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As the old saying goes: the predecessor is as thick as a mountain, the back as thin as paper. The back has two most important meridians, and the bladder meridian is the largest clearing damp detoxification channel. If back is adipose too thick, oppressive bladder classics, can cause drainage detoxification not free, toxin accumulates, oedema, fat wait for a disease. A few yoga asana movements, let you clear back meridian, back practice more thin, the body will be more and more light.

Yoga is an ancient method of body and mind cultivation from India. It can strengthen the back by bending, stretching, twisting, pushing and squeezing postures. In today's busy society, young people need to pay more attention to their back health, and a few minutes of yoga every day can give you a good back condition.

how to cure back pain

Yoga and back

A large part of the reason why people now strengthen their back exercise is to pursue the pleasing appearance. And people with big backs make people look older. The idea is not just physical, but physical. The back is not only reflects the posture temperament key, but also the body young key.

In the emperor's inner Canon, it says: "those who have channels and collaterals are determined by life and death. General rule no pain, pain without pain, channels and collaterals unblocked without trace ". We can tell a lot about a person's health by the state of their back. Back covered with the size of meridian countless, connecting the viscera. Chinese traditional medicine (TCM), which has been handed down since ancient times, also attaches great importance to the back.

how to cure back pain

The upper part of the back is heart and lung area, heart and lung function is poor, chest pain chest frowziness, respiratory system is bad need to massage on the back; The middle part of the back is mainly composed of liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen and kidney. There are backache and dyspepsia problems that need to be paid attention to. The lower part of the back has the large intestine, the female uterus, and the bladder area. Problems with this part can include poor metabolism, edema, poor urinary system function, menstrual cramps, and inaccurate cycles.

Asana yoga began thousands of years ago to seek treatment for pain. The movement of the body depends on the support nerve in the spine to control, some movements of yoga can balance autonomic nerve, alleviate some neurosis; Through the change of postures, accelerate blood circulation, solve the problems of poor blood flow, liver qi stagnation, intestinal obstruction, etc. The stretching of static action, further massage back, get through channels and collaterals, relax the nervous state of the whole back, strengthen kidney function, enhance cardiopulmonary function, in addition to strengthen metabolism, eliminate constipation, clean up intestines and stomach.

how to cure back pain

Explanation of postures

Omni-directional motion massages to the back each step muscle and the meridian, can promote the body to detoxify, the body is non-toxic can the skin compact, the face is ying embellish. The next few back massage yoga action, we seriously study, through daily practice to keep their own forever a youthful back state.

Spinal torsion

Sit on a yoga mat with your body straight and balanced, hands at your sides. Breathe in slowly, put your right leg on the outside of your left leg with both hands, and bring your right heel closer to your left hand. Exhale, start to turn the body, left hand on the side of the right leg, right hand backward put, inhale, stand back, exhale, right hand backward put drive the body to the right side of rotation, head also follow the body backward rotation; Each time you exhale, turn your body back; Take 4 breaths in a row, then switch sides and repeat.

how to cure back pain

Pay attention to the point

Focus on your hands and feet. Begin your twisting stretch at the bottom of your spine like a spiral vine. Watch your back and abdomen stretch and try to see if you can rotate a little more. Focus and feel the tension in your back. Keep your back straight throughout the process and increase the amount of twisting your body does with each exhale.

The cobra type

Lay your body on the yoga mat, relax your whole body, put your hands on your sides, and your body will be in a natural state. Slowly raise your arms, hands forward, elbows bent, palms at the sides of your chest; Inhale, the body began to slowly lift up, arm to the body support, according to their flexibility, do not over pressure their spine, eyes to the front; Lean your back slowly, pushing your neck back, and hold for 5 seconds while the back of your head pushes your head back. As we exhale, our bodies slowly descend, our arms begin to relax, and we return to the position of lying flat on the yoga mat.

how to cure back pain


It helps stretch the muscles and ligaments in the back, making the back more elastic and the spine more upright, opening up the blood flow in the back; As the body stretches back to a relaxed state, blood flows through the kidneys, strengthening the kidneys and reproductive organs.

In practice, do not appear in the shoulders or shoulders hunched incorrect posture; Don't lift or lean back too much. Don't force yourself too much.

how to cure back pain

Cattle face type

Body sitting on a yoga mat, the small of the back straight, legs at the top left leg, don't have a gap between his legs, inhale, slowly lift arm back down the stretch back, this is the elbow pointed toward daylight, finger toward the ground, right hand began to bend the elbow in the back to touch your left hand fingers, maintain this pose for 10 seconds, feel the stretch of the back; Exhale, relax your body, let go of your hands, and we'll start on the other side, raise your right hand up, fingers on your left hand, fingers on your right hand.

how to cure back pain

Relieve shoulder tension, stretch back muscles, eliminate back fatigue, let a person more energetic.

When your legs are crossed, keep the instep of your feet on the floor and your knees in a straight line. If your hands cannot be clasped behind your back, use an elastic band or a towel.

The cat stretching

Kneel on the yoga mat with your hands and feet as wide as your shoulders, thighs parallel to the floor, and palms compacting the floor. Inhale and slowly lift your head up, eyes looking up with your head, pressing your waist down to form a u-shape. Exhale, pull your head in, pull your belly in, pull your chest in, arch your back up like a cat, look at your knees. Repeat this exercise 8 times, relaxing your body back into a position where your back is parallel to the floor.

how to cure back pain

Stretch back muscle and spine, eliminate back stiffness and fatigue, make spine more elastic; Nourish and strengthen the nervous system, improve blood circulation, enhance digestion; Helps to eliminate the dysmenorrhea of the female menstruation, and has the help to treating leucorrhea overmuch and menstruation not to move.

The neck should be raised as naturally as possible and should not be bent backwards. Notice how much your neck is leaning back to avoid accidents. Lower your abdomen as much as possible, and stop when you feel pain. Focus, fully feel the extension and compression of the spine, inhale as the spine sinks, exhale as the back arches.

how to cure back pain


As you breathe in, your legs begin to return toward your abdomen, your head toward your knees, and your hands around your knees, imagine yourself as a ball. Breathe out, and use the force of your abdomen to roll your body forward. Repeat 8 times and relax your whole body again.

This pose works the lower back, moves the pelvis, rolls back and forth to bring fresh blood to the pelvis, works the knee, thigh muscles, and back at the same time to tighten the muscles.

how to cure back pain

To practice this pose, imagine your body as a round ball, rolling back and forth in a straight line. Control their own body, as far as possible to ensure that the top of the head, toes do not touch the ground, avoid inertia too large to cause accidental damage.

Asana exercises need to be gradual, you may not be so standard at the beginning of the practice, but this time can not be impatient, yoga is about the balance of the body. Master the key points of every movement, motivate yourself to make progress, and finally achieve unexpected results.

how to cure back pain


As the old saying goes: thin back, life long ten years; A full back makes a man three years older. A pretty face is the first thing people notice, but a straight, young back gives a lasting appeal. Through yoga practice back, can relieve back fatigue, relax back nerve, dredge back meridian; Long-term practice, can give you a young and energetic back state, posture more straight. You will also be more energetic and motivated to live and work because of the internal transformation of your body.


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