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Early signs of lumbar protrusion:


Some lumbago accompanies scoliosis, and the symptom that does not have leg pain, this kind of circumstance also should consider is prophase symptom of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion.

2, waist easy sprain

Some people often do not have what big movement, just bend over to get something or wash your face or get up to fold up quilt to suddenly happen lumbar sprain, rest a few days or hot compress or oral analgesic, pain can disappear, a lot of friends often think that is muscle pull injury or myofibrositis, and do not think that is the signal of lumbar disc herniation.

3, low back pain

The most common and easily perceived manifestation. It is lumbar continuance is blunt pain mostly, drag in kind of pain, when sitting for a long time, stand for a long time attack, when prostrate alleviate; The other is a sudden severe pain in the back, unbearable, bed rest.

4, legs hemp

Some non-painful symptoms may occur, such as numbness and swelling of the lower extremities and atrophy and weakness of the muscles in the lower extremities.

sciatica treatment

Two palliative remedies:

1. Snake stew with pepper root

Ingredients: pepper root 100g, snake meat 250g, rice wine, scallion, ginger, pepper, salt.

How to do: wash pepper root and cut into sections, disembowel snake, remove viscera and clean, then cut into small pieces. Put the snake meat and pepper root into the pot, add some rice wine, scallions, ginger, salt and water.

Efficacy: it can dispel wind and dampness, relax muscles and activate collaterals.

Description: the snake also known as dragon, a lot of species. Snake meat contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, cholesterol, taurine and so on. Function dispel wind and dampness, in addition to pain. Healthy people eat it, but also has the function of invigorating blood circulation, invigorating muscles and invigorating collaterals. Pepper root is the root of pepper, a climbing vine of the family piperaceae. Sex is hot. Function temperature channel tongluo, dispelling cold bi.

sciatica treatment

2, radix notoginseng rehmannia glutinosa lean pork soup

Material: panax notoginseng 12 grams break, raw rehmannia 30 grams, jujube 4, thin pork 300 grams

Practice: put the casserole, add the right amount of water, the fire boil to a small fire and cook for an hour until the lean meat cooked and rotten, add the right amount of salt. Eat soup and meat, one dose every other day.

Efficacy: promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

sciatica treatment

In fact, lumbar protrusion problem is very easy to repeat, in addition to pay attention to rest, exercise, and so on, to completely get rid of lumbar protrusion trouble can be used for food therapy, acupuncture or Chinese medicine external application measures will be faster. A friend complained that his father had been suffering from lumbago pain for many years, and he applied the prescription with the food therapy (% chang *% he %· tang).

According to statistics, most of them can be recovered in about 2 cycles, and can effectively eliminate most problems such as muscle, bone pain and pain, which are highly respected due to their outstanding performance. Now network developed, never leave home in the home, mobile phone peach 宔 can find.

sciatica treatment

Two daily health care methods:

1. Massage

It is mainly used to massage shenshu point (both sides of waist), twice a day. Massage until sore and spread to lower limbs.

2. Bend and turn

It includes before and after big bend over, right and left side bends over, right and left turn waist to wait for exercise, every day morning, evening do 1 time respectively. Press the requirement of medium speed, force slightly, want at the same time step by step.

Hangzhou man to see the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation suffering pain doctors: this disease 95% can heal, most people do not know – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/leg pain

Disc herniation can heal by itself in 95% of cases

Most people don't know

What xiaoding gets after all is what disease, should use such painful method to treat?

Li said ding suffered from a common disease, lumbar disc herniation, which is mainly caused by the rupture of the annulus fibrosus after aging and degeneration of the lumbar disc.

"What most people don't know, however, is that disc herniation heals 95 percent of its own."Here's what a herniated disc patient has to doRest for 6 weeks. Remember to avoid weight bearing. Stay in bed. If the pain in your lower back and legs is not cured after 6 weeks, then you need to go to the hospital for treatment. Whether you need surgery or not needs to be judged by a professional doctor. Currently, most surgeries are minimally invasive.

Director li introduced that the population of disc herniation in general to the elderly, of course, the current 20 or 30 years old young people are also more, and long-term desk, poor posture, the bed is too soft, professional habits need to bend. In addition, another cause of disc herniation in young people is trauma. Li had met teenagers who had suffered acute disc herniation during the long jump at school because of the sudden violent effect on the waist.

Online writers in their 20s have trouble urinating

In urology for a long time to see

The problem is in the waist

Ranran (pseudonym) is a well-known online writer in hangzhou. He has many fans online since he was young. But only in her 20s, she suffered untold suffering.

A few years ago, she found herself unable to urinate or urinate. "I always thought this was an old problem," she said. "why am I in my 20s?" What is more troubling is that after seeing the urology department for a period of time, the symptoms did not improve. Ran ran into despair, "I have not given birth to a child, what can I do after this ah!"

Finally, a urologist considering a possible lower back problem should refer to the pain department. Ranran approached li, who was diagnosed with chronic cauda equina syndrome, a condition in which a herniated disc presses on the cauda equina nerve.

Li said: "the cauda equina nerve is very important to the human body. It governs people's movement and walking. It is because of the compression of this nerve that the difficulty of urinating gradually occurs." Then, director li took out the herniated disc under the spinal endoscope, and the operation only needed to make a small hole of 7mm, with small trauma, less bleeding and faster healing.

A herniated disc is not a minor problem

Some people commit suicide because of depression

Although back pain is "more common than a cold," and most can heal, but the non-healing disc herniation, or very fatal. Patients with low back and leg pain from time to time, once the onset, pain unbearable, often seriously affect the quality of work and life.

Many people may not know that the pain in their lower back and legs may be caused by a herniated disc. They may think that they are probably tired from work and doing too much housework, and they can endure it.

