lumbar backache – Acute lumbago, lumbar disc protruding press it – golden gate hole!

The point of kinmen comes from the "acupuncture and moxibustion classics a and b", which belongs to the point of chieh men of the bladder meridian of foot sun, and is the point of chieh men of the bladder meridian, which is the place of deep gathering of qi and blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kinmen point has the function of activating the meridians, supplementing Yang and benefiting qi, calming the mind and enlightening the body. In clinical practice, kinmen point is mainly used to treat backache, foot sprain, fainting, toothache, migraine and other diseases. Kinmen point is a special acupoint for acute backache, foot sprain, lumbar disc protrusion, hemiplegia.

Kinmen cave is behind the 5th tuogu trochanter and in the lateral depression of the femur. Point is sitting on the ground, toes up to see a bone protuberant, lateral depression is the location of the golden gate hole.

To stimulate kinmen acupoint, press the finger abdomen of the index finger on kinmen acupoint in the way of the second floor, and rotate and knead the acupoint in the center of the acupoint. It is better to have obvious acid distension at the acupoint locally. Press and knead the kinmen acupoints on the left and right sides for 3-5 minutes each time, once a day.

lumbar backache – Why can the latex mattess of tens of thousands of price make person lumbago?

With Thailand tourism people more and more, latex mattress hot up, because materials expensive, latex mattress market prices in Thailand in 5000-20000 yuan, a lot of people in order to be able to have a good sleep quality, do not hesitate to spend big price latex mattress back from Thailand, but after sleeping latex mattresses and lumbago, find what's going on? Below Thailand latex industry workers (circle of friends cralne) to explain why latex mattress makes people backache.

First, what is a good mattress?

The comfortable level of the mattess that sleeps affects the health of the person, bodily form very big. The soft and hard degree of mattess is best with soft and hard moderate. Namely the person sleeps after going up with the person's bodily form, neck, on the back, waist, buttock, leg natural curve fits is best. The bodily form of the person is not straight plank type, a place needs corresponding force to support. If sleep harder mattress is to force the bones to adapt to the mattress, so that the shoulders and hips force, but will let people's body bone deformation. Lie down flat, if can feel lumbar back to be able to stick mattess, each place of the body is supported adequately by mattess, self-conscious and comfortable, steady solid feeling is good mattess.

lumbar backache

Second, understands the latex mattress merit again

The area that latex mattess contacts human body wants to compare general mattess to contact human body area much much, it can disperse the bearing force of human body weight, achieve whole respect to prop up, have the function that corrects undesirable sleeping position. Latex mattess has high flexibility, can satisfy the need of different weight crowd. Compare with other kind mattess, latex mattess won't produce noise, without shake, have the effect that promotes morpheus. The average weight of the head absorption, to achieve full support, make you comfortable and stable sleep.

lumbar backache

3, explain sleep latex mattess why does the waist ache?

1, after changing new mattess, everybody can have a paragraph to suit period, no matter mattess how suit you, suggest you try to sleep a week to the time of a month.

2. If your back pain doesn't go away after trying to sleep for a while, the mattress isn't for you.

3, too soft mattress is generally not suitable for children and people of a certain age to use, you are not suitable for this kind of soft bed, it is best to go to a hard point.

4, latex mattress content is low, support is not enough, will feel the body can not get enough support, back pain.

5. Latex mattress is a soft mattress, which is not suitable for children and the elderly, and is not suitable for lumbar patients.

lumbar backache

4, how to reduce sleep appearance of lumbar ache of latex mattess

Now a lot of friends can choose latex mattess with better quality actually. Because latex mattess is better word, can let our life actually more comfortable. Sleep latex mattress if the feeling of backache, is likely to be relatively soft latex mattress caused by. So I suggest you should choose better quality latex mattress. If feel latex mattress is soft, suggest you can add a latex mattress pad palm.

About sleeping latex mattess lumbago relevant knowledge, remind everybody to need to combine oneself demand to choose and buy mattess, want to choose quality to compare good mattess.

lumbar backache – Ms park said she was suffering from back pain and applied to stop jailing prosecutors: it will be assessed soon

Source: China news network

China news network on April 19Park geun-hye, the former President of South Korea who has served more than two years in prison, filed an application to prosecutors Thursday to suspend her sentence, citing her worsening condition and burning back pain. Seoul prosecutors said they would evaluate the application in the near future.

Ms. Park's lawyer, liu rongxia, said in an application that her cervical vertebra and lumbar disc herniation had not improved at all and the pain was like burning a knife and she could not sleep normally. He revealed that he had applied for bail on Ms. Park's behalf last August, but she had not accepted.

