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Multiple segmental cervical spondylotic myelopathy (MCM) is a common type of cervical spondylosis and often requires surgical treatment. The main cause of its onset is cervical spine trauma, chronic strain, degenerative changes and congenital developmental abnormalities caused by spinal stenosis and posterior longitudinal ligament ossification. Clinical manifestations: limb numbness, weakness, walking instability, clumsy gait (cotton sense), hands fine movement decline.

Experts from the department of bone spine of qianfoshan hospital in shandong province said that the single open cervical canal expanded plasty has been recognized as one of the most effective methods for the treatment of cervical spinal stenosis, but there are shortcomings such as postoperative spinal canal restenosis and stubborn axial symptoms, limiting its promotion. Centerpiece titanium plate is a kind of micro-titanium plate of posterior cervical laminoplasty internal fixation system. It can expand and decompress the spinal canal, relieve the compression of nerves and spinal cord, and maintain the cervical vertebra motion after surgery. Compared with the traditional single-door expanded cervical laminoplasty, it has its advantages:

1. Minimally invasive, reducing excessive dissection and exposure of paravertebral muscle, and reducing intraoperative bleeding; The physiological structure of the posterior column of the cervical spine is retained, which is more consistent with the physiological characteristics from the biomechanics and reduces the postoperative cervical instability.

2. Support. As a supporting titanium plate, it can provide more stable support, reduce the pressure of scar tissue, effectively prevent the re-closing of the door, and avoid adhesion between the dural sac and surrounding tissues.

3, safe, centerpiece titanium plate, screw does not need to enter the spinal canal, reduce the risk of injury to the dural sac and spinal cord, high safety.

4. Early activity. In the past, long-term cervical braking after posterior cervical surgery often caused discomfort such as neck pain and stiffness.

Typical case: male, 42 years old, admitted to the department of bone and spinal column of qianfo hospital, shandong province for 4 months due to numbness and weakness of limbs. Imaging examination suggested ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament of cervical spine with obvious stenosis of cervical spinal canal. Hospital diagnosis of multiple segmental myelopathic type was longitudinal ligament ossification after the merger of cervical vertebra disease, cervical spondylosis the division director Zhang Kaining professor team after discussion, decisions for patients with cervical posterior single door vertebral canal expanded keratoplasty (centerpiece miniature titanium plate), postoperative patients with limb symptoms eased significantly, on the third day after normal activities on fields, 6 days after discharge.

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The excellent class of spinal endoscopic entity operation training of the third hospital of henan province was successfully held – infrared heating therapy | lumbar spine/lumbar disc herniation/spinal stenosis/cervical spinal stenosis

On the morning of 17th, the conference officially opened. Yuan qidong, vice President of the third hospital of henan province, yan Ming, professor of Bethune first hospital of jilin university, wang bisheng, deputy chief physician of the disc center of the third hospital of henan province, and ma ya, deputy director of the medical department of the third hospital of henan province, attended the opening ceremony. Yang hejun, deputy chief physician of the disc center of the third hospital of henan province presided over the opening ceremony.

Yuan qidong, deputy director of the third people's hospital of henan province, delivered the opening speech

Yuan qidong, vice President of the third hospital of henan province, first of all expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the experts and scholars attending the opening ceremony. He said: disc center is one of the biggest highlights of the special diseases of the third hospital of henan province, and these achievements cannot be achieved without the care and support of colleagues from all walks of life. The success of this meeting will greatly promote the development of minimally invasive spine in henan provincial hospital of the third straight and even the whole province, and better escort the spine health of henan and even the whole country.

After the opening ceremony, the academic exchange began. Training classes for the live through the operation and anatomical lectures, academic report, classical surgery video presentation, 3 d model specimens of hand-eye separation operation practice, such as the operation way, make every participants after complete training courses, to master the whole visual decompression of spinal endoscopic operation, safe and effective minimally invasive treatment for patients. At the same time, participants with a certain basis of endoscopy were given extended training.

Live surgery

On May 17, the training class conducted 5 live demonstrations of operation, including: ma haijun, li xianxian, yan Ming and song kunfeng explained the "full visual medial endoscopic approach for lumbar nerve root canal stenosis". Ma haijun and li xianxian were the main knife; yan Ming and song kunfeng explained the "all visible medial mirror approach for cervical spinal stenosis"; Li fang and he yi acted as the main surgeon, while yan Ming and guo qiang explained the "all visible medial mirror approach for lumbar disc herniation". He yi and li fang acted as the main surgeon, while yan Ming and song kunfeng explained the "all visible medial mirror approach for lumbar disc herniation". Ma haijun and he yi performed the main surgery, while yan Ming and guo qiang explained "lumbar fusion under full visual endoscope".

Surgery explainer

According to the participating doctors, they learned the techniques and key points of spinal endoscopic surgery more clearly and intuitively through the live broadcast of surgery and the wonderful explanations of yan Ming and other professors, so that they could fully absorb the knowledge of this conference. Not only did I learn cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment concepts, but also gained practical clinical techniques, which greatly promoted the improvement of my surgical skills.

In order to enable participating physicians to further integrate what they have learned with clinical application, a series of expert reports and practical operation training programs of spine endoscopy were held in the training course from 18th to 19th. Teaching experts from different direction, focus, through the "classic operation video presentation, 3 d model specimens of hand-eye separation operation practice, operation way, such as the spine of minimally invasive surgery in the forefront of technology and focal point to everybody, the attending physician bring a combination of theory and practice of academic dinner, the doctors have said harvest, full worthwhile.

Deputy chief physician of the Chinese navy explains "total visual endoscopy technology"

He yi, deputy chief physician, conducted hand-eye separation operation training

Deputy chief physician of the ma navy explained "fully visible endoscopic lumbar fusion (endo-tlif) and spinal endoscopy related complications and management measures"

Dr. He yi, deputy chief physician, explained "tessys isee system for the treatment of lumbar spine diseases, which can be fully visual intervertebral foraminal surgery system".

Deputy chief physician li kuan explains "applied anatomy of spinal endoscopy"

Deputy chief physician of ma navy explained "lumbar lateral total visual endoscopy technique"

The deputy chief physician of the Chinese navy conducted "hand-eye separation operation training"

Professor yan Ming explained the technique of "lumbar lateral total visual endoscopy"

Professor yan Ming's lecture on "endosurgi&endo-tlif"

Deputy chief physician Yang hejun explained "delta endoscopic minimally invasive technique for spinal stenosis"

Li fang, deputy chief physician, conducted the guidance of "total visual endoscopy technology"

Professor yan Ming and deputy chief physician of the PLA navy presented certificates to the students who passed the test

Some of the participating physicians took a group photo

Fascinating tidbits

In order to facilitate the study and communication of doctors who did not attend the conference, the whole network video broadcast was specially arranged for this conference, and the total number of hits was nearly 110,000.

Learned, since 2016, henan made of intervertebral disc center were carried out the research period of 17 spinal endoscope practical technical training, successively in zhoukou, shangqiu, zhumadian, xinyang 18 cities, 110 county hospitals, physician training a total of more than 2000, in order to promote our province spine of practical technology promotion and application, achieve substantial cross, made great contribution to let more patients with intervertebral disc disease never leave home can enjoy high-end medical services, help for the construction of health central plains.

Took a group photo

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