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Sitting in the life is tired for a long time, unavoidably encounters lumbago backache. To some, this is a minor ailment. Little imagine, such "small disease" also may have high risk.

A study published in the lancet, a medical journal, analyzed epidemiological data from 188 countries from 1990 to 2013 and found that back and back pain was among the most common diseases and the top 10 disabling diseases.

A new study from the university of Sydney in Australia, published in the European journal of pain, found that back pain is not to be ignored and increases the risk of early death by 13 percent in older people.

Life times (search "lt0385" on WeChat for more information) asked leading experts to recommend 3 exercises to relax your waist.

Experts questioned

Qi yunlong, member of trauma rehabilitation committee of Chinese rehabilitation medical association

Wang xiyang, chief physician of spinal surgery department of xiangya hospital of central south university

Zhang jun, deputy director of orthopedics department of the fourth hospital of Harbin medical university

6 brutal truths about lower back pain

Low back pain may be associated with long – term weight bearing and structural predisposition to injury. But some pain can be a sign of trouble in the spinal, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.

Generally speaking, the causes of lower back pain can be divided into the following 6 categories.


Bad posture

Not only the elderly, but many young adults in their 20s and 40s also suffer from back pain, which can be triggered by poor posture.

Many white-collar workers sit for hours at a time, not paying attention to posture, including chest hunchback; Go home after work paralysis on the sofa, staggered, lumbar muscle strain, scoliosis and other problems will find the door.


Spinal disease

Spinal joints and their surrounding soft tissue lesions, such as soft tissue inflammation, degenerative changes in joints, and spinal neuropathy, can all cause back pain.

The most common is a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. The herniated disc presses on the sciatic nerve.



The loss of bone mass increases with age, leading to osteoporosis if calcium and exercise are not taken care of. Back pain is the most common symptom of primary osteoporosis.

Specifically, the pain increased after standing and sitting for a long time, and decreased after sitting and lying down. The pain was mild during the day, severe at night and early morning. Unlike lumbar spondylosis or cervical spondylosis, this pain position is not fixed.


Digestive disease

Digestive diseases are one of the causes of back pain.

Some acute back pain may be caused by acute cholecystitis, duodenal ulcer or perforation, acute pancreatitis, chronic back pain need to be vigilant against pancreatic cancer.


Urogenital problems

Diseases of the urogenital system such as nephritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, urinary calculi can also cause lumbago pain, mainly manifested as acid bilges, falling, psoas weakness, sleep turned over pain.


Precursors of heart disease

A us study has found that most people suffering from cardiac arrest may experience early warning symptoms such as back pain a month before the onset.

3 moves to ease back pain

Recommend 3 action that can alleviate lumbar ache, prevent lumbar vertebra disease for everybody.

1 small swallow

Lie on your stomach on a hard bed with your arms straight at your sides and your head, shoulders, and arms raised back above your body.

At the same time, the legs straight upward elevation, so that the whole body like a flying swallow, hold about 5 seconds after the relaxation fall, rest 3~5 seconds.

Depending on your personal situation, do this 10 to 30 times a day.

2 the arch

Psoas muscle strength is weaker or fat crowd does small yan fei to be able to be some arduous, can choose "5 point supports" method exercises lumbar back muscle.

Lie on the bed supine, bend one's knees, double elbow ministry and back support bed, abdomen and buttock raise up, depend on head, double elbow and double feet 5 points support the weight of whole body, last 3~5 seconds, loosen lumbar muscle next, put down buttock to rest 3~5 seconds.

Do 20 to 40 times, depending on your condition.

3 squat against the wall

Double foot is microzhang, heel is apart from wall 60 centimeters, back relies on a wall, straighten lumbar back, slow squat, heel does not leave the ground, also can two hands clench fist before extend.

The Angle of ham and crus had better be in 90 degrees, hold breath 3~5 seconds, restore station posture. At the beginning of the movement to slow, can gradually accelerate, 5 to 10 for 1 group, each time do 1 to 2 groups.

In addition to exercise, we should also pay attention to some habits and habits of adjustment:

1. Don't sit, stand or bend for a long time. Every 20 to 30 minutes of sitting or standing should be 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Sit in the front of the chair during work, lean against the back of the chair with the upper body, cross your fingers, stretch your hands over your head, stretch back vigorously, try to make the upper body at a 45 degree Angle to the level, which helps release the pressure of the spine;

3. Do not lift heavy objects. If you must, straighten your upper body and bend your knees to relieve pressure on your lumbar spine.

