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sciatica pain treatment

Head of the humerusShoulder joint flexion 90° and rotation inside, rotation outside, can feel humeral head rotation, rotation inside can touchThe greater tuberosity and the lesser tuberosity of the humerus and the intertubercular sulcus. (FIG. 2-38)Shoulder peakAt the lateral end of the clavicle. (figure 2-39) the outer end of the scapula and the acromion of the clavicleThe acromioclavicular joints. The lower and posterior margins of the acromion areThe attachment point of the deltoid muscle. (FIG. 2-41)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

The shoulder blade surfaceIt is palpable on the outside of the acromioclavicular joint. (FIG. 2-42)

coracoid: in the medial side of the head of the humerus and below the clavicle, the tip of the coracoid process and the medial margin can be felt. It is the attachment point of biceps brevis tendon, coracoid brachial muscle and pectoralis minor muscle. 43) (FIG. 2 –Biceps grooveInternal rotation of the upper arm, proximal to the middle of the humerus, the groove containing the long head of the biceps and its tendons. 44) (FIG. 2 –

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

2, Tracy

The anterior deltoid and coracoid brachial muscles are the major flexors of the shoulder joint. Pectoralis major is the interstitial fibers, biceps brachii, serratus anterior and trapezius minor flexors. (FIG. 2-45)

Deltoid muscleThe starting point is 1/3 of the outer clavicle, acromion and scapular ridge. The insertion point is the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus. Posterior muscle band (spine) : abductor shoulder joint 90° flexion elbow, accessible at the back of shoulder joint. (figs. 2-46, 2-47) the middle band (acromion) : the middle part of the shoulder abducts between the anterior and posterior bands. (figure 2-48) the anterior band of the deltoid (clavicle) : push the shoulder forward horizontally to touch the band. (FIG. 2-49)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

Beak brachial muscleAnterior flexion abduction of the arm and flexion of the elbow, a taut cord muscle is felt on the medial side of the arm and behind the biceps. (figure 2-50) starting point: coracoid process. Insertion: middle medial humerus. (FIG. 2-51)

Biceps abdominisIn front of the elbow, in front of the arm down to the deltoid, flex and extend the elbow joint to better show the belly of the muscle. (FIG. 2-52)

Biceps abdominisProximal one third in front of the upper arm, near the pectoralis major. 53) (FIG. 2 –

The biceps tendon: after the forearm is rotated, the resistance flexes the elbow joint, which can be touched at the elbow socket. (FIG. 2-54)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

Biceps originThe long head rises from the tubercle on the scapular pelvis and the short head from the coracoid process. The terminal point is the radial tuberosity. (FIG. 2-55)

Before saw muscleRepeat the short inhalation with visible fingerlike projections attached to the ribs between the latissimus dorsi muscle at the back and the pectoralis major muscle at the front. (figure 2-56) starting point: 1st to 8th rib. Dead point: medial margin of scapula and lower Angle. (FIG. 57) 2 –

Trapezius muscleThe upper fibers extend from the occipital protuberance to the outer third of the clavicle. The lower fibers are attached to the medial side of the scapular ridge and run down the medial side of the spinous process of the lower thoracic vertebra. Press down shoulder blade obviously. The middle fibers are palpable from the acromion to the spine of the 7th cervical vertebra and the upper thoracic vertebra, with the scapula clearly receding. The trapezius muscle is flat, with no tension or tenderness due to the rotation of the fibers touching the cord-like structure. (figure 58) 2 –

The posterior fibers of the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and deltoid musclesIt is the major extensor of the shoulder joint. The teres minor and triceps brachii long head qualify as extensors. Shoulder extension pain suggests tendonitis of the constrictor muscle. (figure 2 to 59)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

3, stretched out straight

The latissimus dorsiThe muscle can be felt on the medial side of the upper arm, posterolateral to the thoracic cage. (figure 2-60) starting from the lower 6 thoracic spinous processes and all lumbar spinous processes and iliac crest. Insertion: minor tuberous crest of humerus. (picture 2-62, 2-63)

The great circle muscleOn the inner side of the upper arm, the rib cage is pushed up on the back side, and there is a distinct muscular protuberance. (FIG. 2-61)

sciatica pain treatment

Small circular muscleShoulder abduction, elbow flexion 90° each, forearm pronation, between deltoid and teres major at the lateral margin of the scapula. (FIG. 2-64)

Brachial triceps longhead proximal end tendon: shoulder joint abduction, elbow joint flexion 90°, forearm distal end resistance abduction elbow joint, the back of the shoulder deltoid muscle fiber and the lateral side of the teres minor muscle can touch the tendon. (FIG. 2-65)

The triceps: origin: long head from subglenoid tubercle; The medial head arises from the bony surface below the groove of the radial nerve; The lateral head arises from the bony surface outside and above the groove of the radial nerve. Dead point: olecranon. (picture 2-66, 2-67)

sciatica pain treatment

The middle fibers of deltoid and supraspinatus are abductor muscles of shoulder joint.

The anterior and posterior fibers of the deltoid and serratus anterior assist.

Resistance shoulder abduction pain suggests contraction tendonitis. (picture 2-68, 2-69)

4, and outreach

The middle (acromion) band of the deltoid: the middle part of the shoulder lies between the anterior and posterior tracts.

