to notice some pain that got worse as the year went on."

Like his previous pain, gills made it last longer than he should. "You live with it," he said, "and soon you get to a point where life is not very pleasant." "Your body has a way of adjusting; You stoop or bend over. If you're walking around in an environment where other people know you, and you start to cringe, they'll say, 'you're not doing well and you're not comfortable? '"

Giles didn't do well. In addition to the pain radiating down, it began to affect the upper part of his spine. Although the problem originated in his waist, gyles felt it worked from his ankles to his neck. He received cortisone injections to ease the discomfort, but over time their effects began to diminish.

Healthy again

When the cortisone shooting stopped working in 2018, giles knew he needed another operation. At the time, the Mayo clinic medical system in mankato, minn., was expanding its spinal and neurosurgical practice by adding two neurosurgeons, meghan murphy, m.d., and Anthony burrows, m.d. When he learned that, gyles made an appointment.

Dr. Murphy performed gyles' second operation in December 2018. It involves decompression of the lumbar spine and fusion of the four lumbar discs. After the surgery, gyles underwent physical therapy at the Mayo clinic health system in his hometown of waseca, Minnesota. Since then, improvements have been significant.

'I'm glad,' said gills. "Shortly after the surgery, I stood up straight and in a great position. I felt like a new person."

Months after the operation, gyles still had some stiffness in his back. But the debilitating pain disappeared and he returned to a more active lifestyle.

He said: 'it wasn't easy but I was walking pretty fast and getting stronger. "I want to give all the credit to Dr. Murphy and her team for their surgical skills that transformed me from a hunchback full of pain to a very healthy, pain-free person, as I remember being at 50. "

Enomekon, who specializes in major diseases

Welfare buy! Know go out to be stuck in a traffic jam still not to put it in the car, of course backache! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | backache/lumbar spine/lumbar disc herniation

On the first day of the holiday, although I was in a lazy house, many of my friends were driving along the road. Some go home, some take road trips.

Every year this 7 days holiday we all understand, every go out there is not a year is not blocked!

lower back pain treatment

Every car owner's wish: can learn this special effect is good

Well, my male colleague drove for six hours straight to get out of the same traffic jam. And my bestie friend that returns home is very miserable, opened 4 hours to come home of instant old waist almost want to break!

Long advised her to buy two michal waist pad! An office USES a car to use, the result she all the time abandon mi qiao waist pad eats lotus root, be willing to use in the office not be willing to put her love car!

Ha ha, now regret blue gut! The car put a mi qiao waist cushion, let alone continuous 4 hours, 8 hours also elegant get off. Like my male colleague:

lower back pain treatment

Male colleague triumphant actual photograph

As for mi qiao waist pad a little bit eat lotus root this matter… Did I avoid it? Never!!!!

Even in our office it's got one that's as popular as the company's distribution:

lower back pain treatment

We also have been feeling the conscience to admit: it! It's ugly!

What can I do?Still not because a year many dozens of waist pad wheel with down, know wellIn effect, only mijo's cushion is reliable!

I don't count it myself. Mijo has been sold in two stores till today, more than 20,000.

lower back pain treatment

As a sedentary cod-dog & merchandise dog, only the "ugliest" mijo can actually correct my hunched posture.

Now michaud hasThe classic and new models are availableThe new model has been upgradedPneumatic regulating function,Support a variety of angles a variety of amplitude of fine tuning, more carefully fitted support waist, a word summary:More comfortable to lean on!

The baby of holiday full taste traffic jam adds buy up! One office, one car, long sitting is no longer difficult ~

lower back pain treatment

Michal pneumatic pressure relief cushion with daily price of ¥238It goes down 40 yen 198.Only a few dozen more expensive than the classic, the function can improve more than a little! Also want to continue the classic today also has the activity price,Drop 30 yuan to ¥139~

Anyhow, or that 100 come conscience price of piece, change lumbar vertebra a whole year comfortable!

New air conditioning upgrade

Press a press, more a pair of big hands firmly hold the waist!

How did I get to"The person on the waist pad must be in"The office health of the road? Is not the office after 90 young girl on the lumbar disc herniation diagnosis to scare……

Really, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes,IIt's hard to believe that young people are suffering more and more…(at that time, I took photos of all the diagnostic reports to remind myself of the sound of alarm.)

lower back pain treatment

Usually do not pay attention to the sitting position and sit for a long time, waist become ill unconsciously is a "prominent"!

At that time the little girl temporarily borrowed my bestie amway under the impulse of the ugly thing micao waist pad, and then my tragic story began: after the waist pad was taken away, I sat on the bare chair, empty heart, how to sit uncomfortable, at this time I just deeply feel the importance of the waist pad!

lower back pain treatment

What is it like to have a michal pad on your seat? Probably when you sit down,Just like having two hands holding the waist, no matter what sitting position, the waist will not fall apart, full of support, the whole back is relaxed, the shoulder is less painful.

lower back pain treatment

Otherwise all say "stand to talk not waist ache", once the person sits down, upper body weight has lumbar vertebra only in bearing, sitting position is wrong, can let lumbar vertebra increase the pressure of 40%, otherwise you think lumbar between dish protrusion is how come?

lower back pain treatment

But to always maintain the correct posture is too difficult, work is not in primary school, sitting a wrong, the teacher's ruler is down, so the most effective method is to add a waist pad.

lower back pain treatment

Here comes another experience: the old male dog,IThe hunchback sitting position has actually gone deep into the bone marrow, colleagues to my waist pad to borrow away, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my sitting position has become a lot of correct!