4. You'd better use earphones when you answer the phone to avoid a tilt of the neck.

Experts finally stressed that we must not easily take pain relief drugs to cope with back pain. If the back pain lasts for more than 3 months, or is accompanied by fever, chills and other symptoms, or the pain is not obvious during the day but intensified at night, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Bring about

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To ease back pain, practice these 9 poses often – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/ease back pain/about back pain

With the development and progress of medical technology, more and more strange diseases have been conquered. However, some small, but not small onset of the disease still afflict people. For example, today I want to talk about back pain.

Believe that many friends at home there is always such an elderly person, always Shouting where where pain. Generally past middle age, the body's various lesions will begin to appear.

Parents are almost overworked, so limbs and back by varying degrees of injury, a little older, some parts of the body will start to pain. And now many young people are almost persecuted by these pain, such as xiao jia himself, had a period of time very depressed, very nervous.

In addition to psychology, the body is also a state of tension at any time, when people are nervous, the body will subconsciously make ready to sprint posture, keep this posture for several hours, is bound to appear pain.

Today small jia to introduce you a group of relief back pain yoga, very effective oh, I hope you learn with small jia!

1. Eight-body drop

1. First of all, the legs are slightly separated, kneel on the ground, and the upper body remains upright. The hands are raised to the sides of the head, and then relax the waist back, the body slowly forward to sink, at the same time pouting hips, the upper body like a lazy cat crawling, and finally the upper body only hands and arms landing.

2. Downward dog twist

1. First of all, the mountain stand, slightly separated between the legs, hands raised on both sides of the head, then the upper body slowly forward downward tilt, hands palms support the ground, make the whole body into pour "v" shape; Finally, twist your upper body slightly and reach out with one hand to grab the ankle of the other foot.

3. The prayers

1. Sitting is very simple, just like its name, legs on the ground up, two legs crossed and curled up on both sides of the thigh, back straight, body and mind relax, hands on the top of the head to make gesture;

2. Be careful not to stoop, but to lift your head.

Squat prayer

1. First, squat on the ground with one foot, and put the other foot straight on that side, keeping the upper body upright. Then, change the landing on the sole of the foot to the sole of the foot on the forefoot, with the weight of the body on the foot of the knee;

2. Place your hands on your chest and make a gesture.

5. Lunge around your hands

1. First, lie on the ground with your hands naturally at your sides. Then, move your hands to the front of your head, place your elbows on the ground and your feet on the ground in front of you.

2. Then leave the ground with one leg, do the twisting posture, and finally the lower leg and the side support hand forearm close, the posture of the legs is like hurdles, pay attention to the legs must be straight, the distance between the legs must be opened.

6. The camel type

1. First, get down on your knees and touch the instep with the ground.

2. Bend your back, straighten your chest, and lean your upper body back. Your thighs can be slightly bent, bending your upper body to the maximum extent possible; This is the left holding hand moved to the back, put on the left leg near, the right hand across the air slowly raised, do backward extension action, in the air to maintain a suspended state;

7. Lunge hand twist

1. First, stand in the mountain pose, keeping your body upright. Then spread your legs and take a step with one leg to the side, making a little more distance.

2. Keep your upper body straight. Place one hand behind your back on the other side of your thigh.

Any problem, as long as find the source is very good to solve, back pain, the most direct cause is back damage for a long time, so there are bad posture to correct as soon as possible, long time sitting up occasionally activities.

About back maintenance, small jia said: young do not know to cherish, the old only regret.

Today interactive topic: what do you have back maintenance knowledge can share with everyone?

The cause of low back pain can cause this problem by not sitting properly – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/leg pain/backache

2, lumbar muscle strain

The waist is the area of the body where we exert more force, providing support to the body and protecting the spine. For those who sit or stand for a long time, maintaining a posture for a long time is likely to cause back pain, and even cause lumbar muscle strain, so that our waist will have dull pain. The pain is worse when you're tired, but it eases when you rest.

3, kidney deficiency back pain

I believe you should be familiar with kidney deficiency. We should know that kidney deficiency is a disease that causes back pain. Its main symptom is to make us feel weak in the waist, and it will be accompanied by dull pain. Especially after sex, the pain becomes more intense. The waist is the organ of the kidney. When the kidney shows symptoms, then the waist will have problems.


Our waist is actually a more "delicate" place, in life if long-term because of work or some other reasons, bring about waist to need to bear weight all the time, long-term overload labor. This will lead to the waist load is too heavy, leading to excessive fatigue of the waist, resulting in the waist because of fatigue and pain.

