lower spine pain relief – Formation and development of spine related diseases | (iii)

Ming dynasty li zhongzi "medical school must read" cloud: "neijing" words sun backache, external feeling six qi also, word kidney through backache, internal injury room to also.False make as strong geqiao of the official, only its closure of the seal of this, the state capital. True gas cloth protection, although six gas caustic, can harm…… There are cold, wet, wind, heat, lightning, blood stasis, qi stagnation, phlegm, and so on. The standard is urgent from the standard, the weight is from this, specimens do not lose, disease does not escape. It points out the symptom and syndrome differentiation of deficiency of kidney qi and rheumatism.

sharp pain in lower spine

"There is wind, wet, cold, hot, frustrated, blood stasis, stagnant qi, phlegm and accumulation, all of which are marked, and the kidney is deficient."The syndrome of stiff neck is mainly caused by Yang jing of evil guest, cold pulse leads to acute tThe endons, wind stroke leads to relaxation of tendons, the left side mostly belongs to blood, and the right side mostly belongs to phlegm. The neck is strong and urgent, fever aversion cold, pulse floating and tight, the wind cold guest three Yang also, appropriate exorcism soup… The neck is strong, the waist is broken, the neck is pulled, and the taste is better than the wet soup." Various etiology and treatment principles of neck and back pain are described here. The above discussion indicates that the ancient people had a deep understanding of spine related diseases, and could carry out syndrome differentiation and treatment according to different symptoms, etiology and pathogenesis such as "cold wind", "phlegm heat", "blood deficiency" and "kidney deficiency".

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