back pain lower back pain – Practical yoga waist pain? Sedentary? Lumbar physiotherapy private education program to help you improve!

The cause of backache

Sudden back pain, or due to trauma

1.Improper or excessive exercise.

People who do not exercise for a long time, if suddenly strenuous exercise for one or two hours, often will produce back pain after exercise. This is because the waist is suddenly subjected to intense stimulation, unable to adapt to the normal physiological response, similar to muscle strain.

2,Lift heavy objects.

Improper posture can also cause great damage to the waist, such as bending down to lift heavy objects.

Other forms of trauma.

Other external reasons include the waist was hit by external objects, external objects hit, etc.

How is backache of sudden waist to return a responsibility? Don't be careless, or waist disease alert

Second, long-term back pain, vigilance waist disease

1. Lumbar deformation.

The lumbar vertebra with normal human body presents certain curve, the person that sits for a long time or walks posture is incorrect, bring about lumbar deformation extremely easily, oppressive nerve, produce backache.

2, lumbar muscle strain.

Lumbar muscle strain is a chronic injury to the muscles of the lower back that causes back pain and recurrent attacks.

3. Lumbar neuritis.

Lumbar neuritis is often accompanied by lumbar disc herniation, as a result of lumbar nerve compression, inflammation, more diffuse pain.

Back pain caused by disease of other organs.

The pathological changes of abdomen also can affect to the waist occasionally, produce the symptom that backache.

Physical therapy program

(1) evaluate first

First of all, if you are a yoga teacher or lover, you should evaluate your posture, and if you have a lot of pain in your back, you can suggest going to the hospital to take an X-ray.This program is very suitable for students with back pain or lumbar protrusion.

(2) release of quadratus lumbar

Pathology:For dysmenorrhea, gynaecology and lumbar pain and lumbar instability is a great influence.

Ways to relax:

Allow members to lie on their side in a straight line

Move your pelvis back and forth while holding your side

Do ten dynamic exercises

(3) stretch + strength

(1) the day type

bottom of my back hurts

Legs as wide as your pelvis and heels on the floor.

The pelvic floor muscles tighten and lift the chest.

The tailbone goes to the heel and up the chest.

Raise your hands over your head and reach for the ceiling.

Note:Feel the extension of the lumbar spine, slightly left and right alternating hands, up swing, see the ceiling, and then feet alternately raised, continue to find the ceiling, lengthen the spine.

(2) the dog wall rope

bottom of my back hurts

The wall rope is placed in the groin.

Feet wide of ischium.

Toes forward, feet straight.

Push the chair forward into your side.

The good:It creates space for the lumbar spine.

(3) bridge basin stand round

bottom of my back hurts

Lie on your back in the mountain pose, bend your knees, both knees in one direction.

The pelvis is the same width between the feet, hands push the ground, lifting the pubis, lumbar thoracic vertebra a section a section up.

Enter the bridge pose, lifting the pubis and drawing a circle vertically around the pelvis.

Dynamic exercises, 5-8 sets.

Cat bone basin plain

bottom of my back hurts

Infant entry.

Put your elbows on your knees, one more palm forward.

Move your body forward with your legs and arms perpendicular to the ground.

Push the instep and stretch the spine.

Also have your pelvis circle on a horizontal surface.

Do eight clockwise and eight anticlockwise.

5. Lean against the wall in straight Angle pose

bottom of my back hurts

The body leans against metope, metope and foot put apart the distance of half palm.

Inhale, raise your arms above your head.

Exhale, fold your groin, and rest your body forward and down at 90 degrees.

Shift your weight slightly to the front of your foot. Push your hips against the wall and push your body forward with your hands.

Hold, 5 to 7 breaths.

When inhaling, pull the body back to the mountain pose.

6. The snake type

bottom of my back hurts

It is a slightly backward bending posture, which can strain the iliopsoas muscle if you work at your desk for a long time.

Lie prone on the mat.

Keep your feet together and place your hands at your sides with the instep pressed.

Draw your upper body forward and upward as you inhale, lifting it off the ground.

Lift your chest off the floor and stretch your back.

Stomach in, shoulders down, instep push the strength continue, eyes look ahead.

They hold the big toes of their feet

bottom of my back hurts

Enter on your back, feet together.

The three points of the foot point away, the heel perpendicular to the ground, the inside of the thigh bone into the hip joint.

As you inhale, bend your left knee and grasp your left big toe with your left hand.

Exhale and pedal straight up. Open your toes and tuck your big arm back into your shoulder joint.

Keep your lower legs in the supine pose.

Belly in, shoulder blades down, looking at the ceiling.

Hold 5-7 groups after breathing. Release your hands and return to the supine pose.

Today the infant son

bottom of my back hurts

Vajra enters on his knees. Put your feet together, instep on the floor, and sit on your heels.

As he exhales, he pushes his hand slowly down on the ground.

Let the abdomen to thigh, chest, forehead in turn to the ground.

Extend both arms forward. Cup your fingers and pull your body forward and away.

More yoga knowledge, please search: practical yoga college, if you have good friends, welcome to pay attention to us, exchange learning together.

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back pain lower back pain – The man always feels backache, what reason is this brought about?

In fact, back pain can be a warning sign. Don't worry too much if you have pain once or twice in a while, but don't be careless if you have frequent pain. Do you always feel back pain, and what causes it, do you know? Male friends pay attention!