What about back pain

1. Adjust your posture

What need to adjust above all is sitting position problem, will tell to most white-collar especially, what want to adjust above all is sitting position problem first, only correct sitting position, ability reduces the oppression to vertebra, such backache possibility just can reduce. Of course, if you want to get better results, you can go out and walk more and don't stay in the seat all the time, which will only bring great burden to the waist. Also can install a backrest on the seat, can alleviate the oppression that the body brings so.

lower back pain remedies

2. Stretch

In fact, stretching is not a very elegant behavior, but it is very helpful for the relaxation of the spine, of course, if you do not want to stretch in public places, you can stretch in the early morning or late sleep, this function plays a relaxing role, will not have any impact on the image. Of course, there is also proper exercise to relax the muscles, and a long period of muscle training can help the muscles become more powerful.

3. Choose the right shoes

A lot of times, the way we stand and sit is affected by our shoes. If our shoes are not comfortable, our posture may be lopsided, putting more pressure on our spine and causing more damage to our lower back. In addition, a pair of comfortable shoes, but also reduce the body's reaction force, can effectively protect the human leg, waist, back, which is a great help to the health of the body.

4. Put cushions on the car seat

In addition to the office, need long time of sitting motionless, may be in the driver, driving for a long period of time, may cause the leg pain, leg pain, waist pain, suggest you can put a cushion for leaning on, between the body and the seat so that you can play a supporting role, play a buffer role, so that can to some extent protect the waist is damaged, you can try.

Control your weight

If the body is overweight, the pressure that brings muscle, vertebra can be very big, suggest everybody good can control oneself weight, lest bring too big burden to oneself leg ministry, waist. And too much weight may also cause high blood pressure, high blood fat and other chronic diseases, the health of the body is not good.

lower back pain remedies

Suggest daily diet, good little eat a little fatty food, eat more vegetables and fruits, or drink more water, so help detoxify, still can control weight, help nutrient element absorption.

What does lumbago eat

1, quail

Quail is a kind of very common poultry, its meat is very crisp and tender, and rich in various nutrients, has the effect of tonifying kidney, strengthening bone, benefiting qi, strengthening waist and knee, is very suitable for patients with back pain tonic. Use quail with goji berries or chestnuts.

2, walnuts,

Walnut is a very good nut, there are tonifying kidney, brain, intelligence, runchang effect, Chinese medicine that walnut taste sweet and warm, into the kidney, spleen, lung, large intestine. Walnuts can be eaten raw, can also be used to stew soup or porridge consumption, kidney deficiency lumbago, forgetful, frequent urination and other patients to eat.

3, lamb

Mutton is very nourishing meat, many people think and its effect can be compared with ginseng, mutton flavor warm tonic, warm, cold, tonifying the kidney, strong waist effect, is the top meat. Lamb is rich in various nutrients, can treat back pain, kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea, impotence. People who are weak and afraid of cold can often eat mutton. Mutton stews are nourishing.

4. Black sesame seeds

Black food is kidney tonic, for patients with kidney deficiency, it is very good to eat more black food, sesame also contains a lot of essential nutrients for the human body, including vitamin e content is high, which can strengthen muscles and bones, kidney tonifying qi, we can often use black sesame porridge consumption.

lower back pain remedies

5, leek

Leek is a very common vegetable, but very beneficial to health, its flavor xinwen, has the effect of tonifying the kidney, for the kidney deficiency backache people, eat more leek is very beneficial, leek Fried shrimp is a very good dietary therapy.

6, loach

Loach is a very common fish, rich in protein and other nutrients. Often edible can fill gas, fill kidney, give birth to essence, strong waist. Male friends often drink loach soup can enhance physical strength, improve sexual function.

Conclusion: having explained the causes of low back pain, we should now know what causes it. The above-mentioned people should be timely prevention of this situation, once the occurrence of backache should be actively treated, usually can eat a little more good food for the waist, also can be appropriate exercise, but can not do a lot of physical work.

5 ways to treat back pain with ease – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/back pain treatment/backache

Backache is very common in daily life. There are many causes of backache. In addition to the usual bad sitting posture and excessive weight will cause back pain, this article mainly introduces the causes of back pain, back pain treatment methods and appear back pain should hang what department. Here's what we learned about back pain.

What are the causes of backache

1. Lumbar muscle strain

If be engaged in to cut hair, trade, spin wait for relevant need to stand for a long time worker, because stand for a long time, the extend ability of lumbar and ligament is somewhat abate, local form excessive lactic acid, bring about lumbar strain, cause lumbar ache thereby. And carry heavy load for a long time, make the body bear heavy too big, can form lumbar muscle strain to cause lumbago.

2. Lumbar spine lesions

The lumbar spine is the hub of human trunk activities, and all physical activities are invariably increasing the burden of the lumbar spine. With the growth of age, the compression symptoms of the lumbar nerves will increase accordingly. Excessive activities and overload load bearing will accelerate the aging of the lumbar spine. Severe degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine can cause pain in the lower back and legs and even nerve damage, affecting work ability and quality of life.