On the other hand, the free Korea party also centered on hwang kyo-ahn, its representative, demanding park's release. Mr Hwang said ms park could be freed according to legal principles. But all four parties, except the free Korea party, rejected her release, saying it was not time to discuss ending her imprisonment.

Park, 67, was sentenced in November 2018 to two years in prison for violating election laws. She was also sentenced to 25 years in prison for her close confidant's interference in government affairs, and six years in prison for accepting bribes from the national intelligence service. Both cases are still pending.

Park's detention expired on June 16 after several extensions, the report said. From the 17th, her status was changed from "detention" to "imprisonment", at which point she applied for probation.

Under south Korean law, prosecutors can suspend sentences such as imprisonment if a prisoner is deemed to lack communication skills because of mental illness or illness. The Seoul central district prosecutor's office said Tuesday that prosecutors will convene a review committee to evaluate park's application for probation in the near future.

lumbar backache – Don't treat back pain as a small thing. These 5 diseases may be hidden behind it

The waist is an important part of the body that supports us. In addition to sleeping, we need to use the strength of the waist to stand and sit up all day long. If the waist suddenly suffers from pain, if the cause is not found and controlled in time, the pain will even become more serious, and even seriously affect our normal life.

As the kidney is located in the position of the back, so some people a back pain will doubt whether it is caused by kidney deficiency? Actually not, the inducement of lumbago has a lot of, below we see together what have!

lumbar backache

Is lumbago kidney disease certainly?

Kidney problems do cause back pain, resulting in pain in the waist, such as knife cutting pain. If unilateral kidney problems occur, pain will occur in one side; if bilateral kidney problems occur, pain will occur in both sides of the waist, often after activities, pain will be intensified, prone to lumbar acid weakness.

Conversely, the symptom that appears lumbago is kidney to have a problem certainly? The answer is no.Kidney problems are just one of many causes of lower back pain,Therefore, when the symptoms of backache appear, we should not only pay attention to the kidney, but also pay attention to other diseases.

What disease is lumbago indicative of?

First, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

The most common cause of female lumbago is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, more by caesarean section or the acute pelvic inflammatory disease that other problems cause, without timely and thorough treatment development and come, its main clinical symptoms are lumbago, lower abdominal pain and secretion increase.

Pelvic cavity is stimulated by inflammatory factor for a long time, internal viscera of pelvic cavity produces glue, affect female reproduction health, because this female appears lumbago, need notices this kind of circumstance.

Second, abnormal uterine position

The uterus of the female is to rely on many ligaments to fix its specific position in pelvic cavity, as the growth of the age, or the stimulation of long-term pelvic inflammatory disease factor, ligaments may appear elasticity to reduce, glue to wait for a problem, cause uterine position to appear change, by traction ligaments can cause a woman to show a backache.

lumbar backache

Third, lumbar muscle strain

Social network develops quickly, computer became the indispensable tool in the job, sit for a long time immobile, or the sitting position has a little wrong, may increase psoas muscle burden, cause psoas muscle strain for a long time and appear lumbago. In addition to sitting for a long time, standing for a long time is also easy to cause lumbar muscle strain, such as workers, teachers, waiters and other professional groups, prone to back pain.

Fourth, lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation caused by the back pain is often dull pain, difficult to have a clear pain site, and is the pain of large areas of the waist. This condition is one of the most difficult to treat of all the problems that cause back pain.

Fifth, osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common cause of back pain in the elderly, calcium loss in bone, brittle bone, lack of nutrition caused by nerve back pain. This part of the people should pay attention to scientific calcium supplements to avoid further loss of bone calcium aggravating symptoms.

lumbar backache

Sixth, kidney stones or ureteral stones

Kidney and ureter are located in the waist, urinary stones appear in these two parts, it is easy to stimulate the kidney or ureter wall and cause pain, this pain is often tingling, violent attack, activities will increase.

lumbar backache – Late pregnancy lumbago don't be careless, may be the fetus to be born, pregnant women to be clear

Article | for mom

Beibei is 38 weeks pregnant. During this period, she always felt back pain, which she ignored because she had experienced back pain before. But this day she backache of special fierce, move all can't move, the husband hurriedly sent her to the hospital. The doctor said after the examination that the pressure of the uterus is relatively large, the fetus has developed a lack of oxygen, the need for immediate caesarean section. Fortunately, the operation is timely, adults and children are all right. After the baby special doubts, said she did not appear to see the red, broken water these signs of childbirth, how back pain was born. In fact, late pregnancy back pain is also a sign of delivery, but many pregnant women are ignored.

lumbar backache

Why to say is pregnant terminal waist aches also be the signal that is about to give birth?