1. Urinary tract infection

If it is because of urinary stones and other problems of the urinary system, it is particularly easy to cause back pain. This is not to scare people, if you find yourself urinating abnormal, often accompanied by backache, it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem with the urinary system. Besides backache, still can have frequency of urination, urgent wait for apparent symptom, below average circumstance, should be able to detect.

2. Lumbar spine lesions

Most drivers, or people who often work while seated, have lumbar spine problems, but only to varying degrees. When lumbar vertebra produces pathological changes later, can press the nerve of periphery place, at this time, also can appear backache phenomenon. If the condition is serious, it may affect the movement of the lower limbs and needs to be taken seriously.

3. The kidney

If male friend often backache, a lot of people can think this is concerned with kidney empty. Indeed, kidney empty can accompany the symptom that has backache, and it is to the man, often be the thing that does not have face quite. However, this matter is not trivial, even if good face, should be treated correctly, do not be embarrassed and delay the best treatment time.

bottom of my back hurts

4. Lumbar muscle strain

If it is usually do physical labor, or is overuse of the waist, there may be frequent back pain phenomenon, this is because the lumbar muscle strain. To the waist ache that this kind of external force causes, need a good rest to be able to go up very often only. However, if the situation is serious, it is best to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

In fact, these four are not the only common causes of backache in men. Say so, ache to the waist this problem, should not be careless really, after clear reason, in the mind ability is more at ease!

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back pain lower back pain – A joy | how euphemistic expression is a little tight, laugh to backache…

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back pain lower back pain

Pay attention to

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back pain lower back pain – The solution that backaches repeatedly, know to return not late now!

Once to a news, rushed to the scene due to the speed is too fast, accidentally rear-ended, at that time I feel backache, whole person also groggy, with colleagues go to a hospital checking, found no other serious trauma, in addition to a little scratch didn't put back pain in the heart, so is non-stop rushed to the scene, have never thought, I have been in the next few months the waist ache steadily, finally after a month to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination, the doctor told me that is caused by trauma, the waist soft tissue contusion, hasn't been a good rest, cause back pain can't ease, like this, you are likely to develop into lumbar disc.

Later, once bend over to take a thing, carelessly exert oneself too hard, suddenly feel lumbago unbearable, straight do not rise a waist, can slowly a little upward move, the waist resembles to break same, that kind of taste really lets a person be unable to bear pain.

Went to the hospital to take an X-ray and found that he had developed a lumbar disc herniation. I am just in my early 30s, in the prime of life, career and family just have color, I can not help but blame god's injustice.

For more than a year, I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and massage, but my back pain didn't help. The most let me uncomfortable is, backache seriously affect my work, can not run the site, can only hold on, the leadership is not satisfied with this, let me feel pressure, can only ask a long vacation to rest at home.

back pain lower back pain

Accidental opportunity, daughter-in-law son sees the advertisement of some plaster in village, saying is to lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion has wonderful effect, a period of treatment is effective, daughter-in-law son bought a few boxes to come back, did not think of me to stick the following day, the waist skin is burning, red and swollen, this not only disease did not cure, but added new disease, I gas not line.

back pain lower back pain

Later learned that on the Internet, a lot of people like me cheated, today's market, all kinds of plaster the sham as the genuine, all kinds of various paste paste products, quality is uneven, there are many bad drug irritating ingredients is added in the production process, posted later make patients feel hot or cold, it has effect, is just an illusion. More have what very person, a lot of medicaments hold the plasters that cure all diseases to exaggerate, claim to be able to cure lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude completely, cervical vertebra disease, shoulder periarthritis wait for old bone disease, a few "far infrared sticks" still declare to be able to treat prostatitis, hemal disease to wait.

Think about it. Is it possible for someone who is weak and ill to walk fast in a short time? Recovery is needed time, patients themselves can not insist, eager to achieve. Many patients put a few times plaster, no reaction, that plaster has no effect, give up. And each person constitution, age, illness is not the same, reflected in the treatment time is not the same. A young man of 25 can walk 50 kilometers in one day. Can a man of 60 do it?

back pain lower back pain

Therefore, I posted a microblog to expose the black-minded drug dealers, revealing the pharmaceutical fraud in today's market. When the tweet caused quite a stir, later, I received a friend in the background of weibo messages, he said he called the rock temperature, were the indigenous inhabitants of the border of cloud, his fathers grandpa is invincible in the pharmaceutical industry in yunnan CaiYaoRen, his father was an unbeatable pharmacists pharmaceutical factory, because the market is filled with fake drugs over the past two years, his hometown really has effect on bone paste paste was neglected, hope I can go to yunnan, as the voice of the real bone cloud medicine cure. He sent me a lot of local photos of yunnan, asked for my address and sent me some boxes of invincible cream.

back pain lower back pain

It is these a few small black plaster, let me have a thorough change to cloud medicine. Received inappropiate cream at that time, open a box to smell a thick medicinal fragrance, holding the attitude that tries to paste try.

Just stick a few days to feel lumbar ache to feel to reduce apparently, feel to have force of a pair of medicine wriggle between the waist, resemble the sense that meridian is gotten throughAbout half a month, feel waist leg is relaxed a lot, walk far point also not ache. After more than a month of recuperation, gradually returned to a normal life, to the hospital to film examination found that the lumbar protrusion has disappeared, regain health of me, tears of joy!

