lumbar spine pain relief – How did you manage to push your lumbar disc out so hard?

Zou auntie, 63, who lives in xishan district of kunming city, suffered from lumbago and hip pain a year ago, accompanied by numbness in both lower limbs, especially the left one. When she developed symptoms, she did not go to the hospital for treatment, but took painkillers to keep her ill.

Three months ago, due to the pain in her lower back and legs that affected her life, aunt zou was repeatedly persuaded by her family to go to the local hospital for examination and diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. After symptomatic treatment, the symptoms were relieved. But good times is not long, passed only a more than a month, her lower limbs hemp ache aggravated again, appear for a time walk difficulty.

"Every time walk two or three hundred meters leg pain can not stand, more than a step is no good, can only stand in place to rest. Zou said that when her relatives learned that she had been ill for a long time, they recommended her to come here. "Several of my relatives have been treated here, physiotherapists, small needle knives, basically one good one, so I hurried here."

In clinic, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is closely related to the work and life of patients. Referring to her job when she was young, aunt zou said with great interest that she came from the countryside and worked as a farmer for 20 or 30 years. Later, she also worked as a factory worker. In recent years, when I was older, I went to a restaurant to work and worked as a nanny. 'every job is hard physical work,' she said firmly. 'maybe that's how you get a herniated disc.'

As for aunt zou's speculation, zhang xin, director of the spinal department, gave his approval. He said, simply speaking, the pathogenesis of lumbar disc herniation has internal and external causes. Internal cause is a foundation, basically be a person to arrive at certain age, lumbar vertebra can produce regressive sex change, this is a truth with long furrow on the face, it is irreversible. The external cause is the condition, which refers to certain predisposing factors, such as long-term body load, strain, poor posture and so on.

lumbar spine

▲ lumbar process compression nerve

According to zhang xin, lumbar disc herniation is caused by the interplay of "internal and external factors", in which the annulus fibrosus of the disc ruptures and the central nucleus pulposus flows out through the small incision, eventually stimulating or pressing the adjacent nerve root. The earliest symptoms are lumbago, followed by numbness and weakness in the lower extremities.

In terms of treatment methods, according to the patient's medical history, treatment history, symptoms, clinical examination, mri and other clinical data, the spine experts suggested aunt zou to receive surgery. In this regard, zhang xin explained that according to the treatment principle of "ladder therapy", because the patient is now in a serious advanced stage, conservative, interventional and minimally invasive methods are impossible to fundamentally solve the problem, so surgery is a more scientific and appropriate method.

It is understood that lumbar disc herniation surgery is to remove the focus of the disc, remove the bone hyperplasia and hypertrophic ligament in the spinal canal, in order to expand the canal, remove nerve compression. For the "space" left between the two vertebrae after the disc is removed, the doctor will implant a material called "cage" to connect the upper and lower vertebrae and maintain the height of the spine. The final pins and rods are inserted to stabilize and support two or more adjacent vertebrae.

lumbar spine

▲ director zhang xin and assistant for careful treatment of patients

According to zhang xin, surgery is the "ultimate treatment" for lumbar disc herniation and the last step in the "ladder treatment". Although the trauma was larger than other methods and the recovery period was longer, the postoperative effect was relatively thorough and stable.

After careful consideration, aunt zou and her husband unanimously decided to carry out the operation. Later, director zhang xin assisted the patient with the successful operation.

lumbar spine

Review results show a good recovery

After the surgery, aunt zou gradually recovered under the careful treatment and nursing of medical staff, and the symptoms of numbness and pain in lower limbs were significantly relieved. "The doctors are skilled and the fees are reasonable. This hospital has come to the right place." Zou said she and her husband are very satisfied with the treatment.

Director zhang xin told her that she should not engage in heavy physical labor in the future, and should pay attention to waist maintenance, for example, avoid sitting and standing for a long time, pay attention to keeping warm, and correct bad posture.

Lumbar disc herniation if left untreated, may cause compression of the lumbar nerve, with the aggravation of the herniation, nerve compression may also continue to aggravate, and even cause injury. Nerve damage is irreversible and can only be resolved surgically. So, lumbar dash forward must be treated in time.

Expert introduction


Orthopedics professional professional bone treatment

Zhang Xin

Title (service) : / deputy director of the spine (2) the attending physician/doctor association pain physician branch committee of yunnan province, yunnan province medical association sports health club/China the second committee of minimally invasive spine group members not public medical institution association of professional committee of the bone, the first committee/spinal cord injury rehabilitation medical association professional committee of yunnan province

Areas of expertise:Interventional, minimally invasive and open treatment of various spinal diseases, disc herniation and vertebral compression fracture

Expert profile: graduated from changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine bone injury department, hospital young backbone experts, spine health lecturer. Successively studied spinal surgery in the third affiliated hospital of henan university of traditional Chinese medicine and kunming general hospital of PLA.

It has rich clinical experience in the minimally invasive treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation, thoracolumbar compression fracture (discscope, intervertebral foramen, vertebral body shaping), the open treatment of spinal fracture, minimally invasive internal fixation and other fields, and has successfully cured thousands of patients with cervical disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and spinal fracture. He has published 5 papers in domestic medical core journals.

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lumbar spine pain relief – So these are all causes of lumbar disc herniation, have you noticed?

Who knows the past half an year much time, not only the waist is regular ache, and the leg still ache rise, still very pins and needles sometimes. So I went to shangqiu north hospital to check, did nuclear magnetic resonance after the doctor said to me is a serious lumbar disc herniation, only surgery, no other way.