Supraspinatus muscle: abductor of the arm and palpable in the supraspinatus fossa. (FIG. 2-70)

5, adduction

Pectoralis major: starting point: medial half of the clavicle, sternum, 1st to 6th costal cartilage. Insertion: greater tuberous crest of the humerus. (picture 2-71, 2-72, 2-73, 2-74)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

6, and internal rotation

Subscapularis, latissimus dorsi, teres major, pectoralis majorIt is the major internal rotator muscle of the shoulder joint. (FIG. 2-75)

Shoulder joint internal rotation pain is caused by tendonitis.

subscapularisTo touch this muscle, there must be a space between the scapula and the thoracic cage. The lateral part of the finger is the latissimus dorsi, the medial front is the pectoralis major, and the lower part of the finger is the subscapularis. (figure 2-76) starting point: subscapular fossa. Insertion: nodule of humerus. (FIG. 2-77)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

7, outside

The infraspinatus and the teres minorThe major muscles of the shoulder. The posterior fibers of the deltoid assist in external rotation. (FIG. 2-78)

The infraspinatus:Starting point: subscapular fossa. Insertion: the greater tuberosity of the humerus in the middle, palpable in the subspinous fossa. (FIG. 2-79)

Small circular muscle:Starting point: back of lateral margin of scapula. The insertion point below the greater tuberosity of the humerus is palpable between the deltoid and teres major at the lateral margin of the scapula. (picture 2-80, 2-81)

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

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How to relieve neck pain? Here are 4 ways to quickly relieve neck fatigue and other problems – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/neck pain/neck problems

Although neck problems are common, people don't pay much attention to them until they feel pain in the neck. The neck or cervical spine has the highest incidence. It consists of seven vertebrae and 26 muscles, as well as many other structures such as blood vessels and nerves. It moves and stabilizes the head and ACTS as a conduit for the rest of the body to connect to the brain.

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The position we adopt when looking at our phones, laptops or even books can lead to a continuous forward orientation of the head, which can often lead to weakness and pain in the neck. Untreated neck pain can lead to other problems, such as headaches, jaw pain, or even shoulder or back pain.

back pain remedies

Unfortunately we are not professionals and rarely work out the neck muscles, which are often overlooked. Not only are these muscles smaller than most other muscles, they are also often difficult to aim at. Most people don't even know where to start. If you have neck problems, for example, here are a few simple exercises, stretching exercises, and soft tissue release techniques that can quickly relieve fatigue.

1. Strengthen deep neck flexor

Allow yourself to lie down and gently bring your chin towards your neck to form a double chin. You will feel the base of the skull being stretched, which will activate the muscles at the front of the neck. Do this exercise for 5 to 10 seconds, 8 to 10 times a day

Step 2 stretch

The scalenus and sternocleidomastoid are often tight muscles in the neck. First stretch the upper muscles. Hold this stretch for a maximum of 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

3. Strengthen blood circulation

If you feel a knot in your neck, or if the area is particularly painful or tight, try using a foam roller for self-release, massage or (carefully) use a massage gun for self-release. Apply direct pressure for about 10 seconds and release it to promote blood flow to the area.

4. Strengthen your chin

When standing or sitting, try to avoid holding your head down or your chin protruding. Think about chin exercises while you're sitting or standing, and try lengthening your neck, as if someone were pulling a rope from the back of your head to the ceiling.

back pain remedies

Above are 4 ways to solve neck pain, have this aspect of the problem of friends hurry to try to do it ~

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Orthopaedic expert 1 method, improve neck shoulder waist leg joint to ache, 1 agent drug reduces gout, rheumatism! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/leg pain

Director of orthopedics expert ren deguang prompts: summer Yang qi exuberant, life elements if not timely supplement, all kinds of symptoms will become more serious, and in summer to alleviate bone disease faster, less cost. Therefore, it is suggested that patients with bone disease should not miss the better time for treatment.

At 9:50 this morning,Director ren deguang is invited to the program "big doctor this cottage" of shandong satellite TV, for everyone to bring cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion, knee arthritis, gout and other orthopedic diseases prevention and solution, and bring a few ease neck shoulder waist leg pain tips! Welcome aboard!

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Domestic orthopedics and traumatology experts and scholars, under the guidance of national master yan zhenghua, the fourth generation disciple of meng he medical school, member of the consultation committee of integrated Chinese and western medicine, member of the minimally invasive bone disease research team of the Chinese medical association. Shandong satellite TV "big doctor this cottage" invited experts, Beijing satellite TV "Yang sheng tang" micro-broadcast invited experts. He has published more than 10 papers related to bone diseases, and has a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements. He was invited to participate in the medical summit of Nobel Prize winners.

Good at in

Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, knee arthritis, sciatica, bone arthritis, bone hyperplasia, tenosynovitis, synovitis, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, the mouse hand, fasciitis, muscle membrane inflammation, Achilles tendinitis and soft tissue injury, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine for relief with minimally invasive dial the waist, neck, shoulder, knee pain has a wealth of experience.

Director ren deguang reveals the characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for bone disease

Director ren deguang reveals the secret of live broadcasting

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

Many people feel that cervical spondylosis uncomfortable but not fatal, paste some plaster or take some painkillers can get through, but do not know the harm of cervical spondylosis is not only in the neck so simple, it will also appear in other parts of the body symptoms, induce more than 70 diseases, and even send the possibility of paralysis!

Cervical spondylosis induces more than 70 diseases

C1: insufficient cerebral blood supply, dizziness, migraine, insomnia, lethargy, forgetfulness, burnout, neck hypertension.

C2: headache, dizziness, insomnia, drowsiness, tinnitus, sore eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis.

C3: dizziness, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, visual impairment, hearing loss, eczema, toothache, inability to open mouth.

C4: dizziness, hiccups, sore throat, nausea, amblyopia, numbness of hands, nasal congestion, toothache.

C5: chest pain, bradycardia, asthma, blood pressure fluctuation, vocal hoarseness, nausea, stiffness of neck and shoulder, fire, periarthritis of shoulder.

C6: cough and asthma, sore throat, fluctuation of blood pressure, swelling of tonsil, stiff neck, shoulder pain, numbness of thumb and thumb, numbness and pain of lateral upper limb.

C7: sore throat, asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, thyroid disease, numbness in the 4th and 5th finger, neck root, shoulder pain, shoulder hardening, cold, numbness in the posterior medial side of upper limbs.

