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Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately? Let's talk about a sudden back pain

Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately?

Let's start by talking about what causes sudden back pain. There are many reasons, such as lumbar disc herniation, sprain, fracture, tumor, infection, and so on.

Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation besides lumbar ache, companion has the strip that buttocks aches and one side leg more, discharge kind is painful, right now namely lumbago adds sciatica.

Standing with the upper body tilted to one side because of the pain, the shoulders on both sides are obviously high and low. When you're in bed, you can't keep your legs straight. Instead, lie on your side and bend your knees. The disease has a high prevalence and is common in life.

Acute lumbar sprain is more than a casual movement such as turn around, get up and suddenly feel waist flash, waist pain unbearable, dare not bend, walk carefully, serious turn over is difficult, even cough back pain will increase.

A lumbar fracture, such as a sudden pain after slipping in the bathroom, can be caused by a fracture.

A history of malignant tumors in the lumbar spine, or a recent bout of back pain with significant weight loss, should be suspected.

A sudden bout of back pain, if accompanied by fever, may be caused by an infection.

What reason is abrupt waist ache to cause? In addition to the above by the lumbar or lumbar lesions caused by orthopedic disease, may also be internal diseases caused by the viscera.

If one side waist is painful suddenly, ache rise to death, companion has nausea, vomiting, hematuria to wait for a symptom, want to suspect is kidney stone.

If it is a woman suddenly back pain, also exclude gynecological emergencies.

Visible, what reason is sudden lumbar ache caused? The etiology of sudden back pain is various, and should be combined with the patient's own medical history, as well as the incidence of the disease to judge. The aunt zhang at the beginning of this article is the acute lumbar sprain after the action of flicking the waist.

No matter what causes the sudden back pain, it is best to see a doctor in time, identify the cause, follow the doctor's advice for appropriate treatment, and then supplemented with immediate relief of back pain tips to help ease the pain.

What are some simple and reliable ways to instantly relieve back pain? The details are as follows:

1. Bed rest: for patients with severe pain, short-term bed rest can not only alleviate the pain in the back, but also play a positive role in long-term rehabilitation. However, bed rest is generally not recommended for more than 2 weeks. As the pain subside, moderate daily activities are needed.

2. Hot compress after cold compress: it is recommended to apply cold compress within 48 hours after the occurrence of waist pain, and apply hot compress after 48 hours.

3. Waist circumference: waist circumference can relieve pain and prevent acute aggravation by restricting spinal activity. During wearing, it is recommended to loosen the belt at least 1-2 times a day.

4. Oral drugs: oral medications for pain killer is clinically very commonly used a small coup, immediately relieve back pain while painkillers such as ibuprofen has some relief, but take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the long-term effect is not good, acute orthopaedic backache can take proprietary Chinese medicine lumbago ning capsule, has a good promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, local repair.

The drug is mainly used in clinical treatment of common cold and wet type lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other diseases, prominent performance is when cold pain is increased, when temperature is light. Lumbar tongning capsule powder cold dehumidification, temperature channel tongluo, detumescence pain, similar to the internal body of a comprehensive heat treatment. And pharmacological studies have confirmed that it effectively inhibits inflammation, promote swelling, pain relief.

Moreover, the cost of lumbago capsule is not expensive, about 35 yuan per day, and many places are covered by medical insurance, quite affordable. Most people take it for 7-10 days and feel relief. But there are also individual patients may have a mild but severe pain, which is a "therapeutic response." Remember, you don't need to stop taking the medicine, just keep taking it. If we stop taking the medicine, all our efforts will be wasted. Lumbago ning capsule cost-effective, is a good way to relieve the pain in the immediate small action.

Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain!

In our daily life, we often hear the following dialogue:

"Alas, I recently waist a little ache, do not know how to return a responsibility."

"Well, have you got kidney disease?"

After all, kidney problems are no small matter. If they can't be cured, they will be over. This kind of negative mood is very adverse to the health of the body, so small make up here to tell you, back pain does not mean kidney disease, cause back pain there are many reasons, you must not scare yourself!