What impressed director li most was a patient who had a history of disc herniation for more than 2 years and could not work as long as he got sick. As a result, the patient was psychologically fragile and felt "useless", unable to work and useless to his family. He fell into severe depression and finally committed suicide.

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Correspondent Chen xiaohua

Editor zhang yu zinc

sciatica – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatica treatment

Sciatic nerve its root comes from lumbar 4, 5 segment and sacral 1, 2, 3 segment of spinal nerve anterior ramus. The five anterior ramus pass through the psoas major to form the sacral plexus and descend down this muscle. Most of the nerves of the sacral plexus merge into the sciatic nerve. It descends along the posterior wall of the pelvic cavity and passes out of the pelvic cavity into the buttocks at the inferior hole of the piriformis. The tibial nerve and the common peroneal nerve pass down from the posterior muscles of the buttocks to the middle and lower part of the thigh. Thus, the general sources of sciatica are first classified as root, plexus, and stem sciatica. At the same time, as a result of the sciatic nerve involved site and direct or not involved, three different sciatica, namely: radioactive, reflex, implicated. It is because of this that the manifestations of sciatica are numerous, diverse and complex, such as in the confusion, not to point out the real cause of the disease, to the treatment brought great difficulties.


Root sciatica (upper sciatica)

Common causes include lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, soft tissue compression and inflammation at the nerve root outlet. The expression is the numbness of root of affected nerve innervate area, ache, acid bilges, fear cold to wait. Lumbar 4, 5 intervertebral disc herniation compression lumbar 5 nerve roots, often performance for the waist, hip back pain, thigh back side and leg anterolateral to foot back inside, thumb pain, hemp, acid, swelling, cold, etc. And lumbar 5 ~ sacral 1 intervertebral disc herniation compression sacral 1 nerve root, often performance for the waist, hip back pain, numbness, thigh back side, leg back lateral, dorsolateral to little toe, heel, sole pain, hemp, acid, swelling, cold.


Plexus sciatica (also known as middle sciatica)

The sacral plexus in the pelvic cavity is compressed or stimulated. Performance is leg ministry of lumbar buttock, much place, much segment, whole lower limb before, hind, lateral reach sufficient dorsum inside, lateral, sufficient heel, sole numb ache, acid bilges, fear cold to wait.


Sciatica (lower sciatica)

The main reason is that the sciatic nerve is compressed or stimulated in the path of the pelvic outlet and below.

Root sciatica

Common causes include:

1. Lumbar disc herniation;

2. Compression and injury of nerve roots (spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, etc.);

3. Inflammation;

4. Congenital malformations.

Diagnostic point

1. Paravertebral tenderness, percussion pain and movement pain. At the same time, the posterior branch of the nerve root is involved.

2. Neck flexion test (+). As a result of the action of pulling dura sacula and root sleeve caused by.

When lumbar 4, 5 intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar 5 nerve root compression, pain performance for the buttocks, thigh back, leg anterolateral, foot back medial pain, numbness, and lumbar 5, sacral 1 intervertebral disc herniation, sacral 1 nerve root involvement, mainly in the ipsilateral leg posterolateral and foot back lateral and plantar hemp, pain symptoms. In the cervical spondylosis of the three vicious cycle: cervical disc degeneration and secondary changes in the peripheral tissue between the vicious cycle, also applicable to patients with lumbar protrusion. When there is lumbar disc degeneration, compression of the nerve root at the same time the anterior branch is involved, the posterior branch is also involved, and then the branch innervates the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of the paravertebral, which will cause pain and discomfort of these soft tissues and other symptoms. Speak conversely, the soft tissue of vertebra week, especially after the soft tissue such as muscle, ligament suffers strain, also can stimulate the hind branch of spinal nerve, reflex sex causes sciatica symptom.

The difference between radiation sciatica and reflex sciatica

Radiation sciatica sharp pain route clear route continuous

Reflex sciatica obtuse pain route obtuse route interrupted

In most cases, the degeneration of the intervertebral disc is an internal cause, and the peripheral soft tissue injury caused by wind, cold, dampness and strain is an external cause. The onset of lumbago and leg pain has several conditions:

1) sometimes, internal causes play a leading role, while external causes are not obvious. Some patients have no obvious symptoms of lower limb pain and discomfort.

2) in the other part of cases, external factors played a leading role, with extremely obvious symptoms of waist pain and discomfort, accompanied by lower limb symptoms;

3) there are some patients with obvious external causes, pain and discomfort in the waist for a long time, and internal causes have not changed a lot, so only low back pain and no lower limb symptoms.

Different stages of performance

In clinic, we found that there are a lot of waist suddenly sickness patients are first on the basis of a trauma and waist pain, lower limb symptoms gradually after a few years later, these changes are also a variety of symptoms appear, seemingly random, actually, there are rules, is the same disease, namely lumbocrural pain in different stages of the performance.

The explanation for this phenomenon is as follows:

Acute trauma in young patients

sciatica treatment

Young people, due to acute trauma, acute onset of disc fiber ring rupture, a short period of nuclear pulposus herniation, compression of nerve roots will occur in the following two situations:

A) when is given priority to with pain, numbness of mild, that at this point is given priority to with oppressed nerve root surrounding adipose tissue, adipose tissue in the aseptic inflammation and stimulate the nerve root, led to severe pain, and nerve root of conformity is not serious, release the nerve root by rest, physical therapy, needle knife mouth, mouth and so on, release the inflammatory tissue around nerve root, accompanied by a week of vertebral muscle ligament damage, taps pain obviously, stimulate the release or when it is necessary to add line needle knife with a moderate amount of sacral therapy, can be quickly recovered.

B) when acute onset occurs, numbness, muscle atrophy, or saddle area numbness and incontinence, the curative effect of conservative treatment will decrease, and surgical treatment is the main choice.

