stiff back remedy – Back training without feeling? 4 back training tips to stimulate all back muscles

The first skill, reduce the training speed

When I was working out in the gym, I saw some trainers using gantries to do high position pull-down exercises at a very fast speed. After each movement was pulled down, they followed the pull-back when they recovered. This training effect was very poor, and there were many mistakes in the exercise.

We exercise in the process, must reduce their training speed, grasp the centrifugal and centripetal rhythm. Many of you know that when you slow down, you increase the pain and irritation in your muscles. This is the result of effective exercise. Don't be afraid of this feeling.

The 2nd skill, hold correct training posture

The correct training posture for the back training effect is very big, do not think that as long as you can pull the barbell is right, if you use the wrong posture to pull up, then you will not get the corresponding training effect, and will make yourself injured.

So when you exercise your back, we must master the exact posture of each training movement, understand how each movement training power is, first with a small weight to learn, let their bodies feel the right sense of stimulation, and then gradually increase the exercise weight.

lower back exercises

The third skill, use elastic band to assist the exercise

Elastic band is our good helper in fitness, every muscle part can use it for auxiliary exercises, which can improve the training feeling greatly.

For example, when we are doing pull-ups and our body is tired, we can use the elastic belt for auxiliary exercises, and use the force of the elastic belt to complete the corresponding training, so that we can get a very deep training effect on our back.

lower back exercises

Fourth, increase your training weight gradually

Finally, we need to learn to challenge ourselves with large weights. We need to gradually increase the weight in the back training, and don't always stay at a comfortable weight, so that the muscle will not make greater progress.

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