back chiropractor – Yang lijing denied plastic surgery retreat! Can't stand after breaking his spine! Was michelle yeoh's successor!

Young friends should not be very familiar with Yang lijing, but in the 1980s love kung fu audience should have an impression on her, we know, at the end of the 1980s, because the kung fu actress michelle yeoh married, all need a successor, so they found Yang lijing, at that time Yang lijing was 17 years old ah! Starting with the name of michelle yeoh's successor, the road to actor naturally smooth a lot!

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back chiropractorback chiropractor

However, people do have strength, looking at the eyes of this action, domineering, cruel full is really a martial arts actress fan!

back chiropractorback chiropractorback chiropractor

The first film to succeed michelle yeoh was "sister royal: bonnie and Clyde" in 1988. By virtue of her own strength, Yang liqing performed very well in the film! Since then, she starred in the royal school sister action series, let everyone know the beauty of the strength of the co-existence of martial arts actress!

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Good reputation, coupled with their own extraordinary strength, Yang liqing more popular, with many senior stars have played! In 1991, Yang liqing guest-starred with popular stars such as Jacky cheung, maggie cheung and Lin zixiang.

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Moreover, farewell to the flower 4, which starred with wu junru in 1992, was also a classic film that was loved by audiences.

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Most importantly, Yang liqing is a rare female artist with both military and civil achievements. Not only the martial arts foundation is very good, showing the power is very good, acting up the costume art is also very excellent! Do you remember her as a martial arts actress?

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back chiropractor

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However, any scenery behind the brilliant achievements, must be endless efforts and sad, not to mention a martial arts play girl! Shoot in 2000 "iron teeth and bronze teeth ji xiaolan" when, the tooth was knocked out! After shooting the other play when the wire break, let Yang liqing directly from five meters high air fell almost died! Although not life-threatening, the severe spinal injury left her unable to stand for a long time! This is what Yang lijing said in her self-report! Listen to this is really very distressed, girls step by step to this height, pay must be unimaginable!

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Because the injury retires originally lets the person regret, did not think that also suffered so serious public opinion attack! Fortunately, now the body recovery is good, Yang liqing also slowly appeared in everyone's vision!

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It's not just that Yang lijing, 50, has remade her classic farewell flowers. Hope that Yang lijing's performance can surpass the previous works, let us recall the charm of old Hong Kong films together!

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back chiropractor – The baby did not exceed this age, parents had better not hold long, otherwise easy to hurt the spine | spine pain remedies

Influence a: go against the development of baby movement ability

If parents often hold their children in their hands, it is not only easy for them to hurt their spine, but also bad for them to do other aerobic exercise, which limits the development of sports ability, so we should let them lie in bed and play by themselves.

Tip: if you're worried that your baby will accidentally fall under the bed on his or her own, use a fence to stop him or her and mom will be more comfortable doing other things.

Influence two: affect brain development

In addition, holding children for long periods of time can have negative effects on their brain development. To know, only the baby's own continuous exercise can provide more oxygen and energy for the brain, so as to better promote intellectual development!

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Tip: in addition to holding babies for less time, mothers can also give them formula rich in dha, which is good for their brain development.

Impact three: affect the quality of children's sleep

What's more, mothers holding their babies in their hands for long periods of time is not good for their sleep quality. Because this will let them develop dependency psychology, as soon as they put on the bed they will immediately wake up, which will not only affect their sleep quality, but also make bao ma feel very tired.

back chiropractor

Above is long hold the child in addition to can hurt outside vertebra, can bring additionally 3 negative effect, do not do so again before darling is not full one year old treasure mom! If you have any questions or don't understand on the parenting path, please leave a comment below and we will give you the answer as soon as possible.

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back chiropractor – Human spine model, human spine model – Shanghai chenyu | non surgical spinal decompression, lower spine pain relief

We examined the scientific nature of the basic exercises of ballet to spinal training from the perspective of anatomy. Pelvis is the base of spinal column, its forward lean or not, it is the muscle group control by coxal, flabby when pelvis is forward lean, can cause the bad posture such as carry out a bosom, hollow waist, warped buttock, hump. Accordingly, want to reduce pelvic forward tilt, make flabby coxal muscle group is tense rise, ability corrects undesirable motion posture. We ask students to stand on both feet facing the pole. Lean forward slightly with your hands on the handle. The knees should be straight, the leg muscles should be tightened, the gluteus muscles should be tightened, the abdominal muscles should be tightened, the back muscles should be tightened, the shoulders should be relaxed and slightly opened back, the shoulder blades should be lowered, the head should be straight, the face should be calm, the breathing should be normal. One of them. The head maintains the straight request to have three points: first, cannot lower the head; Don't tilt your head: don't extend your neck forward. Abdominal muscle is tightened also answer from 3 respects to ask: 1, tighten lower abdomen to go up top; 2. Hold your stomach; 3. Hold the ribs. Inspire the students to think of their ribs as old-fashioned Windows. Fasten them with bolts and do not push them away. Prohibit the outward expansion of the ribs and form the wrong chest out movement.