Lumbar spondylosis is a common disease among the elderly. It is very painful for patients, and it will make people's movement difficult and bring a big blow to normal life.

Seven major complications of lumbar spine disease

1, infection,

Postoperative incision infection can be seen and intervertebral space infection may occur.

2. Unstable spine

In some patients, leg pain disappeared and back pain persisted.

3. Nerve injury

Nerve roots can be damaged during surgery, either epidural or epidural.

4. Damage to large blood vessels

The most common type of injury is a large vascular injury to the posterior wall of the abdomen.

5. Adhesion and scar

Adhesion and scarring often occur in the exposed part of the dura after the nerve root and laminectomy at the surgical site, which may cause back pain or radiating pain of the nerve root.

6. Organ injury

Vascular injury may be accompanied by other organ injury, such as bladder, ureter or small intestine.

7. Cerebrospinal fluid fistula or meningeal pseudocyst

Cerebrospinal fluid fistula occurred in 3 ~ 4 days after surgery. Dural membrane pseudocyst appears more in a few months after the operation lumbar leg pain, in the operation scar or lumbosacral department has spherical cystic material and dura adhesion. Compression of cystic masses can cause sciatica.

Knee osteoarthritis

how do i relieve back pain

Knee arthritis is one of the most common degenerative knee diseases, the incidence of which is closely related to age, especially the elderly women are more prone to the disease, high disability rate. More than half of people over the age of 60 have knee arthritis.

4 major complications of knee arthritis

1. Persistent pain

Chronic pain can develop as the joint progresses, or if left untreated.

2. Joint deformity

As arthritis progresses or joint damage increases, patients may also develop joint deformities.

3. Joint dysfunction

In later stages, as the joint is destroyed, it can eventually lead to joint dysfunction and even complete immobility in some patients.

Muscle atrophy

There are some patients because of the occurrence of arthritis, increased pain, unwilling to move the limb, will cause atrophy of the muscles around the joint.

how do i relieve back pain

In recent years, the incidence of hyperuricemia and gout increased year by year due to the improvement of living standard and unbalanced diet structure. The main manifestation is joint pain.

6 major complications of gout

1. Gout nephropathy

The development of gout nephropathy is relatively slow, but not as timely treatment, will lead to renal injury, the ultimate development of renal failure.

Kidney stones

With the continuous increase of uric acid in the urine of patients, the acidity of the urine gradually increases, and the accumulation cannot be excreted in the kidney, causing functional disorders, which are likely to develop into kidney stones.

3. Diabetes

As gout patients are more obese and have no diet rhythm, it is easy to lead to poor insulin sensitivity, which leads to diabetes.

4. Hypertension

In patients with gout, renal function is reduced due to long-term hyperuric acid symptoms, which induces renal hypertension.

5. Femoral head necrosis

Clinical discovery, gout often accompanies a variety of lipoprotein to rise, cause adipose embolism, cause femur head necrotic finally.

Hardening of the arteries

If gout is not treated effectively and promptly, persistent excess uric acid may accumulate and crystallize in the coronary arteries, causing atherosclerosis in severe cases.

If you have cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other orthopedic diseases want to consult, long press the following two-dimensional code, directly to ren deguang director free to ask questions!

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[tips] after submitting your health problem, you can scan the code and join the group, and interact with the expert team in real time to solve your health problem.

how do i relieve back pain

Drag it

how do i relieve back pain

Some patients are afraid of bone disease money, no attention, long drag not cure, the result of minor disease drag into a major disease, illness aggravation, cost more; There are some patients do not know how to solve, afraid of surgery, afraid of surgery, afraid of drug side effects, delay opportunities.

Rehabilitation eager

Bone disease lasts a long time without treatment, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more painful, leading to mobility problems. Many patients began to worry, but not conducive to recovery.

Drug abuse

how do i relieve back pain

Bone disease is acute and painful, and many patients rely on pain relievers. Long-term abuse of painkillers does not play a therapeutic role, but tends to form dependence and cause irreversible consequences.

how do i relieve back pain

"Pulling out the needle" in the ancient "neijing" should be called giant needle, the northern song "qiong yao god book" needle, also exists, the qing dynasty folk bone production application, folk has been used.

Master yan zhenghua and director ren deguangAfter many years of clinical research, the needle pulling instrument has been improved, and the clinical summary has been made, the basic theory has been reorganized, and the needle pulling instrument has been improved to "z" shape.

how do i relieve back pain

The effect of the eight – needle method

1. The needle can penetrate through all layers of soft tissue, and the needle can penetrate through 360 degrees on one level from one point.

2, can play a blunt separation, release the pain of soft tissue adhesion.

3, play a role of leverage, produce mechanical pressure on soft tissues, and relieve pressure on the tendon sheath of the fascia in the painful position.

4. Eliminate soft tissue tension and spasm through blunt separation and lever action.

5. Remove local edema and pressure between fascia, eliminate thickening of fascia and contact pain.

6. The needle can stimulate the circulation of warm and cold, activate blood and qi, and repair the injured soft tissues.

Case 1: Ms. Fang shan li suffered from knee arthritis in Beijing. She refused surgery and sought for traditional Chinese medicine. What is the effect?

Ms. Li, who lives in fangshan, Beijing, slipped and fell in heavy snow 30 years ago, causing damage to her meniscus. In 2015, her knee joints slowly began to deform due to trauma and aging, and her symptoms became more and more obvious.

The pain made it impossible for her to walk or leave the house, and she had to stay at home. Accompanied by my family, I went to several big hospitals in succession. The doctor suggested knee replacement surgery, which was very traumatic and expensive. Ms li faces a dilemma.

Below the proposal of the daughter, miss li finds director ren deguang, begin to accept Chinese traditional medicine to alleviate, below the recuperation of acupuncture therapy and Chinese traditional medicine, miss li feels pain to alleviate slowly, leg is warm.

Case 2: how to relieve the pain of patients with gout in 10 years by acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine?