1. Lumbar muscle strain

What should consider above all when happening lumbago is oneself have twisted recently waist or motion way is improper, caused lumbar muscle strain thereby. Lumbar muscle strain is a kind of chronic injury inflammation, prone to repeated attacks, will increase when tired, will reduce when rest, temperature is too low or humidity is relatively high, may also increase back pain.

how to cure lower back pain

Some patients after twist to the waist is often go to the pharmacy to buy a box of plasters his post, a home have a rest over it, later also do feel waist pain eased, but it's so easy to leave, to develop into chronic low back pain, so you'd better to check the orthopaedic detailed, especially the elderly, more cannot ignore.

2. Lumbar degeneration

The lumbar vertebra of the person is the accumulation that can grow as the age, motion time and degenerate gradually, but if do not take care of at ordinary times, or produce sprain, spasm, produce joint problem possibly ahead of time, evolve even lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, these can cause the ache of lumbar, must treat as soon as possible.

how to cure lower back pain

3. Urinary system diseases

This is the "nephropathy" that a lot of people worry about, nevertheless urological system does not have kidney only, besides a few kidney problems can cause lumbago, for example: obstructive nephropathy, polycystic kidney, nephroptosis, renal abscess is waited a moment, the tumour of any place of other such as urinary tract stone, urological system also can cause lumbago.

When happening urological system disease nevertheless, can have lumbago only a symptom, the body still can have other expression, be like: albuminuria, hematuria, oedema, hypertensive or urinate is urgent, urine is painful wait a moment, everybody needs more attention, when discovering these symptoms, must treat in time.

4. Reproductive diseases

how to cure lower back pain

Common in women, for example: endometritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. Additional, female is in menstruation, also can accompany sometimes the lumbago of different level; During pregnancy, as the baby grows up, the pressure on the waist will gradually increase, which will also be prone to lower back pain.

To sum up, there are many reasons that cause lumbago, whether it is a kidney problem or comprehensive consideration. If the pain recurrent, lasting longer, it is best to go to the hospital to check, carefully examine the cause of disease, in order to treat the disease, as soon as possible.

Waist ache presses these acupuncture points, alleviate ache to be quick! – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Make a fist with both hands, put the tip of the fist on the two sides of the shen shu point, press clockwise and knead first, then press counterclockwise and knead. Insist to press knead this acupoint every day, have nourishing Yin zhuangyang, kidney-tonifying waist function.


Gv 3 point

The lumbar yangguan point is in the depression below the spinous process of the fourth lumbar spine, about level with the iliac ridge.

Left hand or right hand clenched fist, with the tip of the fist placed on the waist yangguan point, repeatedly pressed. This point is the place where the Yang qi passes through the meridian. It can be massed every day to dredge Yang qi, strengthen the waist and knees, and benefit the lower yuan.


Beneficiary den

Lumbar point is located under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, with a depression of about 3.5 inches, which is flat with yangguan point.

Both hands clench fist, press knead this acupoint with fist tip, can have the effect that invigorates blood to clear collateral, healthy waist is beneficial kidney.


Bilateral acupuncture point

Weizhong acupoint is at the midpoint of the popliteal cross grain behind the knee joint.

back pain remedies

Both hands rub to heat, take knead with both hands at the same time (with thumb and the other four fingers point to the abdomen relative force) two lower limbs weizhong point, time about a minute. It can relieve pain and relieve spasmolysis.



With the hand four fingers hold the thumb into a fist, with the back of the fist rhythmically percussion lumbar spine on both sides to the caudal sacral department, left and right percussion 36 times, with blood circulation tongluo, strong muscle and bone function.


Wipe the waist

Rub hand to heat, with two palm face clings to lumbar vertebra two side, on one is 1, brush continuously 100 times. It has the function of warming and dispersing cold, strengthening waist and benefiting kidney.

How to prevent lumbago daily?