In the dance. The "chest out" movement is controversial. "Chest out", "head up" this word, will appear in the middle and primary school classes, whether it is culture or physical education, the teacher will ask students: sit and sit. Stand still. The students who are so tired that they lean over their desks should "hold their heads up" and "hold their heads up"; Tired of hunched back, head bowed in the playground queue of students to "chest", "head up". Ballet training in the upper body of the standing posture is: upright, pull back, keep the head straight. Opera requires "upward qi", ballet requires "downward qi, upward idea".

Let's compare, "chest out" and "back out"; "Lift" and "sink". Two very different concepts. Two opposite training methods. Past and present, tradition and today, from which we get some enlightenment: the history is developing, the society is progressing, the big wave is washing away the sand, the unreasonable part in the teaching material is bound to be eliminated. According to professional requirements on the body to pull out requirements. Only the four physiological curvature of the human spine: cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, sacrococcyx vertebra are in the upright position, only in line with the standards of ballet training, the human body is artistic. At this time. The height of the human body is at least two centimeters higher than that of people without basic ballet training. Make the human body in an optimal, scientific state.


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sore back muscle relief – Neck pain, stiff stiff neck? This pillow can straighten the spine!

Cervical vertebra is curved, whole person posture becomes ugly

As the saying goes, nine out of ten people have spinal problems. Because the problem is so common, most people think it's a normal glitch.

However, cervical spine problems once serious is also a lot of people can not imagine the terrible.

In the earlyLike most people, shoulders and neck appearAcid bilges,Stiff painfulAnd occasionallyNeck stiffness;

Mid –The curvature of the cervical spine causes compression of the blood vessels and nerves to begin to appearnumbness,Dizzy and sick,Giddy tinnitusThe symptom such as;

In the lateSome people doUrine lossThe forbidden, evenQuadriplegia, breathing pain;

It's more serious laterAt this point, the cervical spine straightens into a back arch, the lower limbs become weak,Muscle atrophy.

sore back muscle relief

Do not feel this is in alarmist, because a lot of people do not attach importance to cervical vertebra problem at the beginning, to later period already neededSurgery is the answer.

Your cervical vertebra problem is about to begin to take seriously to rise from now!!!

sore back muscle relief

How many kilograms is your neck bearing?

Small make up is to listen to colleagues about the seriousness of the matter, panic colleagues to small make up the recommendationGrandpa cheng's cervical spine relief pillowBy simply lying down, the sore neck will gradually return to normal.

sore back muscle relief

Happy to take home a trial period of time, these days foundNeck soreness has really gone down a lotI feel more energetic when I write

Bone-setting and chiropractic works inherited in 69 years

Lie down 8 minutes in the morning and evening to restore healthy cervical vertebra

The inventor of the cervical spine soothing pillow is grandpa cheng, said to be scattered in the folkBone-setting and bone-setting master. In the bone-setting and chiropractic industryIn 69,.

sore back muscle relief

And this cervical vertebra relieves the backrest, also is precisely cheng grandfather after 69 years of time, developed together with his students disciples inheritance work.

The chiropractic methods that we have seen before are all enforced braces like the one on the back.

Grandpa cheng's cervical spine soothing pillow completely abandoned the mechanical correction, and adoptedYour own weight naturally traction cervical spine, sharing the cervical spine support burden, so as to achieve cervical correction.

sore back muscle relief

This method is more comfortable to correct, and can makeUnblocked vertebral arteryTo promote blood supply to the brain and avoid excessive pressure on the nerves from the head to the cervical vertebra.

Spatial pressure supports the weight of the head and stretches the neck in a fixed state,Ease shoulder and neck load,Eliminate so-called "soreness".

Correction doesn't take time, justLie down for eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the eveningYou can stay relaxed throughout the day.

Five functions

Solve cervical vertebra distress

Restore physical curvature of shoulder and neck

sore back muscle relief

By natural traction to enlarge the neck space,Effectively relieve joint stenosis, joint capsule and ligament calcificationWait for a problem.

