Howard has confirmed he will have back surgery and will be sidelined for the entire Olympic season – InfraredHeatingTherapy | herniated disc/back problems/back injury

Magic center Dwight Howard has confirmed that he will undergo back surgery today and will miss the 2012 London Olympics.

Howard had complained of back problems in early march. Last week, he was diagnosed with a herniated disc after careful examination by Dr Robert Watkins, a spinal surgeon from Los Angeles. Watkins advised him to inject the drug to relieve the pain and expected warcraft to rest his back for 10 to 14 days before seeing if he needed further treatment. But Howard's back injury is worsening day by day, finally, Dr. Watkins and magic medical team agreed that the surgery must be carried out as soon as possible.

"In fact, he struggled with the injury until today, when he needed surgery." Howard's agent, Dan fagan, confirmed the news, he also to refute the previously questioned Howard to injury as an excuse to not willing to continue to play magic rumors, "Dwight so far in his career never give up a game, the public, or whisper, speculation that he might give up game, is ridiculous."

As of yesterday, Howard had missed eight games because of a back injury, one more than he had missed in his previous seven seasons. Dongguan daily.

Cole has revealed that he will undergo back surgery in the finals G5 due to back problems – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back problems/back injury/back surgery

July 29, 2015 07:50

In an interview with CSN bay area, warriors coach Kerr said he has a serious back injury that will require surgery soon and will be sidelined for the rest of the summer.

Steve Kerr

Cole told CSN's monty Poole that he will undergo back surgery in Los Angeles today to resolve a hernia in his disc. Cole is understood to have been haunted by the incident for months.

"I have to take a break this summer," cole said.

In a previous interview, Kerr revealed that he injured his back in game 5 of the NBA finals. He described it as nothing special, just standing up and feeling bad. For the next two weeks, his back felt fine, but then he had another attack. He also had to withdraw from a competition.

As is known to all, coaches generally have a variety of injuries, especially in the NBA such a high intensity, high pressure environment coaching, more prone to a variety of physical problems. Phil Jackson has a long-term hip injury, popovich has heart problems.

Kerr coached in the NBA last season and had no prior experience. But Kerr was so successful that he led the warriors to their best 67 wins in franchise history and a championship that closed a 40-year gap.


Canadian women's open second round liu yu T3 he mu ni back discomfort forced to withdraw – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back problems/back discomfort

Denmark's nicole broch larsen captured eight birdies in the second round, swallowed two bogeys and shot 66 to take first place at 12-under par at 132 (66-66). World no. 1 jin young ko of South Korea made five birdies and zero bogeys in the second round to settle briefly in second place by one stroke.

back surgery

Liu Yu

Liu yu was ranked t11 at the end of the first round, leading the Chinese team, and moved up to t3 at the end of the second round, still leading the Chinese players. Liu had five birdies in the second round and tied on the rest of the holes for a two-round total of 135 (68-67), tied for third place with defending champion brooke Henderson and Thailand's pajaree anannarukarn.

back surgery

Daniel fung

Beijing girl Lin xiyu first nine holes are all pa success, after nine holes caught four birdies, the second round of 68, two rounds of a total score of 138 (-6), ranked t11.

Yan jing had 3 birdies in the second round, swallowed 2 bogeys and turned in 71 to tie for 38th place with lexie Thompson, li jingen and others on 3-under par in two rounds of 141.

back surgery

She shot 78 in the first round and retired in the second because of back problems, explaining the situation to fans who follow the game on her social media platform.

Liu ruixin (71-73), feng shanshan (70-76) and feng simin (79-78) failed to advance to the next round.

Photo credit: lpga official website

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The spurs lost another star, French magic, to back surgery for 3-4 weeks – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back problems/back surgery

The SAN Antonio spurs are expected to miss the next 3-4 weeks after their backup center Boris diao underwent back surgery on Thursday, CBS sports reported.