Mr. Wang is a physical education teacher. He used to drink cold beer after sports. Gout started 10 years ago. Fingers could not bend and were swollen like bread.

Western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine tried 2 months, accepted the needle therapy of director ren deguang till, look at a symptom, feel pulse, look at tongue coating, arrive again examine and treat, Mr. Wang finger reduces gradually swollen, the symptom of articular ache also got ameliorative.

how do i relieve back pain

how do i relieve back pain

If you want to know how director ren USES acupuncture therapy and traditional Chinese medicine decoction to deal with a troublesome bone disease, you can watch the webcast of big medical doctor from 7 PM to 8:30 PM today (June 11, 2019). Experts will give details and answer your questions. Watch the way at the end of the article introduction ~

how do i relieve back pain

1. What are the common factors that induce spinal diseases?

2. Why are bone diseases difficult to relapse?

3. Advantages and disadvantages of conventional treatment for osteoarthritis

3. Wonderful treatment for bone disease — what is a needle?

4. How to deal with orthopedic diseases such as lumbar disc protrusion, shoulder periarthritis and gout?

5. How to prevent bone disease?

Explain case of arthritis of cervical vertebra disease, lumbar process disease, knee?

how do i relieve back pain

[tips] after submitting your health problem, you can scan the code and join the group, and interact with the expert team in real time to solve your health problem. (as shown below)

how do i relieve back pain

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Click on the end""Enter the studio, click [quick questions] message, experts can see your questions, if there is no time to reply during the live, after the end of the live will also contact you, give guidance and advice.

how do i relieve back pain

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Wonderful Chinese medicine – how to effectively relieve neck pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | neck pain/how to relieve neck pain/cervical pain

Neck pain refers to local pain in the neck, which may be accompanied by upper limb discomfort and limited movement, etc., and may be caused by bone diseases, soft tissue inflammation, infectious diseases, immune diseases, central nervous system diseases, etc.

sciatica pain treatment

Exercise is an important part of the prevention and treatment of mild neck pain. Good posture and consistent exercise can treat neck pain and help keep your spine healthy.

Wonderful Chinese medicine

Invited associate professor shen wei, college of traditional Chinese medicine, hainan medical college

How to relieve neck pain effectively

sciatica pain treatment

Expert introduction

sciatica pain treatment

sciatica pain treatment

Position paper

1. Sit properly

When reading or writing, avoid bending over the desk. Adjust computer monitor height to eye level, avoid lowering head. Position your rearview mirror in the car so that you're sitting up straight, keeping your ears and shoulders in line.

Change your posture often

Change your posture often to prevent neck and upper back injuries from stress and stress. When you've been working for a long time, take breaks to avoid overuse and abuse of the muscles and ligaments that stabilize your neck.

Sleep with only a pillow on the head, sleep while maintaining the normal physiological state of the cervical spine. Using too many pillows often leads to a stiff neck the next day.

sciatica pain treatment

Exercise article

An active lifestyle is an important part of treating and maintaining a healthy spine. Aerobic exercise (such as walking, cycling, swimming) tenses your muscles and increases blood flow through the muscles, ligaments, and discs in the neck, gradually increasing from the first 5 minutes a day to 20-30 minutes a day.

sciatica pain treatment

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine article

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that deficiency of liver and kidney, or lack of qi and blood, acute and chronic trauma, wind, cold and dampness, phlegm and blood stasis is the basic cause and pathology of cervical spondylosis. Acupuncture has a good effect on relieving cervical pain, numbness and other symptoms. It can help dredge the channels and collaterals, and dredge the blocked channels and collaterals.

sciatica pain treatment

Find out more about it

Stay tuned for July 20

7:30 p.m

Wonderful Chinese medicine

How to relieve neck pain effectively

Source: | wonderful Chinese medicine

Anatomical analysis of internal heat needle in the treatment of neck pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/neck pain/lumbar spine

Spinal connection

1, ligament

Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane: connective tissue membrane between the anterior superior arch of the atlas and the anterior border of the foramen magnum of the occipital.

sciatica treatment

Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane: located between the posterior arch of atlas and the posterior margin of the foramen magnum of occipital, it is located in the deep surface of the suboccipital triangle, and the vertebral artery and the first cervical nerve pass through the lateral part. The adult skin reaches the posterior membrane of atlanto-occipital approximately 4-5cm.

Transverse ligament of atlas: located behind the odontoid process, it is tough and has the function of restricting the motion of the odontoid process to the rear.

Atlas cruciate ligament: a longitudinal fiber bundle is sent up and down the middle of atlas transverse ligament, respectively attached to the anterior edge of the foramen magnum and the posterior part of the axial body, which has the effect of limiting the backward movement of the odontoid process. When the ligament is injured violently, the odontoid process is shifted backward, which may lead to fatal pressure on the spinal cord.

Apical odontoapical ligament: located in the deep surface of the transverse ligament of the atlas, between the apical odontoapical and the anterior edge of the foramen magnum of the occipital bone. Very thin. May limit axial downward displacement.

sciatica treatment

Laminating: it is the extension of posterior longitudinal ligament, covering behind the odontoid process and attaching to the occipital slope. It can prevent the odontoid process from moving back and protect the spinal cord.

sciatica treatment

Pterygium (pterygium pterygium) : located anteriorly above the transverse ligament of the atlas, between the odontoid process and the occipital condyle, it has the function of limiting the excessive forward and rotational movement of the head. Atlas transverse ligament and pterygium ligament are compound atlantoaxial ligament, which can stabilize atlantoaxial joint and atlantooccipital joint.

sciatica treatment

Nape ligament: nape ligament starts from the spinous process of all cervical vertebra and ends at the external occipital carina and the external occipital crest. Its superficial fibers are connected between the external occipital carina and the 7th cervical spinous process. It is deeply attached to the posterior atlas tubercle and all cervical spinous processes. There are multiple muscles attached to the side of the ligaments, such as capitis and collicularis cervicalis, which mainly limit excessive forward flexion of the neck.

sciatica treatment

2, joints,

Atlas – occipital joint: it is composed of occipital condyle and atlas supraarticular surface. Atlantooccipital anterior and posterior membranes enhance joint stability.

sciatica treatment

Atlantoaxial joint: consists of 3 joints. The lateral atlantoaxial joint is composed of the lower atlantoaxial articular surface and the upper axial articular surface on both sides, one on each side, which is equivalent to the facet joints between other vertebrae. The middle ring tooth joint is composed of the odontoid process of the axis and the odontoid concave behind the anterior arch of the atlas. The atlantoaxial central joint formed between the axial odontoid process and the transverse ligament of the atlas, which allows rotation of the head.

