back doctor – What is the cause of lumbar backache in pregnancy? Learn to stand, sit, walk and lie correctly!

1. Hormonal effects

The back that pregnant inchoate aches aches, because estrogen, progesterone action more, general ache is milder. Hormones released by the placenta cause the previously stable joints in the pelvis to relax and slowly open, and the ligaments in the spine and bone joints to relax in preparation for delivery. At this time, some pregnant mothers will feel back pain.

2. Enlarged uterus, weight gain:

As the month progresses, an enlarged uterus puts pressure on nerves in the lower back, a major cause of back pain. In addition, uterus increases ceaselessly, make body center of gravity moves forward gradually, when a few pregnant mothers are standing or walking, to maintain center of gravity balance, lean the body backward, and the ligament of this kind of posture aggravated lumbar back and muscle load, also can bring about or aggravate lumbar backache.

3. Disease factors:

Problems such as a herniated disc or a previous injury to the lower back can make pregnant women more prone to lower back pain.

Second, pregnant mother how to alleviate back pain?

The cause of low back pain should be identified first, and then targeted treatment.

Some mothers-to-be have sciatica before pregnancy and need the help of an orthopedic surgeon. If it is in the middle and late stages of pregnancy to begin to appear back pain, it is mostly normal bone and ligament reaction during pregnancy, usually pregnant mothers can regulate their own habits to alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

1, stand, sit, lie, walk and other posture to be correct

1) how to stand?

● droop your shoulders and lean back, straighten your chest and ribs, and keep your back straight;

● tighten your abdominal muscles, contract your hips, and bend your knees slightly.

● stand with your feet slightly apart.

2) how to sit?

● don't slouch. Avoid stooping when you sit down.

● sit with your thighs in a chair, keeping your knees at the same level as your hips.

● don't cross your legs.

3) how to lie down?

● put pillows between your legs to support your thighs and reduce back tension.

● place a pillow under your abdomen to support your uterus.

● put pillows on your back to support your back.

● try to lie on your left side, which increases blood flow to the placenta;

● avoid soft mattresses. Palm mattresses are ideal.

From the lying down position:

● keep your back straight;

● turn to one side first;

● use your arms to support your body in getting out of bed.

4) how do I get there?

When walking, the whole body is loosened, double eye flatlines inspect ahead, straighten spine, tiptoe heel, footstep does not drag to want light, double shoulders is loosened as far as possible flail move arm, mobile scapula.


1) avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who need to stand for 4-5 hours a day due to work can use the tummy brace to share some of the baby's weight and relieve the pressure on abdominal muscles and back.

2) avoid lying on your back for a long time. A heavy uterus will compress the inferior vena cava and abdominal aorta, affecting blood reflux, resulting in transient hypotension of the pregnant mother, decreased blood supply to the placenta, and even threatening the intrauterine safety of the fetus. Raise your head and bend your knees if you must lie on your back.

2, more sun, ensure adequate intake of calcium, enhance the strength of bones.

3, with hot water bag hot compress or a little hot water rinse back, can also relieve back pain.

4, appropriate exercise waist, abdomen, back and other parts of the muscle. Pregnant mothers can combine their own situation to do some soothing exercises, such as yoga in the classic movement, can effectively alleviate back pain.

5. Massage. Massage the lower back to relax tired, aching muscles. You can lie on the back of a chair or on your side and have your father-to-be gently massage the muscles on both sides of your spine, especially in your lower back.

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lumbar spine pain relief – How did you manage to push your lumbar disc out so hard?

Zou auntie, 63, who lives in xishan district of kunming city, suffered from lumbago and hip pain a year ago, accompanied by numbness in both lower limbs, especially the left one. When she developed symptoms, she did not go to the hospital for treatment, but took painkillers to keep her ill.

Three months ago, due to the pain in her lower back and legs that affected her life, aunt zou was repeatedly persuaded by her family to go to the local hospital for examination and diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. After symptomatic treatment, the symptoms were relieved. But good times is not long, passed only a more than a month, her lower limbs hemp ache aggravated again, appear for a time walk difficulty.