If you or your relatives or friends haveLumbar disc herniation, pain in neck, shoulder, waist and leg, lumbar muscle strain, or you often sit for a long time, engage in physical labor, often bend, etc, can scan the following qr code to get invincible cream free try

In order to express my gratitude, I contacted yanwen and prepared to pay a special visit to yunnan to learn more about invincible cream.

After a few hours of turbulence, finally came to kunming, yunnan, the plane to see the yunnan sky is so blue, fresh air, even the clouds are so beautiful. Rock temperate zone I came to the reputation of yunnan kunming invincible pharmaceutical factory, into the door of the invincible pharmaceutical factory, impressibly see "one hundred years invincible, the effect of the world" eight characters.

back pain lower back pain

Invincible pharmaceutical, founded in the late Ming dynasty in 1633,It is the only century-old pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in the production of bone diseases in China, as famous as yunnan baiyao group.Over the past 300 years, the invincible cure bone inheritance, always adhere to do only osteopathic, only cure bone disease, just as the so-called, has successively heard the tao, professional expertise, now the invincible medicine, only engaged in the research and development of osteopathic, which is unique in the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. Invincible pharmaceutical also gradually developed into a collection of scientific research, production, professional promotion, standardized marketing advanced management as one of the modern pharmaceutical enterprises.

back pain lower back pain

Cloud medicine has always enjoyed a good reputation of quick healing and bone healing, among which the unrivaled reputation is well known. Visit yunnan, streets and lanes can still hear many old people talk about local old name invincible bone treatment methods. The old man said: invincible in our area or quite famous, bone disease to find invincible on the right.

back pain lower back pain

I did some research and found out, actuallyExternal plaster has been used for thousands of years in China, and its advantage is that it is applied locally and externally, with acupoint absorption and no trauma. Today, when western medicine is in the ascendant, this traditional bone healing concept, which has been passed down for thousands of years, is gradually being forgotten by most people and almost extinct. But for the patients who have tried unbeatable cream of lumbar vertebra disease, this black plaster is the simplest, most effective, and most economical treatment.

According to yan wen, qi, a famous Chinese doctor in jiangchuan, is known as qi, originated from yonglijian of Ming dynasty (1633 AD). After zi-rong wang, Wang Shufen among the wang posterity continuously explore and perfect, until 300, combined with the practice of the present experience to Cuba for continuous improvement, improved formula has been perfect, invincible posterity according to the neck, lumbar vertebrae disease in early symptoms and physical changes, through the acupuncture therapy to pain, and for the benefit of tens of thousands of patients, now invulnerable to treat bone therapy has its own system.

back pain lower back pain

Plaster treatment is the essence of Chinese medicine, the ancient theory of internal disease and external treatment;External plaster for bone disease is more professional, plaster paste on the body, with direct contact with the skin, open knot line stagnation directly affected. The plaster applied on the body surface stimulates nerve endings, promotes local blood circulation, improves nutrition of surrounding tissues, and achieves the purpose of reducing swelling, inflammation and analgesia. At the same time, the drug penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue through the skin at the affected area, and produces the relative advantage of drug concentration locally, so as to play a stronger pharmacological effect.

back pain lower back pain

back pain lower back pain

Yunnan, located in the southwest border of China, has a unique climate and geographical location, providing fertile soil for the growth of medicinal materials. It is rich in drug resources, 40% of the world's plants can be found here, rich in the "kingdom of plants", "the Treasury of effective medicine" reputation, is one of the four major Chinese medicinal materials producing areas. Among them, there are more than one thousand kinds of precious Chinese medicinal materials, such as panax notoginseng, dried blood, artemisia snowflake and so on, which are very rare and precious Chinese herbal medicines, and have a significant effect on rheumatism and bone disease.

back pain lower back pain

Invincible cure bone effect why so good so fast? The secret comes fromThe selection of medicine and complicated technology of invincible bone treatment! Invincible cream contains 57 pure natural wild Chinese herbal medicine, first said that the selection of drugs, the selection of medicinal materials, no enemy can be said to be harsh to the extreme, strictly according to the season, time, Yin and Yang mountain properties, medicinal properties, pick yunnan mountains between the wild authentic herbs. Iwyn is a young generation of drug gatherer, his grandparents are all for the invincible drug factory, his generation still stick to this hard work. Located in jinghong generation of xishuangbanna, yunnan province, this is the original forest mountain area with a very special geographical location. The snow line above 3000 meters is the most suitable environment for the growth of medicinal herbs.

Invincible medicine is very special, which just is the dragon's blood, dragon's blood is known as living fossils of dinosaurs, it is the best medicine to treat bone disease, but the best dragon's blood, tend to grow on a steep cliff side of choleric, CaiYaoRen requires excellent climbing ability and spirit of adventure, the more difficult to dragon's blood, cure, the better the effect of bone disease also tend to pick up more difficult.