3. Bruise and sprain

A sprain is an acute sprain of the lumbar soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, fascia, joints, and facet joints. Seen mostly in young and middle-aged men.

When the body loads too much, together with the posture error and the movement is not coordinated, does not make the proper preparation before lifting the heavy object, because the movement range is big, causes the waist sprain, if at this time plus cough or sneezes, will cause the pain to aggravate, will be difficult to walk seriously.

The cure method of backache

1. Correct posture

Whether standing or sitting, we should keep a good sitting habit. Some friends in the sitting body before leaning, or bending the waist standing, so will make the waist pressure too much, muscle in tension, will lead to backache.

2. Work out with your back against something hard

When getting up in the morning, you can put your back against a tree or other place you can lean on. Gently lean on it for a few minutes before leaning on it.

3. Exercise your legs

Exercise good leg ministry to the person that backache is very important, often do the motion of a few leg ministry, run appropriately run, do the strength that does squat to strengthen leg ministry. The legs have enough strength to share the burden of the waist and back, effectively relieving the symptoms of backache.

4. Lift weights

Often use the weight to do some exercises to enhance the activity strength is also very good, first of all, to put the posture, stand firm, so up and down back and forth lifting the weight can effectively exercise the waist, there is a point to pay attention to is not to use heavy objects for exercise, so as not to cause injury.

5. Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises are also important because the body is too rigid and can easily cause waist damage when doing some exercises. Do exercises that increase flexibility, such as yoga and tai chi, regularly and moderately.

What division does the waist ache to hang

Backache should hang orthopaedics or neurological department.

Because cause the reason of backache a lot of very complex also, common backache is lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar vertebra bone spur, urinary system stone, osteoporosis wait for a problem to cause.

Female words, there may be gynecological diseases caused by. The proposal is clear to the hospital examination, clinical general can do ct examination, magnetic resonance to wait for an examination to be clear, backache for a long time, affect the normal life of the patient, the job, brought a lot of trouble, some patients seek treatment everywhere, relapse, painful and unbearable, even psychology casts a shadow.

Back pain can be completely cured, need to pay attention to three links, respectively, timely diagnosis, timely and effective comprehensive treatment, timely functional exercise, do a good job in daily health care, these three links are indispensable.

Summary: back pain is mainly manifested as pain in the lumbar spine or both sides, both acute and chronic. What ache to the back does not have too too worry about, want to pay attention to everyday only a few correct action sitting position, undertake taking exercise appropriately, pay attention to the nursing of the waist, avoid the injury that the waist organizes, can avoid a waist to ache.

"Low back pain is a cold" "function", two from the overseas physical therapist's clinical experience – infrared heating therapy | back pain/backache/for back pain/about back pain

Mark shepherd in the land of the maple leaf

Overseas, physiotherapists are a group of people who love learning, sharing and actively expressing their opinions. After work, they always express their opinions through various social media. Although many of them are imaginative and personal, they are not always right, but they can undoubtedly arouse discussion and resonance, thus broadening people's minds.

Today is the physical therapist's two clinical experience, to share with you.

Backache is like a cold

A few years ago, many articles about back pain liked to start with how common back pain was in clinical practice. One of my favorite descriptions I've seen:

"Like the common cold, back pain is also the most common reason people go to the doctor."

This sentence inspired me a lot. For many years to come, I will use it to teach patients with low back pain. I often tell my patients that back pain is so common that almost everyone suffers from it at some stage or another, just like a cold. It was this statement that made me think more about the relationship between the two, and I often conveyed my views to patients.

A common symptom of a cold is a runny nose, a cough, pain throughout the body and even trouble sleeping. But as we all know, a cold is a cold. We don't need antibiotics. So if LBP is like a cold, is what we do a little bit similar? And so it is. Does a cold need an mri? Do you need a special X-ray? Obviously not. This is not the case with current LBP treatments. Medical professionals have tried all sorts of seemingly superior methods of treatment with poor cost-effectiveness. Physical therapy for LBP is similar to symptomatic therapy for colds.

Therefore, physiotherapists should definitely be the first line of care for low back pain. It should assume responsibility for low back pain assessment, diagnosis, patient education, workplace assessment, manipulation and physical equipment treatment. Physiotherapists are also the first line of triage for conservative and surgical treatment of low back pain. Identifying the nature of the disease and its responsibilities can produce a win-win-win outcome.

Patients' win '?

Reduces pain and improves function

It has become the first choice for patients with low back pain

The government "wins"?

