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Pat henneberry knew the Mayo clinic was the place she wanted to go to help her get back on her feet.

One day in the spring of 2018, back at her home in Austin, Texas, pat henneberry walked in, dropped to her knees without warning, and was in agony. "Basically, my back and the lower part of my spine are away from each other," she said.

Single and living alone, pat said a neighbor took her to the local emergency room, where she had an mri and was told she needed surgery. She was then discharged and sent home. Pat was given painkillers, but they did nothing to relieve the pain. It gets worse. "Eventually, it became too much," she said. "I couldn't walk, stand or move."

When pat's neighbors checked on her, she found pat overwhelmed with pain and took her to the hospital a second time. "I had two epidurals," pat said. "I spent the next two weeks in the hospital wondering what was going on."

Looking for repair

Before the injury, pat had been the definition of an active adult. She plays tennis, rides mountain bikes and water skis. She was a trotter and an accomplished triathlete. Pat is also a swimmer, using his free time away from his career as chief coach and founder by volunteering as a swimming coach. "This is my passion," pat said. "My special Olympics swimming team has 35 athletes. I am a very active person. It all got me into trouble."

That was especially surprising, pat said, because her body didn't indicate anything was wrong. "I had no symptoms, no warning signs," she said. "I'm not a person with chronic back pain. I didn't know it was a shambles behind me."

However, as she lay in a hospital room in Texas, pat learned that her medical condition was very serious. "I was told I had broken multiple disks," she said. "I lost a lot of use of my left leg immediately after I fell. I could hardly move it. It feels like it's going to explode."

Pat underwent minimally invasive surgery to relieve some of the severe pain. "The surgeon wants to remove some of the ruptured disc material. After the surgery, he said it was the most he'd ever pulled out of someone's back, "pat said. "That's when I knew I was going to have what's called 'big kahuna' – a larger, two-stage spinal fusion with rods and screws and all that to permanently stabilize my spine."

Provide honesty and transparency

Still in great pain, pat set out to find the best spinal surgeon she could find. Her research brought her back to places pat knew well. "I grew up in Iowa, and the Mayo clinic has always been a magical three-hour place in the north. If you can go there to take care of you, you are really lucky. It's a big problem where I come from, "pat said. "I sent my paperwork to Mayo and got a reply that I was a candidate for spinal fusion surgery. I fly direct to rochester in November. '

When she arrived at the Mayo clinic in rochester, pat met spine surgeon Paul hudelston, m.d. "If you study his credentials like I did, you'll find that he gets almost every honor in the book."

Pat says another asset of Dr. Hudelston's is a straightforward, honest approach about how to help her. "I've been to a lot of different hospitals and talked to a lot of different doctors and surgeons up to that point, but there are some unique differences between the Mayo clinic and Dr. Huddleston," she said. "He was very detailed and transparent about the way he took care of me and was very honest in saying that I might need a second operation in the next few years. At first I was disappointed to hear this. But I appreciate that honesty, which is why I chose Dr. Huddleston for the operation. "

The decision is significant, especially considering the time of year. "I live in Texas and can have surgery in many different places, but I chose to go to northern Minnesota in January," pat said. "I mean, who chose to have spinal fusion surgery in rochester, Minnesota, in January? But I chose Dr. Huddleston and the Mayo clinic because he was so transparent with me."

Another factor that convinced pat to select the Mayo clinic was the technique Dr. Huddleston will use for spinal fusion. He assured her that he could operate only if there was an incision in his back. Other surgeons told her they needed to cut through her body and the front of her back to complete the operation.

Although it took longer than expected, pat says Dr. Huddleston did everything he said he would. "It takes six and a half hours," she said. "I had to clean out a lot of arthritis at first – probably from the days of water skiing and mountain biking."

During her spinal surgery and hospital stay, pat had to face one of her biggest post-operative fears: the three-hour ride to her mother's home in Iowa. However, Dr. Huddleston and pat's other nursing teams were quick to allay those concerns. "They all said it would be fine, and their patients did it all the time," pat said. "They put me safely in the car and really prepared me. It's not bad at all."

Walking rehabilitation

Once in des moines, Iowa, pat's recovery continued. "We went back to Iowa, and after I went through the initial rehab, I asked my care team to go back to Mayo: 'what can I do? Can I swim? Can I ride a bike?" They said, 'no, you can only walk, walk, walk. "

That's what pat did. "Using crutches and a walker, I started walking around my mom's house because it was the middle of winter," she said. "I walked 44 steps from the kitchen to the living room, from one end of the house to the other. Whenever someone calls me, I force myself to stand up and walk a little while I'm talking. Walking is all I can do, and I know how important it is to my recovery. "

All this effort has paid off. "I eventually graduated and was able to walk to the basement without my cane or walker," she said. "Then, I graduated from walking around the local mall and using a trekking stick to maintain stability."