"Every time walk two or three hundred meters leg pain can not stand, more than a step is no good, can only stand in place to rest. Zou said that when her relatives learned that she had been ill for a long time, they recommended her to come here. "Several of my relatives have been treated here, physiotherapists, small needle knives, basically one good one, so I hurried here."

In clinic, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is closely related to the work and life of patients. Referring to her job when she was young, aunt zou said with great interest that she came from the countryside and worked as a farmer for 20 or 30 years. Later, she also worked as a factory worker. In recent years, when I was older, I went to a restaurant to work and worked as a nanny. 'every job is hard physical work,' she said firmly. 'maybe that's how you get a herniated disc.'

As for aunt zou's speculation, zhang xin, director of the spinal department, gave his approval. He said, simply speaking, the pathogenesis of lumbar disc herniation has internal and external causes. Internal cause is a foundation, basically be a person to arrive at certain age, lumbar vertebra can produce regressive sex change, this is a truth with long furrow on the face, it is irreversible. The external cause is the condition, which refers to certain predisposing factors, such as long-term body load, strain, poor posture and so on.

lumbar spine

▲ lumbar process compression nerve

According to zhang xin, lumbar disc herniation is caused by the interplay of "internal and external factors", in which the annulus fibrosus of the disc ruptures and the central nucleus pulposus flows out through the small incision, eventually stimulating or pressing the adjacent nerve root. The earliest symptoms are lumbago, followed by numbness and weakness in the lower extremities.

In terms of treatment methods, according to the patient's medical history, treatment history, symptoms, clinical examination, mri and other clinical data, the spine experts suggested aunt zou to receive surgery. In this regard, zhang xin explained that according to the treatment principle of "ladder therapy", because the patient is now in a serious advanced stage, conservative, interventional and minimally invasive methods are impossible to fundamentally solve the problem, so surgery is a more scientific and appropriate method.

It is understood that lumbar disc herniation surgery is to remove the focus of the disc, remove the bone hyperplasia and hypertrophic ligament in the spinal canal, in order to expand the canal, remove nerve compression. For the "space" left between the two vertebrae after the disc is removed, the doctor will implant a material called "cage" to connect the upper and lower vertebrae and maintain the height of the spine. The final pins and rods are inserted to stabilize and support two or more adjacent vertebrae.

lumbar spine

▲ director zhang xin and assistant for careful treatment of patients

According to zhang xin, surgery is the "ultimate treatment" for lumbar disc herniation and the last step in the "ladder treatment". Although the trauma was larger than other methods and the recovery period was longer, the postoperative effect was relatively thorough and stable.

After careful consideration, aunt zou and her husband unanimously decided to carry out the operation. Later, director zhang xin assisted the patient with the successful operation.

lumbar spine

Review results show a good recovery

After the surgery, aunt zou gradually recovered under the careful treatment and nursing of medical staff, and the symptoms of numbness and pain in lower limbs were significantly relieved. "The doctors are skilled and the fees are reasonable. This hospital has come to the right place." Zou said she and her husband are very satisfied with the treatment.

Director zhang xin told her that she should not engage in heavy physical labor in the future, and should pay attention to waist maintenance, for example, avoid sitting and standing for a long time, pay attention to keeping warm, and correct bad posture.

Lumbar disc herniation if left untreated, may cause compression of the lumbar nerve, with the aggravation of the herniation, nerve compression may also continue to aggravate, and even cause injury. Nerve damage is irreversible and can only be resolved surgically. So, lumbar dash forward must be treated in time.

Expert introduction


Orthopedics professional professional bone treatment

Zhang Xin

Title (service) : / deputy director of the spine (2) the attending physician/doctor association pain physician branch committee of yunnan province, yunnan province medical association sports health club/China the second committee of minimally invasive spine group members not public medical institution association of professional committee of the bone, the first committee/spinal cord injury rehabilitation medical association professional committee of yunnan province

Areas of expertise:Interventional, minimally invasive and open treatment of various spinal diseases, disc herniation and vertebral compression fracture

Expert profile: graduated from changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine bone injury department, hospital young backbone experts, spine health lecturer. Successively studied spinal surgery in the third affiliated hospital of henan university of traditional Chinese medicine and kunming general hospital of PLA.