Believe that most pregnant women know, common signs of childbirth is to see red, broken water, contractive labor and so on, in fact, the strong back pain is a sign of pregnant women in labor. Third trimester back pain is mainly related to the health of pregnant women, if the pain of back pain is more intense, and the duration is longer, basically in an hour after a slight abdominal pain or broken water. It should be noted that if the pregnant woman's back pain lasts for a short time, about 5-10 minutes to disappear, then the pregnant woman need not worry, this is a normal phenomenon, the fetus is not born.

lumbar backache

How should acuteness lumbar ache appear in gestation terminal?

If a pregnant woman has back pain in other months, this is basically a normal pregnancy reaction, do not need to worry too much. If it is in the third trimester, pregnant women will cause attention, it is best to go to the hospital in time to check. Don't wait foolishly to see red, broken water these symptoms, or said has not arrived at the due date is fine, don't hurt the fetus because of their ignorance.

lumbar backache

What does gestational terminal pregnant woman need to notice?

Many women look forward to the third trimester, thinking it will be easier than the first or second trimester. In fact, there are plenty of things to look out for in the third trimester. Pregnant women should first understand the signs of childbirth, and then pay attention to observe their own physical changes, abnormal conditions will be timely to go to the hospital. In addition, pregnant women should also pay attention to the timely delivery, this time to pay more attention to the amount of sheep, the maturity of the placenta and the condition of the fetal heart.

lumbar backache

For my mother said:If you didn't know that severe back pain is also a sign of labor, pay attention later. Pregnant women pay more attention, the fetus will be safer.

lumbar backache – Stay away from backache, keep practicing yoga is enough, practice is really comfortable

Bo jie's sayings: work too hard, let yoga help you relieve fatigue, feel free to practice

In modern life, many of us live a "sitting" life, whether it is sitting at a desk at work, or sitting on the sofa or playing mobile phone in bed at home. Staying in one position for a long time can easily lead to back pain or lumbar or shoulder spine problems, so we need to take precautions. After working at a desk for a day, don't sit down or lie down and stop moving when you get home.

Look1: wiggle your waist to relieve soreness

The waist gets sore because we sit for too long and the muscles in the waist get stiff, which can cause aches and pains. Therefore, appropriate waist exercise can help us relieve this discomfort.

The first pose starts with the palms of your hands on the ground, with your center of gravity moving forward. Then bring your legs together, bend your knees, and use your arms to lift your legs up and off the ground. The thighs of the legs can be pressed against the abdomen to maintain balance.

Left leg maintains standing, upper body bends downward with the waist, next right leg knee bends, lift up, make right crural sole sticks to the ham side of left leg. Wrap your arms behind your right knee.

A derivative of the king of dances. Keep your left leg standing, lean your upper body forward slightly, and lift your right leg toward the back of your body, bending your lower leg upward. Then reach back with your right arm and grab the lower leg of your right leg.

Wheel variant. To complete the pose, place your hands on the ground and then stand on your head. Slowly lower your legs from the back of your body, bending your knees and pointing your toes. The waist needs to force the hips up.

Look2: stretch your shoulders, move your shoulders

The shoulder muscles also stiffen after holding a sitting position for a long time, and can then be moved through some yoga postures.

Cross your legs and land on the floor with your left foot, bending your knees downward and lowering your center of gravity. Keep your upper body upright. Again, cross your arms in front of you, opening your shoulder blades forward and moving your shoulder muscles.

In the following pose, sit with your right leg crossed in front of you, then reach left and right to the back of your body, bending your knee and lifting your calf up. Once your upper body is upright, extend your left arm behind your body and hold the ankle of your left leg, opening your chest.

Use the tips of your feet for support, then bend your knees downward and lower your center of gravity. Keep your arms straight at the back of your body and cross your hands together, fully stretching your shoulder blades and relaxing your shoulder muscles.

Kneel on the ground with your right knee, lean forward, and lower your right arm to the ground. Lift your left leg up, bend your knee, and hold your left ankle behind with your left hand.

Look3: exercise before bed to protect sleep from soreness

When back pain becomes serious, it will affect our daily life, so it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible or prevent it from happening.

Bend your arms with your elbows bent, holding them on the ground with the palms of your hands. Then bend your body down, legs straight back, and place your center of gravity on your arms, raising your legs in the back direction.

