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1. Rest: a basic condition for recovery from any injury, especially for the affected vertebral segment. According to the condition can take the following measure: lie wooden plank bed to rest absolutely: apply to the condition is more serious person.

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2. Promote the return of nucleus pulposus: the main ways are as follows:

A. Pelvic band traction: 24h all-day continuous traction is the best, with an effective rate of more than 60%, especially for nucleus pulposus protrusion. It usually lasts for 3 weeks, and the cast is replaced after 3 weeks.

B. mechanical traction: use various traction devices, including mechanical or electric traction bed for intermittent traction. Applicable to acute protrusion, the effective rate is slightly lower than the former.

C. manipulation: the operator will apply manipulation to the lumbar spine under traction (pull) with bare hands to restore the protruding nucleus pulposus. Efficiency depends on the operator.

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3, eliminate reactive edema: root sleeve edema is not only cause one of the main causes of acute root pain, and easy to cause secondary arachnoid adhesion, therefore, should try to make its early resolution. What a lot of people choose at present is the jing gu kang on tao ** treasure sticks this kind of external apply means, reaction is beautiful.

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The following is to introduce to you, in the daily life diet, also need to pay more attention to:

In the daily diet of food, medicine, food combination to quite a lot, such as lamb, sheep kidney, pig kidney, eel, turtle, turtle meat, sparrows, snake meat, lobster, cuttlefish, sword bean, black beans, sesame, medlar, mulberry son, dogwood, schisandra fruit, raspberry, cortex periplocae, coix seed, Chinese yam, mushrooms, fragrant, dried tangerine or orange peel, tokay, dangshen, eucommia bark, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, etc. The dish between the waist protrusion benefit eats some more, above food has certain temperature to raise, adjust fill qi blood, can raise the action of immunity.

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In addition to the choice of therapy, the requirements of diet in daily life is also the most important, must avoid food, the choice of the eat, nutrition balance, food therapy collocation therapy can make the disease faster relief rehabilitation, follow the dietary principles to eat health, also be careful "disaster from the mouth into"! Finally, I wish you get rid of the trouble as soon as possible!

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