Later, I learned about the risk of lumbar disc herniation through surgery on the Internet, so I decided to treat it conservatively first. Of course, the treatment process was also complicated, and the result was that I spent a lot of money and tried various methods, but ultimately, no good results were achieved. Not only failed to achieve the effect, but also to cure the body, finally through their own research to cure their own disease, communication, jiajiaoran555. As for the treatment ideas and methods of lumbar disc herniation, I will discuss them in detail in the future. This article mainly analyzes the inducing factors of lumbar disc herniation through the process of lumbar disc herniation.

In fact, as I told you in my previous share, the causes of lumbar disc herniation,One is: aging; The second is: bad living habits (short time high intensity impact pressure or persistent pressure).These two points can be said to reflect the most incisive in my body. First of all, I was 32 years old when I had a herniated disc. When people are around 25 years old, the bone marrow artery nourishing hole is closed, and the bone marrow begins to run away. The degeneration of bone marrow leads to "no bone nourishing for medulla", and the human skeleton begins to degenerate. Therefore, my lumbar disc herniation cannot be separated from my own aging. In addition, sedentary working environment, so that lumbar disc herniation long – term overload pressure! Short – term super – negative nuclear work (laying floor tile) let lumbar disc bear a certain impact of pressure, so it is outstanding!

lumbar spine pain relief

From my own case of lumbar disc herniation, we can also see that the causes of a chronic disease are multiple, with inescapable factors such as aging, bad habits and accidental factors. So if we want to live healthy, we must know "cherish life", life is not easy, we must learn to cherish. Learn to cherish life, we must start from the concept, not all diseases can be cured, like lumbar disc herniation, in the hospital is basically incurable, even if the symptoms are eliminated, it is easy to repeat. So to know how to prevent, avoid the occurrence of disease; Some people say it's my job and I can't change it. But we should know that if we lose our health one day, we will lose our job and everything. Learn to cherish life, will try to avoid the risk of accidents, do not do too much more than the body load. For instance, this case of me, it is a typical negative case actually, oneself spread a floor brick, made a waist to dash forward, and what oneself spread is not professional, quality is not high, efficiency is low, give professional person to spread also spend not a few money, want to remember forever in the life: professional work, give the most professional person to do!

In terms of who is prone to lumbar disc herniation, which can be said to be the main factor of lumbar disc herniation, in addition to my own experience, I have checked a lot of information, here also give you a systematic summary, hoping to help you effectively prevent lumbar disc herniation:

Degenerative changes in the lumbar disc

Disc lack of blood supply, repair energy is weak, the daily life of the disc by various aspects of compression and torsion, easy to make the core, ring fibrocartilage gradually aging, leading to ring fibrosus easy to rupture, and cause disc herniation.

Long-term vibration

In the driving process of cars and tractor drivers, long-term sitting and bumpy state, lumbar disc pressure is too large, can lead to disc degeneration and herniation. At the same time, vibration also affects the nutrition of the disc, the influence of microvascular can accelerate disc herniation.

★ excessive load

When the waist load is too heavy, engaged in bending work for a long time, such as: office workers, coal miners or construction workers, need to bend for a long time to take heavy weight, lumbar disc load more than 100 kpa/square cm, that is, leading to disc ring rupture.

Taken the trauma,

Because lumbar vertebra is arranged, show physiology before protruding, intervertebral disc is thick hind thin, when the patient is in lumbar injury, fall, flash waist, intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus moves backward, and send intervertebral disc to protrude backward.

Proper motion is beneficial to the nutrient supply of lumbar intervertebral disc, but if undertake acuteness motion to be able to appear lumbar intervertebral disc for long, retreat change and acute injury, if lumbar sprain, vertebra body slides off, vertebra body compresses, vertebral column fracture, can cause intervertebral disc cartilage plate rupture, make intervertebral disc medullary nucleus protrudes. Traumatic factors usually do not cause immediate pain. Pain occurs when nerve compression causes edema and aseptic inflammation. Disc herniation in children and adolescents is associated with acute trauma. But some sports, such as tennis, swimming, jogging and cycling, are good for the lumbar spine.

lumbar spine pain relief

Taken the other

● age: the incidence of disc herniation was 64.46% at the age of 20 to 40, 34.92% at the age of 40 or above, and the average age was 40.8.

Height: men and women above the normal average height. Heredity: this is also an etiological consideration.

Genetic factors include two aspects. First, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is different among different RACES. Generally, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is low among people of color, among which the incidence of indians, eskimos and black africans is significantly lower than that of other RACES. Second, people of the same race who have a positive family history have a higher incidence of lumbar disc herniation, that is, the immediate relatives of patients with lumbar disc herniation are more likely to have the disease. But this is not the father of the disease, the children will certainly have the disease, but the children have a higher incidence of disease.

Well, write so much, and use a lot of brain cells, hope to help more people to prevent lumbar disc herniation, also hope to help many people suffering from lumbar disc herniation disease friends, help them find the cause from the source, so as to change the health concept, improve living habits and harvest a healthy and happy life.

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lumbar spine pain relief – Lumbar disc herniation conservative treatment is ineffective, minimally invasive treatment to help you get rid of pain

In fact, for most of the lumbar disc herniation can be conservative treatment, but some patients have developed to a certain extent, conservative treatment can not relieve the symptoms, at this time, surgery should be chosen. The principle is to adopt different treatment methods according to different stages of disease development.

Clinically,Intervertebral foramen is a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation.

Foramen is a minimally invasive endoscope of the spine, which is equipped with a tube with light source. Under local anesthesia, it enters the foramen laterally or laterally from the patient, and performs minimally invasive surgery in the safety triangle to remove the protruding nucleus pulposus and relieve the compression on the nerve. Compared with other procedures, the foramen technique has less trauma, less bleeding, faster postoperative recovery and less financial burden.