It hurts most to bend one's back and stretch one's head. Almost everyone sits in the wrong posture in front of a computer, hunched over and craning their neck to look at a monitor for hours at a time. This can lead to cervical spine and shoulder flexion, leading to severe pain in the back, back and neck.

back pain remedies

Correct posture:Choose a chair with adjustable height and back Angle; Monitor is not too close to the seat or too far; Sit with your knees, thighs, back, and elbows at a 90-degree Angle. Consciously bring your chin in and open your chest and shoulders to help you breathe easily.



Sitting on your chin causes back pain. Many people are accustomed to sitting on their chin, especially in meetings or thinking. This is a very bad position for the cervical spine and can cause headaches.

Correct posturePotential:Want toGet up and walk or put your hands on the back of your neck and do some neck twists to keep blood flowing to your brain.


Lowering the head and containing the chest affects the heart and lung. Experts say the most common way to feel tired is to walk while looking down at the road.

back pain remedies

Correct posture:Look up straight ahead, when taking a step, should let ham drive crus. The use of "little trot" to increase the frequency of the movement of the legs, to strengthen the heart and lung function is good.

Watching TV

Paralysis affects breathing and digestion. Lazily sits on sofa, the body looks to get loosen, squeeze the living space of viscera not only so actually, still cause lumbar muscle strain easily.

Correct posture:Choose a bit taller, a bit harder sofa. If the sofa is too soft, add a cushion. If the seat is too deep, why not put a back pillow behind your waist to keep your back upright?


One side of the spine suffers. On buses and subways, people can be seen standing askew. This stance causes stress on both sides of the lumbar spine to be uneven, leading to back pain.

Correct posture:Legs erect, calves and abdomen slightly tightened, center of gravity slightly forward, eyes level ahead. If you want to stand for a long time, switch your center of gravity every 10 minutes with a "sit back" motion.

Down the stairs

Kicks load the joints of the legs. Some people walk unsteadily down stairs, especially hurting their knees.

Correct posture:The knee should be perpendicular to the toe. For example, when stepping out of the right foot, the right knee should be as relaxed as possible so that the weight of the body can sink into the bottom of the foot. It's best to land on the sole of your feet and avoid rocking from side to side.


Lift only the calf knee to suffer. Why do some people look lithe when they run and others look sluggish? Experts say poor running posture can hurt your body and cause fatigue.

Correct posture:When running, through the upper arm, hip joint, thigh, leg linkage to the leg "send out", landing knee slightly curved, feet from heel to front palm "rolling land", this posture muscle most energy saving, knee pressure is small, the most adequate cardiopulmonary exercise.

Different causes of lower back pain

The first is lumbago, such as a heavy stone in the waist, not to pitch, pitch is pain

This kind of lumbago, pass it is because bedroom thing or labor is overmuch, feel rheumatism and become again, hurt kidney when must fill kidney, but the key is a lot of people, took the medicine that fills kidney, more and more painful however, is this why? Because did not understand, is actually the gas of the waist umbilicus did not go out, rheumatism into the kidney can not go out of the reason, so must benefit the gas of the waist umbilicus first, dispel wind benefit wet, and then tonify the kidney, can heal.

The second is to move on the back pain, and then feel empty in the waist

This kind is kidney Yang deficiency normally, but cure method, must Yin and Yang namely aid, when fill Yang, add the medicine that fill Yin, so called no Yin is not enough to give birth to Yang reason.

The 3rd kind is lumbago day is heavy night light, urinate at the same time difficult under, and diet does not change

This kind of lumbago, a lot of people think is kidney empty, it is the water of bladder actually closes also, namely bladder has Yin cold, Yin closes, Yang caikai, bladder Yin closes and make kidney to make pain.

The fourth is a person in a serious illness, back pain like to break the general, a long time that become a slouch

This is moisture enters kidney palace, because be taken by mistake normally the medicine of invigorating kidney Yin and cause, but this is the deficiency of kidney apparently, and the medicine of invigorating kidney Yin damages kidney however? The key is a serious back pain, often spleen wet, at this time to nourish Yin with tonic, wet on the wet, there is no pain?

back pain remedies

The fifth type is backache caused by a fall injury, which should never be treated as backache

This is blood stasis, but can not be added to the treatment of blood stasis invigorating blood, because the kidney is a tonic, add blood, will damage the kidney.