It has rich clinical experience in the minimally invasive treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation, thoracolumbar compression fracture (discscope, intervertebral foramen, vertebral body shaping), the open treatment of spinal fracture, minimally invasive internal fixation and other fields, and has successfully cured thousands of patients with cervical disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and spinal fracture. He has published 5 papers in domestic medical core journals.

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spine pain remedies – More than 100 diseases are linked to the spine

(1) injury or involvement of the spine in the cervical spine may lead to disease in some parts or organs:

The first cervical vertebra: mainly related to head, ear, nose, throat, face, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to headache, insomnia, vision loss, memory loss, dizziness, hypertension and facial paralysis.

my lower spine hurts

Second cervical vertebra: mainly related to ear, nose, throat, tongue, vocal cord, mouth, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to dizziness, migraine, tinnitus, chest tightness, tonsillitis, mumps, sinusitis, allergies, aphasia and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Third cervical spine: pharynx, buccal, shoulder, diaphragm, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from the disease such as foreign body feeling of ministry of pharyngitis, pharynx easily, toothache, neck and shoulder ache, dyspnea, thyroidism.

my lower spine hurts

The fourth cervical vertebra: mainly related to neck muscles, pharynx, arms, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to shoulder pain, toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, hyperthyroidism, chest tightness, hiccup (hiccup) and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

The fifth cervical vertebra: mainly related to elbow, esophagus, trachea, diaphragm, heart, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma, arm ache, tachycardia or too slow wait for disease easily.

my lower spine hurts

The sixth cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, upper limbs, etc. If produce obstacle, easy to suffer from pain of upper arm or wrist, thyroiditis, hypotension, rhythm of the heart wrong, 50 shoulder, thumb acid hemp is painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The seventh cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, brachial muscle, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from thyroiditis, hypotension, arrhythmia, arm lateral, middle finger, brachial muscle, ring finger acid hemp is painful wait for disease easily.

(2) damage to the spine of the thoracic vertebra, which may occur in related parts or organs:

my lower spine hurts

The first thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, forearm, etc. Such as the occurrence of obstacles, prone to palpitations, palpitations, tracheitis, asthma, cough, dyspnea, left upper chest pain, wrist pain, arm pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Second thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, shoulder arm, etc. If produce obstacle, be apt to suffer from esophagus phlogistic, chest pain, asthma, cough, blood pressure is unusual, rhythm of the heart is wrong, shoulder arm acid hemp is painful, hand numbness wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The third thoracic segment: mainly related to the lungs, bronchi, esophagus, heart, chest, etc. If the occurrence of disorders, prone to asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, esophagitis, pleurisy, heart disease, chest tightness, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Fourth thoracic vertebral segment: mainly associated with the lungs, bronchi, gallbladder, chest and ribs. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily pneumonia, asthma, icteric, pleurisy, breast painful, intercostal painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Fifth thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, chest wall, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily hepatitis, cholecystitis, splenomegaly, hypotension, gastritis, breast painful, chest wall painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Sixth thoracic vertebra: mainly associated with the pancreas, stomach, bile, chest and back, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to liver pain, stomach pain, gallstone disease, abdominal pain, intercostal pain, loss of appetite, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Seventh thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to liver pain, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, type 2 diabetes, duodenitis, tonsillitis and other diseases

my lower spine hurts

Eighth thoracic vertebra: low immune function, hepatobiliary disease, diabetes, vomiting, frequent urination.

my lower spine hurts

Ninth thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, white urine, poor urine, allergic syndrome, cold hands and feet, epilepsy

my lower spine hurts

10th thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, dry moss

my lower spine hurts

The eleventh thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, urethral diseases, skin diseases, eczema

my lower spine hurts

Twelfth thoracic vertebra: lower abdomen cold pain, fatigue syndrome, infertility, rheumatism, genital surface itching

my lower spine hurts

First lumbar spine: colonic dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, lower abdominal pain

my lower spine hurts

Second lumbar segment: lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, decreased sexual function