Moisten things silently, as long as the sitting position is slightly incorrect, the waist will return to the conditioned reflex to sit straight ~

The new pneumatic version of the reduced pressure cushion adds a pneumatic regulator to the back to inflate/deflate the waist cushion by pressing on the balloon,Different people adjust the strength of support.

lower back pain treatment

If you like the support strength to be strong and "hard", fill more air into the waist cushion. As the air enters the whole waist cushion, it will bulge up.Whether you lean back or forward, hold your waist tightly;(the term "hard" here does not mean hitting you like a stone, but the full feeling of elastic pounds.)

Do not need too strong support feeling to like "soft" a few can a few aeration do not inflate even, darling people press the feeling that goes up according to oneself to handle strength flexibly good. Release air to press the valve button above the balloon on the line, a key operation is very convenient ~

lower back pain treatment

(see, the cushion flattens when you deflate.)

I prefer full of gas state, with the air enter in among you can feel the waist position has a force up slowly, as if the whole waist in both respectively has a big bear, on the basis of the middle and more specifically a hand firmly support spine, whether I back against the rest or lean forward code word and the position of the waist is void, sit for a whole day waist no acid!

The baby that has not had the blessing to begin with up to now of course still can begin from classic, however since upgrade edition all went outIStrongly recommend a step into place the latest model is good!

There's no reason why people who buy new phones should buy a 7, right? What's more, mijo is not like the iphone has a big price difference, the new version and the classic version is also a small dozens of pieces, are less than 200 pieces of small money, no good tangle of ah!

Ugly looking support plate design

It is the core meaning of its good effect!

It's just a cushion, even though it's the same thing? If you think so, think again.

Soft embrace pillow besides lets your waist give a lot of sweat, have a bit warm preservation effect in winter, you cannot find the fulcrum that lets the waist borrow force at all.

The lumbar spine gets stuck in a soft material, and lack of support can actually accelerate its distortion.

lower back pain treatment

At the end of the day, this kind of waist pillow has only one psychological comfort for us.(it's really no use.)

lower back pain treatment

IAmway's mijo waist pad is shaped like a lung, which allows us to keep our waistBoth sides surrounded byThe stressThe back is specially fitted with 360° surround sound wrap support.

lower back pain treatment

That's what I said before, like two big hands holding the sides of the waist.

lower back pain treatment

The material of the waist pad is a kind of plastic synthetic environment-friendly adhesive called abs, which has a certain hardness.Good support and compression.

See the hole in the top? That is specially designed ventilation vent, long use not stuffy air permeability first-class! You can sit for 24 hours a day in the summer and not sweat on a mijo cushion.

lower back pain treatment

Plus there is a spring behind, as force Angle is different, lumbar cushion can adjust Angle accordingly, the all-around package of lung leaf modelling supports, won't let the waist have when without success.

lower back pain treatment

Not only in the office, but also in the car! With it, you can experience continuous driving 3 hours + get out of the car as usual waist not sour back not pain of chang shuang ~

lower back pain treatment

No matter the new classic style, the jacket of mi qiao waist cushion can be removed and cleaned directly, very convenient.

The height and strength of the pneumatic support can be adjusted with balloons; The classic back also has an adjustable gear that can be used by men, women, children, tall, fat and thin.

lower back pain treatment

The baby who bought the classic style told me that if the chair is too big, the waist cushion will be too close to the back. In this case, we can add a pillow behind the waist cushion to avoid this problem

lower back pain treatment

This cushion is needed by all families except office workers. Say dot, sitting position is wrong not only can hunchback still can myopic, this lumbar cushion can help bear child nurture a good habit, as if it is you sit beside the effect that reminds at every moment is same.

Pregnant mother also needs, the belly is bigger, the waist needs to support more, this lumbar cushion can alleviate many lumbar burden. Ps, if you have a husband who likes playing video games, give him one

lower back pain treatment

In any case, our office has a classic or several, after the new style of many colleagues also ring out the old and welcome the new, the classic style to take home to use, the office replaced with a better use of pneumatic upgrade, always do not treat the old waist.

Ergonomic waist pad

Maybe it's the secret of promotion and salary increase

This lumbar cushion that who falls in love with is domestic ergonomic office area bellwether mi qiao company designs, no matter prop lumbar vertebra, still remind the body to maintain correct sitting position, understand the heart of countless overtime work dog very much.

Everyone knows, Internet company all along is the heavy disaster area that works overtime, backache is program ape simply, male number dog, attack city lion these "animal" occupational disease.

So miqiao and tencent, hunting a lot of Internet companies have cooperation. You'll get a raise in the New Year because you're more productive, right?

lower back pain treatment

II also accidentally found that yu minhong of new Oriental used my same style waist pad ~

lower back pain treatment

Ma dad also called mijo professional ergonomics technology, can be said to be deeply approved by the big men ~

lower back pain treatment

According to the legal retirement age, our waist still has decades of pressure to suffer, in this investment of 100 yuan, is really too much value.

Are sedentary people in poor health? There are more terrible things than backache! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/backache/lumbar pain

back doctor

Lumbar padConcave and convex m-type design,

Based on the shape of the butt,

This design makes our hips more relaxed,

Avoid squeezing, block circulation,

More effectively reduce the occurrence of lumbar pain and sciatica.

back doctor

There are four raised massage points on the back and waist.