The sixth kind of person because of air conditioning, fan or outdoor camping, feel cold and wet gas waist pain

This is the cold evil into the bone marrow, very difficult to disperse, the treatment of tonifying kidney Yang to drive away the cold evil.

back pain remedies

What can save your back pain? The first OLIF operation was carried out in jinjiang hospital – InfraredHeatingTherapy | back pain/lumbar spine/spinal stenosis

back surgery

Bring aboutPreoperative lumbar spine anterior and lateral radiographs

Jinjiang hospital contacted zhang yuzhu, director of shulan medical consultation. Zhang is a famous expert in spinal surgery from the first affiliated hospital of zhejiang university school of medicine. After detailed analysis of case data, zhang suggested performing oblique lateral lumbar interbody fusion plus posterior lumbar pedicle screw fixation.

back surgery

back surgery

Under the guidance of director zhang yuzhu, director wang xudong's team of the second department of bone surgery successfully performed oblique lateral lumbar interbody fusion (olif)+ posterior lumbar pedicle screw fixation system for the patients as planned. This is also the first case of olif operation in our hospital. The day after the operation, the patient could walk on the ground.

back surgery

back surgery

Bring aboutPostoperative lumbar spine anterior and lateral radiographs

The power of medical technology can be seen in the relieved smiles of patients and their families. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to zhang yuzhu and other experts from shulan medical for their strong technical support for the construction of orthopedic department in our hospital. Their exquisite technique and rigorous attitude will surely promote our department of orthopaedics to keep pace with The Times, realize rapid and leap-forward development and benefit the people of jinjiang.

Lumbar interbody fusionInterbody fusion (lif) is a classic operation for the treatment of degenerative disease of the lumbar spine. Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (alif) was the earliest application, while posterior lumbar interbody fusion (plif) was the most classic and widely used. In recent years, with the development of surgical techniques towards precision and minimally invasive, a number of minimally invasive intervertebral fusion surgery methods have emerged, mainly including minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (mis-tlif), extremely lateral lumbar interbody fusion (xlif) and oblique lateral lumbar interbody fusion (olif).

Various lumbar interbody fusion procedures

back surgery

Each lumbar fusion approach

back surgery

Inclined lateral lumbar intervertebral bone graft fusion (oblique has interbody fusion, olif) recently, the international application is more a way of new minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion surgery. A small incision similar to appThe endicitis operation was made on the side of the abdomen, generally about 5cm. The operation was carried out in this area by placing a working passage between psoas major and abdominal aorta through the intermuscular Spaces of the external oblique, internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles into the extraperitoneal space.

The advantages of olif

It does not enter the peritoneal cavity, thus greatly reducing the incidence of complications such as abdominal organ injury, peritoneal adhesion and vascular injury.

The operation area is in front of the spinal canal, without exposing the spinal canal, thus avoiding the interference of the spinal membrane and spinal cord in the spinal canal.

During the operation, the facet joint, spinous process, interspinous process ligament and posterior longitudinal ligament were not destroyed, the psoas were not stripped, and the psoas major was not incised. These structures play an important role in maintaining the physiological and mechanical stability of the lumbar spine.

The complication rate of olif nerve injury was low.

Larger intervertebral fusion apparatus can be used to improve the height of intervertebral space and the balance of sagittal position.

The operation time is short, the bleeding is little, the pain is light, the hospitalization time is short, the postoperative recovery is fast.

Indications for olif mainly include

Degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis, discogenic low back pain, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar segmental instability, adjacent segmental degeneration after lumbar surgery, degenerative scoliosis, revision of lumbar surgery, intervertebral infection, trauma, tumor, etc.



Text b b 0 bone 2 family shen zhengqing

Sedentary, lower back pain – 12 yoga poses to relieve pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

back pain remedies

Supine twist- spinal twist

Objective benefit: lumbar sacral joint relaxation, side psoas muscle relaxation, hip muscle extension.