As a subversive minimally invasive technique, intervertebral foramen technology has the following advantages compared with other traditional surgical methods:

1. High safety and low surgical risk

Minimally invasive surgery is performed under local anesthesia and allows two-way communication and interaction with patients during surgery. Patients can respond to the sensation and movement of neurogenesis in real time, thus effectively avoiding nerve injury. According to the patient's feedback, the surgeon can completely and effectively decompress the nerve, thus ensuring the operation effect.

2. Precise positioning

Precise positioning can be achieved to accurately remove the intervertebral disc under the microscope without damaging the lumbar vertebrae and surrounding soft tissues, so as to protect the stability of the lumbar spine and reduce the incidence of residual lumbago after operation.

3. Small trauma, quick recovery

The intraoperative trauma was small, and the skin incision was significantly smaller than that of conventional surgery, only about 7mm, which was in line with the aesthetic point of view. Quick postoperative recovery, intraoperative pain relief can be achieved, postoperative defecation can be self-care, the next day activities, no need for special care, short hospital stay, day surgery can be achieved. Exercise and work can be resumed as soon as possible after surgery.

4. Wide indications

Wide indications, can treat all lumbar disc herniation from cervical vertebra to lumbar 5 sac1; And can handle all types of disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc.

5. Reduce complications

For recurrent lumbar disc surgery, not only can effectively achieve nerve decompression, relieve symptoms, but also can effectively avoid the traction of nerve roots, reduce the occurrence of various complications.

lumbar spine

Many patients with lumbar disc herniation who reject or do not tolerate open surgery, intervertebral foramen, a minimally invasive surgery, is a good choice.

lumbar spine

Introduction to neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is an important part of the brain hospital of xi 'an third hospital. Brain hospital by the state council allowance famous nerve disease expert professor kather, of the form, the integration of neurology, neurosurgery, neurologic examination center, nerve intervention treatment center, neurological intensive care unit, such as the advantages of resources, realize the nervous system disease treatment in the process of mutual cooperation, complementary advantages, and innovation and development. Neurosurgery starts with"Minimally invasive surgery for craniocerebral and spinal cord trauma and tumor, minimally invasive interventional surgery for cerebral and spinal vascular diseases, and comprehensive treatment for functional neurosurgical diseasesFor the treatment of acute cerebrovascular diseases and craniocerebral trauma.The green channel".

The department has 10 excellent physicians with rich clinical experience and outstanding professional expertise, all of whom have obtained master's degree or above, and many of them hold the posts of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects and societies, with reasonable staff structure and clear subspecialty division of labor. With 50 beds and 19 central icu beds, icu has the most advanced testing and monitoring equipment and life support system in the world. The department has become a comprehensive neurosurgery department integrating clinical, scientific research, teaching, functional rehabilitation and encephalopathy prevention.

Director zhang shirong introduced

lumbar spine

Chief physician, clinical master, director of neurosurgery. Graduated from xi 'an jiaotong university medical school. Member of the standing committee of shaanxi provincial neurointervention committee; Xi 'an medical association neurosurgery branch standing committee member; Member of shaanxi province senior professional title appraisal and xi 'an medical technology appraisal expert database; Member of Chinese association of neurosurgeons; Member of shaanxi province spinal cord disease cooperation group. He is one of several famous experts in northwest China who are good at endovascular intervention and minimally invasive craniotomy for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and brain tumors.

He studied in Shanghai huashan hospital, Beijing temple of heaven and xuanwu hospital. He has been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of intracranial aneurysms for more than 10 years. We have completed clinical studies on several national and provincial scientific research projects, including "application of intracranial and external vascular bypass with different flow rates in cerebral blood flow reconstruction" and "ultrastructural changes of acute diffuse brain injury after trauma", and published 3 sci papers and more than 20 core journal papers.

Specialty: interventional embolization and microresection of cerebral and spinal hemangioma and vascular malformation; Microinvasive surgery for brain and spinal cord tumors under neuroendoscopy and navigation; Minimally invasive surgery for spinal cord trauma, disc herniation and spinal canal stenosis; Microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia and glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

Way to make an appointment

WeChat account:zhangshirongdr

Director cheung sai-wing tel:13772123233

Booking hotline:18192179610

Source: xi 'an third hospital

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lumbar spine pain relief – Lumbar disc herniation ≠ lumbar disc herniation — lumbar disease friends must know!

Schematic diagram of lumbar disc herniation

Lumbago, why should practice yan fei?

Spinal balancing mechanism

Internal balance of the spine: the tension of the disc nucleus pulposus, the pressure of the facet joints and the tension of the surrounding ligaments balance each other to keep the intervertebral joints stable and constitute the internal balance of the spine.

External balance of the spine:

Spinal front and back side of the muscle group is the main force to control spinal movement, can make the spine in each position to maintain coordination and stability, known as the external balance of the spine.

Muscles can be restored and strengthened through exercise

Unlike disc degeneration, which is difficult to repair, muscles can be restored and strengthened through exercise. Therefore, when the internal balance of the spine is disturbed, we can exercise the external balance to maintain the stability of the spine and reduce the symptoms of lower back pain.WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Swallow-fly can build deep muscles

It has been proved by relevant experiments that the contraction rate of the lumbar multifida muscle is the strongest when the swallow fly type lumbar back extension exercises. Located deep in the spine, the multifida serves as a spinal cord that stabilizes the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. It is the most important of the many muscles that control the balance of the spinal segments. So through the swallow-fly style can exercise deep muscles, enhance the stability of the spine, reduce back pain and other symptoms.