It can stimulate acupuncture points better to relax the body.

back doctor

And the 75° golden back elevation design,

Giving the body and lumbar spine a better posture,

Relax your entire lumbar spine and back,

No longer afraid of the backache caused by sitting for a long time,

It also automatically finds the correct sitting position after leaning on it,

A bent spine that had previously been considered a bad way to sit,

You'll get better adjustments.

back doctor

Not just corporate white collar workers,

Drivers and students are also frequent riders,

To make the author more comfortable and healthier,

Is a better design, better waist pad.

back doctor

Summer is just around the corner.

I dare not even wear one more dress.

This is comfortable, but isn't it hot?

Don't worry!!

The surface of the cloth cover has 4500 two-way air holes

Fast heat dissipation, fast perspiration,

Lean on it, even in the dog days

You don't feel any heat or humidity.

back doctor

Memory cotton has the function of anti-bacteria, anti-mite and anti-mildew.

Safe and environmentally friendly use.

Even if your coat is dirty

Detachable coat feels soft and delicate

durableZipper design

Easy to remove and replace, easy to clean

Wear-resisting durableNot out of shape

Even soaking in the heat for 2 hours

Wash it with other clothes

Do not have to worry about string color dyeing fading and other problems

back doctor

A lot of people who have used it have commented on it,

What breathability, good for lumbar spine,

Comfortable, the waist does not ache what!

back doctor

Currently, signewka3d is easy to support,

It's dark blue, it's tender,

Each color has its own characteristics,

And of course you can take them all home,

In the car, in the office or at home,It's all right.

back doctor

And on the price side,

The price in Germany is 26 euros.

(equivalent to 199 yuan)

It's not expensive, but who wouldn't want it cheaper?

Xiaobian everyone applied for a preferential price,

Now it's only 148 yuan,

You can take it home!

back doctor

The best lumbar support for a sedentary friend,

It can only protect usThe lumbar spine reduces stress,

Reduce pain, reduce fatigue.

The best way to protect the lumbar spine,

Or sit for a long time and move around.

The body is the capital, health is the king.

back doctor

The ryukyu signewka

Space memory cotton relief waist pad

Recommended price for small series

148 yuan/a(two colors optional)

Purchase method:

Click on the followingRead the originalAnd fill inName, phone number, shipping addressYou can place the order, and the goods will be delivered as soon as possible.Free delivery nationwide, cash on delivery.

Left left left

A set of multi – muscle spine exercises to relieve pain all over the body – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine

This set of multiple bifous muscle spinal health care movement, fusion of basic medicine, anatomy and sports mechanics, solve the human body parts deep and recurrent pain! Even if sitting in the office, you can also find 10 minutes to exercise, ease the pain all over the body!

Multifarious muscle is composed of a lot of small bundle muscle, symmetrical in vertebra seam two side, can carry out the small movement between deep and fine vertebra, maintain the stable action of spinal column, it is very crucial muscle group.

how to relieve back pain fast

The length of multifissured muscles in children is about 0.5 cm, and that in adults is about 2 cm, among which a section distributed in the lumbar region is the most obvious and the most developed. Therefore, chronic lumbago is often related to the regression of multifissured muscle strength function, and the endurance and stability of deep multifissured muscles become poor, and the superficial erectus spines will be overburdened.

If you think of the spinal system as a building, the steel in it is the bones, the cables are the muscles, the shock absorbers are the tendons, the water pipes are the nerves, and all these elements combine to make a complete building. Although the polyfissured muscles, which fit deep in the spine, are extremely small, they play the most important role in stabilizing the building of the human body.

One, wrist ache – turn wrist

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Stand upright with the soles of your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes in line with the b line. Palms united, interphalangeal height upward toward the front of the center of the cervical spine, shoulders relaxed, arms inside lightly clip the ribs on both sides.

Step 2.Rotate slowly from between your fingers until your hands are facing each other, back of your hands against your wrists, keeping your spine upright.

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 3.Turn down with the middle finger as the guide, in sequence from the tip of the nose to the middle point of the throat sternum, also from the cervical vertebra to the front of the sternum. While the back of your hand is rotating, keep your wrists close together, shoulders relaxed to a horizontal line, and your back upright.

Step 4.The fingers extend along the front of the sternum, keeping the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints parallel to the floor.

Applicable object & effect:Long time use of the mouse, holding pens, slide phone, calculator, lactation and drawing work, fingers and wrist repetitive and excessive use, lead to peripheral nerves oppressed or nerve conduction is blocked, hand tight, bilge, pain, etc, all can improve the arm with the wrist of crossing their turn and related nerve, muscle caused by excessive fatigue state of numbness.

Training site from fingertips, wrist, elbow, shoulder, scapular, thoracic spine joints such as muscles, blood vessels, nerve torsional stretch.

Sore shoulders and neck – fold palms and pull neck

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest straight, neck still, eyes level, hands clasped, palms pointed at nose level.

Step 2.The head and neck neither bend nor back, the back of the hand to stick, palm point high point slowly turned to the nose.

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 3.The middle finger of both palms passes down the nasal tip to cervical vertebra level 1, and the multifissured muscle group starts cervical vertebra forward flexion.

Step 4.Tip your fingertips from your neck to your chin and push forward, keeping your wrists together and your thumbs down. Cervical spine alignment, both hands ready to return to the original hand clasp.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for computer clan, clerical clan, drama fans, mobile game clan, postpartum nursing, elderly and other long-term head and neck posture too long people. By training the extension and contraction of the multifissured muscles of the cervical spine, the pain and discomfort of the head, shoulders and neck can be relieved.