You can lie downShoulder and neck return to normal curve, can also improve the lack of blood supply, relieve cervical discomfort and other symptoms.

Correct overstraightening of vertebral sequence

Some people's vertebral bodies are tilted forward too much, which will cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life. For example, they often feel neck pain and cannot lift their head.

Grandpa cheng cervical vertebra pillow can correct vertebra sequence, restore the space of interspace, let cervical vertebra no longer suffer compression.

sore back muscle relief

Cervical spine straight, even the height also followed back ~

Reduction of hyperplasia to control atrophy

Reduce the friction between vertebrae, make the force balance, inhibit the growth rate.

sore back muscle relief

Relieve compression of nerve vessels

Increase the gap to eliminate the compression of nerve and blood vessels, stimulate the normal circulation of qi and blood,The acid and numbness are gone.

sore back muscle relief

Restore natural health

Restore natural physiological curvature, nutrition and moisture into the vertebral body. Cervical vertebra is normal.Every day is full of vitality~

sore back muscle relief

Accessories precision, professional attitude

Eight gears, free and flexible combination

Grandfather cheng's cervical vertebra relief pillow, built-in Japanese seiko IC, the United States Texas instruments microcontroller IC.Intelligent upgrade, slow upgrade.

The 18 sets of accessories inside look like Jane instead of Jane. Each set of accessories is full of medical significance.

69 concentrated professional essence, cervical vertebra problem never treat as a joke.

sore back muscle relief

Join the neck regionFar-infrared composite fiber,10 minutes time preheat temperatureTo relieve neck stiffness and pain.

sore back muscle relief

Three heat selection,Automatic shutdown stops when time comes. Flexible combination of eight gears, pressure difference from weak to strong.

sore back muscle relief

You can choose the most suitable gear according to your degree of shoulder and neck pain.Natural comfort and tractionFor the best.

sore back muscle relief

Gear adjustment method is also very simple, just a little move can be.

sore back muscle relief

Base of 100 dense line segments, so that pillow tightly grasp the ground, useNo slippageThe phenomenon.

sore back muscle relief

At the same time has two national invention patents, can be assured to buy use.

sore back muscle relief

Lie down for a few minutes before going to bed every night. Because the intervertebral space is opened, blood flows smoothlyeasilyGo to sleep.

sore back muscle relief

Use it twice in the morning and twice in the eveningWill make you feel comfortable and natural.

sore back muscle relief

Should be tall and erect youth and prime years, but the shape of a bent old man,Cervical spine problems are urgent.

Not only can you use it, buy it and give itParents and elderly people with severe cervical pain, is a manifestation of filial piety.

sore back muscle relief

As the New Year approaches, it is not expensive to take home such a gift, but it is enough.

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sore back muscle relief – To train your back, introduce 3 warm-up moves to increase your back's sense of power | how to get relief from back pain, stiff back remedy

There are a lot of people who can't feel their back when they're practicing their back. In the case of back exercises, the flexibility of the joints determines the results to a large extent. By warming up, we can improve the flexibility of the joints and help us work the back muscles better.

Our inability to feel our back is largely due to inadequate or inadequate warm-up preparations. A lot of people who work out just jog a few laps or do some joint work beforehand, but this is not going to help us warm up the joints completely. It's not going to work out very well, so our back muscles work very poorly.

lower back exercises

Here are three exercises to help you move your joints, feel the power of your back, and get the most out of your workout.

1. Make shoulder loops

The flexibility of the shoulder joint can determine how well we exercise our upper limbs. If the shoulder joint is not flexible, then our upper body exercise program is difficult to carry out properly. So, when doing back exercises, we must do shoulder warm-up first. The shoulder joints are warmed up to the greatest extent by going around in a circle, which is usually done with a stick and involves swinging your hands back and forth from side to side.

Shrugging your shoulders is the act of doing something on the horizontal bar, which puts a lot of pressure on your body. The shoulder blade is subjected to the pressure of its own weight, will move a lot, can fully stimulate the joint vitality.

lower back exercises

The slung shoulder is used as a warm-up for the pull-up, which helps open up the shoulder joints and make it easier and safer to do the pull-up.

3. Single-arm rowing

For beginners, it's very difficult to clamp the back, which means the back muscles are weak.

For people who lack back muscles, we can build them up with certain movements, such as rowing with one arm. This will increase blood flow to your back and thicken it.

lower back exercises

You don't have to warm up too many times to get your muscles moving.

