Howard has confirmed he will have back surgery and will be sidelined for the entire Olympic season – InfraredHeatingTherapy | herniated disc/back problems/back injury

Magic center Dwight Howard has confirmed that he will undergo back surgery today and will miss the 2012 London Olympics.

Howard had complained of back problems in early march. Last week, he was diagnosed with a herniated disc after careful examination by Dr Robert Watkins, a spinal surgeon from Los Angeles. Watkins advised him to inject the drug to relieve the pain and expected warcraft to rest his back for 10 to 14 days before seeing if he needed further treatment. But Howard's back injury is worsening day by day, finally, Dr. Watkins and magic medical team agreed that the surgery must be carried out as soon as possible.

"In fact, he struggled with the injury until today, when he needed surgery." Howard's agent, Dan fagan, confirmed the news, he also to refute the previously questioned Howard to injury as an excuse to not willing to continue to play magic rumors, "Dwight so far in his career never give up a game, the public, or whisper, speculation that he might give up game, is ridiculous."

As of yesterday, Howard had missed eight games because of a back injury, one more than he had missed in his previous seven seasons. Dongguan daily.

Cole has revealed that he will undergo back surgery in the finals G5 due to back problems – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back problems/back injury/back surgery

July 29, 2015 07:50

In an interview with CSN bay area, warriors coach Kerr said he has a serious back injury that will require surgery soon and will be sidelined for the rest of the summer.

Steve Kerr

Cole told CSN's monty Poole that he will undergo back surgery in Los Angeles today to resolve a hernia in his disc. Cole is understood to have been haunted by the incident for months.

"I have to take a break this summer," cole said.

In a previous interview, Kerr revealed that he injured his back in game 5 of the NBA finals. He described it as nothing special, just standing up and feeling bad. For the next two weeks, his back felt fine, but then he had another attack. He also had to withdraw from a competition.

As is known to all, coaches generally have a variety of injuries, especially in the NBA such a high intensity, high pressure environment coaching, more prone to a variety of physical problems. Phil Jackson has a long-term hip injury, popovich has heart problems.

Kerr coached in the NBA last season and had no prior experience. But Kerr was so successful that he led the warriors to their best 67 wins in franchise history and a championship that closed a 40-year gap.


Howard: regret for rushing back after back surgery, selfishness ruined 12 lakers – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back injury/back surgery

Lakers player Dwight Howard spoke with NBA reporter shams charania about his experience with the lakers during the 12-13 season.

Howard said that in retrospect, one of the things he should have handled differently was his back injury, and that after the back surgery, he should have waited until he was fully healthy to return. After Howard had back surgery in April 2012, he had six months off basketball and only a few weeks to prepare for the 2012-13 season. According to Howard, a back injury is expected to cost him the season, but he is eager to return and prove himself with the lakers.

"I shouldn't have done it, but I wanted to win too much. I thought, 'man, we have kobe Bryant, we have pau gasol, we have Steve Nash, we have RON artest. I can't miss this opportunity. I'm going to play. 'and, you know, looking back, I want to say, man, if I could change this. It was something that would make me want to start all over again."

Howard added that he felt selfishness had ruined the team's prospects — including not doing everything the lakers needed him to win.

"I think there were times when selfishness took its toll on everyone in the team."

Woods said the Austin threat would be tested for back injury recovery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back injury

For two decades, Tiger Woods has insisted that he has never played a tournament he did not want to win. But in Austin, it all seems laborious. Whichever player advances to Sunday's final round will play seven rounds of golf in five days. It is a challenge to play so many rounds on any court, let alone on such a difficult court.

When woods spoke to reporters after Tuesday's practice session, he said of his first impressions of the Austin course: "well, it wasn't flat. It's a completely new ballpark for me and I think the floor in my house is much flatter than that. You can play 36 holes in three and a half hours. So it's a little different. As I said, this is not a flat golf course. So there's a lot of interesting trickery, and it's a great challenge to play here."

Now that all the players are in the final stages of preparation for the masters, woods has to admit that seven rounds in five days will pose a new challenge to his surgically fused back. Of course, compared to what he was two years ago, it is his overheated form that qualifies him for many games.

"The end of last year gave me a lot of confidence and I played a lot of games as I finished the season. Tiger Woods says he played seven matches in eight weeks from wgc-bridgestone to the ryder cup.