Lower back pain – push back slightly

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart. Both hands are at ease in the lumbar spine position. Inhale with your back straight and eyes straight ahead.

Step 2.When exhaling, the lumbar spine is pushed backward, the thoracic spine is bent forward, and the multifissured muscles are stretched. Both hands slide from the lumbar spine to the navel.

Step 3.Inspiratory sequence will be the tail vertebra → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multi – fissure muscle contraction. Fingertips relaxed, pull from the shoulder joint, with a section of a multi-split muscle contraction sequence, two elbows cross in front of the thoracic vertebra.

Step 4.The shoulder joint continues to be pulled toward the ceiling, the arm inside is close to the ears, and extends vertically upward, keeping the spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for lower back pain, long sitting, long standing, long-distance transportation, late pregnancy, the use of limited space to stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccyx compression problem. When the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscle group contracts, it can activate the muscle group of the back. In addition to the blood circulation driven by the resistance to gravity, the lumbar back push and straight action can also deeply stimulate the intestines and stomach, achieving self-massage effect.

Knee pain – push back on hip

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands up and clasp them inside your hips. The spine maintains a neutral line.

Step 2.Straighten your knees with your weight behind your heels and tailbone. Body forward bend, lumbar and coccygeal multi – split muscle group light contraction, forward tilt to maintain the back line.

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 3.Knees slightly squat, drive the tail spine back. The lumbar spine stretches, causing the lumbar coccyx and pelvis to change position and stretching the muscle fibers of the multifissured muscles.

Step 4.Drive lumbar vertebra from coccyx, let rachis appear c shape from the side, extend whole muscle group of many fissure muscle, let nerve compression alleviate a little.

Applicable object & effect:Through stretching and flexion of the knee to stretch, further alleviate knee pain, at the same time can stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccygeal compression problem.

Sore soles of feet – lift knee to waist

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart, feet on the ground. From the palms of the hands to the elbows, elbows at shoulder level, with the center of the neck and chest spine.

Step 2.When inspiratory, lumbar vertebra and coccygeal vertebra maintain much fissure muscle group is stable, elbow joint is pulled down, both hands turns over for hand back to stick. Stand on tiptoe with the ball of your foot off the ground and move the knee up.

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 3.Exhale from cervical vertebra → thoracic vertebra → coccyx vertebra bend, extend the multifissured muscle group. Keep your toes on tiptoe and the balls of your feet off the ground, lifting your knees. When bending your body, turn your fingertips from up to down in sync with the back of your hands facing each other.

Step 4.The inhaling arm gradually flattens out in front of the thoracic spine. Step back on the balls of your feet and relax your knees. Keep your spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effectSuitable for the elderly and lower back pain, sitting, standing for a long time, after pregnancy, in addition to foot movement can relieve foot pain, at the same time can stretch lumbar fatigue, improve the tail compression problem.

Raise the knee and bring the waist to combine the pressure relief action of the foot arch with the contraction of the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscles, which can drive the back muscles to activate the collateral circulation and the lumbar coccygeal muscles.

At the beginning of the movement, the thoracic spine of the upper body is centered. Then, the muscle strength and tension of the multifissured muscles of the lumbar spine and coccyx are trained to drive the movement of the knee joint and ankle joint, stimulate the peripheral blood circulation, increase the muscle elasticity between the spine and spine, and reduce the nerve compression.

Body stiffness – bend backward

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 1.Move your back away from the back of your chair and look straight ahead. Keep your feet on the ground horizontally. Place your fingertips toward the ceiling with the center of the cervicothoracic spine.

Step 2.Exhale cervical vertebra forward bend, drive to coccygeal vertebra many fissure muscle group to extend. The fingertips of both hands are pulled down from the eyebrow center to the cervical vertebra to the thoracic vertebra to the lumbar vertebra, which drives the back of the hand to attach to the wrist joint. At the same time the wrist and elbow joints are pulled down toward the floor.

how to relieve back pain fast

Step 3.Inspiratory fingertip is guided from coccyx → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multifissured muscle is pulled and straightened. Abduction of both hands parallel to stabilize bilateral multifissures.

Step 4.Exhale and pull your arms forward to stabilize the spinal muscular endurance, and finally return to the original position of the spine straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for obese people, pregnant women, elderly, and the burden of the upper body, lower limb joints can not bear weight. This motion can move the deep vertebra of narrow space, improve lumbar because sit for a long time, stand for a long time the muscle group that suffers compression, to thoracic vertebra and heart and lung also is a kind of slight muscle strength exercise.

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Look back on the past

3 step rehabilitation treatment, bid farewell to patellar tendinitis

New mom holding baby often arm pain? Rehabilitation and remission, just these 3 steps

8 moves, 7 weeks to get a firm body, pelvis thighs three inches

What reason is abrupt waist ache to cause? Instant back pain relief tips are simple and reliable – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain relief/sciatica/back pain

Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately? Let's talk about a sudden back pain

Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately?

Let's start by talking about what causes sudden back pain. There are many reasons, such as lumbar disc herniation, sprain, fracture, tumor, infection, and so on.

Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation besides lumbar ache, companion has the strip that buttocks aches and one side leg more, discharge kind is painful, right now namely lumbago adds sciatica.

Standing with the upper body tilted to one side because of the pain, the shoulders on both sides are obviously high and low. When you're in bed, you can't keep your legs straight. Instead, lie on your side and bend your knees. The disease has a high prevalence and is common in life.