Stand with your left leg straight forward and your right leg straight forward, while bending down and twisting to the right so that your arms wrap around the back of your body and your right arm crosses your right leg from below. Adjust your body to maintain balance.

A derivative of the elbow stand. Bend your elbows at the sides of your head and support yourself to the ground with your head, then stand upside down. Bring your legs together, bend your knees downward and lower your center of gravity.

In the last pose, lie down on the ground with your legs spread out to your sides, bending your knees and holding them to the ground. Then stretch your arms out to your ears, extend your fingers to the floor, and lift your body off the floor with your knees.

Don't think back pain is a small matter, don't take it to heart. If the situation progresses to the lumbar shoulder spine, it can be difficult to adjust and can be difficult to cope with. So to avoid this pain, either exercise more or move more at work.

lumbar backache – Sedentary group, after 40 years of age, high incidence of psoas muscle strain, common manifestations of back pain and other symptoms

Lumbar muscle strain refers to the lumbar muscle and its attachment point fascia or periosteum chronic injury inflammation, is one of the common causes of lumbago.

lumbar backache

Disc herniation, spinal curvature and other causes can lead to lumbar muscle strain, in addition, winter cold, summer air conditioning and bad posture can also induce lumbar muscle strain.

lumbar backache

Lumbar muscle strain is a common manifestation of lumbago, once compression of the nerve, can be manifested as lower limb pain, numbness or weakness. Sedentary people, people in their 40s and beyond. According to the medical history, the diagnosis can be confirmed by X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging and clinical symptoms.

lumbar backache

Psoas strain can be alleviated by self-care (proper rest, regular changes in posture, avoidance of bending), physical therapy, massage, massage, or medication.

Finally, the expert warns: prevent lumbar muscle strain, begin from correct sitting position.

lumbar backache – Is lumbago kidney disease? Not necessarily. Maybe these four things are the culprits.

Kidney is an important organ of the waist. So once back pain, many people are worried about kidney abnormalities caused by, therefore, many people think that back pain is equivalent to kidney disease. Actually this is a kind of misunderstanding, now hurry to look at the specific situation of backache.

Kidney disease can cause lower back pain, but it doesn't stop there

Let's first look at the specific components of the waist: the skin of the waist, a deep layer of the waist muscles, then down is the lumbar spine, and then the kidneys. So there's a lot more to back pain than just kidney disease.

One, inflammation of the waist skin

The classic signs of inflammation are redness, swelling, and pain, which can be caused by damage to the skin in the lower back or other skin infections. If you find lower back pain, look for a rash or cut.

Situation two, lumbar muscle strain

If you hold the same position for a long time, you can easily cause lumbar muscle strain. The pain can be subtle. If you have experienced similar pain in your lower back, try relaxing the muscles in your lower back and see if the pain eases.

Third, lumbar problems

Common lumbar hyperplasia and disc herniation are the causes of lower back pain, which usually lasts for a long time and is accompanied by numbness of the hands and feet, etc., which requires specific examination at the hospital before diagnosis.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is more, but no matter what kind of kidney disease, back pain is one of the common symptoms, for example, the pain caused by kidney stones is unbearable, which is the most serious cause of back pain, if not timely treatment, is likely to cause the consequences of kidney failure.

Simple ways to relieve back pain

Although back pain is not a big problem, the pain caused to patients is very uncomfortable, and even affects the normal life and work, so for ordinary back pain, you can choose the following methods to alleviate.

Method 1: bridge motion

Lie on your back with your knees together and bend your knees, lifting your hips but not your head or shoulders away from the bed. Do this twice a day, sitting 15 times each time for 5 seconds.

Method 2: flying swallow movement

In the prone position, lift your hands up and lift your hands and feet back with great strength. Do this twice a day, 15 times a day, and hold each time for 5 seconds.

Method 3: support movement

Take prone position, but double forearms support the body, keep the waist straight, the longer the longer the better, every day is also in the morning and evening, maintain the posture in about 3 minutes.

Back pain is actually a very common symptom, most people will experience it, so we just have a clear understanding of back pain, know which diseases will occur back pain; Also know how to relieve back pain. Of course, if the back pain continues, and there is an aggravation of the situation, timely visit the hospital is the correct way.

lumbar backache – When sleeping lumbago, after rising, indolent, how is this to return a responsibility?

