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If someone told you that a 16-year-old child has cervical spondylosis at a young age, you would not be surprised, because these "geriatric diseases", which used to only appear in the elderly, have spread to younger people in recent years, so now people are really not surprising.

What causes young people to suffer from spinal problems and often back pain? Besides the bad living habits of young people nowadays, they are often bent over and lack exercise. Also has the very big relation with the diet, including likes to drink the carbonated beverage, likes to eat the Fried product and so on. The combination of these two causes seems to make it quite normal for young people to suffer from the diseases of old age.

That how treats these backache backache, cervical vertebra trouble, besides paying attention to dietary life habits, the most important thing is to strengthen exercise, exercise than you eat more health care products are also effective.

Today, xiaojia recommends a set of yoga postures to treat the symptoms of neck, shoulder and waist pain, which can not only make young people rejuvenated, but even people aged 60 will not look old at all

Efficacy: many people use running to lose weight, but also adhere to the very good. After running weight is light, also thin, but the muscle that discovers crus seems to be more developed, have some effect aesthetic feeling really.

So after strength exercises, be sure to stretch and massage the lower leg muscles to relieve tension and discomfort. Standing up and bending is the best way to stretch and massage the calf muscles.

In addition to stretching and massaging the calf muscles, the main function of standing forward bends is to relieve shoulder and neck pain and relieve shoulder and spine pain caused by fatigue.

Practice: 1. Stand in the yamagata pose, exhale, and place your hands naturally at your sides.

2. Inhale and bend forward without bending your legs. Do a 90-degree forward bend first. Ease up. To continue.

3. Do a 120-degree forward bend. Let the tail vertebra of your body bend down and straighten your spine.

4. Slowly bring the tip of your nose to your knees and straighten your legs. Beginners can half-bend their knees.

5. Hold for 30 seconds, get up and return to the mountain pose and take a break. You can stretch and stretch again. Practice 3-5 sets per day.

Notes: 1. In the practice of forward bending postures, the abdomen will be squeezed, for the abdominal organs have a certain massage effect, but do not practice just after eating. It's bad for the stomach, it increases the pressure on the stomach.

2. Patients with heart disease and asthma should complete the asana under the guidance of professional teachers.

3. Patients with high blood pressure should also be under the guidance of a professional teacher, as the forward bending poses bring the upper body and head down and increase blood circulation and blood pressure.

As long as we insist on long-term practice of standing forward flexion yoga posture, you can backache, neck and shoulder problems to say goodbye, radiant life vitality ~ have wonderful understanding

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