Early physical therapy intervention led to a rapid return to work in the first year after a leave for back pain, reducing the number of days off work by 43.9 days in three years.

Therapists' win '

Deepen your understanding of the disease and improve your skills

Easier access to the source of disease, increase the chances of getting started

It's time for physiotherapists to kick the can down the road.

Function: although the word is small, the meaning is not small

The word "function", though small, has made big strides in the medical lexicon, especially in the field of physiotherapy in recent years. As people pay more and more attention to "functional" restoration, many researches point to how to precisely define functional indicators. For example, what is the functional range of motion of the wrist, shoulder or knuckles? How to use questionnaires to obtain functional scores? What indicators are used to quantify so-called functional disorders? Yes, there are a lot of measures and questionnaires that try to measure functional impairment based on the activities that the patient completes on a daily basis, the difficulty of completing and so on. We can use subjective information and objective examination to help therapists improve the patient's function, but what is the overall definition of "function"? What are the appropriate measures to define functional impairment or recovery? I think the definition of "function" is different for everyone.

"Functional" should vary from person to person, not simply based ona protractor measurement or a score ona disability chart. Under the "patient-centered" philosophy of physical therapy, patients should be involved and listened to. For example, last week I had a patient in my clinic who had undergone rotator cuff repair. I'm pretty sure his rotator cuff has been damaged again after surgery. He can only move a little out of his body or over his head, but there is no pain. He was very pleased with the results of the operation. I wish he would come more often, and I'm sure I can get him to improve more (e.g., strength training and some compensatory training strategies). But by the end of my last visit, I remember every word the patient said: "I want to be fully functional and I can do whatever I want."

how to cure back pain

In another patient of mine, it was completely different. This is an elderly woman who is not happy with her shoulder movements because her upper arm is not bent forward to 180 degrees (not quite up to par, but not quite "perfect" compared to the other side). She also has no pain, has good range of motion (only in contralateral ratio, not 100%), and has good muscular strength. However, she insists the function is limited, and that's only because the last 10 degrees of shoulder flexion didn't satisfy her. So, which of these two scenarios do you think will recover better?

Because of medicare reimbursement and the importance of medical records, we tend to use precise data to represent improvements in biomechanical mechanisms (such as patient range of motion and muscle strength) and functional improvements (such as subjective disability scores). However, as a physical therapist who works regularly with patients and works to change their quality of life, one should be able to fully understand individual differences and what "functions" are really important to patients. The "function" we think of academically may not be the same as the "function" the patient requires. We need to sit down and listen quietly to each patient's needs and, through our treatment techniques, restore that particular "function" that the patient thinks he or she has.

about back pain – @jiading people! Huangmei day wet dada! Can't handle backache? Doctors teach you tips | no more back pain

It's stuffy and hot and humid…

Surrounded by 360 degrees of moisture,

Feeling sluggish?

about back pain

Wet weather, easy to cause

Intestinal diseases and rheumatic diseases ~

about back pain

Jiading district hospital of traditional Chinese medicinePush the needle,

Receive acupuncture and cupping therapy.

about back pain

Ms. Wang had been suffering from cervical spondylosis,

She felt it these days

Your shoulders,The neck and other parts of the body ache unbearably.

about back pain

Bring aboutMedical residentsMs. Wang

There are some like Ms. WangFeeling,

The doctor said that for the suffering

Has the rainy season come?

about back pain

Bring aboutJiading district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine needle push deputy chief physicianLi-yan zhou

Daily outpatient volume is aboutMore than 200 people,

about back pain

For the muggy rainy season,


1, rheumatism patients should pay attention to local heat preservation, especially the shoulder, neck and joint parts of the heat preservation.

2, open the air conditioner, might as well turn on the dehumidification mode, both cool, the temperature will not be too low.

3, diet, can eat more job's tears, wax gourd and other wet food, should not overeat cold, greasy food, so as not to help wet spleen injury.

about back pain

On the 19th the rain gradually turned cloudy to cloudy,

The main precipitation process is around 20 ~ 21 and 25 days.

Cloudy to cloudy, 22 ~ 27℃;

Cloudy to shower on 20th, 22 ~ 26℃;

Thunderstorm on 21st, 22 ~ 25℃;

22 cloudy, 22 ~ 28℃;

23 cloudy, 21 ~ 28℃;

24, cloudy, 21 ~ 27℃.

about back pain

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about back pain – Afraid of cold wind, back pain, epigastric pain, dysmenorrhea… These discomfort, summer treatment at the moment of information prevention and health care | no more back pain

Winter disease summer treatment, not only refers to the onset of winter disease

The so-called "winter disease", in fact, does not simply refer to the onset of the disease in winter, but also includes the cold syndrome in summerFor example, in summer afraid of cold wind, do not like air conditioning, fan, like hot food, want to wear long sleeve clothes.