Schematic diagram of multifissure muscle

What kind of patients with lumbar disc herniation is not suitable for practicing "swallow fly"

From the perspective of lumbar curvature, flat back is suitable for practice, while curved back is not

Long-term hump back, long sit wait for bad habit to be able to cause lumbar curvature diminution, to the lumbago that this kind of circumstance causes, do "yan fei" such hind bend exercise, can exercise deep layer muscle very well, loosen surface layer muscle. Another type of backache is lumbar curvature caused by poor posture such as a forward tilt of the pelvis. At this point, the vertical spinal muscle itself is in the state of shortening tension, in this case, then "yan fei" exercise will make lumbar curvature greater, the pressure is greater, also make the vertical spinal muscle become more tense, but will aggravate the degree of backache, and even cause spinal canal stenosis and other injuries.

lumbar spine

In addition to normal posture, other lumbar patients are not suitable for yanfei exercise

Conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation, medical rehabilitation exercise (gifs guidance)

No.1 back and waist exercises

Early degeneration and injury of joints is a big reason for the lack of strength and elasticity of muscles and ligaments, bone directly bears the pressure, so a long time to cause early degeneration of articular cartilage, so strengthen muscle exercise is to protect the joints!

lumbar spine

The little swallow

lumbar spine

Big swallow of

Key points of action: lie flat on the bed, body posture as shown in the figure above, lift up to their limit, hold for 5-10 seconds, and then slowly fall, do big swallow fly when the lower limbs to lift up, also hold for 5-10 seconds.

lumbar spine

Five-point support

Main points: "five points" refers to the head, elbows and feet, lie flat after the knees, slowly up support to their limit position, hold 5-10 seconds after slowly down.

Lumbar back exercises can prevent lumbar muscle strain and disc herniation, stabilize the spine, and protect the spine joint has a great effect. When the muscles are strong, the spine is protected by the muscles, reducing the risk of strain.

No.2 middle muscle training method buttocks

Exercise of the gluteus medius plays an important role in the stability of the lower limbs, and many people's "swing step" and "duck step" are caused by the gluteus medius muscle weakness.

lumbar spine

Gluteus medius workout

Main idea: lie straight on your side, lift one leg up to your limit position, hold it for 5-10 seconds at a time, and then slowly lower it to change direction.

By exercising the gluteus medius, you can strengthen the gluteus medius and relieve abnormal bone damage caused by walking and swaying.

Note: the above movements can be determined according to their physical strength, the key is continuity, do several groups at a time, continue to do every day.

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lumbar spine pain relief – Leg pain is not necessarily a lumbar problem, beware of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (original)

spinal stenosis

Muscle tone is high, knee jump reflex hyperactivity

Imaging findings

Diagnostic point

The diagnosis of any type of cervical spondylosis needs to emphasize the trinity, that is to say: clinical symptoms,Physical examination and imaging evidence must be mutually supportive.(it doesn't have to be all of the following, but a typical presentation is enough to diagnose it.)

1. Numbness of limbs, weakness and inflexibility of both hands, heaviness of both lower limbs, difficulty in walking, tightness and stiffness of lower limb muscles, and feeling of cotton on both feet. Abnormal urine and feces, even sexual dysfunction;

2. Increased muscle tone mainly in lower limbs. Tendon reflex is active or hyperactive, pathological sign reflex is positive;

3. Cervical X-ray, ct and nuclear magnetic resonance can be seen: cervical spinal canal stenosis, narrowing of intervertebral space, reduction of intervertebral foramen, formation of osteophytes behind the vertebral body, which can be combined with ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament;Significant compression of cervical spinal cord at single or multiple segments (must be present)In severe cases, changes in spinal signals were observed.


Previously, we said that most cervical spondylosis should be tried conservative treatment, if the effect is not satisfactory, then consider surgical treatment. However, cervical spondylotic myelopathy is an exception, the current relatively recognized options are:Once diagnosed, surgery should be done as soon as possible. This is because the spinal cord is the most important part of the central nervous system, transmitting sensations and controlling movement throughout the bodyThe highway. Chronic compression for a long time or acute neck trauma caused by unexpected reasons can easily lead to severe irreversible injury to the spinal cord, resulting in severe consequences of quadriplegia. In addition, the majority of patients are not satisfied with the results of non-surgical treatment or minimally invasive treatment, and the disease can still gradually aggravate. Can say,Early surgery is the fastest and most immediate way to relieve spinal cord compression.In view of the pathological changes of cervical spondylotic myelopathy, it is difficult to remove spinal cord compression without surgery, and there are few opportunities for reversal and self-limitation.

The aim of surgical intervention is to minimize and improve spinal cord function and prevent further deterioration. Surgery should be done as soon as possible before severe, irreversible neurological loss occurs, otherwise long-term results are bound to be poor. Only one exception: the only exists in the imaging of spinal cord compression, but no significant or abnormal only mild clinical symptoms and signs of patients, lack of consensus on the current international opinion, most people Suggestions can close and clinical follow-up, once appear symptoms recurrent or progressive, surgical treatment as soon as possible.

spinal stenosis

Sharp braking, the cervical spine before and after the large swing may cause acute spinal cord compression aggravation, leading to irreversible serious consequences

Most cervical spondylotic myelopathy requires open surgery (not suitable for minimally invasive treatment). There are two main types of surgery:Located in theandNeck into the road. The so-called anterior cervical approach is an operation performed from the front of the neck to relieve the compression on the spinal cord and nerves, which mainly includes two types of operations:Anterior cervical discectomy and interbody fusion (acdf) for patients with concomitant cervical spondylosis (acdf) and anterior subtotal resection (accf) for patients with concomitant cervical spondylosis (accf). These two surgical methods are similar to the treatment of cervical spondylotic radiculopathy described in the previous article.

spinal stenosis

The anterior cervical approach was used to remove intervertebral disc, bone hyperplasia and relieve spinal cord and nerve compression

The posterior cervical approach is performed from the back of the neck and is also divided into two types:(1)Laminoplasty (mainly)andLaminectomy fixation and fusion. Posterior cervical vertebroplasty is to relieve the compression behind the spinal cord by expanding the spinal canal on the premise of minimizing the destruction of the posterior anatomical structure of the cervical vertebra. Although the compression from the front is still there, the spinal cord can be shifted backward to avoid the compression from the front, thus achieving the purpose of indirect decompression.

spinal stenosis

Cervical spondylotic myelopathy is different from the cervical spondylotic radiculopathy mentioned earlier. The main difference is that the cervical spondylotic radiculopathy is usually caused by compression of a single nerve root, so the range of posterior surgery can be very small and targeted, and eligible patients can solve the problem through minimally invasive surgery. In contrast, cervical spondylotic myelopathy is often included3 to 5 segments of spinal cord compression, solaminoplastyMultiple segments of the lamina can be opened to relieve compression of all spinal segments.

