No slouch, 5 ace moves to strengthen back muscles across the board – InfraredHeatingTherapy | lower back

1. Pull-ups:

Pull-ups are an essential part of back practice.

No matter how many ace moves are planned in your training, the pull-up should never fall.

When doing pull-ups, it is recommended to use a wide grip, keep the arms straight, while tightening the hips and core, keep the back straight, straighten the chest and tighten the abdomen, then pull the body up, up to the collarbone to horizontal bar position for 0.5 to 1 second, then slowly lower.

A lot of people get discouraged when they can't do 15 pull-ups in a set, which isn't necessary because there aren't many people who can do it.

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2. Barbell rowing:

For wider backs and stronger core skills, barbell rowing is your best bet.

To do the barbell row, keep your legs shoulder-width or slightly narrower, keep your back straight, and hold the barbell in the palm of your hand at shoulder-width or slightly narrower.

Lift your chest and tuck in your tummy, then bend your knees slightly so that your upper body leans forward at a 60-90 degree Angle. Press the barbell against your lower knee. Keep your arms down, keep your elbows straight but not locked, then use latissimus dorsi muscle to pull the barbell up against your knees and along the line of your leg until the lower belly stops.

At this time, hold the peak contraction for 0.5-1 seconds, feel the latissimus dorsi muscle contraction, then let the barbell slowly down the direction of the thigh, put to the starting position, and then again.

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3. Sitting rowing:

Do sitting posture when rowing pay attention to keep the back straight, do not hunch your shoulders, also do not follow inertia, the body slightly back and not too far behind, legs do not fully straight, even if again tired also want to do a complete action, pay attention to feel the peak contraction.

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4. One-armed dumbbell rowing:

Almost all people have asymmetrical back strength, always better on one side than the other.

And if your left and right muscles differ in strength, and many movements are not as good, single-arm dumbbell rowing can be a good way to improve the strength of the two sides of the back muscle imbalance.

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A lot of people don't feel the power when they're rowing a single-armed dumbbell. Just keep these tips in mind:

Keep your back straight and your upper arms clamped. Be careful to move backwards and upwards, not straight up and down. Hold the peak for 1 second, then slowly lower it.

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5. Goats stand up:

The goat stand is a training move that focuses on the lower back.

The lower back is too weak, and your hard pulls and squats won't work as efficiently, so don't overlook this area.

Action tips: first lie down on the machine, the heel of the feet fixed on the pad, hands on the chest or put the head behind, keep the back in a straight state, through the hip repeatedly folding to keep the back straight tension.

When doing this, keep your spine straight at all times, not hunched or hyperextended.

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When you're done, stretch your back muscles and arms.

Well, that's it for this episode, if you have any tips you'd like to know, feel free to leave me a comment at the end of this post.

I am popdong, share fitness knowledge every day, let you and me more stylish.

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