Five months later, pat felt strong enough to say goodbye to her mother and return to her home in Austin, where she said the daily walk continued to lengthen. "I'm running six miles a day now," she said. "I'm walking up the hill, I'm walking. I've recently started more physical therapy, so I'm also trying to build up my strength. "

Pat is also looking forward to returning to rochester for follow-up care, to see Dr. Hudelston and her other nursing teams. "My nursing team told me it would take me about four months to recover for two years," pat said. "Psychologically, it's hard to hear at first. But it has become a state of mind and I am now focused on being strong the whole time. Most of my pain is gone now, and I really look forward to whenever I return to rochester because it is a great city with great talent and great healthcare providers. "

Because of her concern, pat says she now has no doubt in her mind that she will meet all her health care needs. "That's where I always start, no matter where I live," she said. "Interdepartmental communication, transparency, honesty, employee care and compassion, results – all of these are second to none."

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Six brutal truths about back pain and three actions that may yet save the day – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

Sitting in the life is tired for a long time, unavoidably encounters lumbago backache. To some, this is a minor ailment. Little imagine, such "small disease" also may have high risk.

A study published in the lancet, a medical journal, analyzed epidemiological data from 188 countries from 1990 to 2013 and found that back and back pain was among the most common diseases and the top 10 disabling diseases.

A new study from the university of Sydney in Australia, published in the European journal of pain, found that back pain is not to be ignored and increases the risk of early death by 13 percent in older people.

Life times (search "lt0385" on WeChat for more information) asked leading experts to recommend 3 exercises to relax your waist.

Experts questioned

Qi yunlong, member of trauma rehabilitation committee of Chinese rehabilitation medical association

Wang xiyang, chief physician of spinal surgery department of xiangya hospital of central south university

Zhang jun, deputy director of orthopedics department of the fourth hospital of Harbin medical university

6 brutal truths about lower back pain

Low back pain may be associated with long – term weight bearing and structural predisposition to injury. But some pain can be a sign of trouble in the spinal, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.

Generally speaking, the causes of lower back pain can be divided into the following 6 categories.


Bad posture

Not only the elderly, but many young adults in their 20s and 40s also suffer from back pain, which can be triggered by poor posture.

Many white-collar workers sit for hours at a time, not paying attention to posture, including chest hunchback; Go home after work paralysis on the sofa, staggered, lumbar muscle strain, scoliosis and other problems will find the door.


Spinal disease

Spinal joints and their surrounding soft tissue lesions, such as soft tissue inflammation, degenerative changes in joints, and spinal neuropathy, can all cause back pain.

The most common is a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. The herniated disc presses on the sciatic nerve.



The loss of bone mass increases with age, leading to osteoporosis if calcium and exercise are not taken care of. Back pain is the most common symptom of primary osteoporosis.

Specifically, the pain increased after standing and sitting for a long time, and decreased after sitting and lying down. The pain was mild during the day, severe at night and early morning. Unlike lumbar spondylosis or cervical spondylosis, this pain position is not fixed.


Digestive disease

Digestive diseases are one of the causes of back pain.

Some acute back pain may be caused by acute cholecystitis, duodenal ulcer or perforation, acute pancreatitis, chronic back pain need to be vigilant against pancreatic cancer.


Urogenital problems

Diseases of the urogenital system such as nephritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, urinary calculi can also cause lumbago pain, mainly manifested as acid bilges, falling, psoas weakness, sleep turned over pain.


Precursors of heart disease

A us study has found that most people suffering from cardiac arrest may experience early warning symptoms such as back pain a month before the onset.

3 moves to ease back pain

Recommend 3 action that can alleviate lumbar ache, prevent lumbar vertebra disease for everybody.

1 small swallow

Lie on your stomach on a hard bed with your arms straight at your sides and your head, shoulders, and arms raised back above your body.

At the same time, the legs straight upward elevation, so that the whole body like a flying swallow, hold about 5 seconds after the relaxation fall, rest 3~5 seconds.

Depending on your personal situation, do this 10 to 30 times a day.

2 the arch

Psoas muscle strength is weaker or fat crowd does small yan fei to be able to be some arduous, can choose "5 point supports" method exercises lumbar back muscle.

Lie on the bed supine, bend one's knees, double elbow ministry and back support bed, abdomen and buttock raise up, depend on head, double elbow and double feet 5 points support the weight of whole body, last 3~5 seconds, loosen lumbar muscle next, put down buttock to rest 3~5 seconds.

Do 20 to 40 times, depending on your condition.