Third lumbar segment: bladder, urine, lumbar, knee medial pain and weakness

Fourth lumbar segment: low back pain, sciatica, dysuria, frequent or low urination, leg pain radiating to the outside of the leg, hemorrhoids

Fifth lumbar spine: poor blood circulation in legs, weakness of lower limbs, fear of cold, pain and numbness in waist and legs to irregular menstruation on the posterolateral side of leg.

my lower spine hurts

Sacral lumbosacral joint lesions, foot root pain numbness cool feeling, bladder disease, prostatitis

Coccygeal pain

my lower spine hurts

"Scoliosis of adolescent" Taiwan soft technique course

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get relief from back pain – This challenging flow yoga sequence helps relieve back pain that you've never done before!

How does backache backache do? Plasters? Drinking potions? Go to massage? These are only palliative measures, and easy to repeat, the best solution is more exercise, exercise a strong body, with bad habits of life say goodbye, so to help you to solve this stubborn disease!

Today we introduce a group of postures to help you relieve the stiffness and pain in your waist, so that you can remove the stiffness and pain in your body in one month. Let's practice together!

1. The dog

yoga for back pain

Type name:

Upward facing dog pose, English name: upward facing dog pose. Sanskrit name: urdhva mukha svanasana. Practice dog style, can help practitioners extend the spine, so that the spine to restore vitality, become more flexible, help back stiff people flexible waist, flexible spine, relieve stiffness caused by the pain and so on, for waist pain, sciatica people also have a comparative effect.

Practice mode:

A. begin on your stomach, with your body straight and your legs as wide as your hips;

B. Place the fingertips of both fingers forward under the shoulders, straighten the arms, extend the spine, lift the body, lift the chest, and open the shoulders;

C. straighten the head, press down the hips, adduct the abdomen, extend the waist, lift the hips off the ground, tighten the hips, tighten the legs, maintain the posture for 30 seconds, repeat the exercise.

2. The wheel

yoga for back pain

Upward bow pose, English name upward bow pose, Sanskrit name urdhva dhanurasana, urdhva means upward, dhanu means bow. Practice this pose regularly to strengthen the legs, ankles, arms, wrists, palms, abdomen and back. Strengthen the hands, elbows, and arms to extend the spine and make it more flexible, while helping to extend the hip flexors, chest, lower abdomen, and lungs. Improve breathing; Stimulate nervous system and thyroid function; Improve your mood.

A. begin by lying on your back, with your body on the floor and straight, hands at your sides and heels on the ground;

B. Bend your knees, put your hands on the side of your ears, and straighten your arms.

C. Keep your legs as wide as your hips for 30 seconds, return to your back and repeat.

Style Suggestions:

Circle your feet inward and place them firmly on the ground, try to fix your upper arms inside your shoulder joints, relax your neck and face, tighten your caudal spine, and try to stretch your spine.

yoga for back pain

Yoga is to let you learn to talk with the body, let you make progress every day, let you accept your body, accept the imperfect, let you understand that the body is not perfect, but yoga can help you change, let you get a better yourself, insist on practice will be effective!

lower spine pain relief – If you don't know your spine, you won't know tai chi | how to help spine pain

The spine –Our nerve centre, central nervous system in the brain on the lift, which runs through the spinal cord and spinal branch: the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve root from between each section of the spine of intervertebral foramen, the internal organs, muscles and other connections, transmitting the information and life energy, command the motor system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system as well as the sense organ of coordination.

lower spine pain relief

Our nerve center

lower spine pain relief

Structure of spine

The spine –Our source of strength, our body's largest, thickest, longest, and most powerful muscle-the vertical trunk, gluteus maximus are attached to it. The ancients cloud: brawn, this "Lv" means "spine".

lower spine pain relief

The source of our strength

Not only that, it is also the chain and hub of various movements of the human body, and every posture and movement of the human body is closely related to it.

When our spine is in perfect condition, the body's motor function can be fully developed, the internal organs can be fully protected, and the internal organs can be fully assisted. Our sense of the outside, the body, the internal organs will be very sensitive. Our body metabolism, the body's internal environment, is very balanced, the body is quite adapted to the outside world, the growth and development of the human body and reproduction and other aspects of normal operation. We digest food, receive oxygen, absorb nutrients, and get rid of metabolites (so-called toxins) most promptly.