Senile lumbar and leg pain

Senile lumbocrural pain, often a waist pain first, after a few years or even decades to develop symptoms of lower extremity, this kind of situation is usually due to vertebral weeks after the soft tissues such as muscle, ligament strain, the pain, the pain causes muscle spasm, pain and the spasm, between the two is a vicious circle, constantly aggravate each other symptoms. Intervertebral disc under normal circumstances under physiological load, and slowly the physiology degeneration, and the additional load caused by tense muscles, long-term role in intervertebral disc fiber ring, the annulus degeneration acceleration, after several years of strain, finally began to damaged, like worn out skin of basketball, the tank from the weak, herniated, oppression to the nerve root, so he had a lower limb symptoms of sciatica (symptoms). Sciatic nerve in patients with symptoms is very complex, various performance and chalking, both symptoms, waist and buttock leg symptoms, both radioactive neuralgia, and reflective, referred neuralgia, simple treatment of a certain cause often cannot obtain completely heal, and to make a treatment for multiple causes one by one.

Plexus sciatica


1. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis.

2. Pelvic trauma, injury or inflammation of the iliopsoas and piriformis, and sacroiliac arthritis

3, tumor

4. Prostatitis

5. Diabetes

6, infection,

Diagnostic points:

1, multi – dry pain, that is, at the same time with multiple nerve stem involvement symptoms

The sciatic nerve radiates pain to the lower extremities

B. thigh n: pain radiating into the front of the thigh

C. superior gluteal n: radiating pain into the sacral region

D. subgluteal n: pain radiating into the buttocks

E. Obturator foramen n: alternating or concomitant radiating pain to the knee

F. Pudendal nerve: pain radiating into the perineum

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve: pain radiating to the back of the thigh

Among them, b and e are the lumbar plexus and all have nerve fibers from the lumbar 4 nerve root.

2. Percussion pain in the lumbosacral region and complaint of "comfort"

3. Knee tendon reflex and heel reflex weaken or disappear at the same time

Pelvic problems

Dry sciatica

1. "circular jump" deep tenderness, accompanied by radiation resulting in pain and numbness of lower limbs and feet. Sixty percent of the patients were accompanied by popliteal and peroneal pain, and no significant tenderness, percussion pain or motion pain in the lower back.

2. Rotation test of lower limbs (+), about 10% piriformis muscle was damaged, and external rotation test (+).

3. Dry localization symptoms, including sensory movement and reflex disturbance in the dominant areas of tibial n and total peroneal n.

4. Foot numbness (over 90%).

sciatica treatment

There are 12 causes of dry sciatica

Piriformis injury – causes sciatica

Gluteus medius injury – gluteal pear syndrome – sciatica

Characteristics: tenderness and abnormal changes in the gluteus medius, accompanied by sciatica symptoms, at this time, through the piriformis mediators, sciatica symptoms will appear, clinical analysis: two-thirds by the gluteus medius injury caused sciatica symptoms, 1/3 by piriformis injury caused sciatica symptoms. The symptom that causes above is more typical radioactivity sciatica, another kind of circumstance: injury of gluteal medium muscle itself, gluteal medium muscle by the branch of sciatic nerve on buttock n is innervated, the injury of gluteal medium muscle affected gluteal upper nerve, from this, reflex sex causes sciatic nerve symptom.

We can imagine the nervous system into the home of circuit system, the main damage, the branch will be affected by severe, in turn, a single electrical problems arise, other electrical appliances also can appear a certain degree of influence, but this effect is smaller, as hip muscle injury caused by itself in the sciatica is often not typical, fuzzy. WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Go thinking according to the train of thought of this electrophysiological circuit, so, the symptom of labyrinthian sciatica, hemp can step by step manage give order to come.

Lumbar 3 transverse process syndrome

Clinical significance of lumbar third vertebra transverse process syndrome:

A. in the early stage of this sign, it can cause ipsilateral gluteal muscle spasm, gluteal muscle spasm, piriformis spasm — sciatica

B, intermittent claudication: the reason is caused by gluteal muscle spasm – gluteal muscle and piriformis spasm – gluteal muscle pain spasm

This is an ischemic intermittent claudication of the artery, unlike intermittent claudication in spinal stenosis, as shown in the table below:

Narrow lameness – short distance to begin lameness – feeling of beginning lameness: numbness pain radiating along the route of the sciatic nerve or femoral nerve – relief posture: must be completely squatted for a while while sitting or standing

Superior gluteal artery ischemic claudication – longer distance to begin claudication – sensation of beginning claudication: muscle soreness and weakness with mild numbness – relieved posture: may be relieved by sitting, standing, leaning for a moment, or squatting

Treatment: for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, sacral therapy is better. A high cure rate can be obtained by simultaneously loosening the nerve root and the nerve root.

For patients with lumbar 3 vertebra transverse process syndrome, the effect of acupotomy is excellent. Generally one to two can be cured.

C, transverse process syndrome will cause ipsilateral gluteal muscle atrophy to the later stage.


Damage to three myofascial areas can cause dry sciatica

A. paracral region:

B. posterior iliac region: posterior 1/3 iliac crest region;

C. Outer gluteal region: outer margin of gluteus maximus, slightly posterior to the greater trochanter.

These three areas are stressed, directional, active, and prone to injury affecting the relevant lumbogluteal muscles and then affecting the sciatic nerve stem sciatica.


Posterior femoris descending bursitis – sciatica

These five symptoms were previously known as residual symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. I think, when lumbar protrusion disease, often have above 5 diseases concurrently.


It affects the common peroneal nerve

The medial margin of the biceps femoris tendon affects the common peroneal nerve. Ankle can not lift, feel powerless.


