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Red net moment January 10 dispatch (correspondent he yujiao) "I was cervical vertebra and left hand numbness pain tortured for more than five years, did not expect here to carry on the rehabilitation to solve. In xiangya fraternity rehabilitation hospital bone and joint rehabilitation department, from yueyang city xiangyin county patient Ms. Zhou happily said.

Due to more than 5 years of repeated pain in the neck, Ms. Zhou's pain was intensified recently. She was diagnosed with cervical disc herniation combined with cervical nerve root canal stenosis, and she was recommended to be hospitalized for surgical treatment in many places. Consider operation risk bigger, is unwilling to accept surgery, to xiangya fraternity rehabilitation hospital, bone and joint rehabilitation division chief physician zhao-hui ren through leading in the province "neural mobilization" and a series of rehabilitation treatment successfully improved the condition of ms zhou, avoid the risk of surgery, pain and economic burden, rehabilitation treatment for ten days later, Ms. Zhou happily was released from the hospital.

Nerve root type cervical spondylosis cervical nerve root canal stenosis compression nerve roots

Ms. Zhou, 52, a professional chef who runs a local restaurant, has suffered repeated neck pains for more than five years because of long hours in the kitchen and a habit of checking her cellphone. Recently, Ms. Zhou's condition gradually worsened, lifting her head and struggling, accompanied by pain and numbness in her left upper limb, and she went to the local hospital for treatment.

After examination, it was found that in addition to cervical disc herniation, Ms. Zhou also had cervical nerve root canal stenosis. Doctors at the time said an operation was needed to resolve her condition. Ms. Zhou has been reluctant to undergo surgery because of fears about the procedure and its efficacy.

On December 26 last year, Ms. Zhou came to the department of bone and joint rehabilitation in xiangya fraternity rehabilitation hospital. After examination, it was found that the cervical nerve root canal stenosis compressed the nerve root, belonging to the obvious cervical radiculopathy.

Individualized rehabilitation without surgery improves symptoms

In view of Ms. Zhou's rehabilitation problem, the medical care team led by the director of xiangya charity rehabilitation hospital adheres to the carf concept and centers on "patients' demands", instead of adopting surgery, it has developed a personalized rehabilitation program for Ms. Zhou.

First of all, the director implemented the provincial leading technology "nerve loosening operation" for Ms. Zhou to improve the microcirculation and axial transmission between nerves and reduce the adhesion of nerves. Then, under the guidance of the therapist, Ms. Zhou trained the muscles around the neck through "muscle strength training", improved blood circulation through "wax therapy", and reduced inflammation and pain through "ultrashort wave". At the same time, Ms. Zhou was assisted by the director to reduce edema, nutrition, nerve, improve circulation of drug treatment, and rehabilitation knowledge and daily nursing skills, psychological nursing guidance, and so on.

After three days of rehabilitation, Ms. Zhou felt that she could lift her head easily and left hand anesthesia was not relieved.

After a week of rehabilitation treatment, the pain and numbness of Ms. Zhou's neck and left upper limb were obviously improved, and she could lift them easily. She dressed and bathed her left hand basically by herself. Finally, a smile appeared on her face.

On January 5, the 10th day of treatment, Ms. Zhou was discharged from hospital. She was glad that she did not have the operation but chose to come to xiangya fraternity rehabilitation hospital for treatment, so that she could avoid the risk and pain of the operation and reduce the economic burden. She sincerely praised ren as her "Bethune".

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