back doctor – What is the cause of lumbar backache in pregnancy? Learn to stand, sit, walk and lie correctly!

1. Hormonal effects

The back that pregnant inchoate aches aches, because estrogen, progesterone action more, general ache is milder. Hormones released by the placenta cause the previously stable joints in the pelvis to relax and slowly open, and the ligaments in the spine and bone joints to relax in preparation for delivery. At this time, some pregnant mothers will feel back pain.

2. Enlarged uterus, weight gain:

As the month progresses, an enlarged uterus puts pressure on nerves in the lower back, a major cause of back pain. In addition, uterus increases ceaselessly, make body center of gravity moves forward gradually, when a few pregnant mothers are standing or walking, to maintain center of gravity balance, lean the body backward, and the ligament of this kind of posture aggravated lumbar back and muscle load, also can bring about or aggravate lumbar backache.

3. Disease factors:

Problems such as a herniated disc or a previous injury to the lower back can make pregnant women more prone to lower back pain.

Second, pregnant mother how to alleviate back pain?

The cause of low back pain should be identified first, and then targeted treatment.

Some mothers-to-be have sciatica before pregnancy and need the help of an orthopedic surgeon. If it is in the middle and late stages of pregnancy to begin to appear back pain, it is mostly normal bone and ligament reaction during pregnancy, usually pregnant mothers can regulate their own habits to alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

1, stand, sit, lie, walk and other posture to be correct

1) how to stand?

● droop your shoulders and lean back, straighten your chest and ribs, and keep your back straight;

● tighten your abdominal muscles, contract your hips, and bend your knees slightly.

● stand with your feet slightly apart.

2) how to sit?

● don't slouch. Avoid stooping when you sit down.

● sit with your thighs in a chair, keeping your knees at the same level as your hips.

● don't cross your legs.

3) how to lie down?

● put pillows between your legs to support your thighs and reduce back tension.

● place a pillow under your abdomen to support your uterus.

● put pillows on your back to support your back.

● try to lie on your left side, which increases blood flow to the placenta;

● avoid soft mattresses. Palm mattresses are ideal.

From the lying down position:

● keep your back straight;

● turn to one side first;

● use your arms to support your body in getting out of bed.

4) how do I get there?

When walking, the whole body is loosened, double eye flatlines inspect ahead, straighten spine, tiptoe heel, footstep does not drag to want light, double shoulders is loosened as far as possible flail move arm, mobile scapula.


1) avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who need to stand for 4-5 hours a day due to work can use the tummy brace to share some of the baby's weight and relieve the pressure on abdominal muscles and back.

2) avoid lying on your back for a long time. A heavy uterus will compress the inferior vena cava and abdominal aorta, affecting blood reflux, resulting in transient hypotension of the pregnant mother, decreased blood supply to the placenta, and even threatening the intrauterine safety of the fetus. Raise your head and bend your knees if you must lie on your back.

2, more sun, ensure adequate intake of calcium, enhance the strength of bones.

3, with hot water bag hot compress or a little hot water rinse back, can also relieve back pain.

4, appropriate exercise waist, abdomen, back and other parts of the muscle. Pregnant mothers can combine their own situation to do some soothing exercises, such as yoga in the classic movement, can effectively alleviate back pain.

5. Massage. Massage the lower back to relax tired, aching muscles. You can lie on the back of a chair or on your side and have your father-to-be gently massage the muscles on both sides of your spine, especially in your lower back.

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