Diao, who is averaging 5.8 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 75 games so far this season (20 starts), is a key member of the spurs' frontcourt rotation. With the playoffs just around the corner, diao's sudden absence will undoubtedly have an impact on the depth of the spurs' frontcourt.

In fact, diao's injury was first reported before Wednesday's game between the spurs and Denver, when spurs coach gregg popovich told the media that diao could be out for 2-3 weeks because of back problems. So diaw was expected to return in the second half of the first round.

But the spurs officially announced diao's surgery today, and his absence is now three to four weeks, which means diao will definitely miss the first round of the playoffs and his return to the series is a big question mark.

The operation was successful and a cyst in the spine was removed.



The focus of

Detoxify, the key is back! Do this to rid the body of moisture and cold for a year – InfraredHeatingTherapy | neck pain/leg pain/back problems

The health of the back often directly reflects the normal functioning of the viscera.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, is a solid protective barrier of the human body, whether it is in the growth and development of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderly, pay attention to the back and the correct maintenance of the back, is equal to health injection of vitality and vitality.

To conserve the back is to nourish our internal organsIt is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

2. Bladder meridian is the largest detoxification channel

There are bladder meridians on both sides of the spine, and the organs of the human body have acupoints on the back bladder meridians. These acupoints are channels to run qi and blood and to contact the organs, so stimulating these acupoints can stimulate the Yang qi of the organs.

back surgery

In fact, conditioning is also an excellent way to detoxify, and the reason why is because of the bladder meridian on the back,In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3, the back of a du vein, for the Yang vein of the sea

The back has a du vein, which is the sea of Yang veins, and also the channel for the accumulation and operation of Yang qi!

If the vessel stasis, the spring Yang qi is not good, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and other dozens of diseases.

back surgery

It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, the regulation of internal organs plays an important role, can reconcile Yin and Yang, prolong life.

Therefore, curing back is to nourish our viscera and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Do back not only can get rid of the body's cold and wet, toxins, but also can alleviate the neck shoulder waist leg pain symptoms, will make the heavy body feel relaxed abnormal, ease the body fatigue, improve sleep quality, the irascible over sheng has a great relief.

So in ordinary life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, do a few actions at home to raise the good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll back

back surgery

Put a blanket on the floor, the floor is not too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, hands on the knee, the center of gravity between the tailbone and the sitting bone, that is, under our hips, put the left foot and right foot up, thigh must be close to the abdomen, keep this movement back and forth swing.

This back rolling, rolling every morning, rolling repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel hot back, this shows that qi and blood drexel, rolling back to heat when Yang qi naturally hair. This is a compulsory spring course, we must adhere to it.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder meridian

back surgery

The wei zhong point of genu fossae is an important big point on bladder classics! Chinese medicine has a formula called "waist back wei zhongqiu", all the waist, back problems, can be solved through this point. Often press knead or flap weizhong point can stimulate the operation of bladder via qi and blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, genu fossa often is to beat outward, and can have mixed and disorderly green vein, this is the signal of gas blood impassability of lumbar back, need often pats hind genu fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hub

back surgery

Find a doorpost and put your hands on either side of it. Stand with one foot in front and one foot behind, lunging with your hind legs as straight as possible. Stretch your arms until they feel tight. Stand in this position for three minutes, then switch legs and lunge for three minutes.

This stretching action is very good for getting through the back channels and collaterals!

Action four: get through big vertebra point

back surgery

Rub both hands neck vertebra point to fever.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder classics, patency here can let Yang qi be born to send, still can prevent the series symptom that causes with cervical vertebra stasis!

Action 5: get through the middle back hub

back surgery

Every day anywhere at any time the hands rub back heat. Here is the mingmen point, shenyu point, is the central hub of the vessel, bladder meridian.

The meridian of the governor and the meridian of the bladder are only channels and have no energy of their own! It needs the promotion of kidney qi to complete the function of Yang qi to generate hair and detoxify.

Therefore, it is the most simple and direct way to stimulate the point of mingmen and shenyu. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the meridians of the back!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that maintaining the back is the same as maintaining life. If you have time to raise the back regularly, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen brain support, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make the body energetic.