In addition, the scope of "winter disease" also includes: often back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, especially the pain is not red and not hot, when the weather is cold, feel cold aggravation, like thick clothes and quilts; Epigastric pain like hot drink, women dysmenorrhea, heat is comfortable.

Select acupoint application, the drug is the most easy to penetrate the meridian points from the skin, through the meridian qi and blood to the disease.

lower back pain pregnancy

Six points for attention for winter diseases and summer treatment

1.Clean the skin before applying acupoint.

Serious skin diseases, allergies, epistaxis and pregnancy are not recommended.

2.Apply moxibustion for 4-6 hours and 2-4 hours for children.

3.Do not move too much after applying the medicine to prevent the medicine from moving and falling off.

Individual patient sometimes local vesicle, do not need to deal with, but should keep the skin dry, clean, do not scratch blisters to prevent infection, when necessary to the hospital outpatient follow-up.

4.After medicine cake sticks, had better not go air conditioning room.

Take a bath after the cake is removed, but do not rub your back. After the shower, gently blot the water on the acupoints with a towel.

5.Watch your diet.

After applying the medicine, avoid cold, fat and sweet food, seafood and spicy food.Second,It is best not to eat cold drinks or frozen food on the day of sticking, and eat the same as usual.

6.Blisters, don't burst them.

If blisters appear on the applied parts, try not to peel the skin and squeeze, and do not wrap up, but to the treatment department for the corresponding treatment, wear clean, soft, breathable cotton clothes, generally 3~5 days will heal.

lower back pain pregnancy

Tips:Methods and time of treating winter diseases and summer diseases in 2019


ChuFu:July 15th to July 28th

ZhongFu:July 29th to August 11th

MoFu:August 12 to 23

lower back pain pregnancy

Wang Suyan

Yang pu hospital affiliated to tongji university, deputy chief physician of traditional Chinese medicine

Medical expertise: acupuncture treatment of stroke sequelae, cervical and lumbar diseases, herpes zoster, female stress urinary incontinence, children enuresis, tinnitus, deafness, etc.

Outpatient service time for winter diseases and summer treatment:Monday through Thursday afternoon, July 15 through August 23, 2019

Booking hotline:656905208 * 424

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about back pain – Sitting for a long time backache! What's the best sitting posture at work? | no more back pain

But doesn't mean they're always right. The researchers estimate that the average person works more hours per year1700 hours, about time for entertainment every day5.11 hoursAnd sit down for as much time each day as possible15.5 hours. In other words,If you're not sleeping, you're probably sitting.

Your posture and the way you use your body to yourMood, energy, self-imageHas profound effects and can cause or prevent many physical injuries. With so much time spent sitting every day, proper posture is crucial to your daily productivity and you need to know how to adjust yourself to get the best results.

Many people believe that there is oneThe "best"The sitting position. But there's more than one good posture. Different sitting positions put different levels of physical stress on our bodies,A variety of sitting positions is good for your body.

Determine if a pose is enough"Good", we can make an assessment according to the following points:

The amount of muscle activity required to maintain this position(too much muscle activity is a big problem and can lead to fatigue over a long period of time)

Pressure on joints, including spinal discs(too much physical load is also a problem, as it can cause pain in joints, ligaments or surrounding muscles.)

Whether the joints are approaching the limits of their range of motion(unbearable, near-extreme postures may put more stress on the tissues around the joints.)

The degree of restlessness(people moving back and forth in their seats, or fidgeting, is an early sign of sitting problems, and may also be a sign that they're at risk of various aches and pains later.)

According to these criteria, studies show that there are three main types of good office posture.Each posture has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different situations.

Sit upright

This may be your idea of the "best" position. This sitting posture is characterized by an upright torso.

The most important thing about the upright posture is that the feet can be comfortably placed on a flat surfaceWhether it's the floor or the footstool. It's also easy to adjust, and it's good to get out of your chair and move.

It is also important that, unless the forearms are supported on the workbench, the arms start at the shoulders and go straight down, with the elbows resting on the torso.Without support, lifting your arms forward requires more use of shoulder and neck muscles, which can lead to fatigue and pain.

The head should look forward or down a bit. Looking up puts pressure on the neck and can cause discomfort.

This is great for common office tasks, such as working on a desktop computer.

2. Forward sitting posture

This position features a forward tilt of the torso with the arms also on the workbench. Let the thighs come down at an Angle,This will make it easier for your lower back to maintain an inward curve and reduce back pressure.

