stiff back remedy – The difference between men and women back painting method, illustrator practice human body must learn!

How to determine male and female waistlines

The latissimus dorsi muscles of men and women are always in position, while the shoulders of men are wider. Two lines are first drawn, and their intersection is consistent with the waist circumference of women.

The back muscles of men and women

Men and women have different back muscles, so what's the difference? The pelvis is wider in women than it is in men, demarcated by the curve of the waist. The pelvis is more protruding in women, while the external oblique abdominal muscles affect men. Do you know the difference?

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lower back exercises

How to draw a shoulder-to-hip model

How do you draw a shoulder-to-hip model? Instead of drawing ribs and plates, I wanted to draw more abstractly. The online drawing stage focused too much on the correct proportions and the position of the muscles in the anatomy

lower back exercises

Four, different posture of painting

When drawing different poses, pay attention to the indentation in the middle line.

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