(3) improve the nervous and stagnant mental state and refresh the mind.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve skin dryness, dullness, spots and other skin defects caused by liver qi stagnation.

(6) prevent periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Scrapping – scraping the vessel and foot sun bladder meridian

Luofu mountain national medicine therapy is "o" is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine scrapping, massage, massage and techniques, under the guidance of TCM theory, the pain point is o (holes) on the shallow surface, combined with the oil of luofu mountain grass bouquet, luofu mountain black plaster disease within a kind of combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods, the periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, strain of lumbar muscles, such as the treatment of common diseases have a significant effect.

"Ah shi sha" is a technique in the treatment. It is easy to operate and has the effects of detoxifying and detoxifying, removing wind and dampness, relieving meridian and relieving swelling and pain. When the disease is treated, emergency is saved, pain is stopped, no matter in any occasion, can be on the human pain point treatment, significant curative effect, favored by the general public, is the best choice of daily self-care.

back surgery

Why luofu mountain baicao oil scrapping

1. Strong penetration and quick start

Luofu mountain baocao oil prescription contains 11 kinds of plant essential oils, such as methyl salicylate, turpentine, clove basil oil, borneol, peppermint oil, etc., which can quickly pass through the skin, carry the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine directly to the lesion, and treat the disease quickly.

2, the scrapping speed is fast

The effect of scrapping is considered as toxin. Due to the strong penetration of 11 plant essential oils of luofu mountain baicao oil and its strong ability of eliminating dampness and toxin, it can greatly shorten the time of scrapping and have a higher efficiency.

3, measles disappear quickly

If you use ordinary scrapping oil, the scrapping effect will disappear within 5-7 days. Luofu mountain baicao oil is used as the scrapping oil, because of its unique detoxification and detoxification effect, it only takes 3-4 days for the scrapping effect to disappear.

4. Prevent infection

The pores are enlarged during scrapping, and scrapping has slight damage to the skin. For example, the use of scrapping oil without anti-inflammatory effect is easy to cause skin infection, while luofu mountain baoxao oil has anti-inflammatory (detoxification) effect, which can prevent infection due to scrapping.

5. Good smell

Luofu mountain baocao oil is made from 68 Chinese herbs and 11 kinds of plant essential oils. It has a faint scent of Chinese herbs and is suitable for all types of people without any aversion.

6. Does not irritate the skin

Luofu mountain baocao oil does not contain alcohol, and is based on tea oil.

7, suitable viscosity, no pain

The commonly used scrapping oil has too high viscosity and no effort during scrapping. Or viscosity is too small, scraping pain is stronger. Luofu mountain baocao oil has the right viscosity, more affinity with the skin, good lubrication, and can reduce the pain caused by scrapping.

8. Never touch clothes

There are few oily substances in luofu mountain baocao oil, which is mainly the original liquid of Chinese herbal medicine. After scrapping, most of the liquid medicine has penetrated into the skin, and there is no residual oil stains on the skin surface and no clothes.

9. Relax

Luofu mountain baicao oil itself has the effect of dispelling wind and detoxifying. Using luofu mountain baicao oil as scrapping oil can increase the effect of scrapping to remove dampness and detoxification.

10. The combination of nourishing and treating has remarkable curative effect

Luofu mountain baocao oil has the effect of reducing swelling and killing pain.combined with TCM scrapping therapy, it can not only play the role of health care, but also have a good therapeutic effect on headache, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, pain of waist and leg and other difficult diseases, and the treatment cycle is obviously shorter.