A small backward shift of the fibula head affects the common peroneal nerve


Anterolateral leg discomfort

Anterolateral leg discomfort (heavy, swollen, acid, pain, numbness) symptom persistence, similar to the compartment high compression syndrome.


Popliteal fossa and the back of the leg pain, swelling, discomfort

The popliteal and posterior sliding bands affect the tibial nerve.


Superficial peroneal n fascia outlet clamping

Position: about the middle and lower 1/3 of the lower leg, fascia outlet at the fibula, adhesion, tension and compression n, traction n, typical peripheral n compression syndrome.


The medial terminal branch of the deep peroneal n is jammed

Numbness, discomfort, and pain in the first, second, or third digits of the metatarsophalangeal joint and volar. Position: dorsal side of first and second metatarsophalangeal joint, proximal one vein.


Tendinitis of flexion toe

The 1st and 2nd digits were the most, treated by stricture tenosynovitis.

Sciatica, it starts at the end of the toe. Different parts of the journey, varying degrees and forms of compression or stimulation, can cause different manifestations of sciatica. If do not try to differentiate carefully in clinical practice, only monism will explain, with monism to guide the treatment of this disease, is not feasible, must be appropriate, in view of different conditions to develop different treatment plans, so that can really in the sciatica treatment to reach a new height.

No matter how good a treatment method is, it must be done with confidence, before the knife can be as god. Standard therapy with arc-blade needles works wonders for sciatic pain, but the knife works differently in different hands. If the reason of causing sciatica is not clear and the monism of lumbar protrusion disease is still used to guide the clinical treatment, there will be a lot of frustration.

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, the hand has lingering fragrance.

How should be disease of protrusion of dish between hair waist first health care? Learn quickly, otherwise serious can only surgery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar spine/lower back/lumbar disc herniation

Need to remind is: lumbar disc herniation and three high disease, almost impossible to cure, may be the next few decades will be repeatedly plagued by it, but can be achieved through long-term self-care not worse.

The first occurrence of lumbar disc herniation, many patients are not obvious waist pain and other symptoms, but will have lower limbs numbness, pain, acid, cold feeling, such patients with lumbar disc herniation can accept conservative treatment, and need to adhere to long-term self-care.

1. Strengthen your back muscles. Strengthen your lower back with exercises that stabilize your spine, improve posture, and share some of the burden of your disc. Really make the disc stress even, reduce the load.

back surgery

Commonly used lumbar back muscle exercises method to have buttock bridge, prone pull pull method, small yan fei, simple and effective, each movement needs to hold 5 seconds, rest 3 seconds. Repeat 30 times to keep a steady mind.

Hip bridge

back surgery

Help me stretch

back surgery

The little swallow

back surgery

Don't ask for speed and quantity. When doing these exercises, stick to your maximum strength, because the last few seconds of shivering are the longest muscles.

And the above mentioned three waist back muscle exercise method, is for different people, different physique. Just choose the one that suits you and stick with it.

2. Adjust your daily posture. Besides exercise, it is also very important to adjust and pay attention to your daily posture. No matter be sitting to stand to walk, should stand waist to raise head, avoid by all means bend over. When your waist is straight and pressed, the muscles can carry the weight to all the joints in your body, and the pressure on the lumbar spine is reduced. If you bend over, all the weight is put on the lumbar spine, which hurts a lot. So keep your back straight and learn to use your psoas muscles for strength, not your lumbar spine, so you can maintain good posture.

back surgery

Keep a good and positive attitude. Believe that you can overcome it. Be patient with mild pain as long as your doctor gives you scientific guidance and proper movement.

4. If conservative treatment fails and the following symptoms occur, surgical treatment should be considered:

back surgery

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Simple yoga relieves sciatica yoga warm-up gives you safety – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica

Today, I would like to share 9 yoga postures that can effectively relieve sciatica. Let's have a try!

1, supine leg on one leg

Hill supine, legs straight and together

Inhale, lift right leg straight up and push heel

Clasp your right calf with your hands

Shoulders relaxed, spine extended

Stay for 5-8 rounds and turn the other side

2, supine on one leg extension variation

Grasp the right ankle or calf with the right hand and press the left hip with the left hand

Exhale and sink your right leg to the ground

3. Needle eye

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your right foot on your left thigh

Right toe back hook, right thigh outward rotation open

Leave your left foot off the ground and take your left knee to the chest

Cross your right hand between your legs and fold your hands behind your left knee

Relax your shoulders and neck and stay on the opposite side for 5-8 breaths

4. Lie on your back and twist your legs

Hill supine, arm level

Bend your knees and sink your legs to the right

Turn your head to the left and release your shoulders

5. Downward dog

Hands, feet shoulder-width apart

The spacing between the hands and feet is about one leg long

Push the floor with both hands and press the heel under the cushion

Exhale, draw in the abdomen and lift up the ischium

Back extension, legs straight, shoulders and neck relaxed

Find the ground above your head and stay for 5-8 breaths

sciatic nerve problems

6. Simple flat plate type

From downward dog entry, shift your center of gravity forward

Bend elbows, palms, forearms shoulder width to the ground

Upper forearm 90 degrees, shoulders directly above elbow

Keep your legs straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and push off with your heels

Stomach in, spine extended, shoulders relaxed

Stay for 5-8 breaths

7. Warrior one

With both hands on hips, the feet open slightly longer than one leg

Exhale, turn feet, hips, turn right

Bend right knee, right calf 90 degrees

Extend the left leg straight and push off with the left heel

Inhale, raise your arms, palms facing each other

Back extended upward, shoulders relaxed

Open your chest and hold for 5 to 8 breaths on the opposite side

8. Crescent twist

From warrior one into asana

Upper body forward and down, hands on the ground

Left calf, instep stick the ground to extend downward

Exhale, twist upper body to the right, twist head to the right

Bend your left knee, lift your calf, and grab your left back with your right hand

9. Baby pose

Knees, feet together, instep, calf close to the ground

Sit on your heels with your stomach on your thighs

Place your forehead on the ground and relax your shoulders

Place your arms on your side, palms facing up

Close your eyes and breathe for 5-8 rounds

sciatic nerve problems

The warm-up before practice gives you a safety net

Another important part of the exercise is the warm-up, or preparation, which can be a simple yoga move. If this item is missing, you are likely to be injured or have difficulty completing the action. For example, during strength yoga, it is easy to get nervous when doing the dog pose without proper preparation. When they can't hold up, the joints push hard, making the body vulnerable.

