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One, the mind scheduling

The person's mental activity is the root that allocates human body whole activity, need mental state only steep, we just adjust correct treat the disease of the body, make correct choice, so mental dispatch is crucial. The first thing to the right state of mind to bear their own sick practice, to be quiet face. Lumbar disc protrusion more than 90% preservation treatment can be restored, the real need to do surgery only 10%, do not worry too much.

Second, the diet arrangement

Lumbar disc herniation patients due to disease and reduce the certain amount of activity, so the intake of food should also be appropriate to reduce, gastrointestinal activities slow, digestion function decline, it should be reasonable arrangements for food.

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Careful eat more meals, eat more fruits and vegetables and beans food, eat some high calcium content of food, such as milk, dairy products, shrimp, seaweed, sesame paste, soy products, is conducive to calcium compensation, but the lumbar spine has grown bone spur (bone hyperplasia) patients should not cause too much calcium. Eat meat as far as possible little reach adipose amount taller food, because its easy cause defecate drab, defecate is forced and bring about disease condition aggravation.

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3. Daily maintenance

More than 1, lie

Bed rest is the most radical treatment for lumbar disc herniation. Lie in bed when having a rest, lumbar intervertebral disc just is relaxed condition, lie flat still can reduce nerve inflammatory material, stimulative toxin is absorbed, be helpful for inflammation appendicitis and restore, together, also can prevent the occurrence of nerve root adhesion. Posture can lie flat also can lie on the side, comfortable to the patient as appropriate, but should be careful when turning the body can not "twist twist", can not turn the upper body first, the lower body after turning, such changes may harm the waist dish, it is best to turn the upper and lower body together.

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2. Keep warm:

A protrusion of the disc causes inflammation in the area, which is active in cold, moist air. Has been suffering from lumbar disc herniation patients to do a good job of cold preservation, especially season replacement time, can choose both braking and thermal insulation, breathable, not sweat high performance recovery to protect the waist, this is also an important way to prevent the recurrence of lumbar disc herniation.

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3, daily exercise careful:

Patients who already have a herniated disc may not be unable to practice, but it is important to prevent vigorous and excessive exercise. In daily life, as far as possible to take less weight, patients with lumbar disc herniation to move things as far as possible close to their body, not too far away from the body, choose squat bending posture, as far as possible to do not bend, in order to reduce the pressure on the back of the disc. When getting up in the morning, want to pass to stand waist, carry the action such as leg to loosen waist first, lie on the side next with arm support body gets up.

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Do not stand for too long, and do proper in-situ activities, especially lower-back activities, to eliminate lower-back muscle fatigue. When necessary, a small pillow or cushion can be placed at the back of the waist to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine and reduce the waist muscle fatigue. In insisting on the suitable method, the correct posture, the complacent principle, perseverance, carries on the proper restoration gymnastics movement according to the waist.

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4. Weight loss:

Many patients with lumbar disc herniation are overweight, but the increase in weight will increase the pressure of the disc, so weight loss is an important way to prevent lumbar disc herniation.

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