This article by the spring fitness original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!

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sore back muscle relief – Strengthen back muscles and reduce pain | back pain clinic, stiff back remedy

1. While sitting or standing, place your thumbs on the bottom of your chest and your little fingers on the sharp bone on the front of your waist. Use the distance between your fingers as a measuring stick.

2. Chin back and chest forward. Complete three deep breaths as follows.

3. The distance between thumb and little finger should increase with inhalation.

4. As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles so your torso doesn't sag. This is the most important step: when you exhale, don't let your torso fall back toward your pelvis. It's hard to do, but be sure to use your abs as you exhale.

The purpose of each breath is to increase the distance between the thumb and the little finger and to increase the width of the upper back. You can do this when you elongate the back of the chest. Expand your chest with each inhalation and stretch and tighten your abdomen with each exhale. This way, you can fill your chest with each inhalation and maintain the height and width of your chest with each exhalation.

Repeat for five to ten rounds, holding three to four breaths in each round. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your posture will improve.

Quick back pain relief: 6 simple stretching techniques for back pain relief

Stretching is also crucial in addition to core strengthening exercises such as basic training, as tight and stiff muscles and a lack of flexibility can lead to back pain. There are countless ways to stretch, including the six highlighted below. If these stretches cause pain, stop immediately and consult your doctor, chiropractor, or chiropractor before continuing.

When you start to practice these stretches, you may feel a slight discomfort, especially if you are just starting or have long intervals between workouts. My advice is not to rush, but to build up your tolerance for these stretches gradually.

Baby cobra —Lie on your stomach with your legs together, arms bent, palms on your chest and pressed to the floor, elbows bent. Lift it off the ground from your forehead for the first time. Breathe in and lift your chest, keeping the back of your neck stretched and your chin relaxed. Exhale and return your forehead to the mat. Repeat several times and focus on your breathing.

lower back cramps

Bird hound —This stretch works your back, hips, and posterior femoris while working your core muscles and shoulders. Support with both hands and feet, then lift and straighten one leg and the opposite opposite arm. Hold three to five breaths in this position. On the other side, lift and straighten your hands and feet on the opposite side, holding three to five breaths.

lower back cramps

Cat/cow —Begin by landing on your feet and knees, placing your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees just below your hips. As you breathe in, lower your belly and look up toward the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your spine upward, letting your tailbone fall between your thighs and your head rise between your arms. Repeat several times, slowly, to increase spinal activity.

lower back cramps

Psoas major lungeYour psoas stretch from the bottom vertebra all the way to the top of your thighs, and if this muscle gets tight, it puts pressure on your lower back. The best way to stretch your psoas is through lunges.

Start with your left foot in front and your right knee on the floor. Place your hands on your left knee or hip. Move your hips slightly forward, holding three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

lower back cramps

The squat –Spread your legs slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees close to the ground.

Place palms together at chest level. Use your elbows to separate your knees. If this hip pose is too difficult for you, place a block, bench, or book under your hip. Hold three to five breaths in this position.

lower back cramps

Reverse –Twisting is good for rotating and lengthening your spine and can be practiced while sitting in a chair, in bed, or on the floor. First lie on your back with your knees up to your chest. Gently place your legs on one side of your body, while turning your torso to the opposite side and extending your arms. Maintain normal breathing for 30 seconds on this side, then repeat on the other side.

If you practice in a sitting position, lift your arms and gently rotate your torso. If you are sitting in a chair, you can hold the handle of the chair with one hand and place the other hand on the opposite leg. Extend your spine as you inhale, and twist as much as possible as you exhale. Repeat on the other side.

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how to relieve severe back pain – No time to exercise at work? 3 actions to prevent back pain, back pain, and shoulder pain

Stretching is a no-nonsense exercise for people of all ages.As long as you move according to your physical condition, the stretching should be slow and gentle, not too forced, and not forced by others.How far is better? Simply put, it is pulled until the muscles feel relaxed and slightly sore, but not painful.

3 sets of movements move the whole bodyIncidentally prevent back pain, back pain, shoulder pain

Here are some basic stretching exercises that are recommended after a warm up. There were three groups, holding each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds and repeating each movement twice. Just 5 to 10 minutes of stretching will do the trick.

Sit pull

Straighten your legs apart, slowly straighten your arms forward, and bend over.

Slowly straighten and fold your hands together on the soles of your feet, bending slightly over your head.

how to relieve severe back pain

Standing up,

Simply pull your arm to the other side and switch hands.