Practice with a professional

When a practitioner practices yoga, if he/she does not know his/her goal, his/her body, and most importantly, his/her limit, he/she will blindly practice during the practice, which will inevitably increase the risk of injury.

Specification requirements

Warm up is very important. Do not start with difficult movements, so as not to cause sports injuries. It's best to do some yoga warm-up first, step by step, to avoid the body is frightened.

Two, when practicing, must keep the indoor relative quiet, the air must circulate. Instead of practicing on a bed that's too soft, prepare a yoga mat and practice barefoot in your pajamas.

Three, practice yoga does not have to copy cat picture tiger, complete according to the movement of disc, the exerciser can remember how much action to do, the order of action is not invariable, should follow one's heart, as long as keep breath steady and the state of mind is calm ok.

Four, when practicing yoga, every movement must maintain 3 to 5 times breathing, after practicing yoga should feel the mood of pleasure rather than the body acid tired, even pain.

Five, practice yoga must not be forced, yoga does not have to do every day, only in your mood, the body feels good, free time to do yoga, will get twice the result with half the effort.

Note after practice:

(1) 0.5-1 hour after eating. In yoga practice, digestive organs get adequate massage, need to give a certain rest adjustment, so as to maximize the protection and improvement of organ function.

(2) rest 0.5-1 hour after the bath. After yoga practice body feeling is very acute, short time should avoid the stimulation of hot and cold, so as to ensure the orderly flow of energy in the body. At the same time, it can avoid excessive oil cleaning caused by excessive expansion of pores, thus maintaining the skin's natural protective layer.

sciatic nerve problems

The taboo

Taboo one: mood fluctuation unfavorable practice yoga. Yoga belongs to the movement that the body and mind should cooperate, if angry, anxious, nervous circumstance, muscle group is tight, had better not practice yoga, lest get hurt, practice yoga only in the case of soft muscle, can be more healthy and safe.

Taboo two: after a few classes, feel joint and tendon ache, may not be suitable for yoga. Some people are born with poor flexibility, while yoga is to train the flexibility and strength extension of the body. If there is joint pain or tendon inflammation after every yoga practice, the body may not be flexible enough for yoga.

Taboo three: osteoporosis, practice to be careful. Some yoga movements must use hands or feet and other limbs to support the weight of the body, if there is osteoporosis, it is likely that the strength of the core muscle group is not trained well, so that elbow support, accidentally fracture.

Taboo 4: intraocular pressure is exorbitant, height myopia, do not suggest the upside down action on the head and feet. Forward bend or handstand, can increase eye pressure, because this has already had eye pressure, high myopia person, do not recommend to practice yoga.

Taboo five: the body condition is not good, the serious illness beginning to heal, the fracture initial stage unfavorable practice yoga. Yoga needs to be in good physical condition in order to achieve the effect of exercising physical functions and muscle groups. If the physical condition is not good, the muscles, joints and ligaments cannot exert their strength. When practicing yoga, it is easy to get injured.

Taboo 6: epilepsy, cerebral cortex damage. Many of the yoga movements involve stretching the neck, and if you have epilepsy or damage to the cerebral cortex, bending forward and bending backward to massage the neck extension can cause seizures.

Taboo seven: blood coagulation disease blood coagulation disease, avoid practicing yoga. Yoga poses require positioning, stretching and twisting of the limbs, which may result in decreased peripheral blood flow, which is more likely to lead to severe blood clotting and cardiovascular disease.

What are the symptoms of sciatica – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatica treatment

Nowadays, many young people have a lot of problems in their lumbar spine and even sciatica due to working for a long time. Do you know the symptoms of sciatica? Do you know any exercises for sciatica? Do not know that does not matter, today small make up for you to introduce the knowledge about the treatment of sciatica, interested in hurry to look at it.

Symptoms of sciatica

Many people don't know what symptoms sciatica may have. It may be the cause of your back pain or leg pain.

1. Sciatica disc protrudes between lumbar vertebrae. Patients often have a long history of recurrent back pain or a history of heavy physical labor.

In addition to the typical symptoms and signs of rsciatica, there are also lumbar spasms, limited lumbar movement, and disappearance of volume forward flexion. X-ray film may have a narrowing of the involved vertebral space, and ct examination may confirm the diagnosis.

2. Cauda equina tumor, with slow onset and gradual aggravation. The disease usually starts with unilateral root sciatica and gradually develops into bilateral. The pain was significantly worse at night and the course of the disease was progressively worse.

Sphincter dysfunction and hypoesthesia in the saddle region were also found. Lumbar puncture showed subarachnoid obstruction and significantly increased amount of CSF protein, and even froin syndrome (CSF yellow, self-coagulation after placement), which could be confirmed by iodine hydrography or mri of spinal cord.

3, lumbar spinal stenosis, more common in middle-aged men, early often have "intermittent claudication", after walking lower extremity pain aggravation, but stoop to walk or rest after symptom relief or disappear.