For a time, special chairs were developed that made it easy to tilt the thighs downward, and often with devices that prevented people from sliding down from the inclined seat base.

lower back pain pregnancy

Now you can change your posture by sitting in front of an ordinary chair with your elbows on the workbench.This is great for drawing or writing on a flat surface, whether on paper or a touch screen.

Three, recline posture

Third, lean your torso back, supported by the back of the chair.This position has the least amount of muscle activity in the back, as part of the weight of the upper body is carried by the chair.

This position reduces the risk of back muscle fatigue and discomfort. But sitting like this for hours a day may actually cause back muscles to tire more easily later in the day.

lower back pain pregnancy

This posture is helpful during meetings and phone conversations.But for writing by hand or using a computer, this doesn't work wellBecause when the arm needs to be extended forward, it requires more movement of the muscles in the neck and shoulders, which can cause soreness.

The last tip

Think about how much time you spend sitting every day, and if it's more than seven hours, think about ways to reduce your total sitting time. For example, if you're an office worker, you can do some tasks standing up (but not too long).

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End sitting with exercise. Don't sit past30 to 60 minutesWithout allowing your body to do other activities, such as walking a short distance.

Use the three methods listed above to adjust your posture so that the stress on your body changes.

Remember, there is no such thing as a "best" postureHolding still in any position for a long time will do harm to our body. What our body needs most is regular exercise.

— the end —

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How did your cat master take over the world?

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lumbar backache – Get rid of back pain with a few simple moves | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

The epidemiological survey conducted by nachemson et al. found that about 70% ~ 80% of the normal population had suffered from back pain in their lifetime. The clinical investigation of LBP patients in China found that the age of onset was 40 ~50 years old, among which 89% were male, 84.7% were in the middle of the low back and paravertebral muscles, and the rest were in the buttocks and legs. Occupations are dominated by heavy manual workers, mental workers and cadres. According to other studies, the cumulative annual incidence rate of adolescents is nearly 30%, which is the second most common disease after upper respiratory tract infection. Although not fatal, low back pain often causes lumbar dysfunction and morphological changes in patients, which not only causes great pain to patients, but also greatly affects the quality of life and labor ability of patients.

how do i relieve back pain

Low back pain can be caused by violence, or it can result from the accumulation of chronic and repeated injuries. There are many causes of low back pain, which can be roughly classified as:

Mechanical (structural) : such as muscle and ligament injury, disc herniation, degenerative changes of vertebral joints, spinal stenosis, spinal deformity, vertebral forward movement, osteoarthritis, fracture, arachnoiditis and nerve root sheath fibrosis, etc.

(2) inflammatory: serum-negative arthropathy (vertebral arthropathy, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).

Infection: including sepsis (dischitis, sacroiliac arthritis, osteomyelitis, psoas major abscess), tuberculosis, fungal infection and viral infection (herpes zoster).

(4) tumor: primary and metastatic tumor.

(5) metabolism: osteoporosis, cartilage calcification, brown yellow disease and deformation osteitis.

6 pain is involved. Although the etiology is different, studies have shown that muscle strength of trunk muscles is closely related to the occurrence of low back pain. Weakened muscle strength of trunk muscles leads to imbalance of lumbar biomechanical structure, leading to disuse atrophy of trunk muscles, further decrease of muscle strength, and progressive aggravation of low back pain.

Back muscle exercise is important, therefore, it is one of maintaining the stability of lumbar spine structure, strengthen the back muscle exercise, to highlight the nucleus pulposus HaiNa, correct the abnormal location of small joints and ligaments, help maintain and improve the stability of the lumbar spine, in order to delay the process of lumbar strain degeneration, can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute or chronic strain of lumbar and back pain. Currently, the best evidence-based medicine guidelines recommend physical activity as a key component in the management of low back pain.

Here are some simple exercises to stretch and work your lower back and core muscles with pilates balls.

(note: if you feel uncomfortable in your lower back during exercise, please consult your doctor or professional fitness trainer.)


Pelvic rotation

how do i relieve back pain

Action description:

Sit on the ball with your feet as wide as your pelvis, feet facing forward, and your pelvis rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. Each 10 times.

Action points:

(1) with breathing, to the extreme.

(2) when you draw a round pelvis, keep your shoulders steady.


Seated twisting

Sit on the ball with your legs parallel. Twist the thoracic vertebra, turn the head backward, and gently push the opposite knee forward. Left and right.

Pelvis parallel, avoid tilt.

(2) the body straight, lumbar straight.

(3) thoracic vertebra rotation, chest open.


Sit with legs bent forward

how do i relieve back pain

Sit on the ball with your legs apart. Lean forward and let your legs slide down to your calves and ankles.

Lower back straight, spine extension.