Method: supine on the ground, bend left knee to the right side, right hand grasp right knee pull to the ground, left hand stretch and shoulder as high, turn head left. After holding for 1-2 minutes, lie flat for 1 minute, then turn to the other side and repeat.

Note: the left leg is roughly at a 90-degree Angle to the trunk, the right leg is extended, and both sides of the shoulder arms are sunk to the ground.

Variation: if it's too strong, bend both legs in the same direction; For more strength, bend your right knee toward your left hand and grab your right ankle with your left hand. Supine spine twisting has many variations in both hatha and Yin yoga. The key is to adjust the posture according to the individual body structure and state.

back pain remedies

4. Cat & cow pose — cat & cow pose

Objective benefit: to restore spinal flexibility.

Methods: starting with quadruped support, inhale and raise your head to lower the abdomen, lower the sacrum and extend the entire front of the spine. Exhale, lower your head, arch the sacrum toward the ground, and extend more to the back of your spine. Do dynamic exercises. Repeat 5-10 times.

Note: whether inhaling or exhaling, always keep your abdomen properly tightened and your spine always extended.

Changes: starting with the head, or the coccyx, can be combined with slow breathing, extending the spine section by section, giving the spine more flexibility and stronger body and consciousness connections.

back pain remedies

back pain remedies

5. The forward a fold – before bending

Objective benefit: relieve fascia pressure on the back and back of the thigh.

How to: stand slightly bent, legs slightly apart, exhale, from the hips, slowly to the front of the bend. Hold it here, feel your spine grow longer when you breathe in, pull in your ribs when you breathe out, pull in your abdomen toward your spine, and stay there for 1-3 minutes.

Note: some people have tense fascia on the back and back of their legs and may only bend forward to 90 degrees. For some people, it's easy to stick your belly to your thighs — just stretch yourself.

Variation: legs can be completely together; The hands can be at the sides of the feet or in front of the feet. The hands can also cover the elbows so that the whole upper body hangs like a coat on a hanger.

back pain remedies

Off the mat! Off the mat

Objective benefit: start the core strength of the waist and abdomen, stretch the spine and open the shoulder joint.

Method: start with quadruped support, exhale and push the pelvis back, extend the spine.

Note: this is the easiest pose for yoga club members to do wrong. It is also one of the most important basic postures in yoga. There are many key points. Beginners suggest learning from professional teachers.

Variation: bend your knees for the goal of spine extension; Use the back of your thighs as an extension target to straighten your legs and press your heels against the floor. The content contained in this asana can be spoken for 1 day.

back pain remedies

7. Child's pose- baby's pose

Objective benefit: complete extension and relaxation from the head to the coccyx and buttocks.

Method: 4 feet support type to begin, exhale coxal sits backward on heel, natural and relaxed.

Note: keep the weight of the buttocks back down. If the buttocks can't land on the heels, place a small pillow towel or something on the underside of the thighs.

Change: the hands are put forward naturally the most relaxed, bend elbow slightly, shoulder is sunken, experience the feeling that whole body sinks toward the floor, hind back and whole spinal column extend completely.

back pain remedies

8. Rabbit pose- rabbit pose

Objective: to extend the back of the neck and promote blood circulation in the head and neck.

Method: enter from infantile style, both hands hold heel backward, bend the head toward knee direction lets head fall to the ground naturally. Inhale and elevate the hips, hold 5-8 breaths here, or longer, exhale back into baby pose.

Note: based on the difference in body proportion, the head should land on the ground naturally and comfortably, without touching the knee.

Variation: the hands can be placed forward on either side of the head, giving more support to the head and neck and reducing the stretch at the back of the neck.

back pain remedies

9. Go through the needle

Objective benefit: lower back relaxation, lateral shoulder extension, lateral neck extension.

How to do it: start with four-foot support, keep your hips right above your knees and your thighs perpendicular to the ground, exhale and push your hands forward until the top of your head falls to the ground. Hold one breath. When the next exhale, stretch your right arm through your left armpit. Hold for about 2 minutes and repeat with a side switch.