When the nerve root or cauda equina is severely compressed, sciatica symptoms and signs can also appear on one side or on both sides, and the course of disease presents progressive aggravation. Treatment such as bed rest or traction is ineffective. The lumbosacral vertebra can be diagnosed by X-ray or ct.

4, lumbosacral radiculitis, due to infection, poisoning, nutritional metabolism disorders or strain, cold and other factors.

Generally, the onset is more acute, and the damage scope often exceeds the sciatic nerve innervation area, showing weakness, pain, mild muscle atrophy, in addition to the Achilles tendon reflex, knee tendon reflex is often weakened or disappeared.

5, from the lumbosacral department along the buttocks, big leg, lower leg lateral side has been to the foot metatarsal radiation of persistent or paroxic severe pain.

Root sciatica is mainly pain in the proximal sciatic nerve, which can be aggravated by walking and increased pressure in the abdominal cavity (such as sneezing, coughing, stool, etc.). Dry sciatica is marked by distal pain.

6. The sciatic nerve distribution area, such as the area outside the lower leg and dorsal foot, often has acupuncture, numbness and other senses. Most of the objective sensory obstacles are not obvious.

The elderly may have mild muscular atrophy during the disease stage, and the positive side lassege sign (positive for those with pain and resistance when the straight leg is raised less than 70°).

7. Tenderness points can be found along the sciatic nerve: paraspinal points of the lumbar spine (on the plane of lumbar spinous process 4 and 5, 1.5cm away from the midline); Gluteal point (lateral tuberosity to middle point of ischial tuberosity line); The middle point of the plantar.

8. When patients suffer from sciatica, they may suffer severe pain, which always keeps the patient in a unique posture. The pain mainly focuses on the outside of the lower leg and the foot.

9. The pain will be more severe when the patient does some postures after the disease, such as bending the waist, bending the knee and landing on the toes. When the patient does these postures, the pain will be worse because the patient will exert more effort.

Exercise for sciatica

In fact, sciatica can be treated with exercise, but be sure to stick with it. Here are some exercises for sciatica.

The causes of sciatica vary. Sciatica of the vast majority of patients is secondary to the sciatic nerve local and peripheral structural lesions of the sciatic nerve to stimulate compression and damage, known as secondary sciatica; A few are primary, that is, sciatic neuritis.

Sciatica has brought great pain and inconvenience to patients, and the proper strengthening of lumbar leg function exercise, will obtain good therapeutic effect.

To this end, we introduce a few simple exercise methods for you, you might as well try.

Side leg

The patient stands with both hands supporting the wall, swinging his legs to the right and left in turn, without touching the ground.

Straight leg up

The patient lies on his back, straighten his left and right legs in turn and lift them up, gradually increasing the lifting Angle as the exercise deepens.

On the bike

The patient is in the supine position, and his/her legs pedal in turn, with a step that increases gradually.

Lift a leg is sitting

Sit with your legs close together or with a thick book between your legs. Sit on your knees, heel to heel, holding the stool in your hand. Lift your leg over your navel and lower it immediately. At the beginning of the affected leg may not be raised very high, adhere to exercise after the affected leg will gradually increase the degree of elevation.

Sit flat leg

The patient sits up with his feet on the ground and his toes on stilts. His hands lie flat on his thighs. Then he bends forward and pushes his hands toward the feet. At the beginning of practice, it is difficult to push your hands to your feet.

Squat jump swap

With both hands holding the stool or fixator, the patient crouches with the left leg bent and the right leg as straight as possible.

Additional, the patient still can use hot towel or cloth before going to bed everyday, pack on hot salt, hot compress waist or coxal, but temperature cannot too high, with comfortable advisable. This may also help relieve sciatica.

Treatment of sciatica

1. After suffering from this syndrome, patients often feel severe pain in their thighs, calves and feet. Bed rest is necessary to relieve the pain. Do not get out of bed for mild activities until the pain has abated.

2. If the pain lasts for a long time and is severe, it is important to find out the cause of the pain and treat it according to the cause. Such as rheumatism, lumbar disc herniation, bone hyperplasia and other diseases caused by sciatica, must actively treat the primary disease, in order to alleviate pain.

3. If the pain is severe and affects the normal life and rest, analgesics or tranquilizers should be taken appropriately. However, they should be taken in accordance with the amount prescribed by the doctor.

4. If patients are in the acute stage of sciatica, or suffer from extensive adhesion, they can take hormone drugs for a short period of time to play the role of anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Long-term medication should be avoided to avoid adverse reactions.

5. Patients can cooperate with physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage during treatment, which can play an auxiliary role in treatment and promote recovery of the disease.

Sciatica treatment folk prescription

Bi zhiting tong tang

This medicine can play the role of clearing damp analgesia, but also can tonifying the kidney and blood, the main drugs for live alone, angelica sinensis, mulberry parasitic, salvia miltiorrhiza, wanghuixing, suberect spatholobus, radix cyathulae, eucommia ulmoides, radix aconitae, eucommia ulmoides, radix aconitae, woodworm, wind prevention, tubie worms, asarum asarum, system aconite, licorice.

Strong tendon bundle bone pill

Angelica, Fried eucommia ulmoides, sichuan cut, jixue rattan, salvia miltiorrhiza, earthworm and other drugs ground into powder and made into a pill, take 5 grams of rice wine every morning and evening can be sent to service.

Conclusion: do you know that a lot of pain and discomfort are caused by sciatica? Therefore, if you suffer from sciatica, you should actively treat it. You can try the exercise methods recommended in the article and also try the folk remedies.

Lumbar disc herniation but always leg ache numbness, this is how to return a responsibility… – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar disc herniation

back pain remedies

3. Pathogenic mechanism besides compression stimulation, and inflammatory stimulation. Therefore, the correct view of lumbar disc herniation, is not lumbar disc herniation is a disease, or just a degenerative disease, for those who have had the experience of incidence of lumbar disc herniation, imaging examination will find the presence of different degrees of herniation.