Acute lumbar sprain is more than a casual movement such as turn around, get up and suddenly feel waist flash, waist pain unbearable, dare not bend, walk carefully, serious turn over is difficult, even cough back pain will increase.

A lumbar fracture, such as a sudden pain after slipping in the bathroom, can be caused by a fracture.

A history of malignant tumors in the lumbar spine, or a recent bout of back pain with significant weight loss, should be suspected.

A sudden bout of back pain, if accompanied by fever, may be caused by an infection.

What reason is abrupt waist ache to cause? In addition to the above by the lumbar or lumbar lesions caused by orthopedic disease, may also be internal diseases caused by the viscera.

If one side waist is painful suddenly, ache rise to death, companion has nausea, vomiting, hematuria to wait for a symptom, want to suspect is kidney stone.

If it is a woman suddenly back pain, also exclude gynecological emergencies.

Visible, what reason is sudden lumbar ache caused? The etiology of sudden back pain is various, and should be combined with the patient's own medical history, as well as the incidence of the disease to judge. The aunt zhang at the beginning of this article is the acute lumbar sprain after the action of flicking the waist.

No matter what causes the sudden back pain, it is best to see a doctor in time, identify the cause, follow the doctor's advice for appropriate treatment, and then supplemented with immediate relief of back pain tips to help ease the pain.

What are some simple and reliable ways to instantly relieve back pain? The details are as follows:

1. Bed rest: for patients with severe pain, short-term bed rest can not only alleviate the pain in the back, but also play a positive role in long-term rehabilitation. However, bed rest is generally not recommended for more than 2 weeks. As the pain subside, moderate daily activities are needed.

2. Hot compress after cold compress: it is recommended to apply cold compress within 48 hours after the occurrence of waist pain, and apply hot compress after 48 hours.

3. Waist circumference: waist circumference can relieve pain and prevent acute aggravation by restricting spinal activity. During wearing, it is recommended to loosen the belt at least 1-2 times a day.

4. Oral drugs: oral medications for pain killer is clinically very commonly used a small coup, immediately relieve back pain while painkillers such as ibuprofen has some relief, but take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the long-term effect is not good, acute orthopaedic backache can take proprietary Chinese medicine lumbago ning capsule, has a good promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, local repair.

The drug is mainly used in clinical treatment of common cold and wet type lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other diseases, prominent performance is when cold pain is increased, when temperature is light. Lumbar tongning capsule powder cold dehumidification, temperature channel tongluo, detumescence pain, similar to the internal body of a comprehensive heat treatment. And pharmacological studies have confirmed that it effectively inhibits inflammation, promote swelling, pain relief.

Moreover, the cost of lumbago capsule is not expensive, about 35 yuan per day, and many places are covered by medical insurance, quite affordable. Most people take it for 7-10 days and feel relief. But there are also individual patients may have a mild but severe pain, which is a "therapeutic response." Remember, you don't need to stop taking the medicine, just keep taking it. If we stop taking the medicine, all our efforts will be wasted. Lumbago ning capsule cost-effective, is a good way to relieve the pain in the immediate small action.

How should be disease of protrusion of dish between hair waist first health care? Learn quickly, otherwise serious can only surgery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar spine/lower back/lumbar disc herniation

Need to remind is: lumbar disc herniation and three high disease, almost impossible to cure, may be the next few decades will be repeatedly plagued by it, but can be achieved through long-term self-care not worse.

The first occurrence of lumbar disc herniation, many patients are not obvious waist pain and other symptoms, but will have lower limbs numbness, pain, acid, cold feeling, such patients with lumbar disc herniation can accept conservative treatment, and need to adhere to long-term self-care.

1. Strengthen your back muscles. Strengthen your lower back with exercises that stabilize your spine, improve posture, and share some of the burden of your disc. Really make the disc stress even, reduce the load.

back surgery

Commonly used lumbar back muscle exercises method to have buttock bridge, prone pull pull method, small yan fei, simple and effective, each movement needs to hold 5 seconds, rest 3 seconds. Repeat 30 times to keep a steady mind.

Hip bridge

back surgery

Help me stretch

back surgery

The little swallow

back surgery

Don't ask for speed and quantity. When doing these exercises, stick to your maximum strength, because the last few seconds of shivering are the longest muscles.

And the above mentioned three waist back muscle exercise method, is for different people, different physique. Just choose the one that suits you and stick with it.

2. Adjust your daily posture. Besides exercise, it is also very important to adjust and pay attention to your daily posture. No matter be sitting to stand to walk, should stand waist to raise head, avoid by all means bend over. When your waist is straight and pressed, the muscles can carry the weight to all the joints in your body, and the pressure on the lumbar spine is reduced. If you bend over, all the weight is put on the lumbar spine, which hurts a lot. So keep your back straight and learn to use your psoas muscles for strength, not your lumbar spine, so you can maintain good posture.

back surgery

Keep a good and positive attitude. Believe that you can overcome it. Be patient with mild pain as long as your doctor gives you scientific guidance and proper movement.

4. If conservative treatment fails and the following symptoms occur, surgical treatment should be considered:

back surgery

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Back pain old or old watch out for multiple myeloma osteopathy – health world – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/lumbar spine


Back pain old or not should be careful of multiple myeloma bone disease


Since his retirement, grandpa wang followed the old group around the world, the circle of friends every day have a different card tag, the old guys are praise his health is good! But in recent 3 months, grandpa wang has been feeling back pain, the pain part is very fixed, at first I thought it was too tired to play, can rest is not good. In the last month, the body has been wearing a band along the back pain. Every part of the body feels weaker below the band. I got up early this morning and felt unsteady on my feet. I hurried to see a doctor. Do not see do not know, the spine actually grew a big tumor!