3 squat against the wall

Double foot is microzhang, heel is apart from wall 60 centimeters, back relies on a wall, straighten lumbar back, slow squat, heel does not leave the ground, also can two hands clench fist before extend.

The Angle of ham and crus had better be in 90 degrees, hold breath 3~5 seconds, restore station posture. At the beginning of the movement to slow, can gradually accelerate, 5 to 10 for 1 group, each time do 1 to 2 groups.

In addition to exercise, we should also pay attention to some habits and habits of adjustment:

1. Don't sit, stand or bend for a long time. Every 20 to 30 minutes of sitting or standing should be 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Sit in the front of the chair during work, lean against the back of the chair with the upper body, cross your fingers, stretch your hands over your head, stretch back vigorously, try to make the upper body at a 45 degree Angle to the level, which helps release the pressure of the spine;

3. Do not lift heavy objects. If you must, straighten your upper body and bend your knees to relieve pressure on your lumbar spine.

4. You'd better use earphones when you answer the phone to avoid a tilt of the neck.

Experts finally stressed that we must not easily take pain relief drugs to cope with back pain. If the back pain lasts for more than 3 months, or is accompanied by fever, chills and other symptoms, or the pain is not obvious during the day but intensified at night, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Bring about

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Chronic back pain is linked to three genetic variants – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/as back pain

An international team of scientists has identified three new genetic variants linked to chronic back pain. Their study, published in plos genetics (" genome-wide analysis of 158,000 people of European descent identified three genetic loci associated with chronic back pain ") linked back pain risk to genetic variations that control bone development and other pathways. The findings may help shed light on the underlying biology behind this common symptom and point the way to the eventual development of new treatments, the researchers said.

how to stop chronic back pain

"Back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide for many years, but surprisingly little is known about the biology behind it." We conducted a genome-wide association study (gwas) meta-analysis of chronic back pain (CBP). Adults of European descent were enrolled in 15 of the genomic epidemiology (charge) consortium's heart and aging study cohort, as well as the UK biobank's interim data release. CBP cases were defined as those reporting back pain. 3-6 months; Non-cases are included as a comparison (" control "). Each cohort was genotyped using commercially available arrays and then reduced. Gwas used logistic regression models with additive genetic effects and adjusted for age, gender, study-specific covariates, and population substructure. The genome-wide significance of antivariable-weighted analysis of the effect of threshold fixation was p < 5×10-8. Suggestive (p < 5×10-7) and genome-wide significant (p < 5×10-8) mutations were replicated forward or further investigation revealed that the remaining UK biobank participants were not included in the sample. The sample was found to include 158,025 persons, including 29,531 CBP cases. A genome-wide important association found sox5 rs12310519 intronic variant (or 1.08,p = 7.2×10-). "This was followed by a replication of 283752 UK biobank participants not included in the discovery sample, which included 50,915 cases (or 1.06,p = 5.3×10-11), and more than genome-wide significance in the joint meta-analysis (or 1.07,p = 4.5×10-19)," the researchers wrote.

"We found hints with three other sites found in samples, two of which exceeded the significance of genome-wide joint analysis: an intergenomic variation,rs7833174, between ccdc26 and GSDMC (or 1.05,p = 4.4×10-13), and an intronic variant,rs4384683, in DCC (or 0.97,p = 2.4×10-). In the first reported gwas meta-analysis of CBP, we identified and replicated a cbp-related locus (sox5). In a two-stage joint meta-analysis (ccdc26/ GSDMC and DCC), we identified two additional genome-wide loci of significant significance.

The study involved 158,000 adults, including more than 29,000 with chronic back pain, looking for genetic variants linked to back pain. The strongest association was with a variant of the sox5 gene, a transcription factor involved in almost all stages of embryonic development. The inactivation of sox5 has previously been linked to cartilage defects and bone formation in mice, supporting the hypothesis that the mutation identified in this study may cause chronic back pain through its effect on some aspects of bone development.

The sox5 variant's association with chronic back pain was replicated in another group of more than 280,000 individuals, including more than 50,000 with chronic back pain. A second gene has previously been linked to disc herniation, as well as back pain, and a third, which plays a role in spinal cord development, may suggest that pain or mood is linked to the risk of back pain.

"The results of our genome-wide association study point to multiple pathways that may affect the risk of chronic back pain," says pradeep suri, md, an officer at the department of veterans affairs in Seattle. "Chronic back pain is associated with mood changes and the role of the central nervous system in the transition from acute back pain to chronic back pain is well understood." However, the first two genetic variations we found hint at the cause of the surrounding structures, such as the spine. We hope that further large-scale genetic studies will reveal the importance of peripheral and central factors in the complex experience of chronic back pain.