Back pain when sleeping, no pain after getting up, do not wonder, this is a very common symptom, clinical cause is not just one, accurate judgment or palpation examination, occasionally can be observed, continue like this, or the best advice to see a doctor…

Pain in the morning

A lot of people are to sleep to early in the morning 4~5 o 'clock or so can be painful wake up, rise activity the symptom disappears, this is the typical expression of lumbar muscle strain, can touch the tension of muscle on both sides of the waist, ache, the adhesion of cable-like, can pass the way that massage and hot compress, will restore the flexibility of muscle and function.

Pain in the middle of the night

Patients with lumbar disc prolapse, in part due to sleep at night, muscle relaxation, the body can't hold in the smaller for intervertebral disc pressure position, will cause to the stimulation of dural sac, the cause of pain, get up after the muscles began to protect and maintain the pain reduce posture, usually cough sneeze also hurts.

Can't lie down, backache

Also have partial person, want to lie long to feel waist not comfortable only, the person that still has feels waist to lie flat always do not catch a bed, this is a kind of expression of disorder of lumbar small joint of typical lumbar vertebra, can after relaxing lumbar muscle, undertake gimmick returns to a place, this does not behave commonly at night, also may lie not to live by day!

Other reasons

The causes of lumbago at night are not only the three mentioned above, which may be mixed with multiple aspects, but also may be other reasons. Pain is a signal of the body, only when the cause is found, can we have an accurate treatment plan. Don't blindly stop the pain, do not blindly palpate and check, and don't blindly believe in imaging examination!

lumbar backache – Lumbago, leg hemp aches, it is the problem of lumbar vertebra not necessarily, want vigilance small apoplexy

Mr. Zhang, 76, came to the clinic for the first time. As soon as he entered the clinic, he said, "the orthopedic doctor took an X-ray of my lumbar spine and asked me to come to the rehabilitation department."

lumbar backache

For a new patient, I would ask the history in detail. "what's wrong with you?" I asked. Why go to the doctor?" He replied, "I often go fast. Two weeks ago, my walking buddy looked at me from behind and told me that I was not walking as usual, so I went to see my doctor. The doctor took an X-ray and said I had bone spurs in my lumbar spine, so he suggested I come to rehabilitation."

"What's the matter with you? Back pain or sore feet?"

"No, I just feel a little heavy on my right foot."

I asked him to walk. His feet were slightly wider apart than most people's, and his right foot was poorly supported when he walked on his heel and toe. In addition, some examinations of lumbar neurologic symptoms were performed without any problems. When testing the muscle strength of his limbs, it was found that the muscle strength of his right hand and right foot was worse than that of his left.

"Mr. Zhang, do you have diabetes, high blood pressure or high blood fat?"

"I have diabetes and high blood pressure, and I always take medicine in hospital."

I did a few simple neurologic tests and found that his short-range memory, immediate memory, and computational abilities were actually worse, meaning that he was beginning to develop alzheimer's.

"I suspect you have a small blood vessel in your brain that's blocked, which is a small stroke. Diabetic, hypertensive patient produces the opportunity of cerebral hemal embolism higher, it is the small hemal that repeats repeatedly even sometimes is blocked, oneself do not have too big feeling however. Do you live alone or with your children?"

lumbar backache

"I've always been very active and healthy, but in the last year or two my memory has been getting worse, which is a small problem. My four children are all very capable and well-behaved, but they are busy with their work. I don't want to bother them.

I am in front of a father who is old, who has devoted his whole life to his children, and who is still unwilling to bother his children when he needs care. We have so many fathers around us who are also so haunting.

I arranged for him to have a further mri, told him to pay attention to blood sugar and blood pressure control, told him that he might have to take drugs to prevent brain embolism, and arranged for him to have treatment.

Before leaving the clinic, he suddenly turned to me and asked, "doctor, do I need rehabilitation for my lumbar spine bone spurs?" I told him, "just because nine out of ten people your age go to have a lumbar X-ray and have bone spurs doesn't mean your symptoms are caused by bone spurs. You've never had any lower back pain, sciatica, so you may have bone spurs, but it's probably not going to bother you for the rest of your life."

When dealing with patients, clinical history, physical and neurological examination are all very important. If the doctor only USES imaging to diagnose the patient, shooting at the shadow is not an accurate diagnosis, nor can it really help the patient.

lumbar backache

Why does it take so long for a doctor to see a patient when you're outside the clinic complaining and feeling helpless? Be patient. Your patience may help a patient, or even yourself. Let the doctor to the professional evaluation, make the best and accurate diagnosis for you, and help you recover, find a healthy yourself!

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