What kind of tumor targets the bone? What effect does this tumor have after it invades the bone? What should we do about it? Today we begin to unravel the most common primary spinal tumor, multiple myeloma.

What are the common symptoms of multiple myeloma?

Bone pain is the most common initial symptom of multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma can produce osteolytic lesions in the bone, and about 70 percent of patients experience significant pain at the site of the lesion. Due to more invasion of the spine, skull, ribs, long bone proximal end, with the spine most often involved, the lower thoracic and lumbar spine more common, so many patients often due to back pain first diagnosis. When progression of the lesion leads to a pathological fracture, patients who are not in pain often experience local pain, and patients who are already in local pain experience a sudden increase in pain. About 8-10% of patients will suffer from spinal cord or nerve compression caused by pathological fracture of the spine or growth of solid tumors, resulting in impaired nerve function, and even paraplegia and defecation. Therefore, a series of clinical complications such as pathological fracture, spinal cord and nerve root compression, osteoporosis, hypercalcemia and bone pain caused by osteolytic destruction of myeloma are called multiple myeloma osteopathy.

Does multiple myeloma bone disease matter?

Currently, effective hematologic treatment and health guidance have enabled more than half of patients with multiple myeloma with only osteolytic lesions to survive for more than 5 years and a significant number for more than 10 years. However, these treatments are still not effective in curing bone lesions. Patients who have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and are scheduled for treatment are still at risk for bone-related events. Associated with bone-related events such as fractures and paralysis are pain, decreased quality of life, surgery, and a higher risk of death. These patients need our orthopedic help.

How does an orthopedic surgeon diagnose multiple myeloma?

A complete diagnosis of multiple myeloma usually requires a clear history of multiple myeloma, typical clinical manifestations of the disease, and appropriate imaging results. Patients with multiple myeloma who have been diagnosed in the hematology department, the diagnosis process is relatively simple. For patients with bone pain, pathological fracture, bone destruction, nerve compression or soft tissue mass first diagnosed in the orthopedic department, the orthopedic doctor will confirm the diagnosis of multiple myeloma through bone marrow examination or blood and urine immunoglobulin test. Next, the orthopedic surgeon will perform X-ray, ct, mri and even pet/ct imaging examinations to reveal the lesion area, tumor cell proliferation activity, extramedullary lesions, and compression of spinal cord and nerve roots, so as to observe the infiltration of bone marrow and the type of infiltration, and evaluate the therapeutic effect. When necessary, the orthopedic surgeon will cooperate with the hematologist to select the appropriate site for the first biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

What circumstance needs orthopedic operation to intervene?

The current view is that surgical intervention is only an auxiliary way to treat multiple myeloma. The purpose of the surgery is not to eradicate multiple myeloma, but to improve the quality of life of patients and create conditions for continuing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At present, domestic experts generally believe that the following conditions can be treated by surgery: (1) multiple myeloma combined with spinal instability or pathological fracture; (2) multiple myeloma spinal lesions compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots resulting in progressive impairment of nerve function; (3) refractory pain site is clear and consistent with the location of multiple myeloma bone disease; (4) limbs long bone pathological fracture or potential pathological fracture: (5) puncture or open biopsy to provide pathological diagnosis. However, if the patient is in poor general condition, unable to tolerate surgery, or heart, lung and renal failure cannot be controlled, or severe coagulation dysfunction cannot be corrected, or severe infection cannot be controlled, surgical treatment is not appropriate. At the same time, patients should be subjected to rigorous evaluation by a hematologist prior to surgical treatment, and prognosis should be assessed with reference to staging and risk stratification (expected survival time > 3 months). The latest evidence-based medicine view holds that surgery should be performed as soon as possible when paraplegia or pathologic fracture of long bone develops rapidly in a short period of time. In other cases, it is recommended to first receive more than one course of systemic hematology-led treatment before assessing the need for surgery.

How do orthopedic surgeons intervene in multiple myeloma?

Orthopedic surgeons generally select the appropriate type of surgery according to the tumor growth site to carry out targeted surgery to create conditions for the follow-up treatment of patients. Depending on the lesion site, surgery generally includes minimally invasive vertebroplasty (PVP/PKP) of the spine and open resection of the tumor, decompression, and internal fixation. Excision or curettage of the long bone of extremities and pelvis plus bone cement filling; Artificial femoral head replacement for pathologic fracture of femoral neck; Partial sacral or total sacral resection of the sacrum. If the bone continuity destruction is involved, local reconstruction of continuity is required. In addition to multiple myeloma caused by systemic spread of neoplastic proliferating plasma cells, there are two other types of plasma cell tumors, including extramedullary plasma cell tumors in soft tissues and solitary plasma cell tumors in bone. Both are local neoplastic hyperplasia of plasma cells, and although they are likely to eventually develop into multiple myeloma, early detection and extensive resection can be effective and even curable.

What else should be done after the operation?

Hematologic chemotherapy, targeted therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation are the basis and most important components for the treatment of multiple myeloma osteopathy. Patients with creatinine clearance ≥30 ml/min should be treated with bisphosphonates in addition to systemic anti-myeloma therapy. In addition, patients should be followed up for life. After surgical treatment, in addition to routine hematologic examination, imaging evaluation of the surgical site should be performed regularly. Currently, imaging examination is recommended every 6 to 12 months.