Always backache? Perhaps these four "evils" are at work and cannot be ignored – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/backache

Back pain is a common symptom in life, causing back pain of many reasons. In most cases, short periods of back pain are due to muscle damage. But if you have chronic back pain, be careful. Backache back pain is not trivial, so, what causes it to happen?

Spinal disease

Back pain often occurs when the spine is diseased or the soft tissue around the spine is damaged or infected, which is one of the most common causes of back pain. For example: between spondylitis, waist dish protrusion and spasm of soft tissue oedema around spinal column, muscle, these are backache "prime culprit". This is especially true for workers who spend a lot of time sitting, standing or doing manual work. At ordinary times to often carry out physical examination, work and rest combined, the spine and the diseases around the spine timely treatment, so as to prevent the occurrence of backache symptoms.

back doctor

Gynecological diseases

It is well known that a woman's pelvic cavity communicates with her abdominal cavity. When women suffer from gynecological diseases, especially reproductive organs infection inflammation, it is likely to cause abdominal swelling, backache symptoms. For example: uterine appendicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis, gynecological diseases appear back pain is a hint to the patient. If the female appears this symptom, must carry on the examination and the treatment promptly to the hospital. Gynecological disease treatment is not timely, is likely to cause infertility, affecting the physical and mental health of patients.

Urinary system diseases

Urinary system diseases can also cause back pain, such as: ureteral stones, bladder stones, urinary system tumors, may lead to the occurrence of back pain symptoms, causing patients lumbar sacral discomfort, sometimes even pain can not eat, sleep. In addition, urinary tract infection caused by inflammation, kidney deficiency can also cause back pain. At this point, must actively treat the primary disease, from the source of action, do not hastily.

back doctor


Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly and women, osteoporosis in the early stage generally without any symptoms. But as the disease progresses, symptoms can develop, with back pain being the most common. If left untreated, osteoporosis can deform the spine, greatly affecting the patient's daily life and even making movement a problem.

Back pain is no small thing, if you have related symptoms, you can make a preliminary determination of what kind of cause yourself. Seek professional help to the specialized subject of the hospital next, the proposal that listens to a doctor undertakes treating, must not blindly undertake self-cure or do not treat, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

Exercises to relieve back pain — basic movements and diagnosis of McKenzie therapy – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

Basic movements of McKenzie therapy

McKenzie's exercises are very simple. It is ok to move slowly with your own strength in the painful and painful parts of your joints. The main movements are stretching and flexion

stretches for lower back pain

The diagnosis of McKenzie therapy

Lumbago leg pain to the hospital examination generally first to accept X-ray examination, or ct scan, mri(nuclear magnetic resonance).

May be diagnosed as lumbar push disc protrusion, lumbar push deformation, lumbar push bone spur hyperplasia, lumbar spinal canal stenosis, and so on, in fact, the patient is not clear, what disease causes pain in the waist and legs, in fact, the reasons for pain in the waist is very complex, more than 80% of the back pain is the reason cannot be decided "non-specific back pain".

McKenzie therapy does not focus on the diagnosis of name, unique point of view evaluation and diagnosis to find suitable for my own gymnastics, through specific gymnastics improvement and treatment of symptoms.

Self-diagnosis consists of three steps:

The first step is not suitable for a McKenzie gymnast

People with the following symptoms are not suitable for McKenzie gymnastics.

1. People with numbness of feet, difficulty in urinating and defecating are not suitable for McKenzie gymnastics

People with such symptoms are likely to suffer from severe nerve injury, which cannot be restored to normal without immediate treatment, and may require surgery.

2. McKenzie gymnastics is not for people who have broken their back in an accident or fall

The fracture site should be repose, until the fracture site is completely healed and the doctor allows gymnastics to be done.

3. People with fever and low back pain due to infection are not suitable for McKenzie gymnastics.The backache that sends high fever to cause, push likely waist to suffer infection, should examine to the hospital.

4. Lower back pain in patients with visceral diseases is not suitable for Mackenzie gymnastic abdominal large aneurysm rupture, kidney stones, zi guan disease can cause lower back pain, should be to the hospital for examination.

5. Lower back pain caused by cancer metastasis is not suitable for McKenzie gymnasticsCancer metastasizes to the lower back and can cause lower back pain.

From already observation lumbago condition: below what condition meeting lumbago, when aggravate, that one place of the waist is painful ache, when lumbago eases wait a moment.

Here's the key: the pain increases or changes in the area of pain as a result of a certain position or action. Appear above change condition, can speculate the structure of the waist appears a problem, or mechanical sex problem causes lumbago. McKenzie gymnastics has a higher effect on these symptoms.

Step 2: self-diagnosis

After the examination of the above items, it is necessary to decide which type of gymnastics to do

Suitable for "reverse stretch" gymnasts

Work at the desk, or drive after the waist more pain

It hurt.