The anterior and posterior cervical approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. Simply put, the anterior cervical approach is mainly applicable toSpinal cord compression of ≤3 cervical segments, and posterior approach surgery is suitable for patients with cervical spondylosis with > compression of 3 segments. Of course this kind of cent law basically is to facilitate choice operation means, specific case still needs to make individual choice, choose neck perhaps still even before, after joint approach. After all, everyone is different.There are differences of opinion regarding surgical approach, anterior or posterior approach, range decompression, laminoplasty and fusion fixation.

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lumbar spine pain relief – Six actions to determine whether the lumbar disc has been herniated

So what exactly is a lumbar disc herniation?

Lumbar disc herniation is caused by the rupture of the intervertebral disc fiber ring in the middle of the lumbar structure of the human body, which causes the herniation and prolapse of the inner medullary nucleus tissue of the intervertebral disc fiber ring, and even compression of the local dural and nerve caused by the symptoms, this symptom is lumbar disc herniation. If there are no symptoms, no back pain, no leg pain, no numbness, no need to deal with. Because 90 percent of people develop a herniated disc after age 50, it's not that scary. Terrible is the lumbar disc herniation after the stimulation of the local dura, stimulation of the local nerve caused by the symptoms called lumbar disc herniation, at this time need treatment, need intervention, simple lumbar disc herniation does not need special treatment. Symptoms of lumbar disc herniation according to the causes of the symptoms of the local anatomy of the treatment of local symptoms.

Easy to cause back pain and easy to cause back pain?

As the saying cold or trauma, can also lead to back muscle tension or injury, long will also lead to back pain. If the following conditions occur, you should go to the orthopedics department immediately:

If you can't control your bowel movements.

lumbar spine

Six actions to determine whether the lumbar disc has been herniated

Many diseases can cause pain in the lower back and legs, among which lumbar disc herniation is the most common cause. As a result, many people will doubt whether they have lumbar disc herniation when they suffer from back and leg pain.

When that lumbago leg is painful, what simple method can judge oneself whether to suffer from lumbar disc herniation disease?


Is it more painful when you cough or sneeze?

Pain due to lumbar disc herniation is caused by a protruding lumbar disc compression nerve root, and cough, sneeze or forced stool, abdominal pressure will rise, abdominal venous blood reflux to the spinal vein system and pressure rise within the spinal canal, so that nerve root by lumbar disc pressure increase and make pain worse.

So if the pain is worse when you cough, sneeze or defecate, you may have a herniated disc.

lumbar spine


Do you walk with a claudication gait?

In severe cases of lumbar disc herniation, the claudication gait occurs when the foot steps on the ground and the time to touch the ground is shortened protectively due to increased pain. However, it is important to note that claudication gait is not always a sign of lumbar disc herniation. Other diseases can also present claudication gait.

lumbar spine


When you're resting on your back, the pain doesn't completely go away?

During the acute phase, it is necessary to rest on a hard bed so that the pain does not become worse. But because there is still pressure inside the lumbar disc nucleus pulposus when lying on a hard bed, the pain does not completely relieve.

Studies have shown that the pressure inside the nucleus pulposus varies with different positions and activities. When lying supine, the pressure inside nucleus pulposus is 30 kilograms, 70 kilograms when standing, 85kilograms when walking, cough is 110 kilograms, 110 kilograms when bouncing, 120 kilograms when laughing, and the pressure inside nucleus pulposus when bending bears 20 kilograms is the biggest, it is 340 kilograms.

Therefore, remind patients with lumbar disc herniation, to absolutely avoid bending weight. The pressure is lowest in the nucleus pulposus during the backstroke, so swimming is the best way to exercise after the acute phase.

lumbar spine


Press the waist to ache place, does ache aggravate?

Lie prone, ask others to press with the thumb the lumbar vertebra body of lumbar pain place center and the place of 2 ~ 3 centimeters on both sides, if appear lumbar pain aggravates apparently and radiate to lower limbs or even sufficient ministry, that is lumbar disc herniation, this is the more accurate method that examines lumbar disc herniation.

lumbar spine


Straighten two legs to sit up, because of pain knee bend?

Lie on your back with your legs straight on the bed and sit up.

This is due to nerve roots on both sides of the spine being pulled upward during sitting, protruding lumbar discs stimulating the nerve roots, and knee joints flexing protectively due to pain.


When lying on your back, is it difficult to raise your leg because of pain?

Lying on your back, straighten out the knee joint of the painful leg, and then, with the assistance of others, raise the leg. If the leg is difficult to raise because of the pain, and the Angle between the raised leg and the bed is less than 70 degrees, it is considered as lumbar disc herniation.

This is because during elevation, the nerve root is pulled down, and the herniated disc stimulates the nerve root, limiting the height of the leg lift due to pain.

lumbar spine

Tips:When appearing above expression, suggest you seek professional doctor to do further examination to the hospital in time, wait like the magnetic resonance of the waist.