You know what? In fact, our body all the time there are cancer cells, but once the cancer cells appear, will be destroyed by the body's immune system, the better our spine, the more active the immune system of the body, the faster and more complete the elimination of cancer cells.

In terms of martial arts, the better our spines are, the more power we can exert, the more sensitive we are to the outside world, and the more adaptable we are to things.

But our spina is not always in good condition. We humans don't live in a vacuum, and the reasons for our spina's poor condition are many and complicated (this is also in line with the theory of materialist dialectics — motion is absolute, stillness is relative). The spinal column state is bad is the spinal column appears askew, the vertebra occurrence displacement. When our spine is askewl, it is the result of a mechanical imbalance of the spine that the bone and joints become minimally displaced.

lower spine pain relief

Small displacement of bone joints after spinal mechanical imbalance

In this way, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves will be damaged, and various diseases of the viscera will occur. At the same time, the tiny displacement of this bone joint will also cause damage to the surrounding tissue environment, which will lead to new damage. When our vertebra produces displacement, can stimulate or compress the plant nerve near, affect the function that innervates viscera thereby; Stimulation or compression of a nearby blood vessel, causing symptoms of ischemia in the blood supply area; Stimulation or compression of spinal nerves and receptors near the spine, reflex effects of visceral function. Causes the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, circulatory system, endocrine system, sensory system, nervous system function disorders and lesions. It can also cause mental illness.

So how do we keep our spines in good shape? We can achieve the goal through qigong exercise, kungfu exercise (yi jin jin, ba duan jin, taijiquan), and adjust our spine.

A common method by which we adjust our spines

There is another method of adjusting our spine through the outside world, the chiropractic.

lower spine pain relief

So here are my slogans:

Health first raise ridge, ridge is the hard truth;

Want to have quality of life, first do well our spine;

To stay young, focus on your spine

When our spines are in perfect condition, it's called xiao zhou tiantong.

Talk about qigong — adjusting the spine and pelvis is most important

How do we adjust our spines? Our spine is composed of the cranium, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, pelvis (including sacrum and tailbone).

lower spine pain relief

Structure of spine

Different parts of the spine have different adjustment methods, take qigong for example:

The intention defends the big vertebra to adjust the cervical vertebra;

Yi shoulao palace is to adjust the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra;

The intention to defend shan is to adjust the thoracic vertebra;

Mediastinum is the adjustment of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae;

Keeping the vital door is to adjust the lumbar spine;

Meaning keep god que, guan yuan, air sea, Yin cross, stone door (all belong to what we often say "belly") perineum, yongquan is to adjust the pelvis. (the above names of acupuncture points are the unified standard names of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion)

As to the alleged that people often says "on the field of abdomen", "in field of abdomen", "under field of abdomen" because different school view is different, fixed position is not unified also, I am not tired recount. It's all on these points.

Of all the parts of our spine, our pelvis is the most important. If our spine is compared to the pillars of a house, then our pelvis is the foundation, and the stability and balance of the foundation plays a decisive role.

lower spine pain relief

The pelvis is like a foundation

So the pelvis is adjusted, and our spine is in good shape. In fact, the bone-to-bone connection between our vertebrae is very precise, one bad, the whole spine will follow everywhere bad. Once it is adjusted, the entire spine improves in coordination.

In fact, the pelvis is also the hub of our power transmission.

I. principles of qigong

We have four vital signs: breathing, heartbeat, body temperature and blood pressure. We can't control our heartbeat; Unable to control their blood pressure; Don't control your body temperature; But you can regulate your breathing, you can regulate the depth and frequency of your breathing. So since ancient times, people have used breathing to regulate their internal organs and life. This is the basic practice of pranayama, or qigong.

There are many schools and types of qigong in China, but most of them pay attention to keeping their tendrin. Dantian is below the navel, which contains the shenque (navel), guan yuan, qi sea, Yin jiao, shimen and other acupoints. But anyway, the effect of mindfulness is abdominal breathing.

lower spine pain relief

Buy it.