● backache when lifting something high from the ground.

● a slight lightning-like backache when I wash my face.

Sit too long and your back hurts.

Pulling grass, or sweeping the floor and bending, or standing

When the waist slightly forward bending back pain.

Usually some hunchback, posture is not good.

● lower back pain is less severe when walking.

· lower back pain eases when lying on the stomach.

stretches for lower back pain

A good reason to do reverse stretching exercises

These people lose the natural curve of their lower back (lumbar forward curvature) when they bend over, causing back pain, or even more pain. Reverse extension will restore forward lumbar curvature.

Half of patients with back pain, do reverse stretching exercises to cure back pain.

Suitable for "bending" gymnasts

Walking pain in the back.

Standing for too long, but sitting down relieves the pain.

● it hurts more when you lie on your stomach.

Long walk back pain, but squat down to rest for a while, back pain relief

● it hurts when you stand up, but not when you sit down.

Usually better posture.

● sitting in a chair doesn't hurt my back.

Stepping on a bicycle won't hurt your back.

stretches for lower back pain

A good reason to do bending exercises

These people had increased pain from backward stoop. Lower back pain eases when you fall forward

Try a good choice of gymnastics

Through the examination of the second step, has chosen suitable for their own gymnastics, will carry out practice.

Do not only do a decision on some kind of gymnastics, because for many years did not do waist gymnastics people waist hard, began to do gymnastics waist pain. As long as you choose the right gymnastics, do several times in the lower back will not hurt. The point is: the change of the painful state that observed to do lumbar leg after gymnastics carefully.

Specific practice is: "backward extend" or "bend over" motion does 10 times each, observe the change condition that lumbar leg aches ache.

How to judge the fitness of gymnastics

1 pain relief

2. The movable range of pain joint waist is enlarged

The painful area moves from the end of the body to the center

Do gymnastics back neck waist leg pain changes as mentioned above 3, this gymnastics is for you.

How to judge whether the exercise is not suitable?

1 the pain gets worse

The movable range of 2 waist decreases

The painful area moves from the center of the body to the end

Changes in pain in the lower back and legs after doing gymnastics like the 3 points above, this exercise is not for you.

To judge the appropriateness of McKenzie gymnastics

The first pain lessened

While the pain was alleviated by exercise, McKenzie's treatment suggested that the symptoms were improved.

Second, the movable range is expanded

Because of pain, the range of motion of the back bone and joints is reduced, and the range of motion is expanded through gymnastics.

Third, the change of the pain site

After doing gymnastics, the painful area moves to the center, reducing the pain range. The Mackenzie treatment says the symptoms have improved. The Mackenzie treatment calls this change centralization of pain, a sign that symptoms are improving. Because the pain moves to the center through the exercise, and the symptoms gradually subside, eventually the pain disappears, which is the ultimate goal of McKenzie therapy.

Instead, the pain is in the center, to the left or to the right, and it moves to the toes after the exercise. McKenzie calls this change the ending of the pain. This condition indicates that the pain worsens.

Do the gymnastics that suits from already, its effect how, want to judge by from already, think to have the effect to should insist to do go down to cure a radical cure neck waist leg is painful.

If all the gymnastics don't suit you, maybe the McKenzie treatment isn't for you. It's best to talk to a rehabilitation doctor.

※ McKenzie therapy in principle recommends lumbar push disc herniation to do reverse stretch gymnastics, lumbar spinal stenosis to do bending gymnastics, but the physical condition varies from person to person, regardless of the name of the disease, first use McKenzie therapy for self-diagnosis, and then choose the appropriate gymnastics.

stretches for lower back pain

stretches for lower back pain

Step 3 maintain correct posture

According to McKenzie's therapy, poor posture and repeated bending are the major causes of neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The most important thing to prevent and improve chronic neck, shoulder, lumbago, and leg pain is to always maintain correct posture, otherwise the effects of certain exercises will be greatly compromised. What is the correct posture?

Maintain the importance of "lumbar forward bending"

The dorsal bone that supports our bodies connects 24 vertebrae to the fairy bone and tailbone. Among them vertebra is divided into neck push, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra. The dorsal bone is seen laterally in a gentle s-shaped curve. Among them lumbar is supporting the weight of the upper body, the load that absorbs impact, lumbar when doing action such as jumping is very big, in order to reduce these load, lumbar forward bend, this kind of bend is called "lumbar forward bend".