Be careful not to press your elbows

how to relieve severe back pain

Lift your arm up and pull one upper arm to the other.

Again, don't pull your elbow

how to relieve severe back pain

Lying down,

Lie on your side. Use one hand to pull the foot back on the same side. Stretch it twice before switching sides.

The farther the knee is pulled back, the stronger it will be, not too hard.

how to relieve severe back pain

Exercise keeps your body energized and healthier, but only if you:Don't be tired,In position.

Everybody needs to overcome inertia, perserve, come to 3 action at once!

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stop back pain – Can you give birth painlessly with tattoos on your back? | sore back muscle relief, back pain clinic

Even partially pregnant mothers

They try it on their bellies, their waists, their arms

With a special design,

The pregnancy experience seems "new".

ways to relieve back pain


Don't move!

ways to relieve back pain


The anesthesiologist said he was worried!

Because, they think

"Risks of spinal anesthesia in women with lower back tattoos"

ways to relieve back pain

Related research literature

ways to relieve back pain

With tattoos,

Can I get this anesthesia or not?

Dr. Yang Chen, department of anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology hospital of fudan university

Let's talk about it

ways to relieve back pain

Maternal tattoo can affect anesthesia?

Tattoos on the arms, ankles, thighs and other parts of the body do not pose a risk.

ways to relieve back pain

But when it shows up in the lower back, anesthesiologists begin to wonder: is there a risk?

Because the mother whether choose "painless delivery", or cesarean section, all inThe small of the backSpinal anesthesia was performed.

Maternal spinal anesthesia is performed like this

ways to relieve back pain

In other words,

The needle is inserted through the skin of the waist!


If the mother's waist is like this

ways to relieve back pain



ways to relieve back pain

The rich pigment in tattoos,

May have an effect on anesthesia!

Danger! Tattoo pigment can be brought into the body

Recent animal studies have found histologic changes in the meninges of rabbits that mimic anesthesia through tattooed skin.

The potential hazards of tattoo paint

Tattoo pigments contain a variety of allergenic substances, such as cadmium sulfide (yellow dye), iron oxide (brown dye), cobalt aluminate (blue dye), mercury sulfide (red dye), chromium oxide (green dye), magnesium (lavender dye), and carbon (black dye). Metal salts in tattoo pigments can cause granulomatous reactions and allergic contact dermatitis. Some studies have linked permanent red dyes to moss-like reactions and pseudolymphomas.

While there is no evidence that human tattoo pigments cause neurological complications,However, during an "injection" of spinal anesthesia, pieces of skin containing pigment can become trapped in a hollow pinhole and can be carried into the epidural or cerebrospinal fluid, causing harm to the human body.

For this reason, anesthesiologists also take measures to reduce the risk:

,For example, recent (<2 weeks) new tattoo parts should avoid anesthesia;

,From the technical level, puncture through tattooed skin is avoided as far as possible through different vertebral Spaces and different approaches.

,Try to choose small needles and so on.

You'd better not get a tattoo before the operation

No amount of action will be enough to stem the risk at its source. In fact, not only mothers, but many patients also need spinal anesthesia. And it's not just the waist that's at risk, it's the chest.

Therefore, patients who need spinal anesthesia are advised not to have tattoos, especially in the spinal area.

If you already have a "unique mark" that needs surgery, don't be too nervous. Consult your anesthesiologist at the anesthesiologist's office to evaluate it and choose a safer option.

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Outpatient service introduction

< / p > < p > red house hospital anesthesia specialist outpatient service has been opened, welcome to have questions about expectant mothers to consult yo ~ senior attending doctor and deputy director of the doctor to sit, solve the doubts of expectant mothers

Yangpu campus:Monday through Friday, 08:00-11:30 a.m

Huangpu district:Monday through Thursday, 13:30-16:30 p.m

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stop back pain – Feeling like your back muscles are too small? To get bigger, you need to master these 2 moves | sore back muscle relief, back pain clinic

For example, one of the problems many of us muscle gainers have is that we feel like our back muscles are too small and we want to work harder but can't find the right way to do it.

In response to this question, I would like to say that if we want to strengthen our back muscles, we need to do some very important exercises well during back training.

For example, if we can do these two back exercises well, they will bring us good back training effect to a large extent, so as to help ourselves to train back muscles.

Then, small make up I will give you this 2 back exercises, I hope to help you, and let you can better their back muscle training.

One, lower your straight arm

In my opinion, if you want to train the back muscles, then the straight arm press is almost a, we have to learn, and master one of the training movements.