To sum up, the use of luofushan baoxao oil as scrapping oil can not only make up for some drawbacks existing in the TCM scrapping therapy, but also greatly enhance the health care and treatment effect of scrapping, which is incomparable with other scrapping oil.

back surgery

back surgery

I have back pain after giving birth. What should I do – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back problems/backache

When a woman gets pregnant and gives birth, she suffers from all kinds of pain. When she thought of the end of her life, the pain would go away and she could breathe a sigh of relief. Did not think of, postpartum lumbago and lumbar acid are quietly looking for a door, alas, it is not easy to be a woman! Therefore, women should know how to cherish themselves, or when you care about your family and baby, the back pain after childbirth will mercilessly destroy you. Why can you appear postpartum lumbago and lumbar acid? What should postpartum mom do?

how to cure back pain

Postpartum mother worries: postpartum lumbago, how to return a responsibility?

After giving birth, I felt sore every morning. After a period of exercise, I feel much better, but I still can't recover. It's been bothering me for a long time what's wrong?

Back painIs the most common symptom throughout pregnancy and in the first few months after delivery. During pregnancy, the body produces a lot of the hormone relaxin, which softens ligaments and makes them more elastic, so they can stretch easily.

how to cure back pain

In addition, back pain may have many causes, such asFatigue cramps.Spinal fatigue.Position error.Acute and chronic muscle injuriesAnd so on. There could be internal organsReflex pain, such asappendicitisSometimes it causes pain. Back pain can also be caused by problems with the stomach and back reflex areas, cervical spine problems. If the back pain is severe or develops into persistent pain, it is necessary to seek hospital examination and early treatment. Otherwise, back problems can easily develop into chronic diseases and are even harder to treat.

Back pain among postpartum mothers is still fairly common, but it's often self-inflicted, and postpartum mothers need to not only care about their babies, but also neglect themselves. You know you can't take better care of your baby if you're not in good health. To prevent postpartum backache, I have a few little methods, postpartum mother might as well learn.

how to cure back pain

Prevent back pain after giving birth. You can do this!

1. Avoid bending over or standing for long periods of time

Postpartum mother should not wear high heels too early, long time standing or squatting, should try to avoid bending. In the meantime, should do simpler lumbar activity, promote lumbar blood circulation. When the temperature is low, the waist should be kept warm.

2. It's best to use cushions when sitting

When postpartum mothers sit, they should try to lean back, preferably with a cushion, to maintain good posture in the lower back and avoid too much pressure on the back.

how to cure back pain

3. Choose foods that promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation

In dietary respect, mothers can choose a few food that promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, open the meridian of the body, let the blood circulation of the body smooth, nature will not have lumbar acid. Blood rich food is also a good choice, can supplement the mother's energy consumption during childbirth, improve physical fitness, waist acid will gradually improve.

4. Take calcium

Breastfeeding mothers need to transfer large amounts of calcium stored in their bodies to their breast milk every day, so they consume large amounts of calcium. Generally speaking, women pay attention to calcium during pregnancy, but after the baby is born, they are busy taking care of the baby every day, but they tend to ignore themselves. Therefore, expectant mothers usually need to drink more milk and eat more foods with high calcium content, such as shrimps and various soybean products.

5. Hot compress, massage or hot bath

Postpartum back muscle soreness can be relieved with hot compresses, massages or hot baths. These methods can improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain and fatigue. Also, pay attention to proper rest.

In fact, many mothers suffer from back pain during childbirth. They just take care of their children, but they don't care about their pain. Postpartum mother's body has not recovered, the baby care task is too heavy, if we do not pay attention to early prevention, will make back acid more and more serious.Without a healthy body, how can we take good care of our baby?

How does the girl work out her back – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back problems/reduce back pain

2. Why do girls exercise their backs

Improve body posture, let the figure straight, dress better look, there is a saying that: a back can kill you. It's about girls having sexy back. Words can be hard to describe how attractive a woman's sexy back is. Increase basal metabolic rate, reduce fat accumulation. As anyone who works out knows, the back belongs to the major muscle group, which not only burns more calories, but also develops other cooperative muscle groups. Such as arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles and so on. Not only will you have a sexy back, but you'll also burn more calories, making you look thinner and sexier. Exercising your back can also reduce back pain.