Can say the ache of lumbar leg great majority, numbness, bilge wait for a symptom is "lumbar front bends" disappear those who cause. The disappearance of "lumbar forward curvature" greatly increases the burden on the lower back. An oblique force is applied to the disc, causing the nucleus pulposus in the middle of the disc to slide, thereby causing symptoms such as lumbar pain, numbness, and distention.

stretches for lower back pain

The main reason for the disappearance of "lumbar forward curvature"

Poor posture and repeated bending. For example: desk work, computer operation, reading, study and other time bad posture. As well as bad posture sitting on the sofa chair watching TV, driving, housework and so on bad posture makes {lumbar forward curvature} disappear. Long-term formation of bad posture will make {lumbar forward bending} disappear, resulting in chronic lumbar disease.

stretches for lower back pain

{lumbar forward bending} disappear not only lumbago, the balance of the skeleton of the whole body is affected, cause the ache of each place, numbness, bilge. In daily life, not only to prevent backache, in order to health, it is very important to develop {lumbar forward bending} posture

The disappearance of "lumbar forward curvature" affects the whole body

How to maintain good posture?

Stand properly

1. Relax standing.

2, belly forward protrusion, try to maintain the "lumbar forward bending" posture. This state overemphasizes "lumbar forward curvature."

3. In the 2 position, straighten your back and reduce excessive "lumbar forward curvature."

4, chest up, belly inward, hip force.

Sit in a chair with your chest down

Measure up, enlarge your chest, and adopt a posture that emphasizes "lumbar forward bending," a posture experts call overcorrected posture. Relax the back in this position by another 10 percent

Force is the right way to sit

Maintaining proper posture can improve chronic back pain

As the incorrect posture persists, the "lumbar forward bend" disappears, and the force applied to the disc is askew, causing the disc to slide back with the nucleus, and the injury to the loop causes chronic back pain. Maintaining proper posture means maintaining a "lumbar forward bend," correcting the skew in the discs, and gradually improving chronic back pain.

stretches for lower back pain

Maintain proper posture in the McKenzie pose

The exercises are: repeat the hunchback posture and over-straighten the back (overcorrected posture), allowing the body to "learn" the "lumbar forward bend" posture.

1. Sit back and relax in a chair, hunched for 4-5 seconds.

2. Straighten upper body and maintain "lumbar forward curvature" (overcorrected)

Pose) pose for 4 to 5 seconds.

3. Repeat the movements of 1 and 2 for 10 ~ 15 rhythmically

Second to none.

Posture correction can eliminate back pain

Above gymnastics morning, afternoon, evening each make a set, three times a day, insist on doing a week.

Tips for maintaining proper posture in the McKenzie style:

Try to straighten your upper body and sit in a chair where your feet naturally land, parallel to each other.

When the exercise is slow and earnest, rush to do exercises will increase back bone peripheral tension, may aggravate back pain.

Through practice, master the "lumbar forward bend" posture. The correct posture should be: from the mandatory "lumbar forward bend" position, and then relax the back force of about 10%. This position is more capable of working at a desk for a long time. When sitting at ordinary times to maintain a conscious "lumbar forward bending" posture, not too relaxed.

When sitting in an unbacked chair, try to maintain a "lumbar forward" posture.

Waist pillow

Have the structure of chair of back of a chair commonly, cannot very good ground support waist, long time is opposite computer, perhaps read, work, when perhaps drive not self-consciously bend, make "lumbar bend before" disappear. Use a lumbar pillow for these people. Place lumbar pillow between back and waist, can maintain more "lumbar forward bend" the posture of the state. Various types of waist pillows are sold on the market. Here are some ways to make them at home. Use the waste bath towel at home to make a waist pillow. Please refer to the figure below for the production method.

stretches for lower back pain

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New devices for peripheral nerve stimulation can reduce chronic back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/pain management

A new short-term percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) approach can be used to reduce pain relief and reduce drug use in patients with chronic back pain (LBP), according to the case report practice published online March 14 in pain.

Leonardo kapural, Ph.D., from the clinical research center in winston-salem, n.c., and the Carolina pain institute, and colleagues describe the use of PNS in two subjects with chronic LBP. At the end of one month of treatment, the stimulation was stopped and the lead was removed.

The authors note that PNS produced clinically significant improvements in pain and functional outcomes (short pain inventory question #5 reduced average pain by 62%, average pain; Disability reduction of 73%, oswestry disability index; Pain interference reduced by 83%. Short pain inventory. Non-opioid analgesics decreased by an average of 83 percent, and opioid users stopped using opioids. Minor skin irritation from topical dressings was the only adverse event. At least four months after the start of treatment, clinically significant improvement (pain decreased by 79% on average; Both reported minimal disability; Opioids and non-opioids decreased by 100% and 74%, respectively.

"This approach has the potential to alter the paradigm of chronic pain management, providing minimally invasive treatment and potentially delivering effective neuromodulation benefits to patients early in the treatment continuum," the authors write.

