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1. Cervical spondylosis

What causes back pain?

Cervical spondylosis can cause back pain, where nerves from the upper cervical spine extend to the back and supply the upper back muscles. If you have cervical spondylosis, you're likely to have back pain.

If serious, this pain will even extend to the whole body, and then appear upper limb weakness and numbness of fingers and other symptoms, so if there is a cervical spondylosis we must not ignore.

2. Rheumatism

The cause of back pain is often caused by rheumatism, because rheumatism is an autoimmune disease, so it will cause pain in any place, it is not fixed, sometimes more hidden.

What causes back pain? We all have reason to suspect rheumatism. If it's cool, the pain is likely to get worse, so in that case, we'll have to go to the hospital.

Above is what reason for back pain is answer to the question, for all of us, if there is a severe back pain for a long time, the most scientific method is to make relevant inspection to the hospital, the most undesirable is his own judgment, and then take medicines, so one thousand what went wrong but very dangerous.

If it is usually caused by excessive fatigue and fatigue, also want to take a reasonable rest, or will inevitably cause periarthritis of shoulder.

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