Articular dash forward joint: each articular capsule is loose differ, cervical flabby dislocation easily, bosom is more nervous, the waist is tight and thick. Anterior yellow ligament, posterior interspinous ligament strengthening, facet joints participate in the formation of the posterior wall of the intervertebral foramen, anterior and adjacent spinal nerve, cervical segment and vertebral artery through. Facet joints have spinal nerve back branch innervation, the nerve compression or pull, can cause back pain.

Cervical facet joints: cervical facet joints are synovial joints, composed of upper and lower facet joints. The articular process and vertebral body are about 40° ~ 45°, the articular surface is smooth, covered with hyaline cartilage, and the articular capsule is relatively loose. The intervertebral facet joints guide and limit the direction of motion of the motion segments. When be like cervical vertebra anterior flexion, the lower articular process of upper cervical vertebra slides forward on articular process of lower cervical vertebra, but articular capsule limits its excessive anterior flexion. Although the arrangement of cervical facet joints is conducive to flexion and extension, it is unstable and vulnerable to injury.

Hook joint, also known as luschka joint, consists of the hook of the 3-7 cervical vertebra and the lip margin of the upper vertebra. After 5 years of age, it develops gradually with the movement of the cervical spine, as a result of the differentiation from direct to indirect connections.

sciatica treatment

The important adjoint of uncinate vertebra is adjacent: the blood vessel of spinal cord, spinal membrane branch and vertebral body is posterior; The posterolateral part constitutes the anterior wall of the intervertebral foramen adjacent to the cervical nerve root. Lateral vertebral arteriovenous and sympathetic plexus. With age, vertebral hook bone hyperplasia may occur, compression of spinal nerves or vertebral vessels.

sciatica treatment

Hierarchical anatomy of spinal soft tissue

1. Deep fascia in the nape region

It is divided into shallow layer and deep layer. The superficial layer covers the surface of trapezius muscle and the deep layer is on the deep surface of the muscle, called the fascia. Position: deep surface of the trapezius, enclosing the clipping muscle, above the semiliacinous muscle: attached below the upper nape: transitional into the posterior layer of the thoracolumbar fascia medial side: attached to the anterior ligament

sciatica treatment

2. Thoracolumbar fascia

It is relatively weak in the thoracic and dorsal region, covering the surface of the vertical spinal muscle, and extending up the spine, with the medial side attached to the spinous process and supraspinous ligament of the thoracic vertebra, and the lateral side attached to the costal Angle, and thickening down to the lumbar region, and divided into three layers: anterior, middle and posterior.

sciatica treatment

3. Muscle layers

It is roughly divided into four layers from shallow to deep: the first layer contains the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and the posterior part of the external oblique; In the second layer, there are clamping muscles, levator scapulae, rhomboid muscles, serratus posteralis, serratus posteralis and posterior abdominal oblique muscles. The third layer has the erector spinal muscle and the posterior part of the transverse abdominis; The fourth layer has the suboccipital muscle, the transverse process spinous muscle and the transverse process between the muscle, the scalenus muscle and so on.

1. Superior trapezius muscle: arising from the upper nape line, the nape ligament and the spines of cervical vertebra 1-5; Intermediate trapezius muscle: from the spinous process of the 6th cervical vertebra to the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebra; Just above the acromion of the scapula and the crest of the scapula. Inferior trapezius: arising from the spinous process of the 4th — 12th thoracic vertebra; It is inserted below the medial margin of the scapular crest at the levator scapulae junction. Function: to improve the scapula (together with levator scapulae); Rotate the shoulder blades upward (moving the pelvis upward); To draw back the shoulder blades; To depress the scapula; Extend head and neck (bilateral activity); Rotating head and neck (unilateral movement) blood supply: transverse carotid artery

Innervation: accessory nerve

sciatica treatment

Latissimus dorsi

Position: lower dorsum and lateral thorax subcutaneously.

Starting point: the spines of the lower 6 thoracic vertebrae, all lumbar vertebrae, sacral middle crest, and posterior iliac crest.

Terminus: humerus tuberculus crest.

Function: shoulder joint extension, adduction and rotation. Participate in pull-ups.

Innervation: thoracic and dorsal nerves (c6 — c8)

sciatica treatment

The second layer: 1. Hairpin muscle

Position: nape, deep surface of the trapezius.

Starting point: lower ligament, 7th cervical vertebra and 1-3 thoracic spinous process.

Terminal point: mastoid process, lateral occipital bone.

2. Cervical pinchpin muscle

Position: outside and below the capitis

Starting point: spinous process of the 3rd – 6th thoracic vertebra.

Insertion point: posterior tubercle of the transverse process of cervical vertebra 1-3.

Function: contract and extend the head at the same time on both sides; One side contracts to turn the head ipsilateral.

Blood supply: muscular branch of the aorta

Innervation: posterior ramus of the spinal nerve

sciatica treatment

Levator scapulae muscle

Position: on both sides of the nape, deep surface of the trapezius.

Starting point: posterior transverse tubercle of cervical vertebra 1-4.

Apex: upper Angle of shoulder blade and upper medial margin.