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stiff back remedy – Back training without feeling? 4 back training tips to stimulate all back muscles

The first skill, reduce the training speed

When I was working out in the gym, I saw some trainers using gantries to do high position pull-down exercises at a very fast speed. After each movement was pulled down, they followed the pull-back when they recovered. This training effect was very poor, and there were many mistakes in the exercise.

We exercise in the process, must reduce their training speed, grasp the centrifugal and centripetal rhythm. Many of you know that when you slow down, you increase the pain and irritation in your muscles. This is the result of effective exercise. Don't be afraid of this feeling.

The 2nd skill, hold correct training posture

The correct training posture for the back training effect is very big, do not think that as long as you can pull the barbell is right, if you use the wrong posture to pull up, then you will not get the corresponding training effect, and will make yourself injured.

So when you exercise your back, we must master the exact posture of each training movement, understand how each movement training power is, first with a small weight to learn, let their bodies feel the right sense of stimulation, and then gradually increase the exercise weight.

lower back exercises

The third skill, use elastic band to assist the exercise

Elastic band is our good helper in fitness, every muscle part can use it for auxiliary exercises, which can improve the training feeling greatly.

For example, when we are doing pull-ups and our body is tired, we can use the elastic belt for auxiliary exercises, and use the force of the elastic belt to complete the corresponding training, so that we can get a very deep training effect on our back.

lower back exercises

Fourth, increase your training weight gradually

Finally, we need to learn to challenge ourselves with large weights. We need to gradually increase the weight in the back training, and don't always stay at a comfortable weight, so that the muscle will not make greater progress.

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stiff back remedy – The difference between men and women back painting method, illustrator practice human body must learn!

How to determine male and female waistlines

The latissimus dorsi muscles of men and women are always in position, while the shoulders of men are wider. Two lines are first drawn, and their intersection is consistent with the waist circumference of women.

The back muscles of men and women

Men and women have different back muscles, so what's the difference? The pelvis is wider in women than it is in men, demarcated by the curve of the waist. The pelvis is more protruding in women, while the external oblique abdominal muscles affect men. Do you know the difference?

Incidentally recommend you can search: civet cat class, or open a mobile phone WeChat, add friend box search: civet cat class, a key attention, study without worry! Civet cat class above there are a lot of painting courses, every day the teacher online guidance of your painting skills, so that you can not escape lazy cancer, highlighting, free, is really free, is really really free! See the analytic diagram below!

lower back exercises

How to draw a shoulder-to-hip model

How do you draw a shoulder-to-hip model? Instead of drawing ribs and plates, I wanted to draw more abstractly. The online drawing stage focused too much on the correct proportions and the position of the muscles in the anatomy

lower back exercises

Four, different posture of painting

When drawing different poses, pay attention to the indentation in the middle line.

The above content is civet cat gentleman to collect from the network to share the high quality tutorial, mainly to teach you how to draw cartoon characters male and female back difference painting method, tutorial super practical, I believe this tutorial will be helpful to you, hurry to collect practice it

If you are interested in our self-study program

Welcome to join our free public welfare painting exchange community jun Yang: 775897792

There, we will have many painting tutorials and material reference resources

There are also free live classes on a regular basis

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You can speak freely in the group

Enjoy the fun of painting in relaxed communication!

Disclaimer: material from the network, copyright belongs to the original all, only for learning exchange, not for commercial use.

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stiff back remedy – Will it hurt after you push your back? Will itch? Will be tired? Come and take your seat!

Let me tell you:

Blood stasis: a meridian will be painful.

(2) qi deficiency: a meridian will be very tired.

(3) fire flourishing person: a meridian will be very fidgety.

(4) spleen and stomach is not good person: a meridian will nausea want to vomit.

5. Damp and cold people: a meridian will be itchy, small grains of rice.

All these reactions show that the meridian here or there blocked, health conditioning, in fact, is to let the meridian from impassability to through the process. As the conditioning progresses, the reactions mentioned above will slowly disappear. So when do you know that your meridians have been opened?

