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Pan peng developed lumbago with left hip pain without obvious inducement 8 years ago and was diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis. Pan peng seek medical treatment everywhere, many doctors told him that there is no way to cure, can only rely on drugs to alleviate the progress of the disease. After a period of drug treatment, pan peng's pain eased, but his condition continued to recur.

Because of the side effect of hormone kind medicine, pan peng is fat a lot, adolescent he is afraid to be laughed at by the classmate, did not take the medicine, from then on, the disease develops very quickly, carry also more and more camel. For five years, due to a hunchback, pan peng couldn't sleep on his back, couldn't raise his head, and was only 150cm tall. Go out at ordinary times, often have stranger eye to stare at him with strange kind of vision, the pan peng of 20 years old early is made by hump special self-abased. Graduated from the university, other students are busy looking for a job, pan peng is looking for a doctor, hope to find an expert can let him can hold his head high to be a man.

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Introduce via the friend, pan peng found south medical 3 hospital spinal surgery 2 area director li qingchu.

Li qing asks pan peng to treat ankylosing spondylitis by standard above all, cannot stop medicine without authorization. Under the action of biological agents and other drugs, pan peng's condition was well controlled without side effects such as obesity. After improving the preoperative examination of various indicators, li qingpreliminary performed an operation on pan peng: osteotomy and correction of posterior spinal deformity + pedicle screw internal fixation + fusion of bone graft, and the kyphosis "hill" which was originally close to 90 degrees was finally "leveled". After five years, pan peng was very excited to finally lie flat. Four days after the operation, he began to walk on the ground, looking in the mirror, looking at his straight body, he couldn't help asking the nurse to measure his height.169 centimeters, a full 19 centimeters higher than before surgery. Twelve days after the operation, peng peng was discharged from hospital.

Li qingchu introduces, ankylosing spondylitis incidence rate is higher, with the young person of 20 or 30 years old is main come on crowd, early discovery early treatment is the only way that disease of disease of prevention and cure aggravates.Ankylosing spondylitis still cannot be cured at present, but can delay disease development through normative treatment, if do not follow doctor's advice to stop medicine without authorization, be like the case of pan peng very likely, appear serious humpback deformity, continue to develop even the likelihood is paralytic.

To the youth male of 16-25 years old, if do not have inducement to appear lumbosacral ministry, hip joint is continued or intermittency ache, perhaps appear lumbar stiff and bend over, squat down difficult wait for a circumstance, should vigilance ankylosing sex spondylitis, must arrive in time rheumatic immunity division diagnose. For the patients who show signs of hump, they need to go to the spinal surgery department. The spinal surgeon can intervene in the early stage and adopt brace treatment to correct kyphosis as much as possible.

At the beginning of Li Qing

Chief of spinal surgery division ii

Chief physicianDoctoral supervisor

Proficient in and early implementation of various minimally invasive spinal surgery, such as: Alif under endoscope assisted minimally invasive lumbar spine fusion surgery, posterior quandrant minimally invasive surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spine, posterior disc mirror mirror/intervertebral foramen and lumbar spinal stenosis disease treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, microscope, minimally invasive anterior fusion/non fusion technology for each type of cervical spondylosis, minimally invasive percutaneous puncture, radiofrequency ablation treatment for fiber ring source sex lumbago, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion prosthesis, minimally invasive percutaneous pedicle screw technique in the treatment of thoracolumbar fractures and lumbar fusion surgery, can independently accomplish all kinds of difficult and complicated spine surgery. Now, we have independently completed more than 8,000 minimally invasive spinal surgery, and more than 5,000 difficult and complex spinal surgery including various high cervical spine, scoliosis and spine revision, with the number of diagnosis and treatment and technical difficulty at the leading level in China.

Source: southern metropolis daily

Reporter: wang daobin

Photo source: department interviewed

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