get relief from back pain – This challenging flow yoga sequence helps relieve back pain that you've never done before!

How does backache backache do? Plasters? Drinking potions? Go to massage? These are only palliative measures, and easy to repeat, the best solution is more exercise, exercise a strong body, with bad habits of life say goodbye, so to help you to solve this stubborn disease!

Today we introduce a group of postures to help you relieve the stiffness and pain in your waist, so that you can remove the stiffness and pain in your body in one month. Let's practice together!

1. The dog

yoga for back pain

Type name:

Upward facing dog pose, English name: upward facing dog pose. Sanskrit name: urdhva mukha svanasana. Practice dog style, can help practitioners extend the spine, so that the spine to restore vitality, become more flexible, help back stiff people flexible waist, flexible spine, relieve stiffness caused by the pain and so on, for waist pain, sciatica people also have a comparative effect.

Practice mode:

A. begin on your stomach, with your body straight and your legs as wide as your hips;

B. Place the fingertips of both fingers forward under the shoulders, straighten the arms, extend the spine, lift the body, lift the chest, and open the shoulders;

C. straighten the head, press down the hips, adduct the abdomen, extend the waist, lift the hips off the ground, tighten the hips, tighten the legs, maintain the posture for 30 seconds, repeat the exercise.

2. The wheel

yoga for back pain

Upward bow pose, English name upward bow pose, Sanskrit name urdhva dhanurasana, urdhva means upward, dhanu means bow. Practice this pose regularly to strengthen the legs, ankles, arms, wrists, palms, abdomen and back. Strengthen the hands, elbows, and arms to extend the spine and make it more flexible, while helping to extend the hip flexors, chest, lower abdomen, and lungs. Improve breathing; Stimulate nervous system and thyroid function; Improve your mood.

A. begin by lying on your back, with your body on the floor and straight, hands at your sides and heels on the ground;

B. Bend your knees, put your hands on the side of your ears, and straighten your arms.

C. Keep your legs as wide as your hips for 30 seconds, return to your back and repeat.

Style Suggestions:

Circle your feet inward and place them firmly on the ground, try to fix your upper arms inside your shoulder joints, relax your neck and face, tighten your caudal spine, and try to stretch your spine.

yoga for back pain

Yoga is to let you learn to talk with the body, let you make progress every day, let you accept your body, accept the imperfect, let you understand that the body is not perfect, but yoga can help you change, let you get a better yourself, insist on practice will be effective!

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