1, the flesh on the body does not feel pain

lower back exercises

The easiest way to check whether the meridian is clear is to pinch your own flesh and see if it hurts. In particular, the position of the three jiao on the outside of the arm and the passage of the small intestine, or the meat on the thigh, can be easily and obviously felt.

2. There is obvious phenomenon of excessive blood

Maybe you don't understand the phenomenon of excessive blood. But many people should have such experience: when you are with one hand holding the other wrist, must hold on, when after a minute or so, you will see that is gripping the wrist hand gradually from red to white, and when you suddenly let go, you will feel a stream of heat flow has been rushed to the fingers, palm also will be from white to red, this phenomenon is known as the "blood", that is your channels and collaterals.

lower back exercises

Now, for the palms, it's easy to see if you've had blood, but if it's your lower limbs, if it's your feet, is there blood? That's not so easy to do. Many people have cold hands and feet, which means your blood and qi are so bad that they can't reach the ends of your limbs.

How do you know if your lower extremities are bleeding? Get someone to help you press down your femoral artery, and then, for about a minute, violently release your hand and see if your blood reaches the tips of your feet. At its best, it reaches the tips of your feet and feels like a barrel, front and back. But many people can not cross the knee, but every such people, all need to get through your meridian.

The position of the femoral artery is not easy to find. If you are lying flat, press your finger slightly against the groin area and you should feel a beating sensation in one place, just like you feel a pulse in your hand. That's your femoral artery.

If the feeling of blood passing through the femoral artery is like a barrel and can reach the toes, it means that your meridians and collaterals are very clear. Otherwise, you need to massage through the meridians and collaterals.

3, rub ba liao feet will be heat

Femoral artery, mainly to test your foot three Yin meridian and three Yang meridian situation. If you want to test the condition of du mai and bladder meridians, then you must judge by rubbing ba liao. "Ba liao" is the general term of eight acupoints, namely "zhong xia liao" distributed on left and right two bladder meridians last time, to see the position of ba liao first.

lower back exercises

The huiyang points of bladder meridian are "liao" followed by "liao" and "shang liao", left and right symmetry, a total of eight.

Many people who have never been massaged don't have meridians and collaterals, which is not only shown in femoral artery compression, no feeling of blood, rubbing ba liao doesn't have the feeling of hot feet, most people only have hot buttocks, good knees can be hot, and the best thing is that feet can be hot.

Rub the method of ba liao:Rub "ba liao" with your palm quickly to stimulate the bladder meridians and meridians. It is only a feeling of heat, not blood.

lower back exercises

4. Lie down with a hollow stomach

There are many channels and collaterals of human body concentrated on the abdomen, therefore, it is very important whether the channels and collaterals of this position are communicated. What's a good stomach? First, the hand is not painful; Next is the belly to concave.

lower back exercises

What is a depression? Lying flat on the bed, you can show your ribs, and you can pour water on your belly without running. There is a saying called: "the stomach is as soft as cotton, all diseases do not tie up". Get through the abdominal meridian, mainly rely on the scrapping and massage.

lower back exercises

If you can do all four of the above, then your meridian is clear. At this point, you take in something that your body can absorb well. Otherwise, no matter how good the food you eat, including the medicine and health care products you take, the effect will be greatly reduced. Now the vast majority of chronic patients, channels and collaterals are basically impassable, therefore, all means of treatment, to start from getting through channels and collaterals.

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lower spine pain relief – The spinal rehabilitation series that deserves attention is good goods!


sharp pain in lower spine

The American chiropractic technique principle and the operation of the original chiropractic industry influential in the United States, by the American national chiropractic examination committee, as an important reference book of chiropractic practice examination, the translation is at present our country the first American chiropractic technique were introduced from the system of professional books, which shows the mature American gimmick correction technology, and profile control study and the basic theory of biomechanics, also has the operability of the practice show, at the same time, more than 1300 pictures, make the content more clear and intuitive. Content of the book is divided into seven chapters system about the basic knowledge of chiropractic industry, theory and practice skills, including: overview of chiropractic profession, joint anatomy and basic principle of biological force, joint assessment principles and procedures, the principle of correction technology, spinal anatomy, biomechanics, and evaluation and chiropractic techniques, the spinal joint technology, joint mobilization, traction and soft tissue orthopaedic thrust the operating technology.