Lumbar intervertebral disc is herniated, how to do?

A lot of friends are concerned quite, after herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc, still can move normally?

It's often thought that,Non – acute, symptoms of lumbar disc herniation, is able to use exercise therapy for recovery and treatment.Because lumbar disc herniation, itself a lot of because core muscle group is too weak and cause. Simply lying down and "resting" can lead to chronic deterioration as the muscle groups involved become weaker.

Relevant studies have shown that functional exercise of lumbar core muscle group is considered to be an effective method to treat lumbar disc herniation, which can significantly reduce back pain, improve lumbar muscle strength and prevent deterioration.

However, there are some caveats and training techniques to follow when treating a herniated lumbar disc with exercise. Also, if you already have a serious lumbar disc herniation, it's best to consult your doctor and follow your doctor's advice.

Three moves to strengthen your core

Alternate leg lifts on your back

Action description

1. Lie flat on your back on the ground with your back pressed against the ground and your hands at your sides;

2. Keep upper body steady, lower back close to the ground, abdomen contraction, feet alternately raised, feel continuous abdominal muscle contraction.

lumbar spine

Action points:Keep your lower back close to the ground and don't use your back to help you.

Action features:Supine alternate leg lifts can be very effective training to the rectus abdominis lower, for strengthening abdominal muscle strength has a great help.

lumbar spine

Tablet support

1. BThe endboth elbows to support on the mat, toes on the ground, trunk straight, head, shoulder, hip and ankle in the same line;

2. Keep your waist and abdomen tight and hold on for as long as possible.

lumbar spine

Action points:Keep your back straight and your core tight as you go along. Hold on as long as possible.

Action features:Plank is a safe, easy exercise for all ages that not only trains almost all core muscles, but also combines stable and unstable training.

The little swallow

1. Lie flat on the mat with your arms close to your body;

2. Lift both hands and feet up at the same time and pause for 2-3 seconds at the highest point, stretching as much as possible.

3. Slowly return to the starting action.

lumbar spine

Action points:Feel the muscles in your back tighten as you move.

Action features:Xiao yanfei can effectively exercise the core muscles of the lower back, which is of great help to alleviate lumbar muscle strain and improve lumbar disc herniation and other problems.

lumbar spine

Warm prompt

Most patients with lumbar disc herniation can be relieved by non-surgical treatment.

Young, the first attack or short course of disease, mild symptoms, after rest symptoms can be self-relieved, imaging examination without obvious spinal stenosis can choose non-surgical therapy, mainly including bed rest, traction therapy and moderate physical therapy, massage.

Patients with severe illness or ineffective conservative treatment can be treated by surgery or other means as recommended by doctors.


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lumbar spine pain relief – Lumbar training 7 movements, simple and convenient, strengthen the lumbar muscle group, lumbar back pain no longer come

There are good things and bad things, and long hours of hard work are bad for your health, just as long hours of sitting are bad for your health. Back pain is a common manifestation of physical injury. So there is no matter when to develop a good habit is good and should be. Well, to prevent and relieve back pain, in addition to good habits, strengthening the back exercise is also very necessary.

In other words, we may know a movement that is often mentioned: small swallow fly, is it ok? The answer is: not necessarily. That's because one of the key points of the fly routine is that it increases lumbar curvature.

Will tell to sedentary crowd, bad habit can cause lumbar curvature diminutive, to the lumbago that this kind of circumstance causes, do "small swallow flies" such hind bend exercise, can exercise deep layer muscle very well, loosen surface layer muscle.For people with overactive lumbar curvature, the erector spinal muscles themselves are in a state of contraction and tension.

That said, while sedentary people and healthy people who practice the little swallow and fly back bends can effectively exercise their lower back muscles, those with lumbago and those who lean forward in the pelvis may be at risk of aggravating their injuries.

So, in the following a few aggrandizement lumbar motion, after two movements should look according to oneself circumstance whether suit to do. In the process of action to have a choice, but also to have a choice to abandon. Good moves, but not necessarily for everyone.

Action 1: plank for 40-60 seconds

Bend over, arms just below shoulders, elbows bent, elbows supported with feetForm a straight line from head to toe, tensing the whole bodyMaintain movement and even breathing

Action two: kneel the small swallow to fly 20-30 seconds

Sit on your knees with your legs together and your hips on your heelsLift your chest and stomach, stretch your hands back, and lean your upper body forwardMaintain movement and even breathing

lumbar spine

Action 3: prone diagonal stretch 16-20 times

Bend over, raising one arm and opposite leg to the highest point, pause slightly, and return to the starting positionDo the other side of the arm and leg lift, stick to the ground arm and leg remain relaxed

lumbar spine

Action 4: bird-bow 16 to 20 times

Lie on your stomach with your left hand and right knee on the floor, and your right hand and left knee in front of your chestExtend the right hand and left foot to the distance at the same time, keep the back straight, waist can not fall downAfter a slight pause, return to the starting position and switch sidesTighten your abdomen to keep your body steady

lumbar spine

Action 5: cat stretch 10 times

Place your hands on your kneesArch your upper back, lower your head, lower your chest to the lowest point, and lift your headThe whole body to relax

lumbar spine

Movement 6: prone to do 12 to 20 times

Bend over with your hands at your sidesLift to the top, pause, and return to the beginningAs you lift, feel the muscles on both sides of your spine tighten

lumbar spine

Motion 7: lie prone on both sides rise 12-20 times

Bend over and raise your arms and legs to their highest points, pausing slightly to return to the starting positionFeel the contraction of the muscles on both sides of the spine and the squeezing of the hips at the top

The above action does 3-4 times a week can, according to their own situation step by step, do not too reluctantly, regularly adhere to the ability will be gradually strong.

lumbar spine pain relief – How is the lumbar disc protrusion that pelvic dislocation induces treated? Dr. Kui yu tells you…


Causes of lumbar disc herniation

The waistEach part of the intervertebral disc is in the action of external force factor, the fiber of intervertebral disc annulus is ruptured, medullary nucleus is organized from ruptured place is abrupt come from rear or inside spinal canal, protrusion medullary nucleus is swollen inflammation, cause adjacent spinal nerve root to suffer stimulation or compress, produce lumbar ache thereby, numbness, lumbar distension, lumbago, leg numbness, cooling and a series of clinical symptoms.In modern times, physical labor has decreased and the amount of time spent sitting at work has increased significantly. Sedentary, coupled with sitting problems, is a major cause of lumbar disc herniation.