3. What are the girls' back problems

Some girls have the phenomenon that contains bosom hunchback, investigate its reason to have a lot of. For example, some girls' breasts are too big. Due to the influence of gravity, the imbalance of muscle strength before and after causes hunchback. Then there is the chronic abnormal posture, all of which is primarily due to weak back muscles. Back pain, in fact, this is the back muscle "strike" caused.

lower back exercises

Equipment for girls to exercise their backs

1, vertical stretching equipment — horizontal bar, the main idea is to hold the horizontal bar with both hands, and then use the strength of arms to stretch the whole body upward, until the head crossed the horizontal bar line, and then slowly let the body naturally droop.

2. Vertical stretching apparatus — the d-handle, with one arm in a natural position for balance, and the other arm holding the d-handle, then pull down to keep your elbows in contact with your body, with your center of gravity down, but without twisting, and your back straight.

3, horizontal stretching equipment – rope, feet on the front pedal, hands hold the rope, then keep your back upright, pull the rope back, make the rope close to the chest, then slowly forward.

4, horizontal stretching equipment — barbell, this action should keep the back upright, then hands naturally hang hold barbell, vertical pull barbell to the abdomen, and then slowly down.

lower back exercises

Tips for girls to exercise their backs

1. Many women are worried that strength training will make their body become stout. Sports medicine believes that sports training will change their body shape. For example, professional marathon runners are all steel bars, and swimmers have wide shoulders. Therefore, resistance strength training with appropriate load intensity and repetition frequency and reasonable training recovery will make the body healthier and more graceful.

2. Emphasizing regular sequence, it is an organized, planned and purposeful exercise process to control the intensity, amount of exercise and intervals of collective exercise. While physical labor and housework lack of systemic, easy to cause partial strain injury, lack of scientific rules of training control, training can not adapt to the physical needs, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of exercise.

3, fitness experts suggest that fitness should choose a variety of training, and often change, so that all parts can get exercise.

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White-collar sitting shoulder pain? Do these moves often to help with relief – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/neck pain/back problems

How does shoulder sour backache do? White-collar sedentary, a long period of desk work, shoulder sour back. Although the pain is not long, but let a person uncomfortable, how to relieve shoulder acid back pain, to try the Chinese medicine relief method.

White-collar workers are more prone to shoulder and back pain

Cause the cause of shoulder and back ache, in addition to part of the bad chair and sitting posture, the computer placed on the high and low also have a great impact. In the process of operating the computer caused by shoulder back soreness, an important reason is the keyboard is too high, press the keyboard to raise arms, make shoulder muscles too tense, resulting in pain.

The second reason for shoulder and back soreness is that the screen is set too low. When you look at the screen, you should look down. In fact, many cases of neck pain or arm paralysis are caused by long-term hanging of the head. Cervical spondylosis caused by neck and back pain, neck activities are limited, often due to nerve root compression stimulation, general will have the feeling of electric shock, for reflex, at the same time accompanied by finger numbness, limb chills and compression nerve innervation area abnormal skin feeling, but no shoulder joint movement obstacles.

3 sets of simple movements to relieve shoulder soreness and back pain

1, often do relief exercises

Dry land rowing: first stand up straight, feet open. And from the hip on the body forward, collapse chest out, look forward, hands forward, palms facing down clenched fist, as if to grasp the rowing OARS. Hands from front to back, back muscles clench, such as pull oar action, and so on. Lean forward and move your hands backwards. Do this about 50 times. Do it every night. This exercise can relieve many neck and back problems, and effectively relieve and eradicate back pain problems of desk workers.

Stretch back hold: take prone position, two upper limbs on the back straight, the head neck and shoulders gradually raised. At the same time, the abdomen will be straight legs gradually raised, so that abdomen implantation bed, limbs into a boat, a total of 10 times. Once in the morning and once in the evening. This exercise can prevent backache, muscle strain, backache, etc.

Thumping on the back: sit upright, upright, eyes closed, relaxed. Make a fist with both hands and hit the back and both sides, from the bottom up, then from the top to the bottom, each 10 times. The technique should not be too heavy, the movement is coordinated, the rhythm is even, the strength is elastic. Once in the morning and once in the evening. This exercise can prevent shoulder pain, spinal bone hyperplasia and ligament aging.