The old adage of no enemy is:Processing although many will not dare to province artificial, taste although expensive will not dare to reduce material resources.Therefore, the selection of medicinal materials without enemies always adhere to two principles: first, must choose yunnan local authentic bone medicine, second, the selection of fine medicine, the same medicinal materials must choose the best quality; No wonder people often say, one or two black paste two gold, 300 old medicine race gold. These procedures without the enemy must be hands-on, not the slightest sloppy.

back pain lower back pain

300 years of invincible plaster formula, is no enemy generation after generation of inheritance, so far has been eight generations, descendants combined with their own practical experience of continuous improvement of the ancient formula, formula has been tending to improve, benefit tens of thousands of patients. In response to the requirements of the invincible bone team, today announced the invincible black ointment medicinal formula:

Specific formula:

Frankincense 10g myrrh 10g asarum 10g borneol 10g octagonal maitake 10g black grass 10g four shingles 10g black grass 10g stem wormwood 10g mulberry 10g parasitic 20g spatholium SPP 20g radix rehmanniae 20g mature radix rehmannii 10g mature radix rehmannii 10g mature radix rehmannii 10g mature radix rehmannii 10g sappanol 20g sea cuttlebone 10g angelica 20g sappanol 10g polyphylla 10g sea cuttlebone 10g seahorse 1g wood turtle 10g horse prehenna 10g 10 g three points 10 g astragalus 20 g notoginseng 10 g 10 g epimedium drynaria fortunei 10 g one thousand kin of eucommia ulmoides 10 g 10 g pepper stem 10 g acanthopanax 10 g burrow wind 10 g ~ 10 g dragon's blood 10 g atractylodes 10 g cinnamon 10 g rhizoma atractylodis 10 g dangshen 10 g poria cocos 10 g herba agrimoniae 10 g of sophora radix gentianae macrophyllae 10 g 10 g belvedere fruit 10 g crane lice 10 g coptis 10 g of radix et rhizoma rhei radix scutellariae 10 g cortex phellodendri 10 g 20 g honeysuckle 10g viridine 10g acutus alba 10g.

Although it has entered the modern society, the refining of invincible paste still retains the techniques of hundreds of years ago.No enemy to adhere to the traditional technology, the ancient method of processing, manual aogao, decades like a day; Different properties of each kind of medicinal materials require different processing techniques. Some need wine, some need vinegar, some need frying, some need boiling, and some even need nine steaming and nine drying. Some medicinal materials without processing are poisons, and the processing is a good medicine. Acutus acutus, for example, if not processed is highly toxic, after cooking, soaking, drying, frying and other processing technologies, the toxicity will be greatly reduced, become a simple relax muscles and blood circulation, cold and collaterals of external medicine; These procedures are done by hand without any enemy, and should not be careless.

After the processing of medicinal materials, also need to be smashed, mixed, soaked, explosives, slow fire long endure, dry filtration, cooling, fire poison, add fine drugs, control the heat, to boil water into beads, old tender moderate, just spread made plaster.

back pain lower back pain

back pain lower back pain

1. Mix the herbs in proportion, heat the sesame oil to 60 degrees, and add the herbs

2. Simmer for 4 hours, heat to 200 degrees, remove the residue from the fire

3 red lead, cool into paste

4. To remove fire and poison, pour the boiled plaster into the prepared l cold water for 7 days, and change the water once a day

5. Heat the paste matrix again, add borneol, dragon blood exhaustion and other fine powder, stir evenly, spread!

back pain lower back pain

As the saying goes: good wine needs no bush. Invincible cream not only in the local word of mouth is very good, as the spread of word of mouth and WeChat application, more and more people get benefits.

Let's take a look at the story of recovery with the help of cloud medicine · invincible cream:

Qi teacher is a retired teacher, suffering from lumbar process, spinal canal stenosis for many years, lumbar pain, pain, legs also pain numbness, the most serious, at night very easy to sleep, wake up in the morning feel this waist is almost broken; During the day can not sit for a long time, sit for a few minutes, more than ten minutes, will sit unstable, slightly do not pay attention to will fall on the ground; Bent straight back is not to mention more pain, more than a dozen years to try all kinds of methods, but always can not cure, the result of lying in bed, even the toilet has to rely on the help of family members to complete, the family is very distressed, scowling.

In the search for a variety of bone disease treatment confused despair, the original in the school of a colleague gave him the introduction of the "invincible paste", qi teacher in accordance with the course of treatment and the guidance of the invincible cure bone official customer service, did not expect the pain of the second day on the waist to reduce a lot of,A week or so, the legs pain numbness disappeared, they can sit can stand; After two months, the pain and swelling in his lower back had disappeared and he was able to get out of bed and walk. Now get up early and go to the park to exercise for more than two hours without feeling tired, qi teacher how happy!

Wang boss is director of a factory, because of long-term desk work, suffer from cervical spondylosis for many years, just when beginning neck shoulder has a little pain, think oneself these two days are too tired also did not care. Until appeared later giddy have a headache, disgusting vomiting, upper limb is weak, finger is become numb symptom, went to a hospital to did an examination, just know oneself got cervical vertebra disease. These years, wang boss runs in each big hospital, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, take medicine, massage, traction, all sorts of methods that should be used are used completely, do not know to spend how many vain money, without too apparent effect, for this one family is enveloped in the shadow…

Inheriting one hundredIntangible treasures

State food and drug administration in 2004 for the national drugs out, clamp down on "invincible", yunnan food and drug administration for the invincible sent a letter to apply for special permission by the state food and drug administration expert discussion, under the guidance of the national association of orthopedics Li Huichang, domestic 34 orthopaedic authority come to yunnan for 15 days, they were deeply in the invincibility of formula and curative effect. Experts agree that this is an amazing effect, coupled with its centuries-old reputation. With these two points, can completely retain the "invincible" name. This is a special case in Chinese medicine, but also the recognition of the Chinese time-honored brand by the relevant departments of the state.

Over the past 300 years, no enemy has been adhering to the training of "one mind for bone treatment, no end invincible" and "hundreds of medicines and thousands of cannon right path and right heart". On the road of fighting against old bone disease, we have been making unremitting efforts with painstaking efforts and sweat.

