lumbar spine pain relief – How did you manage to push your lumbar disc out so hard?

Zou auntie, 63, who lives in xishan district of kunming city, suffered from lumbago and hip pain a year ago, accompanied by numbness in both lower limbs, especially the left one. When she developed symptoms, she did not go to the hospital for treatment, but took painkillers to keep her ill.

Three months ago, due to the pain in her lower back and legs that affected her life, aunt zou was repeatedly persuaded by her family to go to the local hospital for examination and diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. After symptomatic treatment, the symptoms were relieved. But good times is not long, passed only a more than a month, her lower limbs hemp ache aggravated again, appear for a time walk difficulty.

"Every time walk two or three hundred meters leg pain can not stand, more than a step is no good, can only stand in place to rest. Zou said that when her relatives learned that she had been ill for a long time, they recommended her to come here. "Several of my relatives have been treated here, physiotherapists, small needle knives, basically one good one, so I hurried here."

In clinic, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is closely related to the work and life of patients. Referring to her job when she was young, aunt zou said with great interest that she came from the countryside and worked as a farmer for 20 or 30 years. Later, she also worked as a factory worker. In recent years, when I was older, I went to a restaurant to work and worked as a nanny. 'every job is hard physical work,' she said firmly. 'maybe that's how you get a herniated disc.'

As for aunt zou's speculation, zhang xin, director of the spinal department, gave his approval. He said, simply speaking, the pathogenesis of lumbar disc herniation has internal and external causes. Internal cause is a foundation, basically be a person to arrive at certain age, lumbar vertebra can produce regressive sex change, this is a truth with long furrow on the face, it is irreversible. The external cause is the condition, which refers to certain predisposing factors, such as long-term body load, strain, poor posture and so on.

lumbar spine

▲ lumbar process compression nerve

According to zhang xin, lumbar disc herniation is caused by the interplay of "internal and external factors", in which the annulus fibrosus of the disc ruptures and the central nucleus pulposus flows out through the small incision, eventually stimulating or pressing the adjacent nerve root. The earliest symptoms are lumbago, followed by numbness and weakness in the lower extremities.

In terms of treatment methods, according to the patient's medical history, treatment history, symptoms, clinical examination, mri and other clinical data, the spine experts suggested aunt zou to receive surgery. In this regard, zhang xin explained that according to the treatment principle of "ladder therapy", because the patient is now in a serious advanced stage, conservative, interventional and minimally invasive methods are impossible to fundamentally solve the problem, so surgery is a more scientific and appropriate method.

It is understood that lumbar disc herniation surgery is to remove the focus of the disc, remove the bone hyperplasia and hypertrophic ligament in the spinal canal, in order to expand the canal, remove nerve compression. For the "space" left between the two vertebrae after the disc is removed, the doctor will implant a material called "cage" to connect the upper and lower vertebrae and maintain the height of the spine. The final pins and rods are inserted to stabilize and support two or more adjacent vertebrae.

lumbar spine

▲ director zhang xin and assistant for careful treatment of patients

According to zhang xin, surgery is the "ultimate treatment" for lumbar disc herniation and the last step in the "ladder treatment". Although the trauma was larger than other methods and the recovery period was longer, the postoperative effect was relatively thorough and stable.

After careful consideration, aunt zou and her husband unanimously decided to carry out the operation. Later, director zhang xin assisted the patient with the successful operation.

lumbar spine

Review results show a good recovery

After the surgery, aunt zou gradually recovered under the careful treatment and nursing of medical staff, and the symptoms of numbness and pain in lower limbs were significantly relieved. "The doctors are skilled and the fees are reasonable. This hospital has come to the right place." Zou said she and her husband are very satisfied with the treatment.

Director zhang xin told her that she should not engage in heavy physical labor in the future, and should pay attention to waist maintenance, for example, avoid sitting and standing for a long time, pay attention to keeping warm, and correct bad posture.

Lumbar disc herniation if left untreated, may cause compression of the lumbar nerve, with the aggravation of the herniation, nerve compression may also continue to aggravate, and even cause injury. Nerve damage is irreversible and can only be resolved surgically. So, lumbar dash forward must be treated in time.

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