Say goodbye to shoulder sore back, save sub-health! 38.8 yuan grab the original price of 500 yuan meiyue hui back SPA package! Back meridian massage + dredge detoxification + neck fix pot + mochi relax… 90 minutes – InfraredHeatingTherapy

Hey, baby!

It's time to give your tired body a break!

Let's do one hereThe back of the spa

Start a new life full of energy

▼ ▼

The yue hui e. spa

back surgery

★ from the United States of scientific skin care experts

★ famous domestic beauty chain

★ the leading efficacy skin care spa center in China

Fusion of traditional spa+ modern medical care technology

In order toProfessional innovation equipmentBased on

Dedicated to the love of beauty for modern women

provideSafe, effective and convenientBeauty body service

back surgery

The store has a professional careConsultant team

Hold a certificate to go on duty, still can attend training irregularly

Methods skillfully, technical leverage drop ~

back surgery

The back spa is specially designed for office workers and sub-health people

Manual massage dredging + fixed tank drainage + instrument operation

90 minutes, warming channels and clearing collaterals to expel toxins

Let your shoulders, neck and back feel relaxed for a long time

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

back surgery

Elegant and comfortable nursing environmentcars onlyA guest a changeThe spare parts

Separate rooms are guaranteedGood privacy

To give youThe ultimate enjoyment of a five-star hotel

back surgery

back surgery

Top instruments, professional beauty therapists, lofty environment…

It must not be cheap to go to spa.

The door the market price500 yuanthe

The yue huiBack spa package

Flash sale only38.8 dollars!

Back meridian massage, dredge detoxification + neck fix jar + mochi relax…

The 90-minute service time brings you the ultimate light and luxurious spa experience!

back surgery

▣ beauty yue hui spa package in his back

Buying price:

38.8 yuan

Buying date:From now on — 2019.9.3 (subject to sold out)

Date of issue:Buy and ship the code(SMS receiving code)

Reservation method: call the merchant one day in advance to make an appointment

Date of use:From now on – 2019.11.30

Package contents:

1. Testing and inquiry

2. Clean and bathe

3, back meridian massage, dredge, detoxification

4. Neck and shoulder fixation

Mocky relax

The whole journey takes 90 minutes, no labor fee


1. Before useMake an appointment by phone one day in advance;

2. Each mobile phone numberLimit one copy, one per personCan not be used superimposed;

3,Business hours:09:00-20:00;

4. Do not enjoy other discounts at the same time;

5. Additional fees should be paid for the package;

6,Only for female customers;

7. Once the customized package is purchased, it cannot be returned or changed without proper reasons. Please take care to order.

Eight,Please use it within the validity period of the activity. It will become invalid after the expiry date.

9. Free wifi is provided. Please consult the merchants for the charging standard of parking Spaces

Business address: no. 7, jingze xingdu, donghu lane community, fuping street, wuling district, changde city, hunan province

Business tel: 0736-2791198, 18773669588

If you have any questions during the rush, please contact customer service. Working hours:9:30-12:0014 :00-18:15, if the line is busy, you can add customer service WeChat consultation!Customer service WeChat:Llzby237, customer service number:18175613343 –

Elegant environment, different experience

Each of meiyue's stores is decorated carefully,Contracted and pure and freshThe style,One serving, one disinfectionThe room, the independent private environment, everywhere reveals the elegantLight the luxury of breathFull marks for temperament.

back surgery

When I entered the store, I was greeted by a warm little sister at the door with a friendly smile and considerate and meticulous service.Make people feel warm ~

back surgery

Followed the nurse's sister to her own room,Bath, toilet, bath facilities are availableAll you have to do is lie back and relax

back surgery

Back meridian massage

Back meridian massage is especially suitable for office workers.Plant fragrant essential oil is applied to improve stiff back from top to bottomRelieve tension, heal and relaxThe role of ~

back surgery

back surgery

Neck tank

Fix the jar through the neck and shoulder,Carding bladder meridianAt the same time, furtherRid the body of cold and damp, regulate the functions of the internal organs,Promote blood metabolismAt the same time, it also has the effect of warming and nourishing!

back surgery

The odd relax

Finally, high-tech "mochi" instrument is used to go deep under the skin to remove toxins, water (cold and damp),Replenish energy and bloodcars only A whole set of nursing care, the body is released, the whole person is like a new life!

back surgery

No matter how busy you are with your work, remember to love yourself

Make time to come to the party


Special statement

1. Limited quantities are available on a first-come-first-served basis

2. This product is only for use by myself or others. It is prohibitedThe secondary salessellOtherwise, the merchant has the right to invalidate its electronic code and no refund

4. Purchase of this set of tickets shall be deemed asEndorse this statementAnd identityActivity rules

First buy • send electronic code • order inquiry • telephone reservation • to the store consumption • can transfer friends and relatives

Before November 30, 2019It becomes invalid automatically if not used

Instant code (note not to enable SMS blocking)

Telephone booking

Call at least 1 day in advance to make an appointment

Specials, once purchased, can not be returned to change

Business address: no. 7, jingze xingdu, donghu lane community, fuping street, wuling district, changde city

back surgery

(the above traffic information is for reference only, please refer to the actual details)

How to snap them up?

Activity price: 38.8 yuan

Click "read the original" to participate in the purchase

Long press the qr code to buy

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