Note: tighten waist and abdomen appropriately to maintain spine extension.

Variation: the right side of the head can land on a soft yoga block or pillow.

back pain remedies

10 pigeon pose- the sign of a pigeon

Objective benefit: hip muscle stretch, especially piriformis stretch, relieves sciatica.

Method: enter from the downward dog position, support the floor with both hands, exhale, bend left knee forward, rotate left thigh outward, right leg with extension down naturally, hip on the ground; Breathe in, support the floor with both hands, and raise your head to straighten your spine. Hold for about 2 minutes, return to the downward dog for 3-5 breaths, then switch sides and repeat.

Note: this is also a wrong high-incidence pose. Keep your knees natural to avoid knee pain. The hip drops naturally to avoid pain from hip compression.

Variation: may lie prone into the sleeping swan position. Beginners to keep the body comfortable and safe, under the guidance of professional teachers, then to increase the range of asana activity.

back pain remedies

11. Happy baby- happy baby

Objective benefit: to relax the lower back, buttocks and the back of the thighs and increase the range of motion of the hip joint.

Method: supine bend one's knees toward the chest, both hands grasp soles of feet outside, let ham press close to the body, ham crus shows 90 degrees. Hold for 2-3 minutes, then exhale and lie flat on your back to relax.

Note: this is a more Yin yoga pose. The range of motion of the hip joint affects the Angle between the legs and the position of the thighs. Find your comfortable position and park here.

Change: both hands can grasp ankle, ham, or cover with yoga rope, towel on foot, feel the stretch of lower back and massage can.

back pain remedies

12. Legs up the wall- stand up against the wall

Objective: to promote the blood circulation in the legs, relieve the pressure in the legs, and release the tension of the nervous system.

Method: I believe you can see the picture.

Note: the closer the butt is to the wall, the harder it is.

Change: before going to bed, do it in bed, against the wall for about 3 minutes, then rest.

back pain remedies

Uber said.

The above asana is a basic set of asanas, most people can safely practice, due to individual differences, still need to be careful, if there is any pain during the practice, immediately exit asana. For severe pain, it is recommended to seek the help of a physical therapist or a yoga teacher to develop a personalized program of exercises to seek changes in breathing, body posture, movement combination, daily life and other aspects.

"Yoga chain", the application core of the cloud service platform of yoga industry, is to link practitioners, yoga studios, yoga practitioners and people, things and things related to yoga together, and to use big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to reshape the ecosystem of yoga industry.

C end group:

1. Experienced yoga lover;

2. White-collar workers, potential mass consumers in the future, practitioners in the yoga industry;

Link b:

1. Offline venues, online courses, new yoga retail, online interactive community;

WeChat service public number: yoga chain

Did you do the right thing about training for lower back pain? – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Lumbago also is to have a lot of reasons to cause, have lumbar more common lumbar acute chronic injury or strain, lumbar muscle strain, ankylosing spondylitis, lumbar bone hyperplasia, spur, intervertebral disc protrusion, vertebra canal stricture, lumbar fracture, vertebra canal tumour, wait for a disease to cause lumbar ache. Strain of lumbar muscles are mostly because of long time tired, or excessive load waist movement in everyday life (for example, sedentary, long standing and often do repeatedly bend to hold the action of content) hurt or be involved in the waist on both sides of the muscle fascia cause inflammation of the fibrous tissue, there will be a waist ache pain and burning sensation, is generally overworked, weight after the pain, when resting, accentuate when tired.

A herniated disc can also cause pain in the lower back. The classic symptoms are lower back pain, sciatica on one side. Someone begins to be lumbago only, gradually just produces one side lower limb painful hemp, also some first lower limb painful hemp, produce lumbago after, ache slowly to coxal, ham, crus lateral reach plantar radiate. Besides this common still have lumbar vertebra bone spine, this disease can do not have a symptom for a long time, begin to appear lumbar back ache, stiff, after resting apparent and a little activity is improved instead but activity is overmuch aggravate, the symptom often aggravates when weather is cold or damp.