"I was tired, but my body held up. So that's a very good thing. My training was very good. My neck always feels good. That's good. So I had to play well to beat the man in front of me in order to be in that situation in Sunday's final. So a lot of work needs to be done between now and now." Tiger Woods said.


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High down pull right, back muscles will be wider, many people make 4 mistakes with high down pull – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back/back injury/lower back injury

But a lot of player often practice high to pull down, back muscle still did not widen however, do not say to pour triangle, connect back muscle line feeling, did not practice come out.

In fact, the main reason is that you did not do a good job, the high down pull practice wrong, stimulation of the wrong position, the natural back muscle is not wide.

back surgery

For starters, there are four common mistakes you can make by pulling down from a high position, and you'll often see players doing this in the gym.

One, back to power – practice back into practice waist

The most common position to pull down from the high position is to lift back, especially in the gym, many men like this exercise, because it can pull down a lot of weight, making people feel a sense of achievement.

The specific movement posture is the arm basically does not move, but the waist is in the forward bend and the extension movement form, this posture is unable to practice the back muscle.

The posture of the action that raises force backward, not only cannot train back muscle, and injure waist very easily, because lumbar muscle is not suited to do this kind of big weight to repeat an action, cause lumbar muscle injury easily.

So a lot of people have a very strong tingling sensation in the lower back or the tailbone the next day, which is a sign of a lower back injury.

back surgery

In the correct high pull down position, the body should not lean back too much, and there is no need for beginners to lean back in the early stage, unless the high pull down with a large weight, there will be some lean back, but that is to work with the back muscles.

The whole high down pull to make a posture, give priority to with elbow press, the waist after leaning is auxiliary, do not need the waist after leaning below most circumstance.

back surgery

Second, pull too low – the waist compensation is very serious

Some people pursue weight, and some people pursue range of motion. The low range of high position pullers is a typical behavior to pursue range of motion. This kind of behavior is generally preferred by women in the gym, because they cannot pull too much weight.

The coach taught us to pull high down, usually to the collarbone, and some people will pull up to the belly, and some people will pull up to the thigh.

So since you're sitting straight, this Angle will compensate your lower back, which won't stretch as much when you're sitting down.

So a lot of player although the waist did not move, but after practice or waist pain waist acid, because you pull the action range is too big, pull too low.

back surgery

Generally speaking, we can only pull down to the clavicle, there is no need to pull down, if you can still pull down, it means that the weight is too light, and the waist is easy to compensate.

In addition, big weight tall is pulled, can pull nose tip position only commonly, pull to clavicle position again, also can appear lumbar compensatory, not to mention to pull abdomen, pull to ham.

back surgery

Three, elbow front – arm compensation is more serious

Practice pulling the elbow down from the high position, which is in the front of the body, but it should be noted that we should not deliberately put the elbow forward, which will cause arm compensation.

Because the elbow is forward, the whole arm is in an outward rotation position, which makes it easy for the arm to exert its power, so when the high position is pulled down, the arm compensates.

In addition to arm compensation, you take the initiative to put your elbow on the front of the posture, but also cause elbow sprain, for example, some players practice high down, elbow tip position will have pain, is the elbow on the front of the reason.

back surgery

So when we do the high pull down, we want to tear our elbows as far apart as possible, so that you can get a better sense of the strength of your back muscles, and you can get a better effect on your back.

If you are pulling down from a narrow high position, you also need to tear your elbows to the sides, not because you are pulling down from a narrow high position, your elbows are forward.

back surgery

No heavy shoulders — inaccurate back stimulation

Back practice is to need the shoulder blade belt, counterpoise is a necessary standard of back practice, especially for the high pull down, pull up this kind of pull down, counterpoise is very important.

For some players, the shoulder blades don't sink when you're practicing your back, so when you're doing a high pull down, you're not stimulating your back muscles precisely, and there's a risk that your shoulders will sprain.

Because your shoulder blades are not stable when you hunch, it's easy for your shoulder muscles to compensate when you pull down.

If you have a pain in half of your neck the next day, or a tingling sensation in the muscles in the front of your shoulder, you are not sinking your shoulders.

back surgery

A sink-shoulder is a sinking of the shoulder blades, and when you're starting out, you should keep the back two sink-shoulder blades down the entire time.

Keeping your shoulders down allows your back muscles to contract more fully, which will give you more precision, better back lines, and a wider back.

back surgery

The above 4 mistakes are the most common mistakes you can make when practicing high and drop. Avoid these mistakes and you will get better results and wider back muscles.