Lumbar dish highlights leg hemp acute attack if affect morpheus, can take orally under the guidance of the doctor a few nonsteroidal kind of anti-inflammatory drugs, or anus with nonsteroidal type anti-inflammatory suppository, have very good analgesic and alleviate the effect of leg hemp. Also can take orally some of the Chinese patent medicine which has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and strengthening spleen clearing damp, has certain relief effect to the waist cross-legged hemp. Also can take orally some nutrition nerve medicine andB vitamins are helpfulThe effect of therapy.

back pain remedies

Want to choose a slightly hard mattess, but do not lie on hard board directly, go against haemal circulation. Sleeping sleeping position is very important also, when choosing side to lie, should put a pillow between two legs, be helpful for the reduction of dish between the waist; When choosing to lie flat, the pillow should be as low as possible, the popliteal fosset of the leg cushion a pillow, is conducive to the relaxation of the spine, is very helpful to alleviate leg hemp.

back pain remedies

Lumbar disc acute attack is recommended to lie down to rest, if relief or work more busy, often change posture, it is best not to sit, driving and computer typing posture most injury waist, the bestGet up and move around for 20-30 minutes. In addition, to do less bending movements, not to bend to lift heavy objects; Do not do heavy physical work and strenuous exercisecars only

back pain remedies

Usually can be in the hospital or home therapy, every time20-30 minutes, 1-2 times a day. It is recommended to do both legs alternately and simultaneously in bed for 20-30 minutes every day. Also can do little swallow fly to exercise and 5 o 'clock exercise in bed; Can also be in the area hanging horizontal bar, do these movements can improve the strength of the psoas muscle, relieve symptoms and control attacks.

back pain remedies

Editor in charge:

Best care for patients with lumbar disc herniation: do these things to avoid surgery – InfraredHeatingTherapy | herniated disc/lumbar spine/lumbar disc herniation

One, the mind scheduling

The person's mental activity is the root that allocates human body whole activity, need mental state only steep, we just adjust correct treat the disease of the body, make correct choice, so mental dispatch is crucial. The first thing to the right state of mind to bear their own sick practice, to be quiet face. Lumbar disc protrusion more than 90% preservation treatment can be restored, the real need to do surgery only 10%, do not worry too much.

Second, the diet arrangement

Lumbar disc herniation patients due to disease and reduce the certain amount of activity, so the intake of food should also be appropriate to reduce, gastrointestinal activities slow, digestion function decline, it should be reasonable arrangements for food.

back surgery

Careful eat more meals, eat more fruits and vegetables and beans food, eat some high calcium content of food, such as milk, dairy products, shrimp, seaweed, sesame paste, soy products, is conducive to calcium compensation, but the lumbar spine has grown bone spur (bone hyperplasia) patients should not cause too much calcium. Eat meat as far as possible little reach adipose amount taller food, because its easy cause defecate drab, defecate is forced and bring about disease condition aggravation.

back surgery

3. Daily maintenance

More than 1, lie

Bed rest is the most radical treatment for lumbar disc herniation. Lie in bed when having a rest, lumbar intervertebral disc just is relaxed condition, lie flat still can reduce nerve inflammatory material, stimulative toxin is absorbed, be helpful for inflammation appendicitis and restore, together, also can prevent the occurrence of nerve root adhesion. Posture can lie flat also can lie on the side, comfortable to the patient as appropriate, but should be careful when turning the body can not "twist twist", can not turn the upper body first, the lower body after turning, such changes may harm the waist dish, it is best to turn the upper and lower body together.

back surgery

2. Keep warm:

A protrusion of the disc causes inflammation in the area, which is active in cold, moist air. Has been suffering from lumbar disc herniation patients to do a good job of cold preservation, especially season replacement time, can choose both braking and thermal insulation, breathable, not sweat high performance recovery to protect the waist, this is also an important way to prevent the recurrence of lumbar disc herniation.

back surgery

3, daily exercise careful:

Patients who already have a herniated disc may not be unable to practice, but it is important to prevent vigorous and excessive exercise. In daily life, as far as possible to take less weight, patients with lumbar disc herniation to move things as far as possible close to their body, not too far away from the body, choose squat bending posture, as far as possible to do not bend, in order to reduce the pressure on the back of the disc. When getting up in the morning, want to pass to stand waist, carry the action such as leg to loosen waist first, lie on the side next with arm support body gets up.

back surgery

Do not stand for too long, and do proper in-situ activities, especially lower-back activities, to eliminate lower-back muscle fatigue. When necessary, a small pillow or cushion can be placed at the back of the waist to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine and reduce the waist muscle fatigue. In insisting on the suitable method, the correct posture, the complacent principle, perseverance, carries on the proper restoration gymnastics movement according to the waist.

back surgery

4. Weight loss:

Many patients with lumbar disc herniation are overweight, but the increase in weight will increase the pressure of the disc, so weight loss is an important way to prevent lumbar disc herniation.

back surgery

Between lumbar dish has protrusion, do not want an operation to come in, minute let you know how to do – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lumbar spine

1. Rest: a basic condition for recovery from any injury, especially for the affected vertebral segment. According to the condition can take the following measure: lie wooden plank bed to rest absolutely: apply to the condition is more serious person.

back surgery

2. Promote the return of nucleus pulposus: the main ways are as follows:

A. Pelvic band traction: 24h all-day continuous traction is the best, with an effective rate of more than 60%, especially for nucleus pulposus protrusion. It usually lasts for 3 weeks, and the cast is replaced after 3 weeks.

