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A: s-shaped lateral curvature of the spine. Avoid large torsion. Do not stand on your head. In addition, his problem needs to be examined from the foot to the head, to find the root cause, if it is only a cure, it is difficult to really help him.

If I were you I would start from the bottom up, because you're only thinking about the side of the pelvis, why does the pelvis go up and down? This needs us to explore, so this time I will go to see her thighs, could see her knee, will look at her feet, some people is the power of her feet caused by uneven, some people is the length of the legs, that some people there are other reasons, that, if only from the pelvis spine may effect is not obvious, likely will be better from class at the time, but go out three steps. Because "great oaks grow from little acorns", feet and legs of the problem will have to start from the feet and legs of the tune. The spine class, if you've got it all in place, you've got the foot and leg strength built up, you've got the thigh bone in the bone groove, and then you've got the pelvis and spine in place, and then you've got a couple of private classes and you've got a really dramatic improvement. But she does have a serious problem, and I think she needs an osteopath because it's really scary to watch. But anyway, it's just a slow process, like the tree that I talked about before, the tree is going to go awry and we're always going to reinforce where we need to reinforce, where we need to stretch, and it's still going to be done. Slowly, slowly, as the muscle forces become more uniform, it will slowly straighten out the foundation and the entire skeleton. And don't worry too much about it. Slowly make her feel better, every time, on your own terms. It should help over time, too, so you have to have faith in yourself.

Ask; The teacher looks from this film, whether starts the practice from the left side first (by the weak strength principle)?

Since the principle of weak and strong is generally followed, it is not a big problem to check which side is weak first. But generally speaking, I still want to work up from my feet, and then go to the examination, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. Next time you can take a picture of her, take a long shot of her whole body. You can know it at a glance and see what the problem is. Of course, the principle of weak and strong is the same, which is very important.

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