2, massage points

Feng chi acupoint: feng chi acupoint is located in the depressions on both sides of the hairline behind the neck, between the two muscles. Knead pressure wind pool point for a minute, can relieve cervical pressure caused by dizziness and other symptoms.

Foot three li point: foot three li point in the leg outside, knee three inches of position. The stiff acid of the waist aches, sit for a long time even bring about gastric upset, can pass massage sufficient 3 li acupoints, get certain adjustment.

Hegu acupoint: with the thumb of one hand, the first joint transverse grain, at the tiger mouth edge of the other hand, and then the thumb flexion press down, the finger pointing position is hegu acupoint. Press hegu acupoint to relieve headaches and eye puffiness that are common in sedentary offices.

3. Exercise while you sleep

Lay on your back with a pillow under your knees to keep your neck and spine at the same level. If lying on your side, keep your knees bent. Use a low-thickness pillow anyway, as a high pillow forces the neck up at an Angle that bends the spine.

4. Support your back

Another way to help maintain good posture is to sit with a small pillow or cushion on the arch under your back. This provides support for the lower back and reduces excessive stress on the muscles. Especially if you're sitting on the couch watching TV or driving long distances, buy yourself a waist pillow and change the Angle of your back frequently.

5. Get active

If you spend a lot of time sitting in the office, get up and move for at least an hour. If you can't get out of the office, try to put things like folders where you have to stand up to get them, or consciously stand to answer the phone and take a walk during your lunch break.

6. Keep warm

Cold and damp invasion of the body, can make muscle tissue and small blood vessel contraction, muscle contraction for a long time, can produce more metabolites, such as lactic acid and painful substances aggregation, make muscle tissue stimulated and spasm, long cause muscle cell fibroid degeneration, muscle contraction dysfunction and cause various symptoms. Therefore, in daily life, pay attention to prevent cold and keep warm, especially to avoid shoulder cold, for the prevention of periarthritis of shoulder is very important.

White-collar activities, more attention in daily life, can avoid shoulder acid back pain oh.

Avoid flat shoes. When walking in flat shoes, the foot will unconsciously bend inward, putting too much pressure on the knees and hips, causing back pain. The proposal can wear the short heel shoe with 3~5 centimeters tall normally.

The way to kill disease-causing bacteria in your mouth is as simple as brushing and flossing regularly. People who drink more than three cups of tea a day have a 20 percent lower risk of stroke than those who drink less than one cup, according to a study from the UCLA school of medicine.

Sophie, 26, recently posted a clip of her fitness video on the social networking site, with the statement: 'this is my last day working out and I will be ready to give birth.' Fitness expert and social media star Sophie guidolin says she's 34 weeks pregnant and can no longer work out.

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Why can backache backache? 8 tips to relieve back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/back problems

What is the reason of backache backache after all? Nowadays, with more and more people suffering from backache, it is difficult to relieve the discomfort. What can we do about it? Today, to find out more about some of the best ways to relieve back pain in traditional Chinese medicine, don't miss it.

The cause of backache

The first is back pain if there is a heavy stone in the waist, not pitching, pitching is pain. This kind of low back pain, by labor is due to the bedroom or too much, and sense of rheumatism, when hurt kidney kidney, but the key is a lot of people, eating the medicine of the kidney, but more and more pain, this is why, because did not understand that is actually a waist umbilical qi not out, the cause of the rheumatism shall not go forth into the kidney, so must first sharpen his waist umbilical qi, functions of lishi, then kidney, can be recovered.

The second is movement on the back pain, and then feel empty in the waist. This kind is kidney Yang empty normally, but cure method, must Yin and Yang namely ji, fill Yang when, add fill Yin medicine, so-called does not have Yin to be insufficient to give birth to Yang reason.