B. mechanical traction: use various traction devices, including mechanical or electric traction bed for intermittent traction. Applicable to acute protrusion, the effective rate is slightly lower than the former.

C. manipulation: the operator will apply manipulation to the lumbar spine under traction (pull) with bare hands to restore the protruding nucleus pulposus. Efficiency depends on the operator.

back surgery

3, eliminate reactive edema: root sleeve edema is not only cause one of the main causes of acute root pain, and easy to cause secondary arachnoid adhesion, therefore, should try to make its early resolution. What a lot of people choose at present is the jing gu kang on tao ** treasure sticks this kind of external apply means, reaction is beautiful.

back surgery

The following is to introduce to you, in the daily life diet, also need to pay more attention to:

In the daily diet of food, medicine, food combination to quite a lot, such as lamb, sheep kidney, pig kidney, eel, turtle, turtle meat, sparrows, snake meat, lobster, cuttlefish, sword bean, black beans, sesame, medlar, mulberry son, dogwood, schisandra fruit, raspberry, cortex periplocae, coix seed, Chinese yam, mushrooms, fragrant, dried tangerine or orange peel, tokay, dangshen, eucommia bark, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, etc. The dish between the waist protrusion benefit eats some more, above food has certain temperature to raise, adjust fill qi blood, can raise the action of immunity.

back surgery

In addition to the choice of therapy, the requirements of diet in daily life is also the most important, must avoid food, the choice of the eat, nutrition balance, food therapy collocation therapy can make the disease faster relief rehabilitation, follow the dietary principles to eat health, also be careful "disaster from the mouth into"! Finally, I wish you get rid of the trouble as soon as possible!

[hot line of famous doctor] lumbar intervertebral disc gave a problem, does minimally invasive treatment depend on spectrum? & amp; Focus on our "brain" health – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/leg pain/spinal stenosis

This is the question most patients want to ask. Objectively speaking, there is no "best treatment", because each patient's disease stage is different, and the treatment should not be the same.

Different patients should adopt different treatment methods according to different stages of disease development:

Conservative treatment should be used first;


If conservative treatment fails, minimally invasive surgery with minimal trauma can be considered.

If the patient is not suitable for minimally invasive surgery, then consider open surgery

This "step by step" approach is the most responsible for the patient.

So let's talk about disc stenosis.

Lumbar spinal stenosisIt refers to the various causes of spinal canal diameter shortened, pressure dural sac, spinal cord or nerve roots, resulting in the corresponding neurological dysfunction of a class of diseases. It is one of the causes of common lumbar diseases, such as low back pain and lumbago and leg pain. Rest often no symptoms, walking a distance after the emergence of lower limb pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms, need to squat or sit down for a period of rest relief before continuing to walk. As the disease gets worse, the distance to walk is shorter and shorter, and the time to rest is longer and longer.

sciatica treatment

In recent years, with the aging of society, the incidence of lumbar spinal stenosis is increasing. Surgical treatment is often required for patients who do not respond to conservative treatment and experience increased pain. Spinal stenosis has undergone a series of processes such as traditional full laminectomy, bilateral fenestration, unilateral approach and bilateral decompression, becoming more minimally invasive.The earliest minimally invasive surgery was performed under the microscope, then the development of endoscopic technology, then operation under med, and then vista technology.

Lumbar intervertebral disc gave a problem, how should choose to treat a way after all? Which is more reliable? Welcome to join us on Friday, August 16th at 4:05 PM.

Cerebrovascular accident is a common disease that seriously threatens the health of human beings, especially the middle-aged and elderly. Even with the most advanced and perfect treatment methods, more than 50% of survivors of cerebrovascular accident can not fully take care of themselves. Cerebrovascular diseases are characterized by high morbidity, mortality, disability, recurrence and complications. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease.

After the autumn

Autumn rain and cold


Troubled times have followed

Hotlines from famous doctors have sent you a book on prevention

Come and collect

Keep measuring blood pressure

sciatica treatment

Have hypertensive, diabetic, arteriosclerosis and senile and infirm old person, want to measure blood pressure in time, adjust below doctor guidance medicaments, blood pressure is controlled in a reasonable level, prevent blood pressure fluctuation to cause cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage to happen too big.

Pay more attention to exercise

sciatica treatment

Elderly people who love morning exercises should pay attention to timely increase or decrease clothing.Do not catch cold when morning exercise, exercise to pay attention to control the amount of activity and activity intensity.Must avoid hollow intense activity, after the activity, want to add moisture in time.

Don't let yourself

Be subjected to "cold stimulation"

sciatica treatment

Elderly people should pay attention to diet, especially hypertension patients, do not allow themselves to be "cold stimulation".If do not eat too many cold drinks, do not eat cold noodles, cold rice, etc.Also pay attention to not cold water bath, wash feet, sleep at night to pay special attention to keep warm.

What are the multiple cerebral blood vessels in autumn? How do we find it ahead of time? Welcome to join us on Friday, August 16th at 4:50 PM to hear what the experts have to say!

sciatica treatment

Kong fanlei is deputy chief physician of spinal department of people's hospital of xingtai. Current: vice chairman of the spine minimally invasive society of xingtai city, secretary of the spine and spinal cord professional committee of the rehabilitation medical association of xingtai city, deputy leader of the spine minimally invasive and disc repair group of the spine and spinal cord professional committee of xingtai city. Good at: minimally invasive spine, cervical and lumbar degenerative diseases, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal deformity, osteoporosis, spinal infection and other diseases diagnosis and treatment, especially good at vertebral body formation, diskoscope nucleus pulposus removal fiber ring repair, diskoscope spinal canal expansion treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis.

sciatica treatment

Gao jie, jizhong energy xingtai mining group general hospital, a deputy chief physician. Good at: accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, cerebrovascular disease, Parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy.






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