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Do "drop tail potential", in addition to raising the head, but also pay attention to let two legs straight, so as to fully open the bladder classics. Next, when the head looks to the left, the hip also is left; When the head looks to the right, the hips also look to the right. In this way, the human spine is fully active. The movement of the rump is like the movement of the animal's tail, which can move the whole spine in front of the human body so as to exercise the tutelage effectively.

From recuperation, curative effect, for women, "tail off" can conserve the uterus, but menstrual and pregnant women do not do. For men, the maintenance of the reproductive system is especially related to the du mai, so doing more "tail off" can strengthen the kidney and Yang.

Du mai has one of the most serious diseases, called "ridge regurgitation". Western medicine calls it "ankylosing spondylitis". When the person that suffers from this disease turns, the back is stiff, if the condition is serious, whole body is moved hard.

So, why do people get this disease? The TCM explanation for this disease is: "the deficiency of the kidney and the deficiency of the muscles and bones".

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Du mai line spine, collateral kidney, and the kidney is closely related. If the congenital of a person itself is very weak, when adolescence did not have good ground to conserve the body again, form a few undesirable habits of life (if indulge in excessive desire, masturbation is excessive) word, the vitality of human body can excessive wastage, bring about to call excessive channel essence gas, make its be in the state of deficit, suffer from ankylosing sex spondylitis easily. Therefore, adolescent sex education is very necessary and important, only let young people understand sex, understand sex, let sex no longer so mysterious, they will correctly deal with their desire, in order to really love their body.

Ankylosing spondylitis is cured very hard thoroughly, because do not have blindly medicine to be able to enter strange classics 8 veins, once sicken so, affect the person's life likely. As far as the current medical means are concerned, western medicine still has no good solution, while traditional Chinese medicine can be cured by exercising.

Easy jin can be said to be one of the important ways to treat ankylosing spondylitis, especially "off the tail", is a tool for treatment. The patient can take one side to eat traditional Chinese medicine, use moxibustion method at the same time, insist on playing the way of easy jin jing every day again, to treat ankylosing spondylitis.

In my opinion, a really good doctor should prescribe three prescriptions at the same time: one for medical treatment, one for diet and one for exercise. The square, what is the square? Is to point the right direction of treatment. It's not enough to just give patients a prescription. What's needed is a real change in their lifestyle, from diet and living to exercise.

For example a person waist aches, you light gives him prescription medicine, massage is useless, he arrives all day evening sitting position is wrong, have no matter always become warped two legs, habit does not change, cannot cure the disease that the waist aches radically. The life habit of the person has inertia, how to do so? As a doctor, you should give him to open a sport, for he take twenty minutes a day to practice a sport, such as back pain in the practice of eight period of jin "before opening is like" shoot diao, he practice the practice will be formed in life penholder LiuEr straight posture, on the one hand, to exercise the body, on the one hand on his waist disease has certain treatment function. So, it is very necessary to open medical treatment prescription, dietotherapy prescription and exercise prescription to the patient at the same time.

What if we don't have a doctor to prescribe exercise? I suggest reader friend people looks for a few moves that suit oneself from inside fitness qigong, union medical principle is practised everyday, have effect. This will not only cure the disease in your body, but also prevent recurrence in the future.

lower back pain treatment

As mentioned above, many people will think of the mysterious internal works of shaolin school described in jin yong's wuxia novels. Actually otherwise, yi jin jing is our country since ancient times down a set of qigong fitness skills, not mysterious, but by Mr. Jin yong clever pen to exaggerate the power. Since the national fitness campaign was launched in China, the fitness qigong management center of the General Administration of Sport of China has organized various experts to rearrange various versions of yi jin jing, and the yi jin jing movements I talked about all come from this.

Many of the movements in yi jin jing can act directly on the ren and du meridians, which can act better on the spine than drugs. In addition, treatment ankylosing sex spondylitis still can proceed with from liver kidney, because yuan gas pool is in kidney, after our liver kidney 2 classics essence is enough, can complement to du mai slowly in.

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