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In July 2017, xiao long, a 19-year-old boy living in guizhou, was fond of sports since childhood, guizhou city daily reported. At the age of 12, he developed idiopathic scoliosis after suffering from pelvic pain following a long run.

He was young and did not care about the severity of his illness. Conservative treatment was given, but it did not help. After the third year, xiaolong spinal curvature number reached more than 70 degrees, often appear because of sitting for a long time and leg hemp, cramps, hands and feet can not move and other phenomena, so missed a lot of courses, also missed the year's college entrance examination.

Get well quickly, little brother!The college entrance examination is still waiting for you

Maybe a lot of people don't pay as much attention as little dragons or their parents

Always think that children are developing

The bumps and bruises will soon heal

No problems left

Small make up to say: you ah, or

lower spine pain relief

Let's look at it first

What is spinal disease

In recent years, spinal diseases are becoming younger

Especially "sedentary" and "phubber"

Those who work at a desk for a long time are more likely to be hit

Here, give you some highlights

Here are the nouns explaining time


What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a common skeletal problem. When standing, whether from the front or the back, the normal alignment of the spine should be symmetrical to the left and right of the body, and the normal alignment of the spine should be in a straight line from top to bottom.

If you're standing and see your spine bending to either side of your body, it's probably scoliosis. Most scoliosis, however, does not involve a single plane of inclination. It is usually accompanied by rotation of the spine, which can also affect the movement of the shoulder blades, resulting in limited range of motion of the shoulder joints.

lower spine pain relief


What harm does scoliosis have?

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief


What causes scoliosis?

Most scoliosis is unknown, and most (more than 80%) clinically belong to idiopathic scoliosis, in addition to congenital scoliosis and neuromuscular scoliosis (such as cerebral palsy).

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

So don't be a phubber.It is a common phenomenon for modern people to play tablet computers, mobile phones and phubber for a long time. It is also a non-negligible cause of scoliosis.

Poor posture can cause the muscles and fascia next to the sides of the spine to pull because they are unbalanced, making the muscles tired and stiff. Poor posture over time can lead to chronic myofascial inflammation and spinal degeneration, resulting in scoliosis.


How do you know if you have scoliosis?

Adam testThis is the best and easiest way to measure your own scoliosis.

The patient stands with his feet shoulder-width apart, bending forward with his hands folded. The examiner examines the patient from the rear to see if there is any asymmetric protrusion on his back.

lower spine pain relief


How to correct scoliosis?

First you need to determine how severe your scoliosis is and there are different ways to correct it depending on the severity.

Low serious

Scoliosis exceeding 40° is a severe scoliosis and should be considered for corrective surgery.

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

After the skin is cut open, steel nails and orthotics are placed.Behind a sudden cold, look at all scary, you also dare to die?

Low to moderate

Scoliosis of 20 to 40°, which is a moderate scoliosis, can be treated with some rehabilitation training and requires the use of braces.

lower spine pain relief

Low light

For scoliosis of no more than 20°, there is no need to wear orthotics, and rehabilitation can be achieved simply through rehabilitation training.

Recovery can be divided into three parts, namely, changing breathing patterns, improving poor posture, and improving muscle balance.

01Change breathing patterns

Scoliosis, thoracic deformation, easy to oppress cardiopulmonary, cause breathing disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to perform labial breathing to correct the symptoms of low inspiratory volume on the concave side.

lower spine pain relief

02Improve poor posture

Poor posture and scoliosis cause and effect each other, and vicious circle. Therefore, the development of scoliosis control needs to pay attention to poor posture, raise the head, do not stoop hunchback, as far as possible to avoid long time cross legs.

lower spine pain relief

03Improve muscle strength imbalance

Scoliosis patients with bilateral muscle force imbalance, can be used to foam axis, fitness ball, pilates symmetry training to relax tense muscles, improve function, relieve symptoms, control the disease development.

● foam axis, fitness ball:


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief

● pilates:

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

Your wallet supports your spending,Your spine supports your body.

Thirty-three vertebrae are not only going to help you do that for a lifetime,

alsoProtect your little heart and love…

So inspirational and silent spine,

Alone through so many gnashing of teeth and no one CARES about the day,

The thought of his back being forced to hasten towards death,

Is it true that your consciences don't hurt?

lower spine pain relief

Please take good care of yourself.

So prevent scoliosis

The first step is to adjust your personal work and rest schedule

Regular life, work and rest

Usually to strengthen physical exercise

Exercise moderately

If you don't feel well

Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible

So as not to delay the disease

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