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Lulu, 10, who lives in the xoyao community of dachang, developed the disease in March last year. It started with vomiting and neck pain, which raised her blood pressure. The children's hospital of nanjing, Shanghai, hospital of Chinese and western have been to, nuclear magnetic resonance, electroencephalogram each examination also has done, check from beginning to end however not give pathogeny. A consultation with a brain hospital psychologist also ruled out the possibility that mental illness could cause pain.

pain management

pain management

In order to treat lulu this "strange disease", the family has alsoCost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Family members also said: "we did everything, more than anyone else, but we could not find the cause of the disease, we really do not know where to go, to the other side to see people do not accept us."

pain management

Because it is impossible to identify the cause, nor to do effective treatment. Now the time that lulu waist aches is longer and longer, one dayIt will hurt for more than ten hours. Ordinary painkillers are no longer able to relieve the pain and will wake up after a short sleep.

pain management

Seek help from a "disease specialist"

pain management

For lulu's strange illness, the family also saw the brain hospital psychologist, also can not find the cause. Now the family has no way out, really do not know where to go to see lulu's "strange disease".

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The latterThe latterFather said not yet

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He will screen carefully, hoping to determine the cause

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Small make up also wishThe latterThe latterGet rid of pain early

I wishLulu got rid of her paindel

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