Spinal stenosis can also cause discomfort in the lower back. It is a type of disease that causes various causes to shorten the diameter of the spinal canal and compress the dural sac, spinal cord or nerve roots, resulting in pain, numbness, limb weakness, claudication, defecation and urination disorders and a series of neurological disorders.

Pain in the lower back may also be caused by tumors in the lumbar spine. There are many causes, so if the long-term sustained pain can not alleviate their own back, the recommendation to the hospital to find out the cause of disease, can be "appropriate medicine".

For patients with lumbar disc herniation, there are functional rehabilitation exercises that can be performed to stabilize the lumbar spine by activating the multifissured muscles and the transverse abdominals, such as planks, supine waist tucks, and pelvic rolls.

1. Plank

Lie on your back with your waist tucked in

3. Pelvic roll

sciatica pain treatment

For the patients with lumbar muscle strain is mainly to relax the waist muscle, can do some waist stretch action, such as waist stretch, rolling such as ball, sea lion rolling. In addition, you can do some waist strengthening exercises such as basic back stretch.

1. Stretch the waist

sciatica pain treatment

2, little yanfei

sciatica pain treatment

3, rolling like a ball

sciatica pain treatment

Finally, if there is pain, it is best to complete the above movements according to the doctor's advice or under the guidance of specials. If you want to practice at home, you should also know the position of the power of each movement and how to train correctly. You must not imitate and hurt other parts.

Seek medical treatment – jiangbei a 10-year-old girl waist inexplicable pain, issued a piercing cry… – InfraredHeatingTherapy | neck pain

Lulu, 10, who lives in the xoyao community of dachang, developed the disease in March last year. It started with vomiting and neck pain, which raised her blood pressure. The children's hospital of nanjing, Shanghai, hospital of Chinese and western have been to, nuclear magnetic resonance, electroencephalogram each examination also has done, check from beginning to end however not give pathogeny. A consultation with a brain hospital psychologist also ruled out the possibility that mental illness could cause pain.

pain management

pain management

In order to treat lulu this "strange disease", the family has alsoCost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Family members also said: "we did everything, more than anyone else, but we could not find the cause of the disease, we really do not know where to go, to the other side to see people do not accept us."

pain management

Because it is impossible to identify the cause, nor to do effective treatment. Now the time that lulu waist aches is longer and longer, one dayIt will hurt for more than ten hours. Ordinary painkillers are no longer able to relieve the pain and will wake up after a short sleep.

pain management

Seek help from a "disease specialist"

pain management

For lulu's strange illness, the family also saw the brain hospital psychologist, also can not find the cause. Now the family has no way out, really do not know where to go to see lulu's "strange disease".

The media attracted social attention after it was broadcast

Ten thousand netizens and viewers participated

Find the cause together

Also for the audience to donate to the goodwill

The latterThe latterFather said not yet

And for the audience

He will screen carefully, hoping to determine the cause

Let us know if you know the cause

Small make up also wishThe latterThe latterGet rid of pain early

I wishLulu got rid of her paindel

Research shows that real massage is an effective way to treat low back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/chronic lower back pain

In a similar study, researchers have found that real-world massage therapy is an effective way to treat chronic lower back pain.

Niki munk, an assistant professor of health sciences at purdue university's Indianapolis school of health and rehabilitation sciences, said the results were important given the large population. Who suffers from back pain in the United States

how to cure lower back pain

Low back pain causes all disorders over the years in the United States, most patients lose disability rapidly increasing, but one-third report persistent back pain, and 15% develop chronic low back pain with significant physical limitations.

According to munk, more than 50 percent of the people in the study experienced clinically meaningful improvements in lower back pain and disability.

"This study could give primary care providers the confidence to tell patients with chronic low back pain to try massage if they have the ability to do so, "munk said. Generally speaking, massage does not cover insurance, medicaid or medicare.