The forward tilt of the pelvis caused by poor posture in women's daily lives, improper posture, or falls, sports injuries, or even pregnancy and childbirth, is a major cause of lumbar disc herniation in many women.


How is the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation induced by pelvic antebellum treated?

Ms. Li (not her real name), 50 years old, used to have more frequent and severe pain in her lower back and legs. The pain was characterized by soreness and distension, and she could not stand for a long time.

lumbar spine pain relief

▲ Dr. Kueiyu determined the cause of the disease after reviewing the imaging data of aunt li and asking about the past medical history

When Dr. Kui yu asked Ms. Li to lie flat on her stomach to relax, she found the "long and short feet" symptom, which was diagnosed as lumbar shoulder disc herniation caused by the forward leaning of the pelvis. Pelvic forward tilt increases the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, thereby increasing the negative pressure of the lumbar disc, which is the main cause of lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spondylolisthesis of Ms. Li.

lumbar spine pain relief

▲ Dr. Kui-yu performed pelvic reduction treatment for aunt li, and the results were immediate

lumbar spine pain relief

▲ abdominal acupuncture therapy through the relevant meridian system theory, to find the response points related to the body parts, the corresponding slight stimulation, so as to achieve the goal of treating lumbar diseases

According to Dr. Kui yu, Ms. Li's lumbar disc herniation should be treated with SFR noninvasive pelvic repair (special three-dimensional bone-setting) assisted by abdominal acupuncture. After treatment, Ms. Li's pelvis was restored, her long and short legs disappeared, and her lumbar pain was greatly relieved.

lumbar spine pain relief

Dr. Kui yu's three-dimensional bonesetting technique aligns the bones, aligning the pelvis and the upper and lower bones of the pelvis. To achieve bone muscle and soft blood patency, can greatly alleviate pelvic dislocation caused by lumbar disc herniation and other related series of diseases.

Routine prevention and treatment of lumbar disc herniation

1. Exercise more

Strengthen the muscle of lumbar back to take exercise can prevent lumbar soft tissue injury very well, prevent lumbar disc herniation thereby. Exercise your lower back muscles by doing exercises like swimming, yoga or tai chi, but pay attention to the intensity and avoid injury.

Maintain a normal weight

Overweight or underweight people are prone to lumbar disc herniation. Obese people generally abdominal fat accumulation more, this part of the weight increase waist load, improve the incidence of lumbar disc herniation; Underweight people, often with little muscle tissue and weak strength, are also prone to the disease. Therefore, maintaining normal weight is also necessary to prevent lumbar disc herniation.

3, pay attention to protect the waist

Do not stand for a long time, sit for a long time, heavy, big bend, hold a child in the arms, sit low bench, avoid overwork, catch cold, sleep soft spring bed or excellent bed, prevent injury waist.

4. Stand or sit properly

The state of vertebra malposition can make intervertebral disc force is uneven, induce lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude easily. Therefore, stand or sit to maintain correct posture, but also to avoid long time to maintain the same posture, pay attention to more activities back, eliminate back muscle fatigue.

Dr. Kui yu has rich clinical experience. His TCM external treatment method can quickly adjust the muscles, soft tissues and nervous system that maintain the normal shape of the pelvis from ischemia and spasm to the normal state, and firmly fix the pelvis in the physiological position (normal position). The curative effect is lasting and not easy to relapse.This therapy has the advantages of lasting curative effect, painless, short course of treatment and so on. It is easy to be accepted by patients and saves the trouble of patients going back and forth to treatment for a long time. Therefore, it is trusted by patients.

On June 30, Dr. Kui yu visited chonghua traditional Chinese medicine street for consultation and appointment.


lumbar spine pain relief

Deputy chief physician of guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, doctor of medicine, master tutor of guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine, outstanding young talents of traditional Chinese medicine of guangdong province, heir of famous old academic experience of traditional Chinese medicine. Guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, national service base for disease prevention and treatment, head of special therapy (balance needle). Executive director and deputy secretary general of TCM operation safety committee of WCCM; Vice chairman of the special committee of acupuncture and moxibustion for prevention of diseases, and vice chairman of the special committee of acupoint catgut embedding; Member of standing committee of tumor chemotherapy committee of guangdong association of integrated Chinese and western medicine; Member of standing committee of pediatric massage committee of guangdong association of traditional Chinese medicine; Medical expert of guangdong health industry promotion association, expert consultant of guangdong people's mediation committee of doctor-patient disputes. He is also the leader of acupuncturist science in fengkai county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and three members of the project introduction expert team in shenzhen.