The 3rd kind is lumbago day heavy night light, urinate hard at the same time below, and diet does not change. This kind of backache, a lot of people think is kidney empty, it is the water of bladder closes actually also, namely bladder has Yin cold, Yin closes, Yang money opens, bladder Yin closes and make kidney makes painful.

The fourth type is people after a major illness, as if the back pain is broken, it becomes bent (back bending) after a long time. This is moisture into the kidney palace, usually because of the mistake of taking the medicine of filling up kidney Yin and cause, but this is kidney clearly empty, and take the medicine of filling up kidney Yin but damage kidney? The key is the back pain after a serious illness, often is the spleen wet, at this time to ziyin with fill, wet on the wet, where indolence?

The fifth kind is the back pain caused by a fall or injury, which should not be treated as back pain. This is blood stasis, but treatment can not be added to remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation medicine, because the kidney is a supplement without diarrhea, add blood medicine, will hurt the kidney.

The sixth kind of people because of air conditioning, fans or outdoor camping, feeling cold and wet gas waist pain. This is the cold evil into the bone marrow, very difficult to scatter, treatment to tonify the kidney Yang to drive away cold evil.

So, how does Chinese medicine relieve back pain?

The traditional Chinese medicine method of relieving backache

Adjust posture: more than 80% of people don't sit or sit properly, putting more or less strain on their spine and lower back. It seems, not only to look good, more is to health. Of course, is not to say that all day long to make like a soldier on guard like brother, or should relax a little pelvis forward, straight, knees slightly bent, two legs open, with hip width, feet toes slightly apart, this is the best standing posture. And the shoulder opens back, natural droop, can effectively prevent hunchback.

Massage and massage: massage can stimulate muscle and tissue, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, at the same time relieve muscle and nerve, help bone marrow and muscle absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will strengthen your back and make it harder for pain to creep in. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light posture, improve muscle tension or spasm. Although not covered by medicare, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

Stay warm: staying warm can also relieve tension and pain: taking a hot bath or sauna will improve circulation and relax muscles and nerves. Irradiate infrared ray lamp, apply the ointment that promotes blood circulation, the effect is quite good also. However, avoid heat therapy for rheumatism and sciatica, which can backfire and exacerbate symptoms, while cold showers are a good idea.

Try acupuncture and moxibustion: recently, acupuncture and moxibustion fever is rising quietly in the clinical treatment of back diseases in modern medicine at home and abroad. Disc joint nerve block, vertebra joint strain, lumbago sacral pain and so on are all suitable. Acupuncture and moxibustion at home can help people with headache and fever, but the effect of backache and backache is not so ideal. After all, professionals know more about acupoints and severity. Most acupuncture treatments within half an hour are covered by medicare.

Flex your muscles: the best way to nip back problems in the bud is to say two words: exercise! In principle, any kind of exercise will do, and the most important thing is not to sit still all day, or the bones will become rigid. Find your favorite activity and stick to it every day. While working, can also consciously stretch, twist neck, nod.

Balanced diet: it's not just your body's internal organs that are affected by a good diet. Copper, zinc, and vitamin c transfer nutrients better and faster through the collagen fibers of connective tissue to the cartilage and bones of your back. So eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains every day is vital to your back health. Conversely, sugar, alcohol, white flour products and animal fats can acidify connective tissue, age joint cartilage, and dull back pain.

Smart rest: only regular exercise, ensure blood circulation, the spine can better absorb nutrients. It's a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. For example, when taking the elevator, waiting for traffic lights or standing in line, you can put your arms by your sides, relax your waist and stomach, and straighten your head. Lift your body up and feel as if you are being led by a rope, but don't shrug your shoulders and keep them as close to your ears as possible. After each vertebra stretches, it slowly shrinks. The whole process is repeated three times.

Relieve stress: physical and mental stress can cause back problems. This is when yoga or other relaxation exercises can be helpful, especially for acute pain. Stretch your muscles, then slowly relax, and work out for 30 to 40 minutes, either at home or with a professional trainer.

If you want to relieve back pain effectively, you need to find out the cause.

