lower spine pain relief – Spinal surgery successfully performed the first anterior and posterior cervical screw fixation to save the patient with high cervical fracture | how to help spine pain

On April 3, Ms. Zhang was transferred to Qingdao haici medical group spinal surgery ward. Director Chen dexi and his team immediately performed cranial traction surgery for the patient to alleviate the disease, and quickly refined the surgical plan according to the patient's condition, conducted preoperative three-dimensional ct imaging, simulated surgery, fully prepared for the operation, improved the safety of surgery, and reduced the risk of surgery. On April 12, the spinal surgery team carried out detailed dissection under the microscope, and successively completed the atlantoaxial fusion of the posterior cervical approach and the internal fixation of axial fracture screw in the anterior cervical approach. The operation lasted 4 hours, and the patient was saved from danger. The postoperative condition improved day by day. After rehabilitation training, patients can stand on their own when they leave the hospital, and after the pelvic fracture is improved, patients can practice walking, and their quality of life is guaranteed.

"Healing the wounded and saving the dying is a doctor's first duty. As a doctor, healing patients is our greatest happiness!" Chen dexi, director of the bone injury diagnosis and treatment center of Qingdao haici medical group and the director of the spine science and technology department, said, in addition to love, this work also needs to adhere to. Having been a doctor for more than 30 years, director Chen dexi is good at treating neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain with the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. The minimally invasive technique of intervertebral foramen was used to treat disc herniation. The whole process was visualized, and the incision was less than 1cm, so the recovery was rapid.

As the director of the department, Chen dexi paid attention to the department management and discipline development planning, led the department personnel to establish and improve the discipline management system with clear responsibilities and rights, and gave full play to democracy, mobilized everyone's enthusiasm for work, and contributed to the development of the department. At present, the main development direction of spine surgery is the diagnosis and treatment of spinal joint disease. Relying on the development of "three excellent projects", hci spinal surgery group has actively established practical cooperative partnership with major hospitals at home and abroad. At present, the orthopedic expert team of the national health insurance group of Singapore comes here regularly every year for academic and surgical exchanges. It has also contacted with the long march hospital and orthopedic hospital affiliated to the second military medical university to set up an online consultation center in advance, realizing the sharing of resources in a real sense and providing the island-city people with first-class international medical services.

Under the leadership of Chen dexi, the orthopedics and traumatology (spine surgery) department of haici medical group was awarded as the key construction discipline of Qingdao for three consecutive years. In 2012, it was rated as a key college in shandong province. For many years, the department has been awarded as the advanced collective of traditional Chinese medicine, Qingdao youth civilization, Qingdao integrity demonstration post, Qingdao workers pioneer, shandong workers pioneer and other honorary titles.

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