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To prevent this from happening, several points should be taken into account.

Infants under 6 months of age are advised not to sit too long.Because of the baby's soft bones and lack of strength and support in the back muscles, sitting must be very difficult. It can cause hunchback or scoliosis, and it can affect the development of internal organs.

sharp pain in lower spine

After the baby's cervical spine bends, which is about one and a half years old, parents can consider selecting a suitable pillow for the baby.Before your baby learns to sit down, giving him a pillow will do the opposite and make his sleep more uncomfortable.

Be aware that bad habits such as backpacking affect spinal development. Some children like to carry a bag on one shoulder, in the long run, it is very easy to happenscoliosis, causing a difference in shoulder height.

sharp pain in lower spine

In addition, if the backpack is too heavy,Neck can unconscious forward tilt, long time can lead to scoliosis, hunchback, lumbar muscle strain, shoulder height and other diseases.We recommend: no more than 15% of your body weight.

The spine problem of the baby must be discovered and treated early! Wait until the point of the operation, uncomfortable is the baby, distressed is us!

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