Nowadays, unsurpassed bone therapy, after more than 300 years of historical inheritance and clinical verification, has a wonderful effect on lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar spine spine spine, lumbar spinal stenosis, and so on. It has been included in the list of "intangible cultural heritage" and included in the list of "protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine", becoming a treasure of Chinese medicine.

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what can you do for lower back pain – Minimally invasive surgery for back pain robot to help | back pain lower back pain

Doctors use olif technology combined with a robot to perform the surgery. (photo by chief reporter li Ming)

On June 28, xi 'an honghui hospital completed the first olif (oblique lateral intervertebral fusion) + orthopedic surgery robot "group" surgery in northwest China, which relieved the pain of a patient with perennial back pain due to lumbar instability and lumbar curvature. The surgery combines olif technology with an orthopedic robot to achieve minimally invasive results from the implantation of an intervertebral fusion cage to the implantation of a pedicle screw.

Liu, 53, has been suffering from back pain for years and even has trouble getting dressed in severe cases. On June 26, Mr. Liu came to xi 'an honghui hospital from yulin, his hometown, and was diagnosed as lumbar instability and kyphosis deformity through spinal degeneration and tumor ward. Normal lumbar curvature should be protruding forward, once the lumbar curvature, indicating that the entire spine axis is wrong.

To relieve this patient's pain, two problems need to be solved, namely, reconstruction of lumbar stability and reconstruction of lumbar lordosis. Considering that this is a patient with a weight of more than 200 kg, hao dingjun, President of honghui spinal disease hospital and shan lequn, director of degenerative and tumor ward, discussed and decided to complete the treatment for this patient by using minimally invasive lateral olif technology of lumbar spine combined with orthopedic surgery robot.

It is known that olif technique is a minimally invasive method for the treatment of lumbar degenerative diseases, which can restore stability and solve the problem of lumbar lordosis. At the same time, combined with the orthopedic surgery robot, to achieve minimally invasive surgery.

The olif technique USES an oblique lateral approach to reduce the damage to the muscle and soft tissue, and is completely accessible through the normal retroperitoneal space. A large fusion cage can be placed in the intervertebral space to support the anterior column. Olif technique has less trauma and fewer complications than traditional anterior and lateral lumbar surgeries. Compared with other posterior lumbar approaches, olif has significant advantages in improving lumbar lordosis in patients. "This technique is almost noninvasive for the patient. This patient had almost no bleeding during the operation. "Olif technology is even more beneficial for larger patients." "Said singles.

Hao Ding all dean said, with the continuous development of imaging technology and robot technology and improvement of the orthopaedic surgical robots are more and more widely used in spine surgery, general hospital from November 2016 in northwest area, first introduced the first orthopaedic surgery robot, there are two sets of orthopaedic surgery robot used in the clinical, for complex spinal deformity and spinal implant has obvious help minimally invasive internal fixation, can accurate precision design to robot guided by internal fixation implants, and to avoid the conventional surgical trauma.

On July 1, the reporter saw Mr. Liu in the ward, he said that the body has felt very "light", backache has been significantly relieved. Lying on the hospital bed, he also lifted his legs to tell reporters, before the operation, from the waist to the legs are feeling very numb, can not lift his legs like this. On the same day, Mr. Liu can get out of bed.

The completion of the first olif technology + orthopedic surgery robot surgery in northwest China provides a better technical platform for the application of minimally invasive spine in spine science — olif technology + orthopedic robot, so as to achieve more accurate and personalized surgical design.

"In the future, olif technology will be gradually used in lumbar degeneration, lumbar instability, lumbar spondylolisthesis and other conditions. We also hope that these major surgeries will become more accurate and safer." "Monokun said. (reporter wang chao)

Ccdi website: the 12 situations of cadre selection and appointment should be reported in advanceAccording to regulations, these 12 situations in the selection and appointment of cadres should be reported to higher organizations (personnel) for supervision and inspection.

@all car owners, install etc in time! Tolls from next year are based on etcFrom January 1, 2020, unless otherwise stipulated by the state council, all kinds of preferential policies, such as toll reduction and exemption, will be implemented through the etc system.

back pain lower back pain – The countryside "a green onion + red date", treat waist to dash forward specially, the waist aches leg hemp whole good, do not have a relapse!

(1) pain in the back

Almost most patients with lumbar disc herniation will have the appearance of backache. Patient consciousness waist continues dull pain, supine position alleviates, standing aggravates, generally acceptable, waist can moderate activity or walk slowly, another kind of sudden waist spasm like severe pain, unbearable, need to lie in bed rest, will seriously affect life and work.

(2) radiating pain in the lower extremities

Radiating pain in the sciatic nerve region of one side of the lower extremity is the main symptom of this disease. Ache begins by coxal, radiate the lateral side after inferior ham, crus gradually, some can develop sufficient back lateral, sufficient heel or plantar, influence stands and walk. If the protrusion is central, it may be bilateral or alternate in the cauda equina.

(3) waist movement disorder

Lumbar motion is affected in all respects, especially later stretch obstacle is apparent. (4) scoliosis most patients have varying degrees of lumbar scoliosis. The direction of the scoliosis can indicate the position of the protrusion in relation to the nerve root.

(4) sense of numbness

Older patients often have subjective numbness. Be confined to crus hind lateral, sufficient back, sufficient heel or plantar.