On the other hand, if you continue to work your back muscles with the wrong moves, it will be difficult for your back muscles to widen and you will be prone to injury.

Send the child to the early education organization in the morning, pick up the home in the afternoon unexpectedly found that the child's back is injured!!! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back injury

On July 3, 2019, lianchi district education and sports bureau received a report from a parent of a child named li who was studying in lianchi district aiqi education and training school co., LTD.Said pick up the child home found back injury, suspect that li was loved by the education training school teachers abuse.

back surgery

Lianchi district education and sports bureau attached great importance to this incident and immediately organized personnel to the agency for investigation. Lianchi district aiqi education and training school co., LTD. (zhenaiyouyou), school address: no. 57, longchang road, baoding city, sponsor: sun mou, training content: parent-child early education training, school nature: private. This institution is a private education and training institution approved by the education and sports bureau of lianchi district in 2018, and it has relevant legal procedures. Children li a class of three teachers have a teacher certificate.

back surgery

According to the investigation, the incident happened on July 1, 2019. The child li mou, male, was two and a half years old. On the first day, the parents sent the child to the early education agency at the gate of shenghejiayuan.After that day afternoon picks up to go home, the evening discovers the child back has the injury.

On the morning of July 2, parents came to the agency for questioning. The person in charge of the agency and parents checked the whole day's situation of li xx in the agency through surveillance video.Except for a few minutes when the class teacher took the children to go to the toilet, it was not found from the surveillance video that the teacher abused the child li mou.The agency and parents called the local police.

Since both parties have reported to the police and the incident is under investigation by the public security organs, the education and sports bureau of lianchi district will further deal with it according to the investigation results of the public security organs.


Kao Shinto media hit back at criticism of porter's return to back surgery, king James is interested in buying the team – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back injury/back surgery

After Cousins reached a one-year, $5.3 million, middle-class deal with the warriors on July 19, many fans felt the warriors were making the NBA uncompetitive, and some even began to criticize Cousins.

Recently, since the warriors signed Cousins, the starting lineup has five all-star, before the warriors have won the championship, so the warriors win the championship again is not a suspense, almost booked the championship, many fans began to abuse the warriors and Cousins practice. Cousins hit back on social media, saying he knows that's how many people see his decision to join the warriors, and that he didn't bother them in the first place, so he doesn't care. It was a test that needed to be overcome. He had already experienced some problems. He was not willing to give in.

For the nuggets, Michael porter, the 14th overall pick in the first round this year, underwent back surgery again last week, according to Steve askebona. Although porter's team wanted to remain private when deciding to undergo a second back operation, they eventually came to light, hoping that the procedure would best allow porter to recover from his lumbar problems.

A former no. 1 high school pick in the United States, porter dropped out of the draft after suffering a back injury. Despite his talent, porter was still worried about injuries. Since then, the nuggets have wanted porter to get better, deciding not to let him play in the summer league and even allowing him to choose to get better this season.

According to bleacher sports, James and his team have been trying to develop a plan to buy a team that they hope will be able to own when James retires. In the mouth of the James friend maverick carter, lebron James and his team trying to carry out the purchase plan, he said, perhaps in a decade later, James will be an NBA team or a football team boss, James also like football, he has contemplated becoming a rugby team boss, and participate in the operations.

After signing a four-year, $154 million deal with the lakers, James will have a career salary of $237 million, not counting his other earnings, such as endorsement deals and off-court deals. James earned $85.3 million last year, the most in the NBA, according to Forbes. James has already bought a 2% stake in the English premier league team, becoming a minority shareholder in the club, earning him $32.5 million over seven years. Perhaps in the future, James will become the owner of an NBA team after Jordan.

The celtics are interested in negotiating a deal with smart's agent that would be closer to the $14 million or more smart was hoping for, according to espn's Chris wolshon.

The celtics are expected to offer smart a four-year deal worth $46 million to $50 million. In the past, the celtics have been reluctant to offer smart more than $11 million a year, but after entering the free agent market, smart received an offer that may have discouraged him from making a lower offer.

The NBA news exposes the credibility, is undoubtedly the espn famous reporter woshen's exposure credibility is higher, more credible. And god also has a disciple, it is the shams · charrania that comes from yahoo sports, now the exposure of charrania also has a fight with the master.