Early detection is key. If you have similar local bone pain old bad symptoms, do go to the hospital to see. No serious illness is at ease, ill health we orthopedics will stand for you the last guard.

Authors: institute of medical science, fudan university

The orthopaedic

Zhang taiwei, Lin hong

Proofread: dong jian

Medical xiao nursing 2384 The 2019-09-23,

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

Orthopaedic expert 1 method, improve neck shoulder waist leg joint to ache, 1 agent drug reduces gout, rheumatism! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/leg pain

Director of orthopedics expert ren deguang prompts: summer Yang qi exuberant, life elements if not timely supplement, all kinds of symptoms will become more serious, and in summer to alleviate bone disease faster, less cost. Therefore, it is suggested that patients with bone disease should not miss the better time for treatment.

At 9:50 this morning,Director ren deguang is invited to the program "big doctor this cottage" of shandong satellite TV, for everyone to bring cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion, knee arthritis, gout and other orthopedic diseases prevention and solution, and bring a few ease neck shoulder waist leg pain tips! Welcome aboard!

how do i relieve back pain

Domestic orthopedics and traumatology experts and scholars, under the guidance of national master yan zhenghua, the fourth generation disciple of meng he medical school, member of the consultation committee of integrated Chinese and western medicine, member of the minimally invasive bone disease research team of the Chinese medical association. Shandong satellite TV "big doctor this cottage" invited experts, Beijing satellite TV "Yang sheng tang" micro-broadcast invited experts. He has published more than 10 papers related to bone diseases, and has a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements. He was invited to participate in the medical summit of Nobel Prize winners.

Good at in

Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, knee arthritis, sciatica, bone arthritis, bone hyperplasia, tenosynovitis, synovitis, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, the mouse hand, fasciitis, muscle membrane inflammation, Achilles tendinitis and soft tissue injury, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine for relief with minimally invasive dial the waist, neck, shoulder, knee pain has a wealth of experience.

Director ren deguang reveals the characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for bone disease

Director ren deguang reveals the secret of live broadcasting

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

Many people feel that cervical spondylosis uncomfortable but not fatal, paste some plaster or take some painkillers can get through, but do not know the harm of cervical spondylosis is not only in the neck so simple, it will also appear in other parts of the body symptoms, induce more than 70 diseases, and even send the possibility of paralysis!

Cervical spondylosis induces more than 70 diseases

C1: insufficient cerebral blood supply, dizziness, migraine, insomnia, lethargy, forgetfulness, burnout, neck hypertension.

C2: headache, dizziness, insomnia, drowsiness, tinnitus, sore eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis.

C3: dizziness, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, visual impairment, hearing loss, eczema, toothache, inability to open mouth.

C4: dizziness, hiccups, sore throat, nausea, amblyopia, numbness of hands, nasal congestion, toothache.

C5: chest pain, bradycardia, asthma, blood pressure fluctuation, vocal hoarseness, nausea, stiffness of neck and shoulder, fire, periarthritis of shoulder.

C6: cough and asthma, sore throat, fluctuation of blood pressure, swelling of tonsil, stiff neck, shoulder pain, numbness of thumb and thumb, numbness and pain of lateral upper limb.

C7: sore throat, asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, thyroid disease, numbness in the 4th and 5th finger, neck root, shoulder pain, shoulder hardening, cold, numbness in the posterior medial side of upper limbs.

Lumbar spondylosis is a common disease among the elderly. It is very painful for patients, and it will make people's movement difficult and bring a big blow to normal life.

Seven major complications of lumbar spine disease

1, infection,

Postoperative incision infection can be seen and intervertebral space infection may occur.

2. Unstable spine

In some patients, leg pain disappeared and back pain persisted.

3. Nerve injury

Nerve roots can be damaged during surgery, either epidural or epidural.

4. Damage to large blood vessels

The most common type of injury is a large vascular injury to the posterior wall of the abdomen.

5. Adhesion and scar

Adhesion and scarring often occur in the exposed part of the dura after the nerve root and laminectomy at the surgical site, which may cause back pain or radiating pain of the nerve root.

6. Organ injury

Vascular injury may be accompanied by other organ injury, such as bladder, ureter or small intestine.

7. Cerebrospinal fluid fistula or meningeal pseudocyst

Cerebrospinal fluid fistula occurred in 3 ~ 4 days after surgery. Dural membrane pseudocyst appears more in a few months after the operation lumbar leg pain, in the operation scar or lumbosacral department has spherical cystic material and dura adhesion. Compression of cystic masses can cause sciatica.

Knee osteoarthritis

how do i relieve back pain

Knee arthritis is one of the most common degenerative knee diseases, the incidence of which is closely related to age, especially the elderly women are more prone to the disease, high disability rate. More than half of people over the age of 60 have knee arthritis.

4 major complications of knee arthritis

1. Persistent pain

Chronic pain can develop as the joint progresses, or if left untreated.

2. Joint deformity

As arthritis progresses or joint damage increases, patients may also develop joint deformities.

3. Joint dysfunction

In later stages, as the joint is destroyed, it can eventually lead to joint dysfunction and even complete immobility in some patients.

Muscle atrophy

There are some patients because of the occurrence of arthritis, increased pain, unwilling to move the limb, will cause atrophy of the muscles around the joint.

how do i relieve back pain

In recent years, the incidence of hyperuricemia and gout increased year by year due to the improvement of living standard and unbalanced diet structure. The main manifestation is joint pain.