2 folk remedies for sudden lumbar disease:

1, scallion jujube external application

15 scallion beard, 15 red dates, 7 pieces of ginger, smashed on a piece of white cloth, stick to the lesion, two days a change, a total of seven times, the middle can stop once.

back pain lower back pain

2. Cinnamon porridge

5 grams of cinnamon powder, japonica rice 80 grams, white sugar amount, first put japonica rice porridge, porridge cooked into cinnamon powder, with a small fire and cook for 10 minutes, such as porridge become sticky when the fire can be eaten. Cinnamon is a kind of natural warming medicine for digestion and pain relief. It can activate meridians and collaterals, dispel wind and disperse cold. It has a good therapeutic effect on waist and leg pain caused by cold and damp.

back pain lower back pain

External application of traditional Chinese medicine – specimen care

At present a lot of lumbago dash forward patient confirm, traditional Chinese medicine therapeutics is the safest, the therapeutics that does not have side effect. TCM has always emphasized the concept of "external treatment of internal diseases" and "external application of bone diseases".

back pain lower back pain

Countries put some one hundred heritage, and word of mouth good prescription, rated as intangible cultural heritage, one of the central plains – chang. Hall. Tendons. Stick, has won the award, received a lot of attention, to the treatment of lumbar spine problems become more widely at present, according to the clinical verification, the waist, strain of lumbar muscles, sciatica and efficient in the9 above, it is new, security is very high, generally 2.3 after one cycle can recover! You can try it at home,

Lumbar disc outstanding need to strengthen the waist health care

Keep up the delphine exercise

That is, the patient lay prone on the hard bed, with upper limbs successively extended, head and back as far as possible backward, and then lower limbs extended and back together, with the whole body upturned, abdominal implantation, lasting for 15 ~ 30 seconds, 30 minutes each time, more than 2 times a day.

back pain lower back pain

Still can do on the bed "bridge type motion", namely: the patient lies on his back, both hands are put flat at both sides of the body, double genu and approach flexes, double sufficient support bed, close abdomen, lift buttock, hold to 30 seconds or so to loosen again. Do this more than twice a day for 30 minutes in each group. Do not choose as far as possible golf, tennis, baseball, bowling, badminton and other sports that make the left and right sides of the muscle lose balance, so as not to cause backache, induce and aggravate lumbar disc herniation.

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back pain lower back pain – Play mobile phone walking, laughing back pain!

Society is too complex

Just bought a watermelon, let me half a day can not calm, this is the winter melon derailed, or watermelon change of heart? Are cucumbers gaining weight?

Later someone told me that the wax gourd tattoo, society is too complex!

Women thirty and men thirty

Yesterday, I went to dinner. There was a dish called "woman thirty".It's a plate of daylily.

Have a meal today, looking at the menu don't know what to order good, suddenly see a dish name "man 30", also not expensive, want to think, woman 30 is (daylily), want to see a man 30 is what, so the point.

Waiter dish way: "man 30 please enjoy!" You have a look atBig radish, or a big – footed radish.

The funniest man in the world

The funniest person in the world is a driving instructor!

Me: coach I'm so nervous!

Coach: you're nervous, it's the walker.


Coach: red light you also not, green you also not, is there no color you like.

Coach: did you see that guy?

Me: yes.

Coach: kill him.

Student: I don't dare.

Coach: I don't dare you to brake.

Make sentences with abcdefg

Kindergarten teacher asked: how to use abcdefg sentence ah?

A little friend replied: a ah, you see this little b child, c family? Lay on the d, ef also don't wear, return show small gg!

The teacher is unconscious on the spot!

back pain lower back pain

Life facts

Here are a few life facts:

1, a day can not eat too many eggs, eat too much, the hen's health is not good, it is too late.

2, don't eat chicken butt, chicken never wipe the butt.

3, eat fruit after a meal is the wrong idea, the correct way is to eat before meals, otherwise it may be eaten by others.

4, away from the charging base, at least 30 cm from the human body, lest always want to play with the phone.

Don't stay up late! Bad for phones!

Here are some pictures for you.

May you have a cool summer

It is too hot,

Take a pan out and fry your eggs…

back pain lower back pain

It's too hot. Whatever

The wig had to be taken off

back pain lower back pain

Watermelon is good to eat in hot weather

back pain lower back pain

Watermelon rind can also be used to make clothes

back pain lower back pain

Make a hat and you'll never be sunburnt again

back pain lower back pain

Ah! My brother got sunstroke!

back pain lower back pain

The electric fans are melting

back pain lower back pain

Hot weather is suitable for wearing cool pants

back pain lower back pain

Go out today, shoes like this

back pain lower back pain

It was so hot that there was no place to stay, so I had to stay in the bucket

back pain lower back pain

Don't bother me with the cold

back pain lower back pain

Friends, remember to take an umbrella when you go out

back pain lower back pain

I found out!

back pain lower back pain

Bring your own shower.

back pain lower back pain

The weather is too hot, take a look at these jokes to everyone, smile, good mood, trouble hot nature elimination!

Focus on

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back pain lower back pain – Pregnant women back pain is serious, often make a bad habit, no term was cut

Ya nan is a second pregnancy mother, pregnant with the first child when the body does not appear backache phenomenon. But to the two after the encounter with such a signal, unfortunately, because of their own bad habits, let the fetus was born without full term, but also lived in a more than a month of incubator, listening to the experience of ya nan let human eye.