Previous studies on the effectiveness of massage have been conducted in controlled studies. In the study, patients were referred by doctors to massage therapists. Massage therapists designed and provided a series of 10 massages in a clinical therapeutic environment – free for patients – to mimic the experience of people who choose to seek massage therapy in the real world.

The study also looked at different characteristics associated with patients that are more or less likely to experience clinically meaningful changes in massage. Among the findings:

Baby boomers and older adults tend to be more likely to experience clinically meaningful changes.

Obese patients experienced significant improvements, but these improvements did not persist over time.

Patients who took opioids had improved disability pain in some cases, but were twice as likely to have clinically meaningful changes compared to patients who did not take opioids.

While the results are promising, more work needs to be done, munk said: "the fact is that chronic low back pain is very complex and often requires a maintenance approach rather than a short-term intervention."

Further investigation is needed to replicate the results of the initial study and to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of massage therapy, munk said.

"Massage is an out-of-pocket expense," she said. Generally, people want to know if it is worth it. Does giving people a massage for a long time help? Does it help avoid back surgery, for example, that may or may not produce good results? These are the conclusions we hope to draw from this study."

The study, "actual massage therapy produces meaningful signals of effectiveness for primary care patients with chronic lower back pain: results from a repeat measurement cohort study," was published online March 14 in the journal pain medicine.

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Acupuncture for lower back pain – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

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Click – [September 21 – Beijing railway station] traditional Chinese medicine master shi xuemin wake up brain opening acupuncture training class

Shi xuemin, academician of Chinese academy of engineering, Chinese medicine master, professor, doctoral supervisor. To deliver a stroke therapy reached unprecedented zhitan miracle, by the world recognized as the most influential medical inventions, human way of therapy for stroke will change as a result, xue-min shi academicians and become the only five TCM academician of Chinese academy of engineering, 30 times by the state and the government recognition, twice to save foreign heads of government. Five times "CCTV" interviews, six national science and technology awards; Created the Asia's largest brain rehabilitation base, his academic thought has become the latest standards in the field of stroke treatment, at present mainly xue-min shi academicians in the first affiliated hospital of tianjin institute of founded in medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and industry as one of Asia's largest brain rehabilitation base, known as "the first person of stroke treatment".

"Awakening the mind and enlightening the body with acupuncture" has won the third prize of national science and technology progress, and the second prize of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology progress of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine. The acupuncture method has specific provisions on the selection of acupuncture points, acupuncture techniques and acupuncture intensity, which is a standard and scientific acupuncture method. In the point allocation, selection and techniques have been strictly standardized. After clinical application, the standard method of awakening the brain and activating the body acupuncture for treating apoplexy has obtained the clinical curative effect which is obviously superior to the traditional acupuncture.

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The first non-surgical spinal decompression system in guizhou province – InfraredHeatingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/spinal decompression

Report from our correspondent (reporter du gaofu) yesterday, the reporter learns from hospital of province orthopedics, this hospital orthopedics internal medicine introduces system of decompression of spine of an accu-spi-na that does not operate, as the formal application of this system, mark system of decompression of spine of guizhou the first that does not operate is located in hospital of province orthopedics. This system is an effective supplement to the conservative treatment of cervical and lumbar spine diseases. It has unique advantages and does not involve drug treatment. It is recognized as the best advanced technology for the treatment of cervical, lumbar and back pain in the world.

Patients in the treatment of bed, the doctor through the system characteristic of the vacuum fixed and precise positioning device, to reduce the pressure directly ACTS on the diseased intervertebral disc, at the same time by high-precision sensor to adjust the pressure reduction, realize the pathological changes of intervertebral disc high negative pressure state, so that the pathological changes of intervertebral disc back to possible, while making pathological changes of intervertebral disc around water, oxygen and other nutrients return, thus realize the pathological changes of intervertebral disc and nutrition.

Different from traditional traction, this technique is mainly applicable to patients with disc herniation or bulging, small joint disorder syndrome, sciatica, acute or chronic neck and back pain, and discgenic pain. It is an advanced technique and the preferred technique for conservative treatment.

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