lower spine pain relief – The spinal rehabilitation series that deserves attention is good goods!


sharp pain in lower spine

The American chiropractic technique principle and the operation of the original chiropractic industry influential in the United States, by the American national chiropractic examination committee, as an important reference book of chiropractic practice examination, the translation is at present our country the first American chiropractic technique were introduced from the system of professional books, which shows the mature American gimmick correction technology, and profile control study and the basic theory of biomechanics, also has the operability of the practice show, at the same time, more than 1300 pictures, make the content more clear and intuitive. Content of the book is divided into seven chapters system about the basic knowledge of chiropractic industry, theory and practice skills, including: overview of chiropractic profession, joint anatomy and basic principle of biological force, joint assessment principles and procedures, the principle of correction technology, spinal anatomy, biomechanics, and evaluation and chiropractic techniques, the spinal joint technology, joint mobilization, traction and soft tissue orthopaedic thrust the operating technology.



sharp pain in lower spine

This book is written by the author for the general public, but is still regarded as a guiding book by professional doctors and trainers. This book guides individuals to self-evaluate pain-induced movements, and then guides individuals to avoid pain and establish pain-free motion patterns, and proposes a step-by-step practice plan, so as to guide patients to eventually achieve pain-free life and restore back health. This illustrated book is simple and practical. Not only patients, but also rehabilitation doctors will be impressed by such a systematic and evidence-based approach.


sharp pain in lower spine

This series of books is based on a large number of X-ray, ct, mri image data, with outline of concise text, detailed introduction of clinical imaging manifestations and diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The introduction of each disease, including the main points, etiology, imaging characteristics, differential diagnosis, pathology, clinical manifestations and treatment, diagnosis experience, etc. Among them, the emphasis is on imaging diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases. In the imaging diagnosis part, the characteristics of X-ray plain film, ct, mri, etc. In the differential diagnosis, the imaging diagnosis points and different imaging manifestations of * related diseases easily confused with this disease are given. The book is well illustrated with high technical level and is suitable for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons.


sharp pain in lower spine

This book is a collection of 70 cases of spinal disorders, ranging from routine to challenging. In selecting cases, try to reflect the diversity of spinal issues. This book can be a useful educational tool for surgeons, medical students, residents, and others involved in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders.


sharp pain in lower spine

Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine, edited by Andre, published by shandong science and technology press. Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine is a quick reference guide for the rehabilitation of common spinal diseases. The idea of this series came from the frustration I encountered when I saw patients with complex conditions in the spine center of my hospital and needed to consult relevant research articles to help evaluate and treat them.


sharp pain in lower spine

Of seven chapters of the book, chapter 1 ~ 3 simple introduced the unarmed * of history and the related theory, and the importance of correct use of the technology, chapter 4 ~ 7 illustrates the spine disease unarmed * method, including the lumbar spine, pelvis, thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra and the temporomandibular joint dysfunction diseases such as special test, diagnosis and unarmed * technology, and comprehensive interpretation from the perspective of physical * division cure the spinal cord and the related functional anatomy and biomechanics of the disease mechanism of disease and joint loose technology. The book is illustrated and easy to understand. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine works, the anatomy structure is more clear, the theoretical analysis of biomechanics is more thorough, and the practicability is stronger, which has strong clinical guidance significance.

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