sharp pain in lower spine

This book is written by the author for the general public, but is still regarded as a guiding book by professional doctors and trainers. This book guides individuals to self-evaluate pain-induced movements, and then guides individuals to avoid pain and establish pain-free motion patterns, and proposes a step-by-step practice plan, so as to guide patients to eventually achieve pain-free life and restore back health. This illustrated book is simple and practical. Not only patients, but also rehabilitation doctors will be impressed by such a systematic and evidence-based approach.


sharp pain in lower spine

This series of books is based on a large number of X-ray, ct, mri image data, with outline of concise text, detailed introduction of clinical imaging manifestations and diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The introduction of each disease, including the main points, etiology, imaging characteristics, differential diagnosis, pathology, clinical manifestations and treatment, diagnosis experience, etc. Among them, the emphasis is on imaging diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases. In the imaging diagnosis part, the characteristics of X-ray plain film, ct, mri, etc. In the differential diagnosis, the imaging diagnosis points and different imaging manifestations of * related diseases easily confused with this disease are given. The book is well illustrated with high technical level and is suitable for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons.


sharp pain in lower spine

This book is a collection of 70 cases of spinal disorders, ranging from routine to challenging. In selecting cases, try to reflect the diversity of spinal issues. This book can be a useful educational tool for surgeons, medical students, residents, and others involved in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders.


sharp pain in lower spine

Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine, edited by Andre, published by shandong science and technology press. Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine is a quick reference guide for the rehabilitation of common spinal diseases. The idea of this series came from the frustration I encountered when I saw patients with complex conditions in the spine center of my hospital and needed to consult relevant research articles to help evaluate and treat them.


sharp pain in lower spine

Of seven chapters of the book, chapter 1 ~ 3 simple introduced the unarmed * of history and the related theory, and the importance of correct use of the technology, chapter 4 ~ 7 illustrates the spine disease unarmed * method, including the lumbar spine, pelvis, thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra and the temporomandibular joint dysfunction diseases such as special test, diagnosis and unarmed * technology, and comprehensive interpretation from the perspective of physical * division cure the spinal cord and the related functional anatomy and biomechanics of the disease mechanism of disease and joint loose technology. The book is illustrated and easy to understand. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine works, the anatomy structure is more clear, the theoretical analysis of biomechanics is more thorough, and the practicability is stronger, which has strong clinical guidance significance.

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lower spine pain relief – Formation and development of spine related diseases | (iii)

Ming dynasty li zhongzi "medical school must read" cloud: "neijing" words sun backache, external feeling six qi also, word kidney through backache, internal injury room to also.False make as strong geqiao of the official, only its closure of the seal of this, the state capital. True gas cloth protection, although six gas caustic, can harm…… There are cold, wet, wind, heat, lightning, blood stasis, qi stagnation, phlegm, and so on. The standard is urgent from the standard, the weight is from this, specimens do not lose, disease does not escape. It points out the symptom and syndrome differentiation of deficiency of kidney qi and rheumatism.

sharp pain in lower spine

"There is wind, wet, cold, hot, frustrated, blood stasis, stagnant qi, phlegm and accumulation, all of which are marked, and the kidney is deficient."The syndrome of stiff neck is mainly caused by Yang jing of evil guest, cold pulse leads to acute tThe endons, wind stroke leads to relaxation of tendons, the left side mostly belongs to blood, and the right side mostly belongs to phlegm. The neck is strong and urgent, fever aversion cold, pulse floating and tight, the wind cold guest three Yang also, appropriate exorcism soup… The neck is strong, the waist is broken, the neck is pulled, and the taste is better than the wet soup." Various etiology and treatment principles of neck and back pain are described here. The above discussion indicates that the ancient people had a deep understanding of spine related diseases, and could carry out syndrome differentiation and treatment according to different symptoms, etiology and pathogenesis such as "cold wind", "phlegm heat", "blood deficiency" and "kidney deficiency".

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