What's new: research has found that tai chi relieves back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/chronic back pain

Research has found that tai chi can relieve back pain. Back pain is a major problem in many people's lives. There are many reasons for back pain. A, zhou yu

Study finds tai chi relieves back pain

Back pain is a problem that affects many people's lives. There are many different causes of back pain, but not all of them need to be solved by taking painkillers.

Yoga: studies show that patients with lower back pain who attend yoga once a week for three months show significant improvement in physical function. The results were far better than those of patients receiving conventional medical care, such as oral medication, or physical therapy. Stretching is as effective as yoga for treating back pain, but the main areas of exercise are the trunk and legs.

Massage: patients with chronic lower back pain who massage once a week report less pain after 10 weeks.

Acupuncture: acupuncture has played a key role in relieving chronic back pain. One study found that patients who received acupuncture were more likely to experience reduced back pain than those who received routine care.

Strength training: a fitness instructor offers a test: stand with your back against a wall, with your shoulder blades pressed against the wall. If you can't hold this position for as long as you can sing happy birthday, you'll need to work on your back and core muscles. Increased muscle strength in these areas helps prevent and reduce back pain. The four strength training moves available include chair drapes, up-slope pushups, squats, and bow rows.

Reduce stress: maintaining mental health is also crucial to avoiding back pain. When people are anxious, the body reacts with a "fight or flight" response, causing muscles to tighten and ready for action. A study by European researchers suggests that people with negative emotions and anxiety disorders are more likely to experience back pain.

Meditation: several scientific studies have shown that meditation can reduce back pain. Patients with back pain experienced significant reductions in pain and psychological distress after practicing a meditation therapy focused on releasing anger. In another study, meditation practitioners reduced pain levels by 40 percent.

Spa treatments: a 2013 study showed that sedentary adults who received spa treatments five times a week experienced less pain and improved quality of life after two months. Another small study found that spa treatments also helped reduce lower back pain in pregnant women.

Tai chi: practicing tai chi for 40 minutes twice a week for 10 weeks reduced pain intensity in patients by 13%, according to a 2011 study by the American college of rheumatology.

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Home care for low back pain should be appropriate exercise – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

Back pain is a common condition in life, back pain to our daily life has brought a lot of inconvenience, we should strengthen the daily care. So how do you relieve back pain? Below we are the home that introduces lumbago to nurse a square for everybody, help you alleviate lumbago symptom effectively!

Bed rest is not always advisable

When you have back pain, you may just want to stay in bed. However, if it's back pain from a strained muscle, your doctor will recommend that you resume daily activities as early as possible. Resume daily activities as early as possible after proper rest. Studies have shown that bed rest for more than one or two days can actually increase pain and decrease muscle tone and elasticity.

Exercise is more effective than rest

If back pain makes you sluggish for a long time, having an exercise recovery program can help strengthen your muscles and get you back to daily activities sooner. Physical therapists give your back a moderate workout through stretching, strength training, and low-intensity cardio.

Make your back stronger

Both flexion and stretching exercises are good for the lower back. Flexion: bending forward, stretching back and hip muscles; Stretch: bend back to work the muscles that support your spine. Another way is to lift your legs while lying on your stomach. However, the cause of back pain is different and some exercises cannot be done. Before choosing a workout, check with your doctor to see if the exercise you're doing is safe.

Do yoga to relieve back pain

If the back pain hasn't gone away in three months, you might try yoga. A recent study found that people with lower back pain who practiced yoga once a week for 12 weeks had fewer symptoms than those who learned how to care for it from a book. However, the study also showed that regular stretching can help. The relief lasts for months after the yoga class is over. However, make sure your coach is experienced in teaching back pain relief and that you get effective guidance.

Massage also works

Massage can ease chronic back pain, a government-funded study suggests. After 10 weeks of massage therapy, once a week, patients with lower back pain experienced less pain and performed better in daily activities than those who received conventional treatment. The effect was felt no matter what type of massage was given and was effective for at least six months.

Toothpicks are as effective as acupuncture in relieving lower back pain

Can acupuncture treat back pain? The evidence is not uniform. A 2009 study of hundreds of people with chronic back pain found surprising results. Those who received the simulated acupuncture treatment only had their skin pricked with toothpicks, but achieved the same results as those who received the acupuncture treatment. And after eight weeks, both groups felt much better than those who had not received acupuncture.

There are many ways to relieve back pain. The above mentioned home care methods are introduced to relieve back pain. You can try the above methods.

Yoga can be as good as physical therapy for lower back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/chronic back pain

The study supports the scientific case for yoga as a potential treatment for back pain. Although the discipline has a medical following, there is little evidence of its effectiveness.