Bao ma yanan: when I was pregnant with the second baby, my life habits were relatively yearning for happiness. I was lazy when I was pregnant with the second baby. By the age of 27 weeks, back pain had developed. After such reaction, let me do what all have no perseverance, even go to the toilet all need enough courage. Instead all day is to sit and lie down, but because of their own body posture is not correct let the fetal baby hypoxia for two weeks, just to the third trimester to do the fetal heart was requested by the doctor caesarean section.

Finally, the baby was released from the hospital after living in an incubator for a month and maintaining a stable heart and lungs. Now the baby is almost a year old, can eat and sleep, is a little weak physique. When it comes to back pain during pregnancy, the cause and coping style of expectant mothers should also know to avoid putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy:

After lumbar ache appears, do not immediately decide whether to be anoxic first, should see oneself whether be affected by habit, when expectant mothers do not have the habit of walking, suddenly go too much road, the body is heavy once too big, this also can let expectant mothers appear abdominal pain.

In addition, progesterone increases during pregnancy. Many mothers-to-be also suffer from back pain.

back pain lower back pain

The way to deal with backache

The more you can't be lazy when you have backache, the more you need to get up and walk. At the same time, be careful not to walk too nervously and slowly. Stand up to exercise your lumbar spine strength. At the same time, do not blindly take calcium tablets, because the daily intake of calcium nutrition is sufficient. If expectant mothers are not at ease, suggest a glass of milk every day.

Small ji suggests: just when be pregnant, should want to form good habits of life, had better form habitually to take a walk, can exercise the waist force of expectant mothers not only so, still can let oneself be pregnant when better happiness.

Are you experiencing back pain?

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back pain lower back pain – The waist aches 6 ask: is the waist aches between the waist dish prominent? Don't go into these myths again!

My back hurts again. It hurts like hell. "Do I have a protruding disc?" This is a real mistake!

Come quickly with small make up look at this article together, let you be far from backache error area, encounter backache not meng circle again!

Back pain has six questions, often ask

Does lumbar ache healthy big problem?

Don't be afraid of backache! A lot of people have a kind of natural kind of fear to backache, one backache, doubt oneself whether to suffer from lumbar disc herniation immediately?But actually, backache is the most common disease in daily life.

Most people's back pain is caused by muscle strain in the lower back. In general, even without treatment, back pain can be alleviated within a month or two.

As a result, most of the time, back pain is a temporary visitor that doesn't put a dent in your body.

Does the waist ache again between the waist dish highlighted?

back pain lower back pain

Lumbar ache is not necessarily lumbar dish protrusion, lumbar dish protrusion is not necessarily met lumbar ache.

Many people put back pain directly equivalent to lumbar disc herniation, which is not correct, lumbar disc herniation is just the most common cause of back pain, but can not say that a back pain is lumbar disc herniation.

One study showed that when 98 people aged 20 to 80 who had no symptoms of back pain underwent an mri, nearly two-thirds of them had abnormal discs, but they did not experience significant back pain in their daily lives.

back pain lower back pain

Even if you have back pain and an exam finds a herniated disc, your back pain doesn't have to be caused by it.

Unless besides lumbar ache besides, after you still have coxal, ham, crus hind the outside side or the ache of sufficient outside side, ability is diagnosed for lumbar intervertebral disc herniation more confidently.

Does lumbar ache want to become an operation?

back pain lower back pain

X-ray, ct, mri… After a lot of tests, your doctor will recommend you for an operation.

However, conservative treatment can be effective in easing back pain. This includes avoiding activity when pain is obvious, bed rest, and taking painkillers.

Surgery should be considered as soon as possible if:

1, defecation difficulty or incontinence, male impotence.

2. Intermittent claudication. Pain in the hips and legs when walking or standing, and pain that disappears when sitting or lying down.

3. Obvious spinal stenosis or vertebral slippage.

4. The pain was obvious and did not relieve after conservative treatment for more than 3 months.

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Did the waist ache can you still move?

back pain lower back pain

Back pain is not particularly severe, is appropriate to do some light exercise, such asWalk, jog.

Try not to do strenuous exercise, especially some strenuous lumbar exercise, such as lying on your back to do, pull barbell and other exercises, may make your back injury more serious.

Sleep what kind of bed to have profit to lumbar vertebra?

back pain lower back pain

Many orthopedic surgeons advise patients with lumbar spine problems to sleep on a hard bed, but this can be difficult: the bed is too hard to fall asleep, and the quality of sleep is greatly reduced.

Sleeping in a soft bed is not recommended. The bed is too soft, lumbar vertebra lacks the prop action of mattess, the muscle of lumbar not only did not loosen, be in the condition of stretch instead, inevitable meeting causes one sleep to wake up discovery lumbar is more tired.

So, mattess is too soft or too hard to suit, should choose the comfortable mattess that can rise to prop lumbar vertebra.

Flash waist is how to return a responsibility?

back pain lower back pain

The "flash waist" in daily life is actually an acute injury of the lumbar spine.

Carry basin or when changing bucket water, a lot of people are to bend down to use force directly, the injury that produces lumbar vertebra most easily. Incorrect carry object pose to bring about lumbar vertebra to cause sudden injury, it is commonly known as "flashed waist".

The correct way to carry, should be first squat, and then slowly stand up to carry things.

In addition, the wrong way to sit, bad mood at work can also easily suffer from back pain.

