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In the previous article, we introduced the cause of spondylitis and distinguished it from spondylitis. So spondylitis come on how is the symptom? What item inspection can we do to the hospital? Please continue to follow the small make up to understand it.

how to cure lower back pain

One, the symptom of spondylitis

1. Early symptoms:

Appear anorexia, low heat, lack of power, angular wait for systemic symptom with anaemia, with the ache of lumbar, sacral place, and the stiff feeling that accompanies lumbar back is in the majority, this kind of stiff feeling is apparent with morning rise, after classics activity still can alleviate. Also have to knee, ankle, sufficient heel, sciatica disease.

2. Mid-term symptoms:

Have lower back and lumbar di ministry pain, lumbar spinal morning stiffness, creeping up from lumbar di ministry rising sex pain and restricted movement stiff spine, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, complexion is pale white, thin, shoot the pelvis are slice performance of sacroiliac joint bone edge blurred, especially at the side of the ilium, accompanied by the mottled hardening on either side of the joint bone formation.

3. Advanced symptoms:

Lumbosacral pain, severe spinal pain, accompanied by systemic joint pain, pain was persistent pain; Systemic weakness, emaciation, muscular atrophy or partial disappearance, viscera function decline performance; · hunchback and disappeared spinal activity function; · pelvic orthography showed hardening and fusion at the bone margin of the sacroiliac joint, ossification of spinal ligaments, hyperplasia and bypass between the spine, and severe deformity and curvature. It's very difficult to treat and it leaves a legacy.

Early is the best time for treatment, most patients do not understand the disease early, despise the severity of the disease or choose to use western medicine to maintain treatment, thus leading to the continuous development of the disease, the development to the advanced stage of the disease aggravation such as in this period can not get regular effective treatment, the consequences are very serious.

The examination of spondylitis

1. Laboratory inspection

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate increases much, kind rheumatic much negative, hla-b27 much strong positive.

2. X-ray examination

Early perivertebral joint protrusion, sacroiliac joint space blurred; In the middle stage, limited spinal activity and ankylosis, silkworm erosion-like changes in the sacroiliac joint, bone destruction of some ligaments, and vague space of the facet joints of the square vertebra. The late sacroiliac joint is fused, the spine is bambus-like, and the spine is straight and hunchback is bambus-like.

3. Computed tomography (ct)

For those patients who are clinically suspected but cannot be diagnosed by X-ray, ct examination can be performed, which can clearly show the sacroiliac joint space and facilitate the determination of whether the joint space is widened, narrowed, stiff or partially stiff.

4. Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) and single-photon emission computed tomography (spect)

Scientists in the United States studied 36 patients,24 with inflammatory lower back pain and 12 with mechanical stress.

Use spect

Found that 38% of sacroiliac arthritis inflammatory lower back pain, and mechanical group had no found. Mri and spect inspection found positive rate increased significantly. At the same time under the inflammatory backache backache is under 58% and mechanical sacroiliac arthritis in 17% of patients. So researchers think that twinkle mri and spect imaging sacroiliac joint filmmaking, very can help early diagnosis and treatment, from this perspective is superior to ordinary X-ray, but expensive, not recommended as a routine examination

Please friends, must care about their own physical conditions, strive to do early detection, early treatment. Don't be afraid of disease. Please have confidence, and make up with a good understanding of spondylitis, we can beat the patients, regain health.


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