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At the end of June, Chen jisheng underwent the operation successfully. According to the son who accompanied him, his pain was significantly reduced in the two days after the operation, and he will no longer have sleepless nights because of the pain, which obviously exceeded the family's expectations.

Chen jisheng will enter the debugging stage of parameters next, after several days of observation, the patient's physical condition and mental state have reached the best state since the disease. The children were also delighted. They said they expected their father's condition to improve day by day. Instead of walking like other patients, they hoped that he could gradually get rid of his dependence on drugs and resume his normal life.

In an interview, vice President wang jin said that spinal cord electrical stimulation is the standard treatment for chronic intractable pain abroad because it is minimally invasive, non-destructive and controllable, and benefits tens of thousands of patients every year. The most common indications include intractable pain after spinal surgery, brachial plexus injury, pain after spinal cord injury, post-herpetic neuralgia, and diabetic neuralgia. The domestic products independently developed by tsinghua university have a high technical starting point and are believed to benefit more patients.

Domestic electrical stimulation of spinal cord enters into clinical practice, which indicates that the cutting-edge achievements in the field of medical and industrial integration in tsinghua university have been tested in practice. With the successful completion of the first subject surgery, we hope that more patients with pain will see the light of new hope in the future.

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Wang Jin

Chief physician

Deputy director of Beijing tsinghua changgung hospital

Professor of neurosurgery, university of Washington school of medicine

Swedish medical center chief of neurosurgery

Haiju talents of Beijing municipal government, special overseas expert of neurosurgery department of Beijing tiantan hospital affiliated to capital medical university

Expertise: for all kinds of brain and spinal cord spinal lesions, minimally invasive treatment of brain tumors, comprehensive treatment of glioma, tumor biopsy stereotactic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, damaged complex surgical decompression/fixed degenerative disease of the spine, spinal cord tumor surgery/treatment, ring pillow deformity/chiari malformation, and Parkinson's disease, tremors, myoclonus, epilepsy, intractable pain, nerve regulation treatment of tourette 's syndrome.

spinal stenosis treatment

Gui-huai wang

Chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, director of neurosurgery

Specialty: good at treating all kinds of brain and spinal cord diseases. Spinal cord tumor, syringomyelia, ring pillow deformity, foramen magnum tumors, spinal cord malformations, spinal cord, spinal trauma, spinal vascular disease, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease, brain trauma, functional disease, hydrocephalus, after cranial tumor, such as various kinds of intractable pain, especially good at the microsurgical treatment of intramedullary spinal cord tumor, neck, lumbar vertebrae disease of microsurgery and endoscopic therapy.

Subject recruitment

Introduction to electrical stimulation of the spinal cord

Spinal cord electrical stimulation (SCS) is the "ultimate" therapy for chronic intractable pain. It USES minimally invasive means to block the transmission of pain signals, minimize pain and improve patients' quality of life. It has been used in clinic since 1967, and now about 80,000 cases are implanted every year internationally. Due to the high price of imported products, China's research institutions, represented by the r&d team of tsinghua university, are working hard to develop domestic products to relieve pain for more patients.

Project introduction

The department of neurosurgery, tsinghua changgung hospital, Beijing, affiliated to tsinghua university, is conducting a multi-center clinical trial for patients with chronic pain (spinal cord electrical stimulation for chronic intractable pain in trunk and/or limbs, registration no. Nct03858790). The program will use minimally invasive methods of spinal cord electrical stimulation to treat chronic pain patients who have been unable to respond to traditional analgesic methods.

Chronic pain generally refers to pain that lasts for more than 3 months due to various causes. The pain can involve the trunk and limbs in various places, and the nature of the pain includes pain like involvement, electric shock, acupuncture, tearing, burning, crushing, swelling and numbness. The specific reasons may be intractable pain after spinal cord surgery, pain after avulsion of brachial plexus nerve, pain after avulsion of lumbar plexus nerve, pain in residual limb, pain in phantom limb, pain after spinal cord injury, neuralgia after herpes zoster, pain after tumor surgery, etc.

Intractable pain refers to the poor efficacy of traditional therapies, including drugs, physiotherapy, acupuncture and radiofrequency. Patients with chronic persistent pain often sit up all night in pain, and chronic sleep deprivation can lead to severe physical exertion, declining health, and declining quality of life.

Subject enrollment conditions

1. Chronic trunk and limb pain for more than 3 months;

2. Pain seriously affects sleep, and conservative treatment such as medication is ineffective;

3. Above 18 years old, below 75 years old;

4. Can complete the follow-up and questionnaire evaluation requirements;

5. Understand the plan, participate voluntarily and sign the informed consent.

The rights of subjects who are successfully enrolled

1. Free spinal cord electric stimulator implantation;

2. Blood routine, liver function, blood sugar, renal function, immunity before treatment, and x ray examination are free of charge;

3. Provide certain subsidies for postoperative follow-up visit.

In addition, during the participation, we do not require you to stop using any western medicine treatment methods and measures, and do not require you to add additional treatment items except for spinal cord electrical stimulation therapy. You only need to take western medicine and return to the doctor on time according to the treatment standards.

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