lumbar spine pain relief – Does lumbar disc herniation need repose rest or strengthen exercise?

In fact, when the lumbar disc has not been herniated, this time the pressure inside the lumbar disc is very high, often caused by discogenic backache.

Tend not to cause your attention, this time a long further aggravating, chronic strain of lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus tissue inside, under the action of external force, breakthrough wrapped around its fiber ring, step by step to adjacent spinal nerve root stimulation or oppression, resulting in a lower back pain, leg pain leg symptoms such as hemp, this time is the lumbar disc prolapse.

At this point, many people will ask, lumbar disc herniation is the need to rest or more exercise?

In general, normal rest is required, especially in the acute period of lumbar disc herniation, that is, when the lumbar spine is very painful, should be bed rest, preferably complete bed rest for 1 week, and a hard (not bare) bed.

Why? Lumbar disc herniation, mainly in physiological and pathological neuropathologic compression, edema, inflammation, if at this time the more activity, more exercise, edema can not be eliminated, inflammation can not be relieved, leading to symptoms will be more and more serious. Therefore, acute lumbar disc herniation, rest, is one of the best recovery.

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After the acute phase, rehabilitation of the lumbar spine is necessary. Activities such as swimming, backward kicking, walking or lumbar spine exercises may be helpful.

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