Tiptoe in front.

Feel the inside and back of the legs.


Sitting sun warrior

how do i relieve back pain

Sit on the ball, right leg opens crotch, bend one's knees step on the ground, left leg side side is unbend, lift on right arm overdo extend, the body turns right, backward, left hand is placed on left leg. Left and right.

(1) stomach, to avoid waist injury.

(2) the thoracic vertebra as a point, toward the top.

(3) back tiptoe forward, hard on the ground.


Catch the ball hand and foot

how do i relieve back pain

Lie on your back, lift the ball over your head with both hands and lower your legs. Roll up at both ends and lower the ball slowly.

Exhale as you descend, inhale as you curl.

His lower back is flat.


Single leg lift on ball

how do i relieve back pain

Bend over the ball, touch the ground with both hands and step on the ground with both feet. Lift one leg, alternating left and right legs.

Back spine extension.

(2) abdominal tightening.

(3) shoulder steady, keep the hand directly above.

Suggestion: each action repeat 10~15 times for a group, each time repeat 2-3 groups.

The above training is 1 time/day, 10 times as a phase, each phase interval of 2-3 days.


[1] Yang shuxuan. Some progress in the prevention and treatment of backache. Foreign medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine, 1982, 2:58.

[2] shao xuan, xu jingbin, Ed. Practical neck, waist and back pain. Beijing: people's military medical publishing house, 1992.199-202.

how do i relieve back pain

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what do i take for back pain – Focusing on back pain is about protecting your internal organs (original) | about back pain, sharp back pain relief

Department of pain, dongfang hospital, tongji university

So what is back pain?

Generally speaking, back pain refers to the first3Thoracic vertebra to the first12Pain in the thoracic vertebra and the direct position of the two shoulder blades, mostly presenting pain in the chest, the two sides of the rib cage, the upper abdomen, the back and the thoracic vertebra.

Back pain is related to chest structure

The thoracic vertebra as a thoracic support is a very important structure of the human body. Thoracic vertebra has12Section, thoracic vertebra has backward physiology to bend, bear cervical vertebra on the top, continue lumbar vertebra on the bottom, both sides are same1 2The ribs are connected and hollow to accommodate the spinal cord, which plays an important role in protecting the internal organs, supporting the body, buffering shocks and maintaining the nerve center. The thoracic spinal cord connects the spinal cord of the cervical vertebra and the spinal cord of the lumbar vertebra.The spine of the thoracic vertebra tilts downward at a large Angle, like an imbricate arrangement, restricting each other's activities, thus greatly enhancing the stability of the thoracic vertebra. In order to further strengthen the thoracic vertebra, longitudinal ligaments are braided in the front and rear of the vertebral body, respectively called anterior and posterior longitudinal primary bands, and solid ligaments are braided between the vertebral plate, articular process, transverse process and spinous process, respectively known as the yellow ligament, transverse process ligament, interspinous ligament, supraspinous ligament, etc. After such braid is strengthened, the thoracic vertebra of the human body appears very firm.

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Tips for thoracic nerves

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves come out of the intercone foramen of the thoracic vertebra, as the first1-4Palpitations, chest tightness and arrhythmia may occur when the thoracic vertebra appears dislocation. The first1-3Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can cause asthma and intractable cough. The first6-8 –Dislocation of the thoracic vertebra can lead to hepatobiliary disease and gastric or duodenal ulcers.

lower back pain pregnancy

What causes back pain?

Support arm movements of the latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscle is attached to the thoracic vertebra, when a violent blow, sprains, seemed suddenly or poor posture, too hard, such as state, its rotation, stretching forces or when pressure exceeds the elastic limit of the intervertebral tissue, will cause severe contraction of muscle is not coordinated, easy to make the appropriate at this time of the micro small strain range control caused gradually joints, lead to the dislocation or subluxation or periosteum incarcerated, cause back pain. Students who twist their bodies to write, work in forced positions like the dentist's, and sleep in a bad position can also experience thoracic dislocation. After women born baby falls, is the cause of back pain during pregnancy progesterone secretion and relaxin, is preparing for, is to make the pelvic ligaments muscle relaxation is helpful for fetal childbirth, relaxin also affects the spinal ligaments of the female let it is in a state of relaxation, when a woman holding the baby while breastfeeding posture will appear after thoracic dislocation, cause back pain.

lower back pain pregnancy

Back care

The maintenance of the back is the spine as the center of the whole health, the human body's viscera can be found in the back of the corresponding area, the back of the lung and heart, the lower back of the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, back health directly reflects the normal operation of the viscera.Proper maintenance of the back, is equal to the health of the injection of vitality and vitality.

lower back pain pregnancy

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