Function: lift shoulder blade. Scapula fixed, side contracted, neck bent ipsilateral. Contract both sides to extend the back of the neck.

Innervation: dorsal scapular nerve (c5 nerve root)

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Position: deep surface of the middle of the trapezius, fibers obliquely downwards and outwards.

Starting point: cervical spines 6-7 (rhomboid), thoracic spines 1-4 (rhomboid).

Insertion: middle, lower medial margin of the shoulder blade.

Action: bring the shoulder blades closer to the spine and move them upward.

Innervation the dorsal scapular nerve.

sciatica treatment

5. Serratus supraposterior

Position: deep surface of the rhomboid muscle, fibers obliquely downwards and outwardly.

Starting point: the spinous process of the 6th and 7th cervical vertebra, the 6th and 7th cervical vertebra, and the 1st and 2nd thoracic vertebra, starting from the lower part of the acl. Dead center: outer surface of the rib Angle of the 2nd through 5th ribs, serrated. Effect: lift the ribs, help to inhale. Innervation: 1 — 4 intercostal nerves.

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6. Serratus inferior posterior

Position: deep surface of the middle of latissimus dorsi, fibers obliquely upwards.

Starting point: the 11th – 12th thoracic vertebra and the 1st – 2nd lumbar spines.

Dead center: outer surface of the rib Angle of the 9th through 12th ribs, serrated.

Effect: lower ribs to aid exhalation.

Innervation: intercostal nerve

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Layer 3: erector spinal muscle

Location: in the longitudinal groove on both sides of the spinous process of the spine. Composed of three muscle bundles, from the inside out is the iliocostal muscle, the longest muscle, spine muscle.

1. Iliocostal muscle: starting from the back of the sacrum, sacrotuberous ligament, posterior iliac crest, ending at the ribs.

The longest muscle can be divided into the head, neck, chest longest muscle starting point: the back of the sacrum, lumbar spine process, thoracic cervical transverse process. Insertion point: transverse process of thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra, temporal mastoid process.

The spinous muscle can be divided into the head, neck, chest and lumbar spinous muscle starting point: the spine process of the lower vertebra.

Insertion: the spinous process of the upper vertebrae.

Function: to extend the spine and tilt the head back. Unilateral contraction is lateral flexion.

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The fourth floor:

(1) the vertebra occipital muscle includes the following four muscles

1. Starting point of oblique upper oblique line of posterior rectus major fibers of the head: axial spinous process.

Insertion: lateral bone surface of the inferior occipital line.

Function: same as the clamping muscle

(2) posterior rectus minor fibers straight up

Starting point: posterior atlas tubercle.

Insertion: medial bone surface of the lower occipital line.

Function: make the head turn and backward.

(3) the oblique oblique oblique oblique above the oblique oblique oblique oblique oblique oblique oblique

Starting point: atlas transverse process.

Stop: occipital lower line.

Function: to tilt the head back.

(4) the head of the oblique muscle fibers outside the upper oblique line

Starting point: axial spinous process.

Terminal point: transverse process of atlas.

Function: one side makes the head turn to the same side, two side makes the head backward.

Innervation: suboccipital nerve

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Scalenus anterior: arising from the anterior tubercle of the transverse process of the 3rd — 6th cervical vertebra; Stop at the inside of the upper margin of the 1st rib.

Scalenus medius arising from the retrotransverse tubercle of the 2nd — 7th cervical vertebra; Stop outside the upper margin of the first rib.

Posterior scalenus: arising from the retrotransverse tubercle of the 5th — 7th cervical vertebra; To the side of the 2nd rib, and sometimes to the 3rd rib.

Function: major muscles that cause lateral flexion of the cervical spine; Bilateral action of scalenus anterior helps the neck flex; The scalenus posterior stabilizes the neck, participates in breathing exercises, and elevates the chest when lifting and carrying objects.

Innervation: anterior ramus of spinal nerve c5-6

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Spinal triangle

Suboccipital triangle

Medial upper bound: rectus magnus posterior to the head

Outer boundary: oblique muscle on the head

Outer lower boundary: inferior oblique muscle of the head

Floor: posterior atlanto occipital membrane and posterior arch of atlanto

Superficial side: clamp muscle, occipital nerve, half spine muscle

Contents: suboccipital nerve and vertebral artery

sciatica treatment

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Looks like "the gentle" yoga, may be the sickness sharp weapon, carefully brings about the neck shoulder waist leg pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

Elegant and quiet environment, slow and beautiful music, with coach gentle voice lead. Yoga, more and more become a fashion, all levels of female friends, there is a kind of not learn not practice out of the trend.

In recent years, reports on yoga maintenance, fitness and therapeutic functions emerge in endlessly. Meanwhile, the number of cases of neck, shoulder and lower back pain caused by yoga is increasing. The author is in outpatient service often can encounter such patient. So, yoga is cure, or disease? What does it have to do with pain?

Professor Chen shiyi, director of sports medicine center and doctoral supervisor of fudan university, went to India on a business trip and found that people who practiced yoga in India started from childhood. A true yoga master often requires at least 20 years of dedicated practice. In adulthood, human ligaments and bone structures have matured and each joint has a fixed range of motion. If this time overstretch joints, especially some female friends, flexibility, balance and strength quality is not enough, but rush, blind pursuit of high strength and difficulty, plus the action is not standard, it is easy to lead to joint injuries, such as muscle ligament injury, meniscal injury, joint inflammation, etc.

Everyone who intends to practice yoga must first have a clear understanding of their body. If you have congenital abnormalities in your bone and joint system or acquired acute or chronic strain, these problems must be addressed before you practice yoga. Otherwise, yoga may bring you more pain.

Yoga was originally a practice method of monks in ancient India. Through years of persistent and gradual practice, healthy people can achieve a better state. However, in real life, many people practice yoga with the attitude of curing diseases while ignoring the importance of clinical treatment, which is a very dangerous practice. Yoga is just a kind of exercise stretching technique, but the cause and mechanism of the disease are very complex, and the treatment often needs comprehensive treatment.