Now, chalanias is close to a deal with yahoo! Sports, and he may follow shifu to espn in hopes of joining up with his mentor. He was also a yahoo sports reporter, but left to join espn in 2017. According to a source from journalist dylan Jackson, chalagna is more likely to sign for espn and team up with warner.

Murray missed the Shanghai masters due to back surgery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back injury/back surgery

British prodigy Andy Murray announced yesterday that he will undergo back surgery next week, which has caused him to miss all the Asian tournaments starting next week and may even bring the 2013 season to an early end. "He will undergo minor back surgery next week to completely resolve the back problem that has been bothering him for a long time." "He will miss Bangkok, Tokyo and Shanghai," Murray's management team announced.

In fact, the English prodigy has been plagued by a back injury this season, which forced him out of the French open in the first half of the year. After playing in last week's Davis cup world group play-off, doctors advised Murray to undergo surgery to heal his injury. Murray's agent yesterday confirmed the news of his surgery next week: "next week Andy will undergo back surgery to resolve a long-standing problem. The problem began during this year's masters in Rome. We have accepted the doctor's recommendation to carry out the operation with the aim of starting the season in perfect health. Zhu Yi

Backache and stiff neck? Try these 4 tips! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/backache

In fact, the majority of back pain is not caused by a day, only fully understand the cause, can solve it from the source!

Why back pain?


The problem of the bed

Many people with back injuries are actually sleeping in uncomfortable beds.

Above all bed cannot too soft also cannot stand hard, too soft bed is unfavorable to raise a waist, but because lumbar vertebra has a normal physiology to bend, stand up to hard bed can bring about this to bend suffer influence thereby lumbar force, make lumbar vertebra muscle is in too tight environment for a long time, as time passes, can be injured to cause ache.

sharp back pain relief

Next bed is too damp and cause lumbar back unwell. Mattess often is easy to accumulate moisture actually, it is sweat when sleeping mostly or the environment is damp be caused by, had better bask in regularly. If people sleep in such a bed for a long time, for a long time cold and wet into the body, prone to back stiffness and pain.


Custom problem

A lot of habits in life are actually a little careless can also cause back injury.

For example, some people like to lift heavy objects straight bent, and bending Angle is often higher than 90 degrees; Others prefer one hand; In fact, these small habits on the waist stress super, will be invisible calumny waist countless times!

sharp back pain relief

Another person is used to to lie half when the back is suspended, such lumbar can be in fold horn state, and do not have enough support, the weight of upper body presses lumbar a force position completely, bring about the change of original radian then, vertebra is out of shape, follow-up more the problem such as meeting occurrence lumbago.

Another is sitting posture, the general forward sitting posture, the human upper body stress in the lumbar spine, and when sitting when crooked, bow back and we are particularly accustomed to the cross-legged situation may lead to lumbar muscle injury.



One of the biggest causes of back pain can be the body's own ailments.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, for example, has symptoms that include trouble sleeping and back pain in addition to impaired memory and reactivity.

sharp back pain relief

Other joint and spinal problems, as well as gallbladder, kidney stones and visceral problems, can cause lower back pain.

In addition, middle-aged and elderly people, especially post-menopausal women, back pain is likely to be a form of osteoporosis.

How to treat lumbago back ache?

Correct habits

Many people's back pain is because of bad habits accumulated over time, need their ownMore at ordinary timesBe aware of your actions and correct them.

For example, it is best to pick things up by bending your legs and keeping your waist straight. In addition, it is best to share the weight with both hands so that the lumbar spine is balanced. Of course, do not go to pick up overweight items, use tools to help in time.

sharp back pain relief

Usually wear less high-heeled shoes, need to stand for a long time, the foot can step on some footpads, or sometimes the two feet alternate, to relieve the muscle tension in the lower back. Still can do the action of a few waist stretch additionally.

Proper motion

Some people think lumbago is aching cannot move, insist to undertake proper take exercise actually, do some moderate lumbar twist motion, can promote the circulatory of the blood of the body. The right amount of sit-ups, can also exercise the abdominal waist muscles. At ordinary times sit or stand for a long time, also suggest to be able to do some stretch posture, activity bones and muscles.

sharp back pain relief

Regulate diet

Lumbar disease has qi blood circulation blocked, cold condensation on the back of the reason. In view of this situation, you can eat more black beans, dates and other nourishing food. Maintain the good mood of oneself at the same time, eat the food of some of carrot, corn, walnut more at ordinary times, at the same time eat some of fresh melon fruit vegetable to undertake recuperating.

sharp back pain relief


Use opportunely gear

If the bed is uncomfortable, it is recommended to lay a layer of thin cotton wadding on the top of the mattress, to facilitate drying and dehumidification, and to improve the bed too hard or too soft defects.

sharp back pain relief

In addition, when the weather is cold, you can wear a belt to protect your waist.

