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Practice:Stand up straight and find a towel; With palms facing down, grab both ends of the towel (shoulder-width apart) and slowly lift your arms over your head, continuing back to your limit.

Stretch the spine to relieve fatigue

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Practice:Stretch your legs straight and together in front of you, tightening your muscles; Tip of the foot back toward the direction of the body hook (feel calf belly stretch), heel pedal ground;

At the same time, the hands ten fingers interlock, palm toward the sky direction flip, arm straight, as far as possible fully stretch up, find the spine was pulled feeling.

Hold this position for 10 seconds, relax and do it again.

Lift shoulder loose shoulder neck protection

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Practice:Stand up straight, lift your shoulders, and feel the tension of your shoulders. Hold this feeling for 15 seconds, relax your shoulders and do it again.

If you find that stretching prevents you from breathing naturally, then it's not really relaxing. Remember to turn your body back a bit.

Roll out shoulder acid

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Practice:Buy a rolling pin and roll it back and forth under your feet for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

If you have discomfort in your shoulders and neck, the area of your feet will feel painful and grainy.

Yoga butterfly promotes blood circulation

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Practice:Bend your legs, feet facing each other. Hold the toes with both hands, knees open to the sides, as far as possible to the ground, the waist should be straight, knees rhythm to the floor vibration.

Two legs one minute repair liver and kidney

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Practice:Keep your legs straight and apart, tip your toes back, grab your toes in your hands, and slowly press your body down.

Note:When practicing, as long as the big hamstring after the leg has a stretch on it.

Retract the toe to comb the bladder passage

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Practice:Legs straight and together, toes back hook, both hands holding the toes, slowly press down to the back of the thigh to have the feeling of stretch.

Roll and knead houxi cave to relieve eye fatigue

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Practice:The eye that sees screen everyday is dry? You can put your hands on the edge of the table and use your wrist to move your hands and roll them back and forth easily.

It has a slight ache as it rolls. Stick to come down, have very good protection to cervical vertebra and eyesight.

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