He has presided over three national natural science foundation projects and participated in 10 national, provincial and minister-level projects. 30 papers have been published at home and abroad, among which 13 are sci, ei and core journals. Deputy chief editor of 2 works, participated in 4; Inheritor of guangdong intangible cultural heritage-the fifth generation of lingnan Chen needling, and the inheritor of emei "chang qi tongluo" school. One second prize of guangdong provincial science and technology progress award (2015). Li shizhen, Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine (2018) Three national patents. Editorial member of traditional medicine research journal. Currently, it has cultivated 5 graduate students. Invited to CCTV Chinese medicine, "One Belt And One Road" international peak BBS, provincial TV station, etc., to interview and demonstrate characteristic traditional Chinese medicine technology, promoting the communication and development of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion at home and abroad

Business expertise

Good at: insomnia disorder; SFR noninvasive pelvic repair; Neck shoulder lumbago pain; Obesity; Constitution identification and recuperation; Refractory diseases (postpartum pelvic repair, unexplained infertility, adolescent scoliosis, occult coronary heart disease, complications after radiotherapy and chemotherapy for tumors, hyperthyroidism exophthalmia, allergic rhinitis); Spine related diseases (long and short legs, high and low shoulders, rich bag, hunchback).

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Sunday, June 30

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lumbar spine pain relief – Does lumbar disc herniation need repose rest or strengthen exercise?

In fact, when the lumbar disc has not been herniated, this time the pressure inside the lumbar disc is very high, often caused by discogenic backache.

Tend not to cause your attention, this time a long further aggravating, chronic strain of lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus tissue inside, under the action of external force, breakthrough wrapped around its fiber ring, step by step to adjacent spinal nerve root stimulation or oppression, resulting in a lower back pain, leg pain leg symptoms such as hemp, this time is the lumbar disc prolapse.

At this point, many people will ask, lumbar disc herniation is the need to rest or more exercise?

In general, normal rest is required, especially in the acute period of lumbar disc herniation, that is, when the lumbar spine is very painful, should be bed rest, preferably complete bed rest for 1 week, and a hard (not bare) bed.

Why? Lumbar disc herniation, mainly in physiological and pathological neuropathologic compression, edema, inflammation, if at this time the more activity, more exercise, edema can not be eliminated, inflammation can not be relieved, leading to symptoms will be more and more serious. Therefore, acute lumbar disc herniation, rest, is one of the best recovery.

herniated disc relief

After the acute phase, rehabilitation of the lumbar spine is necessary. Activities such as swimming, backward kicking, walking or lumbar spine exercises may be helpful.

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lumbar spine pain relief – Lumbar intervertebral disc is herniated, can tuina press go back? Do not massage, otherwise the consequences are too…

Nowadays, more and more patients come to the department for the treatment of back pain, but it seems that many people's understanding of "back pain", a common disease, is not comprehensive enough, their excessive dependence on massage in the treatment of back pain is a big mistake. It's not uncommon to hear patients with lower back pain say, "doctor, I'd like to have a massage to push back that herniated disc." But is it really possible?

Indeed, massage can relieve muscle fatigue, drege channels and collaterals, accelerate the circulation of qi and blood, reduce pain, maintain the balance of Yin and Yang of the body and other functions, many patients on the understanding of orthopedic diseases only stay in "whether there is pain", they simply think: the waist pain, the disease is good. In fact, the degree of pain does not match the severity of the disease.

Perhaps everyone in life have heard such a saying: in a certain place there is a magic doctor, his qigong is particularly powerful, no matter what reason you cause back pain, his power is good a few times. My home relative is cure over there, go of time is to carry go in, walk to come out! If there were such "magic doctors", spine surgeons would be out of work.

The propaganda of this kind of people is to capture the psychology of patients suffering from backache, but the effect is far less exaggerated. A lot of people feel more comfortable after massage, the reason that this kind of lumbago produces basically is inflammation of lumbar muscle soft tissue of strain damage sex, pass massage again after massage, stimulative blood circulates, alleviate lumbar muscle tension convulsion, cure still is quite correct.

And a lumbar vertebra small joint disorder, is after lumbar degeneration of lumbar and on both sides of the small joints of lumbar spinal motion unit will become unstable, abnormal joint activities will be small joint capsule inner synovial conformity to small joint clearance, lead to severe low back pain, this time, the massage will conformity of synovial reset, the position of the small joints of disorder to that of the normal, low back pain is immediate relief.

But for patients with lumbar disc herniation, is massage as effective as the above two conditions?

For patients with lumbar processes, massage can relieve the affected paraspinal muscles, which can make patients feel less pain and even eliminate the pain, but painless does not mean that the disease is cured. Because lumbar dash forward already caused the fiber of intervertebral disc annulus is ruptured, medullary nucleus is organized from ruptured place protrusion (or prolapse) inside in posterior or vertebral canal, cause root of adjacent backbone nerve to suffer stimulation or compress, may bring about sense branch function to lose, ache disappear thereby, produce subsequently paralytic.

Therefore, the disappearance or reduction of pain has nothing to do with massage, but with the length of illness and individual tolerance. Sometimes, the pain or weakness of the lower limbs may be increased after massage, which is also caused by the protruding nucleus pulposus that is too large and the nerve function is damaged by external pressure. Moreover, our paraspinal muscles can provide necessary support and protection for our spine, and too long massage will make these muscles lose their normal tension and saturation. I once met a patient with lumbar protrusion, who liked to do massage very much. After half a year in the massage shop, he could not get out of bed directly, and the muscles in his back were soft and collapsed.

As for pressing back a herniated disc, that's nonsense! The disc is located between two vertebrae, and behind the disc is the spinal canal that holds the nerve tissue, so it's not possible to push the herniated disc back directly. To the patient that has apparent spinal cord to compress, improper massage aggravates spinal cord injury possibly, can cause defecate and urinate incontinence seriously even paralyze, this is very horrible!

So, in this advice, before treatment begins, or should seek to the hospital, determine the nature of the disease before taking the right treatment. Do not blindly massage, or the consequences may be very serious. In clinical practice, I have seen too many patients with serious consequences due to the lack of basic medical knowledge, but many times, many words cannot be directly said to patients. Oh, I hope you can take warning from it!

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