lower spine pain relief – If you don't know your spine, you won't know tai chi | how to help spine pain

The spine –Our nerve centre, central nervous system in the brain on the lift, which runs through the spinal cord and spinal branch: the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve root from between each section of the spine of intervertebral foramen, the internal organs, muscles and other connections, transmitting the information and life energy, command the motor system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system as well as the sense organ of coordination.

lower spine pain relief

Our nerve center

lower spine pain relief

Structure of spine

The spine –Our source of strength, our body's largest, thickest, longest, and most powerful muscle-the vertical trunk, gluteus maximus are attached to it. The ancients cloud: brawn, this "Lv" means "spine".

lower spine pain relief

The source of our strength

Not only that, it is also the chain and hub of various movements of the human body, and every posture and movement of the human body is closely related to it.

When our spine is in perfect condition, the body's motor function can be fully developed, the internal organs can be fully protected, and the internal organs can be fully assisted. Our sense of the outside, the body, the internal organs will be very sensitive. Our body metabolism, the body's internal environment, is very balanced, the body is quite adapted to the outside world, the growth and development of the human body and reproduction and other aspects of normal operation. We digest food, receive oxygen, absorb nutrients, and get rid of metabolites (so-called toxins) most promptly.

You know what? In fact, our body all the time there are cancer cells, but once the cancer cells appear, will be destroyed by the body's immune system, the better our spine, the more active the immune system of the body, the faster and more complete the elimination of cancer cells.

In terms of martial arts, the better our spines are, the more power we can exert, the more sensitive we are to the outside world, and the more adaptable we are to things.

But our spina is not always in good condition. We humans don't live in a vacuum, and the reasons for our spina's poor condition are many and complicated (this is also in line with the theory of materialist dialectics — motion is absolute, stillness is relative). The spinal column state is bad is the spinal column appears askew, the vertebra occurrence displacement. When our spine is askewl, it is the result of a mechanical imbalance of the spine that the bone and joints become minimally displaced.

lower spine pain relief

Small displacement of bone joints after spinal mechanical imbalance

In this way, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves will be damaged, and various diseases of the viscera will occur. At the same time, the tiny displacement of this bone joint will also cause damage to the surrounding tissue environment, which will lead to new damage. When our vertebra produces displacement, can stimulate or compress the plant nerve near, affect the function that innervates viscera thereby; Stimulation or compression of a nearby blood vessel, causing symptoms of ischemia in the blood supply area; Stimulation or compression of spinal nerves and receptors near the spine, reflex effects of visceral function. Causes the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, circulatory system, endocrine system, sensory system, nervous system function disorders and lesions. It can also cause mental illness.

So how do we keep our spines in good shape? We can achieve the goal through qigong exercise, kungfu exercise (yi jin jin, ba duan jin, taijiquan), and adjust our spine.

A common method by which we adjust our spines

There is another method of adjusting our spine through the outside world, the chiropractic.

lower spine pain relief

So here are my slogans:

Health first raise ridge, ridge is the hard truth;

Want to have quality of life, first do well our spine;

To stay young, focus on your spine

When our spines are in perfect condition, it's called xiao zhou tiantong.

Talk about qigong — adjusting the spine and pelvis is most important

How do we adjust our spines? Our spine is composed of the cranium, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, pelvis (including sacrum and tailbone).

lower spine pain relief

Structure of spine

Different parts of the spine have different adjustment methods, take qigong for example:

The intention defends the big vertebra to adjust the cervical vertebra;

Yi shoulao palace is to adjust the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra;

The intention to defend shan is to adjust the thoracic vertebra;

Mediastinum is the adjustment of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae;

Keeping the vital door is to adjust the lumbar spine;

Meaning keep god que, guan yuan, air sea, Yin cross, stone door (all belong to what we often say "belly") perineum, yongquan is to adjust the pelvis. (the above names of acupuncture points are the unified standard names of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion)

As to the alleged that people often says "on the field of abdomen", "in field of abdomen", "under field of abdomen" because different school view is different, fixed position is not unified also, I am not tired recount. It's all on these points.

Of all the parts of our spine, our pelvis is the most important. If our spine is compared to the pillars of a house, then our pelvis is the foundation, and the stability and balance of the foundation plays a decisive role.

lower spine pain relief

The pelvis is like a foundation

So the pelvis is adjusted, and our spine is in good shape. In fact, the bone-to-bone connection between our vertebrae is very precise, one bad, the whole spine will follow everywhere bad. Once it is adjusted, the entire spine improves in coordination.

In fact, the pelvis is also the hub of our power transmission.

I. principles of qigong

We have four vital signs: breathing, heartbeat, body temperature and blood pressure. We can't control our heartbeat; Unable to control their blood pressure; Don't control your body temperature; But you can regulate your breathing, you can regulate the depth and frequency of your breathing. So since ancient times, people have used breathing to regulate their internal organs and life. This is the basic practice of pranayama, or qigong.

There are many schools and types of qigong in China, but most of them pay attention to keeping their tendrin. Dantian is below the navel, which contains the shenque (navel), guan yuan, qi sea, Yin jiao, shimen and other acupoints. But anyway, the effect of mindfulness is abdominal breathing.

lower spine pain relief

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