From this point of view, treat yoga, we should choose carefully, not blindly follow the wind. Before practicing yoga, had better go to a hospital first, seek professional doctor to seek advice, check, see your current physical condition is appropriate do not suit to practice yoga, what attention item has. Otherwise, the yoga that looks like "gentleness", also can become the sharp weapon that causes disease.

(lv wenke, author of xinghua island, master of traditional Chinese medicine, attending physician of rehabilitation department of the second hospital of shanxi medical university, former national young women's volleyball team doctor)

The number of people suffering from back and neck pain in the UK is increasing year by year – infrared heating therapy | back pain/neck pain/neck and back pain/back pain and/chiropractic association/and back pain

According to the daily mail on April 10, the number of people suffering from back and neck pain has been on the rise for five years, with a sedentary lifestyle blamed.

A survey of more than 200 adults revealed that neck and back pain affected 30 per cent of adults in the UK in 2016, rising to 32 per cent in 2017 and a staggering 44 per cent this year.

More than two-fifths of britons now suffer from back and neck pain, 12 per cent more than last year. According to the British chiropractic association, 70 per cent of people in the midlands have experienced back and neck pain by the age of 30. The disease is largely attributed to sitting, with people now spending a lot of time on smartphones and tablets, resulting in long periods of sitting in chairs and little exercise.

Catherine quinn, President of the British chiropractic association, said: 'our bodies need exercise and when you are sedentary, back and neck pain can follow. We live in an age of intelligence, where we interact with technology every day, text our friends or browse social media. But at the same time, we often sit in an uncomfortable position for a long time, which is the root cause of back and neck pain. It's not hard to think about how to relieve the pain, but stretching between jobs can help.

Northern Ireland had the highest number of people suffering back and neck pain and was also common in Scotland, according to the survey. Relatively few people in the south east of England suffer from the disease, while people in Yorkshire and humber cite household chores and manual Labour as the cause.

In addition, lifting or lifting heavy objects is often cited as the most common cause of back pain and neck pain, but if we are careful not to lift heavy objects, it's ok.

Ms. Quinn says regular exercise, stretching and moderate exercise can increase strength and flexibility, but it also means preparing the body for more intense activities like weight lifting and weight bearing.

(intern compilation: shi lei review: liu Yang)

Neck shoulder ache, upper limb numbness? Don't take it lightly, it may affect your future life! – infrared heating therapy | back pain/neck and back pain/neck and shoulder pain/lumbar disc herniation/disc decompression/pain management

Here comes the weekly sharing the great doctor!

At 10:10 am on Monday, August 19, zhang leibo, deputy chief doctor of anesthesiology department of wuxi second hospital, walked into the studio.

back pain remedies

Expert profile:

Zhang Leibo, wuxi 2 hospital, assistant director of anesthesia, engaged in clinical anesthesia and pain management for 15 years, specialize in elderly patients with thoracic surgery anesthesia, anesthesia, nerve surgery anesthesia, anesthesia and critically ill patients rescue, heritage after herpes zoster pain treatment, non-operative treatment, non-operative therapy on cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion pain treatment. Participated in wuxi medical aid work for xinjiang, brought a number of new technologies, benefit the local people. He is the secretary and member of the anesthesia professional committee of wuxi society of integrated Chinese and western medicine. He has won two third prizes of wuxi science and technology progress and two second prizes of jiangsu province new technology introduction.

Specialize in:

Anaesthesia of complex difficult operation, anaesthesia and rescue of patients with critical illness, pain after herpes zoster and the non-operative treatment of cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra pain, cancer pain treatment, etc.

Expert outpatient service time:

Monday afternoon (south courtyard).

back pain remedies

Every day I move bricks

Little not before the computer bow silly back

Although it's possible to pay more

The greater the return

back pain remedies

But over time

Cervical and lumbar vertebrae become overwhelmed

How to protect our cervical and lumbar vertebrae,

Let me listen to doctor zhang of wuxi second hospital say

back pain remedies

Whether it's working overtime or hanging out on your phone

Most peopleThink of thisIs a small thing

In fact, neck and back pain is second only to colds in prevalence,

Almost everyone has experienced neck and back pain at some point in their lives.

back pain remedies

back pain remedies

back pain remedies

back pain remedies

Clinical manifestations of

Common clinical manifestations are —Neck and shoulder pain,

Upper limb pain and numbnessOr dizziness, headache, chest tightness,

Heavy quadriplegia, etc

Cervical spondylosis is commonly seen in people over 40 years old

In recent years, there has been a trend of younger people

White collar desk workers are more common

High incidence

Long treatment time

Relapse is more likely after treatment

back pain remedies

But don't worry too much

Because it's preventable

Take a look at these eight steps

Stay away from cervical spondylosis

Prevention of cervical spondylosis

1. Know yourself and your enemy, and you will succeed in every battle.(understand relevant knowledge, master the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.)

2. Keep optimistic. Mental factors can also cause physical symptoms.

Step 3 work out, including your neck and whole body.

4. Avoid sleeping soundly.

5. Keep neck and shoulders warm, avoid cold and damp.

6. Timely treatment of soft tissue strain of neck, shoulder and back.

7. Prevent neck injuries.

8. Correct posture.

And a set of operands

Three minutes a day

Stay away from cervical spondylosis easily

back pain remedies

Treatment of cervical spondylosis

Non-surgical treatment: massage, traction, physiotherapy, internal and external application of traditional Chinese medicine.

Minimally invasive treatment: including collagenase lysis, ozone ablation, percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD), etc.

