stiff back remedy – Will it hurt after you push your back? Will itch? Will be tired? Come and take your seat!

Let me tell you:

Blood stasis: a meridian will be painful.

(2) qi deficiency: a meridian will be very tired.

(3) fire flourishing person: a meridian will be very fidgety.

(4) spleen and stomach is not good person: a meridian will nausea want to vomit.

5. Damp and cold people: a meridian will be itchy, small grains of rice.

All these reactions show that the meridian here or there blocked, health conditioning, in fact, is to let the meridian from impassability to through the process. As the conditioning progresses, the reactions mentioned above will slowly disappear. So when do you know that your meridians have been opened?

1, the flesh on the body does not feel pain

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The easiest way to check whether the meridian is clear is to pinch your own flesh and see if it hurts. In particular, the position of the three jiao on the outside of the arm and the passage of the small intestine, or the meat on the thigh, can be easily and obviously felt.

2. There is obvious phenomenon of excessive blood

Maybe you don't understand the phenomenon of excessive blood. But many people should have such experience: when you are with one hand holding the other wrist, must hold on, when after a minute or so, you will see that is gripping the wrist hand gradually from red to white, and when you suddenly let go, you will feel a stream of heat flow has been rushed to the fingers, palm also will be from white to red, this phenomenon is known as the "blood", that is your channels and collaterals.

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Now, for the palms, it's easy to see if you've had blood, but if it's your lower limbs, if it's your feet, is there blood? That's not so easy to do. Many people have cold hands and feet, which means your blood and qi are so bad that they can't reach the ends of your limbs.

How do you know if your lower extremities are bleeding? Get someone to help you press down your femoral artery, and then, for about a minute, violently release your hand and see if your blood reaches the tips of your feet. At its best, it reaches the tips of your feet and feels like a barrel, front and back. But many people can not cross the knee, but every such people, all need to get through your meridian.

The position of the femoral artery is not easy to find. If you are lying flat, press your finger slightly against the groin area and you should feel a beating sensation in one place, just like you feel a pulse in your hand. That's your femoral artery.

If the feeling of blood passing through the femoral artery is like a barrel and can reach the toes, it means that your meridians and collaterals are very clear. Otherwise, you need to massage through the meridians and collaterals.

3, rub ba liao feet will be heat

Femoral artery, mainly to test your foot three Yin meridian and three Yang meridian situation. If you want to test the condition of du mai and bladder meridians, then you must judge by rubbing ba liao. "Ba liao" is the general term of eight acupoints, namely "zhong xia liao" distributed on left and right two bladder meridians last time, to see the position of ba liao first.

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The huiyang points of bladder meridian are "liao" followed by "liao" and "shang liao", left and right symmetry, a total of eight.

Many people who have never been massaged don't have meridians and collaterals, which is not only shown in femoral artery compression, no feeling of blood, rubbing ba liao doesn't have the feeling of hot feet, most people only have hot buttocks, good knees can be hot, and the best thing is that feet can be hot.

Rub the method of ba liao:Rub "ba liao" with your palm quickly to stimulate the bladder meridians and meridians. It is only a feeling of heat, not blood.

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4. Lie down with a hollow stomach

There are many channels and collaterals of human body concentrated on the abdomen, therefore, it is very important whether the channels and collaterals of this position are communicated. What's a good stomach? First, the hand is not painful; Next is the belly to concave.

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What is a depression? Lying flat on the bed, you can show your ribs, and you can pour water on your belly without running. There is a saying called: "the stomach is as soft as cotton, all diseases do not tie up". Get through the abdominal meridian, mainly rely on the scrapping and massage.

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If you can do all four of the above, then your meridian is clear. At this point, you take in something that your body can absorb well. Otherwise, no matter how good the food you eat, including the medicine and health care products you take, the effect will be greatly reduced. Now the vast majority of chronic patients, channels and collaterals are basically impassable, therefore, all means of treatment, to start from getting through channels and collaterals.

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