When it gets cold, remember to take care of your family and your waist

Kidney pain is it? Back pain? How do you tell – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Kidney pain may occur in the back, groin or thigh

Renal pain may occur below the ribs on either side of the spine. Although the pain comes from deep inside the body, it still feels painful.

Whether pain occurs on one or both sides depends on whether the disease affects one or both kidneys.

Kidney pain can radiate to other areas, such as:

Side of the body

The abdomen

In the groin

The thigh

Type and severity of pain

Smaller kidney stones can often pass through the urinary system without causing severe pain. However, larger kidney stones can cause acute pain. When kidney stones move from the kidney to the ureter, the pain is usually worse. The ureter is a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder and forms part of the urinary system.

Kidney infection can cause stable pain or soreness.

03 concomitant symptoms

Diseases that affect the kidneys may cause other symptoms, such as:

Cloudy or hematuria

The urine pain




Constipation or diarrhea




Signs of severe kidney damage or problems may include:

Bad breath

Metallic taste

Shortness of breath

Swollen legs, ankles, or feet



Muscle cramps

The cause of kidney pain

Symptoms of renal pain include:

Urinary tract infection (utis)

Kidney stones

Kidney infections

Kidney blood clots

Kidney trauma or injury

Back pain

Back pain is very common. Most of the back pain is back pain. Problems affecting muscles, bones or nerves in the back can cause back pain. The location, severity, and accompanying symptoms of back pain depend on the cause.

01 pain position

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. However, most people suffer from back pain in the lower back.

Muscle pain is a feeling of dull pain or soreness. Certain physical activities can trigger or exacerbate muscle pain, which can range from mild to severe, and can fluctuate as a result of stretching.

People with nerve pain experience burning or tingling pain that spreads to other parts of the body.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that affects the back. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or compressed, causing a burning pain that can radiate into the buttocks.

Bone pain can result from a fractured vertebra or irregular shape of the spine. This type of pain can occur suddenly. Bone pain ranges from moderate to severe and is usually aggravated with exercise.

Other possible symptoms of back pain include:

Pain or stiffness in the spine

A sharp, tingling pain in the neck

Difficulty standing up straight because of pain or muscle spasms

Trouble walking

Numbness or tingling in the back, radiating to the extremities

One or both legs are weak

The bladder cannot be emptied

Urinary incontinence

Diarrhea or constipation

The cause of back pain

A person may have back pain due to poor posture

A pulled muscle or ligament in the back is a common cause of back pain. People can strain their backs by overstretching, carrying too much weight or using the wrong way to lift weight.

Other causes of back pain include:

Poor posture

Sit or stand for long periods of time

Muscle tension

A back injury, such as a fracture or fall

Disc damage, slippage, or rupture

Abnormal curvature of the spine

The tumor

Diseases that can cause back pain include:

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis


Herpes zoster

Spinal tumor


Cauda equina syndrome affects the nerves at the base of the spinal cord

Abdominal aortic aneurysm


When do you go to see the doctor

Mild back pain is usually treated with home rest, heat therapy and over-the-counter pain killers. However, if pain is caused by trauma, see a doctor.

It is important for people with kidney stones or signs of kidney infection to see a doctor.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Persistent or severe pain, no improvement after rest

Back pain is getting worse with time

Pain, numbness, or tingling radiating downward in the leg or arm

Difficulty walking or standing

Unexplained weight loss

Bladder or bowel problems crop up


The kidneys sit below the ribs on either side of the spine and lean against the muscles in the back, which means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether it's back pain or kidney pain.

Renal pain may occur on one or both sides of the lower back ribs. Causes of renal pain include urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and blunt instrument injury to the kidney.

Back pain affects the entire back, but most back pain occurs in the lower back. People may have back pain from lifting heavy objects, poor posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time. Some diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and infections, can also cause back pain.

Recognizing the difference between kidney pain and back pain can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment.

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