Surgical treatment: including anterior and posterior cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and nucleus pulposus excision.

back pain remedies

Poor performance

Not prominent in appearance

On the waist disc protruding

back pain remedies

Symptoms of

Lumbago and side or bilateral lower extremity ache are main symptom, or companion has lower extremity numbness, severe person can lower extremity paralyses etc.

back pain remedies

Preventive measures

Prevent trauma and overwork

Maintain correct sitting posture and strengthen physical exercise

Increase your back and waist tone

And rest is also very important!

Ps: people who have already suffered back pain should reduce their workload and take proper rest. Bed rest can reduce the pressure inside lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar muscle is flabby, ache is reduced.

We must put neck and back pain in mind

Don't take it for granted

Source: subscription number of shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine

Come and consult a big doctor! Let sharing the great doctor help you out.

back pain remedies

"Sharing big doctor" will have three medical experts from the deputy director or above of wuxi third-class first-class hospital walk into the studio every week, share medical professional experience, carry out live diagnosis of diseases, so that you can enjoy the medical service of famous big doctors without leaving home!

Monday: wuxi second people's hospital

Tuesday: wuxi people's hospital

Thursday: wuxi hospital of traditional Chinese medicine

Time: 10:10 — 11:00 am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Look! Black!Board!

Here are the highlights

Listening to the show not only allows you to interact directly with big doctors, but alsowelfareWaiting for you!

There will be every episode of sharing the big doctorFive lucky listenersGet a medical specialist for this unitFree expertTo receive expert consultation and treatment.

Such a great doctor, not fast to the crowd to ask questions?

Experts teach you to avoid neck, shoulder and lumbago pain – infrared heating therapy | back pain/neck pain/leg pain/neck and shoulder pain/neck shoulder pain/shoulder pain/and back pain

Changsha evening news reporter tang jiangpeng

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of people have experienced varying degrees of neck pain, shoulder and back pain, and lumbago pain in their lives. In recent years, with the change of people's lifestyle, patients with neck, shoulder and waist pain have appeared a younger trend, especially white-collar workers, drivers, accountants and other groups, neck, shoulder and waist pain in the state of high load every day, is a high incidence of neck, shoulder and waist pain.

Many patients feel that neck and shoulder pain can be eased by massage, but experts say blind massage can have unimaginable consequences before the cause is diagnosed.

Sponsored by the changsha evening news, special, public health seminars on pharmaceutical group named – "gehl. Changsha evening news health lecture hall", on May 6th morning at rutgers, healthy living museum lecture 10 of 6th floor conference room guest at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal professional committee, affiliated hospital of hunan province academy of traditional Chinese medicine, vice director of Xu Hui of fractures, a speaker, the scene to teach people how to prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder, waist.

At the event site, xu hui will also carry out physical examination for some citizens and extracorporeal shock wave treatment for some patients with neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain. The audience will send each other politely (first come, first served), and interact with experts to obtain ultra-fine and painful plaster made by the affiliated hospital of hunan academy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tegel changsha evening news health lecture hall holds the principle of pure public benefit, free of charge, each session only 100 places to attend the class, the need of the public please quickly through the following three ways to register, and indicate the name and telephone number.

● way to register: pay attention to "changsha evening news health bar (CSWBJKB)", and leave your name and phone number in the background in the first time; Call the evening news hotline at 96333; Call tegel health & lifestyle library on 0731-82916288

● time: 9:30-11:00 am, Saturday, May 6

● venue: conference room, 6th floor, tegel health & lifestyle hall (429 yintang south road, yuelu district, changsha, opposite to ochus square)

● lecture topic: "teach you to avoid neck shoulder pain lumbago pain"

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Uncomfortable shoulder pain, this set of yoga postures will help you improve – infrared heating therapy | shoulder pain

Opt for so-called comfortable body movements, which can exacerbate shoulder problems. The more tense the shoulder muscle group, the less able to avoid stretching, let it adapt to their own changes. Check out these muscle stretching postures!

neck pain

One, downward dog

Straighten your legs, step on the ground in front of your feet, straighten your knees, extend your hands forward and maintain a leg length with your feet, force your hands back, press your shoulders down, look at the direction of your feet, and tighten your abdomen.

neck pain

Second, the hand holds the toe position

Stand firmly on the ground with your left leg. Hold the toes of your right foot with your right hand and open them to the side of your body. Lengthen your spine.

neck pain

Three, elbow stand

Bend double elbow, double elbow is in the right below of shoulder ministry, raise one's head the eye looks to the ground, spinal column is pulled into, leg ministry takes the body to rise upward, double leg ministry points to the direction of sky, back reason is straight, spinal column extends, maintain the core of the body to tighten up.

neck pain

Four, triangle side extension

Stiff shoulders? It is mainly due to the inflexible muscle tissue around the shoulder, and the accumulated life habits lead to the increasingly serious shoulder problem. In order to make themselves comfortable, they will slowly avoid the painful parts and choose the so-called comfortable body movements, which will only aggravate the shoulder problem.

neck pain

Five, hold your head upside down

Double elbow opens slightly than shoulder width, the body rises upward, hip is in the upper part of shoulder, arm ministry is twisted, right leg extends to the left in front of the body, left leg extends to the right rear after the body, maintain body stability.

neck pain

Six, arm extension type

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your legs upright, arms up, legs on the floor, arms back, and toes up.

neck pain

Seven, the plough type

Lie on your back with your legs to reach the ceiling. Use your shoulders, not the back of your neck, to support the weight of your body. Use your hands to support the back of your body.

neck pain

Eight, riding style

Stretch your right hip back, bend your left knee, and kneel on one leg. Lower your center of gravity and feel the stretch in front of your right thigh. Left crus and ground maintain perpendicular, upper body is erect, spinal column extends ahead.

neck pain

Nine, the tree type

neck pain

Flexible shoulders can not only make a person show confidence and vitality, but also reduce the shoulder pain to bring inconvenience to life. In the practice of yoga, every day's practice is necessary to shoulder posture, want to solve the shoulder problem, we can practice together!

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