However, we have a lot of friends, in the back training process, will probably ignore the straight arm press, that is, not in the back training, to do the straight arm press.

lower back exercises

Generally speaking, at the beginning of back muscle training, if we arrange the straight arm press movement in the first training movement, we can activate our back muscles to a large extent, so that we can have a better back training effect in the following back training process.

And if we put the straight arm down in the last movement of the back practice, then we can to some extent, let our back muscles to be more fully trained.

That is to say, when we do the straight arm press, we need to arrange this movement in the first movement of back practice, or arrange the last movement of back practice, so that to some extent, we can have a better back practice effect, so that we can better train the back muscle.

lower back exercises

Two, barbell row

In small make up my idea, barbell rowing is one of the exercises we must do in the process of back training, especially if you want to back muscle training, and practice thick, then more need to do barbell rowing.

When we do barbell rowing, we need to pay attention to a lot of problems, first of all, that is in the process of doing the movement, must let their body straight, second, need to let their body as far as possible to forward, can let the back muscles by better stimulation.

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herniated disc relief – A disc herniation at age 12! It's a bad habit, and many young people have it too

Speaking of lumbago, lumbar disc herniation and other problems, a lot of people will feel that is "senile disease." After all, when I was young, I told my parents that my back hurt, and they always laughed at me: where does a child have a waist?

In fact, children not only have waist, and also can get lumbar disease.

Earlier, a 12-year-old boy in wuhan was diagnosed with "lumbar disc herniation". Because he has been at home playing games, sitting for a long time and moving little.

Sitting + bad posture, waist disease come to you

According to an investigation, the patients with lumbar spine disease caused by sitting for a long time account for half of the total number of orthopedic patients, most of whom are young people aged between 15 and 35.

Why can "sit" give lumbar vertebra disease?

Our discs are like "steamed buns" that grow between the vertebrae and act as a cushion. The annulus fibrosus is the skin of the bun, and the nucleus pulposus is the filling of the bun.

If the pressure is too great, the "baozi" between the bones may be squeezed to break the skin, the filling may leak out, and then pressure on the nerves, causing symptoms such as pain in the lower back and legs, known as lumbar disc herniation.

And the pressure on the bun has everything to do with posture.

For example, when a person is lying flat, the pressure on the baozi is about 30; When standing, the pressure on the bun increases to 70; When you sit up straight, the pressure becomes 120;If you're sitting hunched and askew, the pressure is even greater.

If you maintain poor posture for a long time, as time passes, the "steamed stuffed bun" will be overwhelmed, at this time, lumbar disease will come.

The stool and bed were too soft, and the lumbar spine was hurt

Don't want to young "old waist", in addition to constantly remind yourself that "sit and stand", but also needPay attention to the choice of daily necessities.

For instance chair cushion and cushion for leaning on cannot too soft, want to choose hard and solid however, firm sex is better, support force is strong, won't press because of body weight and inclined.

If the seat is easy to move, poor support, people's waist muscles will instinctively tense, more easily strain.

When sitting, as far as possible lumbar back clingy chair back, also can put a pad at the foot, can have the effect that alleviates lumbar back fatigue.herniated disc relief

Also sleep too soft mattress is not conducive to the body surface blood circulation, also can cause backache. The muscles in the lower back are pressurized, which can aggravate lumbar muscle strain and disc herniation.

Also, turning over on a soft bed often requires more effort and can cause lumbar spine damage if you're not careful.

That's why, for many patients with a herniated lumbar disc, doctors order them to sleep on a "hard bed."

Need to pay attention to is, sleep hard bed does not sleep board, or in bed board pad a certain thickness of cushion.

Do lumbar exercises when you are free

When free, might as well do lumbar exercise, reduce lumbar weight load, let the waist more "young".

Especially lumbar patients, the elderly, long-term sitting workers and other groups, often do lumbar exercise, prevention and treatment of lumbar disc herniation is also beneficial.

Lumbar operation:

Standing pranayama: feet shoulder-width apart, mind waist, relax waist;

Hands waist protection: hands rub each other, palm opposite, rub 20, palm fever, palm stick waist, hand shun waist move;

Shun "o" word operation: clockwise rotation waist, force to the extreme, continuous circulation, 60 degrees;

Inverse "o" word operation: inverse time rotation waist, force to the extreme, continuous circulation, 60 degrees.

Hospital department doctor ranking, the latest video health information, please pay attention to the "big doctor" major platforms.

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