6 major complications of gout

1. Gout nephropathy

The development of gout nephropathy is relatively slow, but not as timely treatment, will lead to renal injury, the ultimate development of renal failure.

Kidney stones

With the continuous increase of uric acid in the urine of patients, the acidity of the urine gradually increases, and the accumulation cannot be excreted in the kidney, causing functional disorders, which are likely to develop into kidney stones.

3. Diabetes

As gout patients are more obese and have no diet rhythm, it is easy to lead to poor insulin sensitivity, which leads to diabetes.

4. Hypertension

In patients with gout, renal function is reduced due to long-term hyperuric acid symptoms, which induces renal hypertension.

5. Femoral head necrosis

Clinical discovery, gout often accompanies a variety of lipoprotein to rise, cause adipose embolism, cause femur head necrotic finally.

Hardening of the arteries

If gout is not treated effectively and promptly, persistent excess uric acid may accumulate and crystallize in the coronary arteries, causing atherosclerosis in severe cases.

If you have cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other orthopedic diseases want to consult, long press the following two-dimensional code, directly to ren deguang director free to ask questions!

how do i relieve back pain

[tips] after submitting your health problem, you can scan the code and join the group, and interact with the expert team in real time to solve your health problem.

how do i relieve back pain

Drag it

how do i relieve back pain

Some patients are afraid of bone disease money, no attention, long drag not cure, the result of minor disease drag into a major disease, illness aggravation, cost more; There are some patients do not know how to solve, afraid of surgery, afraid of surgery, afraid of drug side effects, delay opportunities.

Rehabilitation eager

Bone disease lasts a long time without treatment, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more painful, leading to mobility problems. Many patients began to worry, but not conducive to recovery.

Drug abuse

how do i relieve back pain

Bone disease is acute and painful, and many patients rely on pain relievers. Long-term abuse of painkillers does not play a therapeutic role, but tends to form dependence and cause irreversible consequences.

how do i relieve back pain

"Pulling out the needle" in the ancient "neijing" should be called giant needle, the northern song "qiong yao god book" needle, also exists, the qing dynasty folk bone production application, folk has been used.

Master yan zhenghua and director ren deguangAfter many years of clinical research, the needle pulling instrument has been improved, and the clinical summary has been made, the basic theory has been reorganized, and the needle pulling instrument has been improved to "z" shape.

how do i relieve back pain

The effect of the eight – needle method

1. The needle can penetrate through all layers of soft tissue, and the needle can penetrate through 360 degrees on one level from one point.

2, can play a blunt separation, release the pain of soft tissue adhesion.

3, play a role of leverage, produce mechanical pressure on soft tissues, and relieve pressure on the tendon sheath of the fascia in the painful position.

4. Eliminate soft tissue tension and spasm through blunt separation and lever action.

5. Remove local edema and pressure between fascia, eliminate thickening of fascia and contact pain.

6. The needle can stimulate the circulation of warm and cold, activate blood and qi, and repair the injured soft tissues.

Case 1: Ms. Fang shan li suffered from knee arthritis in Beijing. She refused surgery and sought for traditional Chinese medicine. What is the effect?

Ms. Li, who lives in fangshan, Beijing, slipped and fell in heavy snow 30 years ago, causing damage to her meniscus. In 2015, her knee joints slowly began to deform due to trauma and aging, and her symptoms became more and more obvious.

The pain made it impossible for her to walk or leave the house, and she had to stay at home. Accompanied by my family, I went to several big hospitals in succession. The doctor suggested knee replacement surgery, which was very traumatic and expensive. Ms li faces a dilemma.

Below the proposal of the daughter, miss li finds director ren deguang, begin to accept Chinese traditional medicine to alleviate, below the recuperation of acupuncture therapy and Chinese traditional medicine, miss li feels pain to alleviate slowly, leg is warm.

Case 2: how to relieve the pain of patients with gout in 10 years by acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine?

Mr. Wang is a physical education teacher. He used to drink cold beer after sports. Gout started 10 years ago. Fingers could not bend and were swollen like bread.

Western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine tried 2 months, accepted the needle therapy of director ren deguang till, look at a symptom, feel pulse, look at tongue coating, arrive again examine and treat, Mr. Wang finger reduces gradually swollen, the symptom of articular ache also got ameliorative.

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

If you want to know how director ren USES acupuncture therapy and traditional Chinese medicine decoction to deal with a troublesome bone disease, you can watch the webcast of big medical doctor from 7 PM to 8:30 PM today (June 11, 2019). Experts will give details and answer your questions. Watch the way at the end of the article introduction ~

how do i relieve back pain

1. What are the common factors that induce spinal diseases?

2. Why are bone diseases difficult to relapse?

3. Advantages and disadvantages of conventional treatment for osteoarthritis

3. Wonderful treatment for bone disease — what is a needle?

4. How to deal with orthopedic diseases such as lumbar disc protrusion, shoulder periarthritis and gout?

5. How to prevent bone disease?

Explain case of arthritis of cervical vertebra disease, lumbar process disease, knee?

how do i relieve back pain

[tips] after submitting your health problem, you can scan the code and join the group, and interact with the expert team in real time to solve your health problem. (as shown below)

how do i relieve back pain

Submit questions

Sweep the code into the group

▪ way of asking questions

Click on the end""Enter the studio, click [quick questions] message, experts can see your questions, if there is no time to reply during the live, after the end of the live will also contact you, give guidance and advice.

how do i relieve back pain

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