Various forms of yoga practiced outside India emphasize body postures, movement and controlled breathing. Its popularity has spawned an industry of retailers, studios and media companies catering to practitioners. Enthusiasts often tout the health benefits of yoga, especially its ability to reduce stress and improve health. But skeptics say more research is needed to verify the claims.

A team of researchers from several U.S. institutions studied more than 300 ethnically diverse, low-income patients with chronic back pain. They divided the patients into three groups, assigned a weekly yoga class, another weekly physical therapy session, and gave a third control group a book and regularly mailed newsletters on pain management.

The study's lead author is Robert saper, director of integrative medicine at Boston medical center.

Saper and his colleagues found that weekly yoga classes helped manage pain almost as much as physical therapy, not just education. Users of physical therapy and yoga used fewer painkillers than the control group.

The researchers published their findings Monday in the journal of internal medicine.

"Given the complex factors that influence the diagnosis and outcome of chronic [lower back pain], it is unlikely that any one treatment approach will be helpful for all or most patients," said the accompanying editorial by uc San Diego physicians. Researchers Douglas g. chang and stefan g. kertesz are doctors and researchers at the Birmingham veterans affairs medical center and the university of Alabama.

"Nevertheless," they wrote, "as saper and his colleagues show, yoga offers real benefits for some people without much risk."

The doctor teaches you how to prevent back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/backache

When degenerative changes occur in the cervical spine, back pain can occur if the posterior ramus of the spinal nerve in the fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrae is pulled. In fact, neck is backache, upper limb is weak, finger is become numb, giddy, disgusting see an object fuzziness even, deswallowing is fuzziness the symptom expression of cervical vertebra disease.

2.Backache caused by periarthritis of shoulder

Periarthritis of shoulder will cause shoulder pain, with the development of the disease, the pain range will continue to increase, some patients will appear back pain.

3.Backache caused by ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis patients will appear chronic hair or persistent back and back pain, spinous process pressure pain, morning after back stiffness, back and back pain aggravation when leaning back, improve after activities, long standing or walking easy fatigue.

Most of the patients showed limited activity in the lower back and waist. Physical examination revealed lumbar spinous process tenderness, paraspinal muscle spasm, muscle atrophy and even humpback deformity.

4.Back pain caused by the respiratory system

Many respiratory diseases such as pleural adhesion, lung cancer and tuberculosis, may also cause shoulder and back pain, but generally in the back, back or scapular.

5.Referred pain caused by visceral disease

Pelvic disease of department of gynaecology, prostate disease can cause low back pain, kidney disease such as stone, kidney prolapse, pyelonephritis and peritoneum disease such as abscess, hematoma can cause back pain, heart disease can cause back pain.

How to prevent back pain

Statistics show that more than half of the back pain symptoms will be repeated. You can prevent back pain by paying attention to certain details of your life, according to the family health handbook.

1.Back and belly exercises are also important

Gymnastics and stretching can help improve back health. Do more low-intensity exercise, such as walking and swimming, but butterfly also puts pressure on the back muscles, not for people with back pain. Weight lifting, basketball, etc., are not for people with back pain. Additional, besides should notice aggrandizing back muscle when taking exercise, strengthen abdominal muscle to take exercise even, offer better support for the back thereby.

2.Bend your knees when bending or lifting

When you bend over, the stress on your back is greatest. When picking up or lifting, it's best to bend your knees so that the stress area is centered on your legs, not your back. Also, keep your legs apart and your back straight, keeping weights as close to your body as possible to reduce back pressure.

If the usual weight of the backpack, should pay attention to the exchange of stress shoulders.

3.Avoid tights

Frequent wearing of tight pants can cause the abdominal muscles to be looser and less supportive of the back. Also high heels will increase the back burden, women should reduce the wear of high heels, heel no more thanCm best, not too high.

4.Maintain a normal weight

Too much weight can put pressure on back muscles, and most obese people suffer from chronic back pain. Especially if the weight gain in a short period of time, may also increase the back muscles and ligaments of a sudden burden.

5.Sit and stand correctly

When you're sitting or standing, you put more stress on your back. The correct posture is to keep your head, neck and chest straight, your pelvis forward, and your abdomen in and your hips in, thereby reducing the pressure on your back. While sitting, also straighten your upper body, keeping your spine as close to the back of the chair as possible, with your knees slightly above your hips.

6.Bend your knees

When sleeping on your stomach, your abdominal muscles relax, which can lead to lordosis. People who often have back pain are advised to sleep on their side with their knees bent, reducing pressure on the discs. If you are lying on your back, place a pillow under your knee to maintain the curvature of your knee. In addition, mattress should not be too soft


After the above explanation, now we know what is the cause of right back pain, if your condition is more serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as not to delay the best time for treatment, we also need to pay attention to exercise, this is good for the body.

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