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Frequent back pain may be one of these reasons – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/back pain treatment

Is a lot of people in life will encounter a problem, when the pain, will let a person feel very helpless and uncomfortable. Small make up to tell you what is the cause of back pain, back pain how to do and back pain treatment. Interested friends together to understand it.

What reason is backache backache

1. Back pain caused by periarthritis of shoulder

Periarthritis of shoulder will cause shoulder, with the development of the disease, the pain range will continue to increase, some patients will appear back pain.

2. Back pain caused by cervical spondylosis

This can occur if the posterior ramus of the spinal nerve in the fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrae is pulled when degenerative changes occur in the cervical spine.

4. Implicated pain caused by visceral diseases

Pelvic diseases of department of gynaecology, prostate disease and other diseases can cause low back pain, kidney disease: such as stone tumor, renal ptosis, renal pelvis and peritoneum disease such as abscess, hematoma can cause back rush, liver and heart disease can be caused.

5. Back pain caused by respiratory system

Many respiratory diseases, such as pleural adhesion, lung cancer and tuberculosis, may also cause shoulder back pain, but generally in the back, back or shoulder blade.

1, walking,

Ten thousand steps a day, health is guaranteed, brisk walking is the simplest, most convenient, but also the safest exercise, stride small step, walk slowly, walk more or less, can be self-regulated.

Effect: exercise the body across to the waist coordination, can effectively prevent and alleviate sitting caused by the back pain.

2, on high

(1) find a ladder or high platform (a chair will do).

(2) first step on the high place, the body slowly forward pressure.

(3) keep your knees, legs and body straight. Keep the other foot straight as well.

(4) after feeling the movement to the waist, hip and knee, change feet to continue.

Function: the overall coordination of activities from main to back has a significant effect on preventing hunchback.

3, waist

1. Open your feet about twice as wide as your shoulders. 2, knees squat slightly, the upper body straight. 3, double palms to protect both sides of the waist, upper and lower friction waist. 4. Turn your body to the right and left without moving your feet.

Effect: relieve back pain, can effectively prevent lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases.

1. Adjust your posture

More than 80 percent of people don't sit or sit properly, putting more or less strain on their spine and lower back. It seems, not only to look good, more is to health. Of course, is not to say that all day long to make like a soldier on guard like brother, or should relax a little pelvis forward, straight, knees slightly bent, two legs open, with hip width, feet toes slightly apart, this is the best standing posture. And the shoulder opens back, natural droop, can effectively prevent hunchback.

Massage stimulates muscles and tissues, promotes blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, soothes muscles and nerves, and helps bone marrow and muscles absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will strengthen your back and make it harder for pain to creep in. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light posture, improve muscle tension or. Although not covered by medicare, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

Keep warm

Keeping warm can also relieve tension and pain: taking a hot bath or sauna not only improves circulation but also relaxes muscles and nerves. Irradiate infrared ray lamp, apply the ointment that promotes blood circulation, the effect is quite good also. However, avoid heat therapy for rheumatism and sciatica, which can backfire and exacerbate symptoms, while cold showers are a good idea.

4. Try acupuncture

Recently, acupuncture and moxibustion is rising in the clinical treatment of back diseases in modern medicine at home and abroad. Disc joint nerve block, vertebra joint strain, lumbago sacral pain and so on are all suitable. After all, professionals know more about acupuncture points and the severity. Most acupuncture treatments within half an hour are covered by medicare.

The best way to nip back problems in the bud is with two words: exercise! In principle, any kind of exercise will do, and the most important thing is not to sit still all day, or the bones will become rigid. Find your favorite activity and stick to it every day. While working, can also consciously stretch, twist neck, nod.

Conclusion: feeling, can get up and walk around more, or waist, etc. There are many reasons for lumbar acid. It is necessary to find out the reasons in time and respond positively. If the occurrence of a long time back pain can not be relieved, try acupuncture and is also a very good method, pay attention to rest in life is an effective measure to prevent waist disease.

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