Small make up have to say

Back pain to see the six questions, no need to head empty at a loss, small make up even remind you, back pain prevention is better than treatment, lift heavy objects when attention to posture, work occasionally stand up activities, avoid long time to drive, these small attention in life can reduce the risk of backache!

– end –

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back pain lower back pain – Do sit-ups hurt your back? You're right. wrong move!

Also, whey protein has less lactose in it than milk, so if you can't tell if it's lactose intolerance, a glass of milk will tell…

Excessive consumption of protein powder, more than your gastrointestinal digestive capacity, in the digestive system can not be fully absorbed and used, will also cause abdominal distension (intestinal microorganisms digestion of a large number of protein fermentation gas), farting (protein decomposition produces ammonia gas) and other symptoms.

Protein powder contains bacteria, may also cause intestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other symptoms. This kind of circumstance, change a brand protein powder to be able to solve.

back pain lower back pain

Lactose intolerance and indigestibility are directly related to eating too much protein powder.

The solution, naturally, is to reduce the amount of protein powder intake, as long as the rapid supply of protein in the exercise can be met!

Protein powder, save the poor! –

In fact, we have always stressed that protein powder as a pure source of protein, nutrition is not balanced. Its biggest function, just for the fast protein supply during exercise, cannot completely replace the protein source in the daily food.

So protein powder is a lifesaving fitness supplement. Adding 1 teaspoon (about 30g) during exercise can promote muscle growth and increase exercise endurance. (related reading →Fitness and protein powder, this article is all!)

back pain lower back pain

But when you do, you won't get any extra benefit from eating too much (2-3 tablespoons, 60-90 grams, is too much)…

Additional, wait for nutrient as a result of lack dietary fiber, mineral, vitamin, use the normal food after replacing motion, cause nutrition unbalance possibly instead, do not suggest to do so so.

That's why professional athletes take protein supplements, but not beef or chicken.

back pain lower back pain

How to relieve the embarrassment of protein powder? –

If you're really worried about a bad egg white meal and a stomach upset, here are a few options to consider:



Why does sit-up meet lumbar ache? Am I training the wrong way?



A lot of friends that enter fitness for the first time, do sit-up the next day can backache?

But for many experienced bodybuilders, the only answers are "just practice more", "your pain means you are weak", "your pain means you have problems with your movements" and so on.

back pain lower back pain

In fact, studies have found that even international and world championship athletes have super high levels of activation in their erector spinal muscles when doing flat crunches. Definitely not because of the level, but because of the action itself.

back pain lower back pain

If you're good enough, this study will teach you that bosu rolls activate rectus abdominis nearly twice as much as flat or exercise balls.

back pain lower back pain

back pain lower back pain

Also, crunches are a better move than sit-ups. Because the tummy roll and sit-up, the biggest difference is its training purpose ↓

back pain lower back pain

As we all know, the standard of sit-ups is: from lying down to getting up to complete one, so the purpose is to sit up.

But you can't sit up completely with your abs bending your torso…

This leads us to sit up straight and use the strength of our legs and iliopsoas muscles to pull ourselves up…

back pain lower back pain

And the purpose of curly abdomen, it is to practice abdominal muscles;

So the standard movement is belly roll, which means the torso is bent, so you don't have to sit up completely.

back pain lower back pain

Here's how to make the best tummy roll!

back pain lower back pain

How to make the best tummy roll? –

back pain lower back pain

Bend your torso and do not build a straight waist

First, make sure to curl your torso, not your waist. Because straight sit-ups don't use your abs.

The purpose of the abs is to bend the torso, while the straight back sit-up does not bend the torso.

Straight up and down sit-ups: the legs and iliopsoas muscles are used to pull the trunk and thighs together.

back pain lower back pain

In addition, sit-ups not only do not exercise abdominal muscles, but also very easy to produce backache…Because your abs aren't doing the centrifuge for you during the return phase of your movements (and it can't because you're not bending your torso!). Abdominal muscles it doesn't hurt;In the process, the erector spinal muscles are heavily involved in exercise… So, your back hurts.

back pain lower back pain

❷ bended leg

Second, you need to bend your legs to curl your tummy, because it works better for your rectus abdominis and lower abdominis!

back pain lower back pain

If the straight legs do curly, due to mechanical and physiological reasons, the body will use the flexor iliacus group to pull themselves up, rather than the use of abdominal muscles ↓

back pain lower back pain

Don't fix your legs

Thirdly, the legs are not fixed when the abdomen is rolled;

Although we test sit-ups in childhood, there are students sitting on our feet… Although, shopping's crunches are all foot fixtures…

Sit-up, model standard wrong action demo ↓

back pain lower back pain

However, the study found that: not fixed feet abdominal training, the effect is much higher than fixed!

back pain lower back pain

As you can see, the tummy roll without fixed feet works much better on the upper rectus abdominis, the lower rectus abdominis, and the lower abdominis.

The reason for this is that if you anchor your feet, strong leg muscles will help you pull yourself up. In other words, by fixing the foot, you're actually getting your leg muscles to help you stand up, rather than working your abs…

back pain lower back pain

That's why, in the tummy of the rectus femoris, the emg levels were significantly higher than in the non-stationary…

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1.Parfrey k c, docherty d, workman r c, et al. The effects of different sit-and curl up positions on activation of abdominal and hip flexor musculature[j]. Applied physiology, nutrition, nutrition (2) and metabolism, 2008, 33(5): 888-895.

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